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Genealogy via old newspapers Sept 3. 2013-08-22 Show
Today's market brims with special events. (illus.) 2013-08-22 Show
Residents try to stop DWI Driver. 2013-08-22 Show
Two Patrolmen will be wearing sergeant stripes. 2013-08-22 Show
Byrne, Gertler support bonding decision. 2013-08-22 Show
'Girls on the Run' will build stamina, self-esteem as well. 2013-08-22 Show
Breakfast nourishes center for coping with loss. (illus.) 2013-08-22 Show
The last days for summer's joys are here. 2013-08-22 Show
As schools prepared to reopen, the Lord's Prayer was ruled out: The decision held that there would be no reading of the Bible nor any recitation of the Lord's Prayer before classes began. 2013-08-22 Show
Survey will help determine health of moths and environment. (illus.) 2013-08-22 Show
Farleigh Dickinson mass incident drill tests readiness of local, county, federal first responders. (illus.) 2013-08-22 Show
Bocce enthusiasts warm up for annual fall tournament. (illus.) 2013-08-22 Show
Taekwondo gold for St. Vincent's pair at U.S. Championship. (illus.) 2013-08-22 Show
Jr. Lacrosse Alumni now national champs. (illus.) 2013-08-22 Show
For new residents an online welcome offers helpful info 2013-08-22 Show
Sept. 18 itinerary: Historic restaurant, music, Great Falls. 2013-08-22 Show
Cemetery tour to focus on Civil War era. 2013-08-22 Show
Major exhibit opening Sept 10. will examine 'Trades of Burial'. (illus.) 2013-08-22 Show
Band with Brazilian flair to cap free downtown concerts Sept. 13. 2013-08-22 Show
Youth football program puts fall focus on players' safety. 2013-08-22 Show
Flu Clinics Sept. 18, 27 for residents 50-plus. 2013-08-22 Show
Japanese students' first taste of America: Pizza in Madison. (illus.) 2013-08-22 Show
Summit 'Greenmarket' open Thursdays. 2013-08-22 Show
Police impound lot due for upgrade. 2013-08-22 Show
Madison asked to observe voluntary water restrictions. 2013-08-08 Show
Six moms signed up to participate in the Jersey Girl Triathlon. (illus.) 2013-08-08 Show
District continues to monitor shifts in enrollment numbers. 2013-08-08 Show
National Night Out. (illus.) 2013-08-08 Show
Shakespeare Theatre dusts off 'Tovarich'. 2013-08-08 Show
Kathleen A. Schwartz engaged to wed Sean Knipe. 2013-08-08 Show
Katherine H. Spendley engaged to wed Jonathon J. Faig. 2013-08-08 Show
Concert fest this week brings comedy, chamber music, opera. (illus.) 2013-08-08 Show
Prepping for kindergarten. (illus.) 2013-08-08 Show
Jacqueline Leigh Iorio is wed to Scott S. Loyek 2013-08-08 Show
Madison's 'U11' All-Stars cap 10-0 summer with league crown. (illus.) 2013-08-08 Show
Madison YMCA Rosettes rank second in nationals. 2013-08-08 Show
Andrew C. Picone, 85, passed away. 2013-08-08 Show
Rotary and Gates Foundation renew partnership to end polio. 2013-08-08 Show
Teacher from Madison helps build new schools. (illus.) 2013-08-08 Show
Olivia Lorello is wed to Cristobal Navas de Solis 2013-08-08 Show
Catalanello, Rowe cite concern about 'unnecessary borrowing,'. (illus.) 2013-08-08 Show
Police department accept unneeded drugs on ongoing basis. 2013-08-08 Show
What makes for a good leader: one of the reasons propelling President Obama's downward slide in the polls is because people sense his reluctance to take stands on key issues. 2013-08-08 Show
A hero in public and private life. 2013-08-08 Show
Madison Rotary Club honors Eagle's Herzog as a Paul Harris Fellow. (illus.) 2013-08-08 Show
Sgt. Sean Plumstead arrested Benjamin Canning on the charge of possession of marijuana. 2013-08-08 Show
Detective Lt. Dennis Lam arrested Stephen Bird on the charge of receiving stolen property. 2013-08-08 Show
Senior gardener memorialized amid beauty she helped create. (illus.) 2013-08-08 Show
Don Links remembered. (illus.) 2013-08-08 Show
Outlook for debt rating now 'stable': Standard and Poor's upgrade for investors reflects finding of 'improvised budgeting'. 2013-08-08 Show
Summer Scenes. (illus.) 2013-08-01 Show
Summer Scenes. (illus.) 2013-08-01 Show
Summer Scenes. (illus.) 2013-08-01 Show
Summer Scenes. (illus.) 2013-08-01 Show
Summer Scenes. (illus.) 2013-08-01 Show
Summer Scenes. (illus.) 2013-08-01 Show
Summer Scenes. (illus.) 2013-08-01 Show
Summer Scenes. 2013-08-01 Show
Summer Scenes. (illus.) 2013-08-01 Show
Summer Scenes. (illus.) 2013-08-01 Show
Summer Scenes. (illus.) 2013-08-01 Show
Summer Scenes. (illus.) 2013-08-01 Show
Program for youngsters with special needs toasts 40 years. 2013-07-25 Show
Black neighborhoods saw zone threat. 2013-07-25 Show
Why not 'Do AC' this summer? 2013-07-25 Show
Geraldine is home where she belongs. 2013-07-25 Show
Special attractions to add zest at Madison Farm Market. 2013-07-25 Show
Firefighter's wife repays funds on embezzling charge. 2013-07-25 Show
Madison pair jailed on array of drug charges. 2013-07-25 Show
Council trades barbs on bond for sports fields. 2013-07-25 Show
Madison officials address revaluation, tax questions. 2013-07-25 Show
Board hires new chief of curriculum. 2013-07-25 Show
Thieves targeting pricey and unlocked vehicles. 2013-07-25 Show
Neighborhoods invited to join in anti-crime night. 2013-07-25 Show
George Henry Ritter, 90, passed away. (illus.) 2013-07-25 Show
Second Lt. Levin graduates from Naval Academy. 2013-07-25 Show
Locker theft. 2013-07-25 Show
Drug arrest. 2013-07-25 Show
National Night Out is Aug 6. 2013-07-25 Show
Diversity will mark weeklong music festival opening August 4. (illus.) 2013-07-25 Show
Woodworkers Guild donates kits that help Scouts make tool boxes. 2013-07-25 Show
Stacey Elizabeth Altrichter to wed Alexander D. Hoyland. (illus.) 2013-07-25 Show
Madison asked to observe voluntary water restrictions. 2013-07-25 Show
Dana Lisa Miceli is engaged to wed Sebastiano Bassolino. (illus.) 2013-07-25 Show
Jean E. Ward passed away. 2013-07-25 Show
Sweet summer sounds. (illus.) 2013-07-25 Show
James R. Quinerly passed away. 2013-07-25 Show
Thomas Henry Wright Citron, 89, passed way. (illus.) 2013-07-25 Show
Kindergartners graduate from St. Vincent Martyr School. 2013-07-25 Show
Summertime is Sondheim time. 2013-07-25 Show
Milestone of service in Ambulance Corps (illus.) 2013-07-25 Show
Notable authors on tap for annual writing conference. 2013-07-18 Show
Home of the brave. Really? We are the home of the brave. But our elected officials are motivated by fear. They are afraid that they might lose votes if you and I die because of some heinous terrorist plot. 2013-07-18 Show
Patrolman James Cavezza arrested Jonathan Lanza and Alexander Malishkevich on multiple drug charges on July 7. 2013-07-18 Show
Residents urged to register for lightning alerts. 2013-07-18 Show
A 22 year old man was charged with drug and paraphernalia possession. 2013-07-18 Show
Woman hurt when SUV, struck by other vehicle, strikes curb, rolls over. 2013-07-18 Show
Irene Ellen Linkletter passed away. 2013-07-18 Show
Donald R. Purdy, 83, passed away. 2013-07-18 Show
Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen listens to senior citizens. (illus.) 2013-07-18 Show
Corps' second annual pig roast on September 14. 2013-07-18 Show
Changing of the guard' arrives for rotary club. 2013-07-18 Show
In second finals trip, four from Madison help capture state cup. 2013-07-18 Show
Grace Counseling Center names Chrystal administrative director. 2013-07-18 Show
Madison Resident founds 'Imagine, A Center for Coping with Loss. 2013-07-18 Show
Robert Edmund Sullivan died on July 2. (illus.) 2013-07-18 Show
Madison Value Card expiration extended through this December. 2013-07-18 Show
Business, civic leaders earn kudos from Chamber of Commerce. 2013-07-18 Show
Neighborhoods invited to join in anti-crime night. 2013-07-18 Show
Therapy dog, Bear, and owner to visit Friday. 2013-07-18 Show
Family grateful for son's progress (illus). 2013-07-18 Show
Topics span history, arts, future of unions. 2013-07-18 Show
Madison High School Senior attends BASF Science Academy. (illus.) 2013-07-18 Show
It's hot out there! 2013-07-18 Show
Rosewood to perform August 9 in free downtown concert series in Madison. 2013-07-18 Show
YMCA 'Performing Arts End-of-Year' show dazzled audiences on June 15. (illus.) 2013-07-18 Show
Madison acquired a WeatherBug weather station. 2013-07-18 Show
Patrolman Sean McCarthy arrested Korey Holloway due to a warrant. 2013-07-18 Show
Home theft between July 9 -11. 2013-07-18 Show
Theft on July 15, suspect stole iPad and 18 cans of beer. 2013-07-18 Show
Patrolman Vincent Dellavalle arrested four male juveniles on drug charges on July 11. 2013-07-18 Show
Patrolman James Cavezza arrested Jonathan Lanza and Alexander Malishkevich on multiple drug charges on July 7. 2013-07-18 Show
Residents urged to register for lightning alerts. 2013-07-18 Show
Madison residents try to deal with the heat (illus). 2013-07-18 Show
Farmers' Market patrons can share bounty with needy today. 2013-07-18 Show
Residents said Borough provided accurate tax info 'too late' to file appeals. 2013-07-18 Show
Folk violinist this Friday in free downtown concert series. 2013-07-11 Show
Nonprofit gives children in need a headstart: Preschool Advantage funds early education for youngsters from lower-income families. (illus.) 2013-07-11 Show
Wait was worth it: Madison man, 78, shoots hole-in-one. 2013-07-11 Show
Salvatore T. Marchese, 76, passed away. 2013-07-11 Show
Martell Foundation seeks walkathon volunteers. 2013-07-11 Show
Magazine cites Dr. Adams as 'top dentist' fourth year in a row. (illus.) 2013-07-11 Show
Police department seek information on vandalism at former school. 2013-07-11 Show
Turbulent times and weather: Are living in the new normal? 2013-07-11 Show
A farmers' market with a difference. 2013-07-11 Show
Shakespeare's 'As You Like It' getting laughs under the stars. 2013-07-11 Show
Madison council to meet next on July 22. 2013-07-11 Show
Library's Chase Room lively Wednesdays with July evening programs. 2013-07-11 Show
Kroll named district chief for Rotarians. 2013-07-11 Show
Next week's Farmers' Market brings chance to feed the needy. (illus.) 2013-07-11 Show
Geraldine will remain in Madison 2013-07-11 Show
Police to unveil new trading cards Aug. 6 during national night out fun. 2013-07-11 Show
Wait was worth it: Madison man, 78, shoots hole-in-one. 2013-07-11 Show
Joyce P. Pridham, 84, passed away. 2013-07-11 Show
Braving heat and height. (illus.) 2013-07-11 Show
Walking for a Lifetime fundraiser. (illus.) 2013-07-11 Show
Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey's summer of comedy continues. (illus.) 2013-07-11 Show
Juniper Village at Chatham toasts its 12th anniversary — plus a 25th. (illus.) 2013-07-11 Show
Building the American dream. (illus.) 2013-07-11 Show
Madison's Formica bikes 100 miles for MS society. (illus.) 2013-07-11 Show
For one athlete, life becomes a full circle: injured Madison hockey captain becomes orthopedic surgeon. (illus.) 2013-07-11 Show
Sunday's 'Family Fun Day' at pool to help 4-year-old girl with tumor. 2013-07-11 Show
Mayor's and Quest softball teams to face off in charity game July 24. 2013-07-11 Show
Defense is key in Wensing's 'AA' title win. (illus.) 2013-07-11 Show
Topics span history, music, theatre, the future of unions. 2013-07-11 Show
Nancy R. Blank, 82, passed away. 2013-07-11 Show
Graduation 2013. (illus.) 2013-07-04 Show
Graduation 2013. (illus.) 2013-07-04 Show
Graduation 2013. (illus.) 2013-07-04 Show
Graduation 2013. (illus.) 2013-07-04 Show
Graduation 2013. (illus.) 2013-07-04 Show
Graduation 2013. (illus.) 2013-07-04 Show
Graduation 2013. (illus.) 2013-07-04 Show
Graduation 2013. (illus.) 2013-07-04 Show
Graduation 2013 (illus). 2013-07-04 Show
Graduation 2013. (illus.) 2013-07-04 Show
Graduation 2013. (illus.) 2013-07-04 Show
Graduation 2013. (illus.) 2013-07-04 Show
On May 31, five teams of Madison High School students led younger students in grades K-8 in mini versions of the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. 2013-05-30 Show
Enrolling children ages 2 1/2-5 years of age. 2013-05-30 Show
2013-05-30 Show
2013-05-30 Show
Fourth annual 'Family Festival will take place on grounds of Realogy Corporation at 175 Park Avenue. The event will benefit families in Union Beach to help its recovery from hurricane Sandy. 2013-05-30 Show
Superb Season (illus.) Madison High School varsity tennis team had a 3-2 win over Mountain Lakes on May 21. The team won the co-championship in their division. 2013-05-30 Show
Supporters sought for Madison High School's June Graduation Gala. The 27th annual all-night gala will be held June 21 in the Ferguson Recreation Center at Farleigh Dickinson University. 2013-05-30 Show
James Andreano of Climate Reality will speak to at the Loantaka Group of the New Jersey Sierra Club meeting. 2013-05-30 Show
Fire extinguisher inspections June 11. Biannual fire extinguisher inspections held by Chamber of Commerce. 2013-05-30 Show
Madison Marks Memorial Day (illus.) Photographs 2013-05-30 Show
University women solicit used books for three-day sale. Proceeds from the sale are used to give educational grants to women from the area. 2013-05-30 Show
Annual pig roast and beer garden planned for Sept. 14 by Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps. 2013-05-30 Show
Madison High School Softball team loses to Hanover Park. 2013-05-30 Show
Hearing postponed on application for a helipad at the NFL Jets headquarters on Park Avenue in Florham Park. 2013-05-30 Show
Madison Community pool invites public to see the recently updated facility. 2013-05-30 Show
Madison Recreation Foundation (MAF) hosted A Night at the Fields Tailgate to raise funds to support the cost of the two synthetic turf fields. Illus. 2013-05-30 Show
Defending softball champions escape a scare in quarterfinals 2013-05-30 Show
New Jersey YMCA Gymnastics League State Championships held May 5 at the Madison Area YMCA 2013-05-30 Show
A ten percent discount is offered quarterly or annually. 2013-05-30 Show
On June 9, the Madison Arts and Cultural Alliance hosts the Madison Artist Tour. 2013-05-30 Show
Grandparents day at St. Vincent Martyr on May 17. (Illus.) 2013-05-30 Show
Obituary- Denise Menard Feder, 89, died. She was a French teacher for Chatham Adult School. 2013-05-30 Show
Joe Sodano, 'The Bird', whistles to international fame. (illus.) 2013-05-30 Show
Madison Police department accepts unneeded drugs on ongoing basis as part of the Morris County Prevention is Key program 2013-05-30 Show
Statement from candidates. (Illus.) 2013-05-30 Show
Catalanello, Rowe: Plan for affordable future. (illus.) In a statement they reviewed their campaign, records and plans for the future. 2013-05-30 Show
YMCA held its 16th annual Charity Golf Classic on June 17 to raise funds to help families afford summer camps for their children. (illus.) 2013-05-30 Show
Working men's clothes in New Jersey and the Atlantic world, 1750-1825. 2013-05-30 Show
Smut' roiled Madison in 1963 by Richard Holden. 2013-05-30 Show
Exercise your right Tuesday. 2013-05-30 Show
Milestone achieved in May: corps reaches 50,000 calls. The Madison Ambulance Corps has been providing free medical services for 59 years. (illus.) 2013-05-30 Show
Annual awards dinner held at Hamilton Park Hotel and Conference Center. 2013-05-30 Show
The district will be revising its qualification criteria and developing a more project-based approach. 2013-05-30 Show
Zumba fest at the Madison Community house to benefit nonprofit helping girls freed from sex trade. 2013-05-30 Show
Freedom is not Free. Madison marks Memorial Day with ceremonies and a parade including the fire engine Geraldine. Illustration. More illustrations on page 8. (illus.) 2013-05-30 Show
June 6 was the grand opening for Farmers' Market this year on Green Village Road. 2013-05-30 Show
Memorial Day in Madison (illus.) 2013-05-30 Show
Republican primary elections held on June 4. 2013-05-30 Show
Madison Health Department offers free screenings for residents. 2013-05-30 Show
2013-05-30 Show
2013-05-30 Show
2013-05-30 Show
YMCA gears classes for senior citizens in specialized exercise and swimming. 2013-05-16 Show
Don't get left out of 'Our Town'. 2013-05-16 Show
Where are the Democratic Women? By George Stafford. Bono has no opposition for the nomination because our leading Democratic men are either afraid of Christie or they're allied with him. 2013-05-16 Show
What did I say? And where is it? Tracy Buckner talks about Dementia. 2013-05-16 Show
Madison High School's Day of Service this year was helping senior citizens learn how to use any digital device in May 31. 2013-05-16 Show
Florham Park salon 'going purple' to benefit June 'Relay for life'. (illus.) 2013-05-16 Show
Madison Housing Authority offers self sufficiency for residents of public housing through the Resident Opportunity self-sufficiency (ROSS) program. (illus.) 2013-05-16 Show
Former Madison teacher, William R. Chemerka, conducted a series of lectures and book signings in the area for his newest publication, General Joseph Warren Revere: The Gothic Saga of Paul Revere's Grandson. (illus.) 2013-05-16 Show
According to Councilman Robert Catalanello and running-mate Patrick Rowe one of the council's most important responsibilities is keeping the Borough's infrastructure up to date and in good working order. (illus.) 2013-05-16 Show
Alice C. Miksch, 94, passed away. 2013-05-16 Show
Madison adds 'Good Samaritan' clause to the underage drinking law. 2013-05-16 Show
New principal, Thomas Liss, to take helm of Central Avenue School by a unanimous vote by the Board of Education. 2013-05-16 Show
Helipad for NFL Jets draws fire as a petition by Madison Residents ask Planning Board to nix it. 2013-05-16 Show
The Madison Junior School Athletic Organizati.on is hoping to continue the pay-to-participate sports program at the Madison Junior School 2013-05-16 Show
On May 18, the Madison Athletic Foundation hosted a fundraising event, A night at the Fields Tailgate. 2013-05-16 Show
Charity golf outing hosted by the YMCA was set for June 17. 2013-05-16 Show
The annual 5k Run with Pride was held on May 22 at Giralda Farms. 2013-05-16 Show
Properties sold in Chathams, Florham, and Madison. 2013-05-16 Show
Director of Water Quality Programs Laura Kelm presented findings from the organization's recent State of Streams report on water conditions found throughout the Great Swamp watershed region. 2013-05-16 Show
Madison will join in the celebration of National Public Health Week. 2013-05-16 Show
Memorial Day Parade was held in May 27. 2013-05-16 Show
The Madison Lodge of the Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks will host a pancake breakfast for the benefit of Brooke Healey, the daughter of Madison High School teacher Steven Healey. Brooke is battling a rare brain tumor 2013-05-16 Show
Lee Nittel, director of curriculum and instruction for the grades k-12 school district, was not reappointed for the 2013-2014 school year with a 5-3 vote 2013-05-16 Show
Sidewalk gallery art debuts for public on may 4. (illus.) 2013-05-16 Show
The 'green fair' was on may 16, postponed from an earlier date due to rain. 2013-05-16 Show
Bicycle trek leads to capital, vigil and National Police week. 2013-05-16 Show
Jacob Baer won silver medals in 400 and 110 hurdles and Jake Ducey won third place in javelin at the Morris County Freshman-Sophomore Track and Field Championships. 2013-05-16 Show
Madison Housing Authority offers self sufficiency for residents of public housing through the Resident Opportunity self-sufficiency (ROSS) program. (illus.) 2013-05-16 Show
St. Vincent held a clothing drive on May 19. 2013-05-16 Show
Chamber of Commerce invites nominations for 'Extra Mile' Kudos. 2013-05-16 Show
A plaque bearing the name of 1st Lt. Samuel Streit Coursen who earned the Medal of Honor will be placed just yards away from the house where he grew up. 2013-05-16 Show
Patrolman James Cavezza arrested Patrick Culzac for shoplifting from Stop&Shop. 2013-05-16 Show
Mary Lou Walsh, 78, passed away on May 5 after a long battle of Alzheimer's disease. 2013-05-16 Show
Finally, green light for Green ave. in a $630,000 upgrade. 2013-05-16 Show
Walter G. Murphy, 79, passed away on May 12. 2013-05-16 Show
Robert Hean Foster, 69, passed away. 2013-05-16 Show
Anthony Patrick Terantino, 65, passed away. 2013-05-16 Show
Richard E Barber, a former Boy Scout leader, dies at 73 on April 10, 2013. 2013-04-18 Show
Marathoner 'OK' following twin bombing. 2013-04-18 Show
Ambulance Crops adds two members certified as EMTS. 2013-04-18 Show
From board room to the farms of Africa. (illus.) 2013-04-18 Show
The Shopping's Magnetic. 2013-04-18 Show
Mayor sworn in. 2013-04-18 Show
Equal pay bill again sabotaged by Republicans in U.S. Congress. (illus.) 2013-04-18 Show
Police to collect unwanted drugs for disposal April 27. 2013-04-18 Show
Madison woman decided not to run Boston Marathon. 2013-04-18 Show
Rotarians promote literacy by reading to second graders. (illus.) 2013-04-18 Show
Donations are asked for plaques to honor war dead from WWI, WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam War 2013-04-18 Show
Eric Range and Diane Driscoll are running-mates in the field of five candidates for the Republican party's two nominations to the Madison Borough Council in the June 4 primary elections. (illus.) 2013-04-18 Show
The planning board rezoned the Green Village School in hopes to appeal to more potential buyers. 2013-04-18 Show
American prisoners of rhetoric by George Stafford. Why can't we keep weapons of war off of our streets and out of our schools, playgrounds, and malls? 2013-04-18 Show
Paycheck fairness act 2013-04-18 Show
Boston Marathon Bombings 2013-04-18 Show
Paul Zeigler, of Madison, performed in a concert with the Baroque Orchestra of New Jersey under the direction of Robert W. Butts, of Madison on May 5. (illus.) 2013-04-18 Show
Author, Maryann McFadden, spoke on may 16 for the Thursday Morning Club's lunch and lecture series, Wise Wonderful Women. (illus.) 2013-04-18 Show
PeaceWorks and Central Avenue School joined together for Bike Swap and Sale on May 19. 2013-04-18 Show
The Downtown Development Commission named the Salvator Mindardi Salon the Merchant Of The Month for April for high-fashion style and volunteer service to charities. (illus.) 2013-04-18 Show
Madison honored Betti Baldan, Alan Barton, Winnie Blue, Harvey Diamond, Gene Ferrari, William List, Virender Mehta, Mary Vascininno, Monte Wallensetun, and Nancy Wong on April 24, 2013 for helping residents prepare their tax forms 2013-04-18 Show
Annual Graduation Gala for Madison High School graduates was held at Fairleigh Dickinson University on June 21, 2013 2013-04-18 Show
Madison hosted its 10th annual Madison 5K run/walk/kids' fun run on may 5 2013-04-18 Show
Madison YMCA hosted Healthy kids day on April 27, 2013 to help improve families' well being and health. 2013-04-18 Show
Museum of early trades and crafts hosted family fun day on April 30, 2013 2013-04-18 Show
Adult School celebrated its 75th anniversary on May 4, 2013 with a free reception. 2013-04-18 Show
Parent-Teacher Organization is hosting Connections in Bloom to help fund-raiser money for Jr. School technology. 2013-04-18 Show
Jeannette Gadowski, 98, passed away. 2013-04-18 Show
Olivia hunt, 10, of Madison took first place in four events at the YMCA 12 and under State Championships and first in one event and second in five events at the New Jersey Junior Olympics at Rutgers University. 2013-04-18 Show
Madison community pool upgrading facilities for may 25 opening. 2013-04-18 Show
The fourth annual "Madison Green Fair" was to be on may 9, 2013, hosted by the Madison Environmental Commission and Madison Boy Scout Troop 25 to share information about "green" and sustainable lifestyles 2013-04-18 Show
Rotarians Robert Chapman, Madison Mayor Robert Conley Deborah Starker, Madison Borough Councilman Ben Wolkowitz and led by the program's chairperson, Rosemarie McCauley, promoted literacy to second graders in February by reading books to them 2013-04-18 Show
'Taste' doesn't disappoint. (illus.) 2013-04-18 Show
The Shopping's Magnetic. 2013-04-18 Show
School Board will continue activity fees for extracurricular activities. 2013-03-21 Show
American Dream to Rise on three lots. 2013-03-21 Show
'Gigantic Book Sale' on April 6 to help Sandy-devastated school. 2013-03-21 Show
Borough woman's Sandy T-shirts raise $1,000 for relief efforts. 2013-03-21 Show
April 13: Resource Day for seniors to focus on changes in their homes. 2013-03-21 Show
Madison welcomes Fulton Bank. (illus.) 2013-03-21 Show
For families at breaking point, agency provides a place to turn. 2013-03-21 Show
Viera Zentki learns the Ukrainian egg decorating art. (illus.) 2013-03-21 Show
William Livingston Library and gardens topic this Sunday. 2013-03-21 Show
Mature women may apply for grants to further their education by April 5. 2013-03-21 Show
Adult school offers free classes in English as a second language. 2013-03-21 Show
Madison museum up for grant in state funds for preservation. 2013-03-21 Show
St. Vincent girls 'three-peat- for the 'March Madness' title. (illus.) 2013-03-21 Show
Families, adults, children sponsors signing up for 5K to help fund enrichment in schools. 2013-03-21 Show
Iris V. Burger, 97, died. 2013-03-21 Show
Health classes for food handlers, Madison Employees well received. 2013-03-21 Show
Dancers step it up for YMCA campaign: fund drive to support financial assistance program to help children, families, seniors. (illus.) 2013-03-21 Show
Madison Rotary Club hailed as 'Friend to Education'. (illus.) 2013-03-21 Show
Huge spring cleaning won't lack for much. (illus.) 2013-03-21 Show
Arts for art's sake: April 3 faculty put on benefit show. (illus.) 2013-03-21 Show
Club learned about '20s avant garde artist in April 4 presentation. (illus.) 2013-03-21 Show
Madison High School staged 'Music Man' for four performances. 2013-03-21 Show
Madison's Bone inducted in State Business Hall of Fame. (illus.) 2013-03-21 Show
Rite of Passage is now a culture. 2013-03-21 Show
Madison it's high time to think spring. 2013-03-21 Show
Hilltop Community Bank's branch in Madison won the Madison Chamber of Commerce's Merchant of the Month. (illus.) 2013-03-21 Show
Wells Fargo Insurance and the Fireman's Fund Insurance Company presented $5,593 grant to the Madison Fire Department. 2013-03-21 Show
Green Fair' to feature farmers who feed needy. 2013-03-21 Show
Photograph-Public Safety Complex 2008-06-14 Show
Photograph-Public Safety Complex 2008-06-14 Show
Photograph-Public Safety Complex 2008-06-14 Show
Runs in 26.2 mile San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon, in memory of his late brother who lost his life to non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. (Illus) 2007-07-12 Show
Borough Council introduces two bond ordinances by 5-1 vote, despite rigorous questioning by Councilwoman Mary-Anna Holden on need for bonding. 2007-07-12 Show
Planning Board gives approval to Drew University's plan for six-story dormitory on site of parking lot nearest to Glenwild Rd. $13.5 million project will provide space for 159 students. 2007-07-12 Show
Chamber of Commerce names Coviello Brothers Garden Center as "Merchant of the Month" for June. Center has been family owned and operated since 1973. (Illus) 2007-07-05 Show
Madison Area YMCA appoints Timothy Van Woeart as associate director in charge of Teen Program. 2007-07-05 Show
Museum welcomes children to two sessions of Summer History Camp. 2007-07-05 Show
Obituary - Gilfillan, Mildred 2007-07-05 Show
Obituary - Williams, Helena Force 2007-07-05 Show
Chamber of Commerce introduces new town-wide Value Card, featuring discounts from 25 local businesses. Chamber and Madison Parent-Teachers Organizations will sell cards as fund-raising event. 2007-07-05 Show
Madison Farmers' Market opens with Jersey - Fresh produce and flowers on sale to the public. (Illus) 2007-07-05 Show
Pine Acres Rehabilitation and Health Center seeks multiple variances to demolish its existing building on Madison Avenue and construct a three-story health care centeer on the site. 2007-07-05 Show
Democratic and Republican candidates for mayoral and Borough Council officer disagree over budget, taxes, and tax collection rates. 2007-07-05 Show
Tempers flare at Borough Council meeting as critic Sam Cerciello charges that incomplete police/fire building is "a peice of garbage." Councilwoman Astri Baillie assures Cerciello that legal processes are underway to address his complaints. 2007-07-05 Show
As retirement nears, Lt. Vincent "Zeke" DeVincenzo reminisces aboout his 35 years with Madison Police Department. (Illus) 2007-07-05 Show
Madison Chamber of Commerce holds annual picnic and presents awards to members and scholarships to two graduating Madison High students. (Illus) 2007-06-28 Show
Boy Scouts present Madison leader with Silver Beaver Award, a national award reserved for adult leaders who have rendered distinguished service to young people. (Illus) 2007-06-28 Show
Families of St. Vincent Martyr School gather to dedicate H. Carroll Bennett Children's Sitting Garden at School on Green Village Road. (Illus) 2007-06-28 Show
Editorial: High hopes this planner is up to the task. (N.J. Highlands) 2007-06-28 Show
By 6-1 vote, Board denies Glenwild Road couple's application to build two, two-story additions and an exterior basement entrance to their home. 2007-06-28 Show
Young people are enjoying activities at Summer History Camp at museum. 2007-06-28 Show
Obituary - Hill, Leto Joseph "Jay" 2007-06-28 Show
This year's "Taste of Madison" showcase of local restaurants aand food and wine purveyors nets $15,000 eacch for its three sponsors: Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, and Downtown Development Commission. 2007-06-28 Show
Farmers' Market opens new summer season with "Jersey Fresh" fish, cheese and beef joining fruits and vegetables for market-goers. 2007-06-28 Show
Republican candidates for Borough Council join with their mayoral candidates to oppose tax increase of 13.6% adopted by split vote of council. Democratic majority defends tax reserves and increases. (Illus) 2007-06-28 Show
Hundreds of cancer survivors and their supporters join in American Society's "Relay for Life." 2007-06-28 Show
19 students are named Advanced Placement (AP) Scholars by the College Board in recognition of exceptional achievement in AP exams. 2007-06-21 Show
Church is growing in membership and its spirits are high, says the Rev. Teresa Lynn Rushdan, but it is in great need of restoration and seeks volunteer help from the Madison community. (Illus) 2007-06-21 Show
Letter-carrier for Madison Post Office donates his hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, which creates wigs for women facing haair loss in their battles against cancer. (Illus) 2007-06-21 Show
What do Boy Scouts, Rotary Club, Girl Scouts and First Morris Bank have in common? Each has adopted a Madison park and helps to keep it clean. 2007-06-21 Show
Fifty years ago. 2007-06-21 Show
Editorial: Relax, take a break, save the world. Hometown shares the wonder of what these grads might do. 2007-06-21 Show
After two accidents within 10 days, Nancy Napolitano of Alexander Avenue calls for action to correct traffic problems at intersection of Greenwood Avenue and Brittin Street. 2007-06-21 Show
Library kicks off its summer reading program with "Family Fun Day" of games, crafts and contests. 2007-06-21 Show
High school celebrates its 111th commencement exercises. Valedictorian, Chetan Narain, speaks for fellow classmates. (Illus) 2007-06-21 Show
After three years of lobbying the state to slow traffic at Rt. 124 (Madison Avenue and Kings Road), borough finally sees work begin on stoplight project ffor intersection. 2007-06-21 Show
Borough continues to pursue arrangements with bond coounsel to complete work on new headquarters for police and fire departments after termination of builder's contract over lagging schedule and missed deadlines. 2007-06-21 Show
Presbyterian congregation celebrate ordination of its pastorial associate, the Rev. Charles "Chip" Sanders. 2007-06-14 Show
Department will host its 24th "National Night Out Against Crime" on August 7. 2007-06-14 Show
Development of former Exxon site in Florham Park into housing units, office buildings, and a hotel moved a step closer as Madison and Florham Park reach agreement authorizing Madison to purchase about 53 acres in Florham Park behind Madison High School. 2007-06-14 Show
Top three students in academically talented class of 2007 at Madison High are, valedictorian Chetan Narain, salutatorian Stephanie Halgren and Megan Blewett. 2007-06-14 Show
Deer visit Rosedale Avenue, and Patricia Fox shoots them with her camera. (Illus) 2007-06-14 Show
Madison Summer Nature Program, sponsored by Madison Parks Advisory Commission and Madison Recreation Department, begins its 29th season with pre-registration open house. Programs include park activities and weekly field trips. (Illus) 2007-06-14 Show
Public is invited to contribute to a sculpture in progress at workshop led by artist Robert Richardson. Participants will paint, draw, or use mixed media to add to the sculpture, which will be shown this summer. (Illus) 2007-06-14 Show
By 6-1 vote, Board of Education approves proposal to allow high school seniors to leave campus during study hall periods to study in other locations. Board member Patricia Sarasohn is lone dissenter. 2007-06-14 Show
Editorial: Ask not for whom the ballot tolls. 2007-06-14 Show
Get a Clue @ Your Library is theme for 2007 Summer Reading Program at Madison Public Library. Theme will be featured in room decor, book displays and special programs. (Illus) 2007-06-14 Show
Obituary - Moore, John Patrick 2007-06-14 Show
Obituary - Treharne, Sarah 2007-06-14 Show
Former Florham Park Mayor Barbara B. Doyle, who retired as principal of the Gregory School in West Orange in 2006, has accepted position of principal at St. Vincent Martyr School in Madison. (Illus) 2007-06-14 Show
Madison High School 10th grader, Inkoo Kang, is selected as one of two winners of Region 3 "Poetry Out Loud" New Jersey Competition. (Illus) 2007-06-14 Show
The greathouse of the Vanderbuilt-Twombly estate and the central building of Fairleigh Dickinson University's College at Florham campus has been renamed Hennessy Hall to acknowledge the generosity and service of Edward L. Hennessy, Jr. 2007-06-07 Show
Dr. Waayne Lajewski, who ran an intensive care unit in Iraq in 2004 and 2005, returns home with questions and memories. (Illus) 2007-06-07 Show
Four people are injured and one hospitalized after a collision of car and landscaping truck at the intersection of Greenwood Avenue and Brittin Street. 2007-06-07 Show
Borough Council members disagree on budget and finances. John Elias (Democrat) says Madison does not have a huge ssurplus, while MaryAnna Holden (Republican) says budget is too fat. (Illus) 2007-06-07 Show
Firefighters responded to 40 incidents during May, including a number of brushfires and a release of noxious fumes from a gasoline truck. 2007-06-07 Show
Volunteer, Jack Luts is praised for 46 years of service with Ambulance Corps. (Illus) 2007-06-07 Show
GSWA conducts two-day "Bioblitz" to catalog diversity of species in swamp. 2007-06-07 Show
Chamber of Commerce introduces new town-wide Value Card, featuring discounts from 25 local merchants. 2007-06-07 Show
Madison Recreatioon Department offers youngsters a summer program of beginner and advanced beginner tennis lessons. 2007-06-07 Show
Purple ribbons are tied around trees as residents prepare for first "Relay for Life," a fund-raiser to benefit American Cancer Society. (Illus) 2007-06-07 Show
Pianist Jamie Kim, age 10, is winner for third successive year in Piano Teachers Society of America's competition. (Illus) 2007-06-07 Show
Obituary - DeMaria, Peter T., Jr. 2007-06-07 Show
Primary elections have low turnout. 2007-06-07 Show
Obituary - Weller, Mary Grace Long 2007-06-07 Show
Obituary-Zienowicz, Edward 2007-06-07 Show
EDITORIAL: To tax or not to tax. 2007-06-07 Show
Obituary - Hewson, Edward "Hack" Jr. 2007-06-07 Show
Obituary - Garreffa, Angeline Cimaglia 2007-05-31 Show
Legion Post thanks Project Pride for its sponsorship of six local high school juniors to attend the Legion's Boys' State program. (Illus) 2007-05-31 Show
Obituary - Alois, Rosalie Arena 2007-05-31 Show
Four students and three mentors from Grace Episcopal Church make pilgrimage to religious sites in England. 2007-05-31 Show
Obituary - Hale, Kip Dudley 2007-05-31 Show
Borough asks residents to observe voluntary water conservation during June, July and August. 2007-05-31 Show
Photographs of dancers by Mike Tesi will be on exhibit during the month of June at the Madison Public Library. (Illus) 2007-05-31 Show
Madison Health District, Chatham Borough Board of Heaalth, and Chathaam Township Board of Health offers a cancer screening for men. 2007-05-31 Show
American Legion Post presents Project Community Pride Executive Director Jeffrey Macko with certificate of appreciation for Project Pride's sponsorship of six 11th graders to attend Jersey Boys' State. 2007-05-31 Show
Madison salutes its war dead with parade and ceremonies. (Illus) 2007-05-31 Show
Madison residents join in relay event to raise funds for cancer research. 2007-05-31 Show
Editorial: Prime pump to stay green. Place Garden State Trust bond issue on fall ballot. 2007-05-31 Show
50 years ago. 2007-05-31 Show
Firefighters respond to report of fire at 30 West Street and prevent fire from spreading. (Illus) 2007-05-24 Show
Police arrest and charge Hanover Twp. woman with purchasing alcohol for underage Madison resident. 2007-05-24 Show
Steppers will celebrate Senior Health and Fitness Day with demonstrations and walks. 2007-05-24 Show
American Legion Post unanimously chooses Fred Finn III as Grand Marshall of the Memorial Day Parade. (Illus) 2007-05-24 Show
Theatre to present farce about the art of theatre, "The Plays the Thing" by Ferenc Molnar. (Illus) 2007-05-24 Show
A 12th grader at Madison High School, Chetan Narain, is one of 141 outstanding "Presidential Scholars" invited to Washington, DC to be honored for their achievements. (Illus) 2007-05-24 Show
Obituary - Edwards, Theodore 2007-05-24 Show
Obituary - Meehan, Cheryl M. Doherty 2007-05-24 Show
Mayor Kerkeslager suggests that Madison needs a full-time parking authority to handle parking problems, as Borough Council studies report of planning group. 2007-05-24 Show
Editorial: It'll be wild, fun, safe and sober. (Graduation Gala) 2007-05-24 Show
Obituary - DePalma, Carolyn 2007-05-24 Show
Zoe Tuohy is new manager of the Madison Community Pool. 2007-05-24 Show
More than 300 people join in 4th annual "Madison High Five" 5K run and walk, sponsored by Madison high Education Foundation as fundraiser for enrichment projects at the school. (illus) 2007-05-24 Show
Marries Steven Frank Marino of Lankam, Md. (Illus) 2007-05-17 Show
Parents put up lawn signs urging motorists to slow down. (Illus) 2007-05-17 Show
Thanks to inflation, price tag for renovation of Hartley Dodge Memorial building may grow by as much as $2,100 daily before work begins on building, says architect for project. 2007-05-17 Show
Celebrate 60th wedding anniversary. (Illus) 2007-05-17 Show
Corp to begin week long celebration of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week, with varity of medical and educational events. 2007-05-17 Show
Department responded to 88 incidents in April, ranging from flooding to vehicle fire to mercury spill. 2007-05-17 Show
Friends of Madison Shade Trees lead borough's celebration of Arbor Day and urge residents to plant more trees. (Illus) 2007-05-17 Show
Borough attorney, Joseph Mezzacca, confirms to Borough Council that contract with the builder of the new police/fire building has been terminated because of builder's failure to meet contract obligations. 2007-05-17 Show
Avid gardener, Susan Manna, takes lead in beautification projects in plantings at Central Avenue School. (Illus) 2007-05-17 Show
Madison officials broke ground for a renovation and expansion of grades 7-8 Madison Junior School. Construction will provide an addition that will accommodate the 6th grade. Project is scheduled for completion in March 2008. (Illus) 2007-05-17 Show
St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center holds "Bark Fest," a family festival and dog walk to benefit homeless pets. (Illus) 2007-05-17 Show
Forum Club members pitch in to beautify the Columbus Memorial area as contribution to annual clean-up and beautification campaign, May Day in Madison. (Illus) 2007-05-17 Show
Editorial: One answer is as near as your yard. (Global warming) 2007-05-17 Show
Obituary - Ferguson, William H. (Illus) 2007-05-17 Show
Obituary - Barbato, Margaret Mazzucco 2007-05-17 Show
Obituary - Ammirato, James E. 2007-05-10 Show
Public library displays work of 26 artists who live and/or work in Madison. 2007-05-10 Show
GSWA holds region's first "BioBlitz," a survey aimed at indentifying as many species as possible in 24-hour period. 2007-05-10 Show
Obituary - Woolley, Edith Reilly 2007-05-10 Show
Board reorganizes for 2007-08 school year, making few changes in committee assignments. 2007-05-10 Show
Schnipper's owner Monica Abedrabbo says she finally "feels safe" after arrest of a suspect who allegedly made harrassing calls to her, including death threats. Caller was upset over prices charged for a toy. 2007-05-10 Show
Adopts two sisters from Ethiopia with goal of saving them from poverty. (Illus) 2007-05-10 Show
Editorial: A dimension of education - Services will help earn diploma. 2007-05-10 Show
Museum names Herbert Kean of Morristown as "Craftsman of the Year." Honoree is collector, author, and authority on antique tool restoration. (Illus) 2007-05-10 Show
High school students join with Parent-Teacher-Student Organization to plan 22nd annual "Graduation Gala," a drug-free and alcohol-free evening. (Illus) 2007-05-10 Show
Thirty Madison postal workers help "Stamp Out Hunger" by collecting food for the poor as part of national drive. 2007-05-10 Show
DDC and Chamber of Commerce names Gerlach Jewelers as first "Merchant of the Month." Longtime Main Street mainstay is honored for its consistent and attractive storefront appearance. (Illus) 2007-05-10 Show
Fund offers two $1000 grants to two graduating seniors at Madison High. Award is based on service work ethic, and compassion. 2007-05-03 Show
Obituary - DeSantis, Helen 2007-05-03 Show
Obituary - Collins, Linda Gilmartin 2007-05-03 Show
Obituary - Berstler, Steven G. 2007-05-03 Show
Corps has selected new slate of officers, with Henry George taking over as president. 2007-05-03 Show
Madison High School senior wins top prize of $50,000 in Young Epidemiology Scholars Competition. (Illus) 2007-05-03 Show
Patriotic Celebration Committee seeks all active duty military, military veterans, wartime merchant marines, their families and survivors for participation in Memorial Day Parade. 2007-05-03 Show
Editorial: A good cause with real legs. 2007-05-03 Show
Shade Tree management Board plans Arbor Day celebration on steps of Hartley Dodge Memorial building. 2007-05-03 Show
Obituary - Zalis, Joseph "Joe" 2007-05-03 Show
Obituary - Hartnett, Patricia G. "Pat" 2007-05-03 Show
Club holds text-book drive to collect "Books for Africa" and to fight Africa's "book famine." 2007-05-03 Show
Architect gives borough council a brief review of renovations planned for Hartley Dodge Memorial building, says report is "dry run" for presentation in a public meeting later this month. 2007-05-03 Show
More than 800 volunteers are expected to join in "May Day in Madison," sponsored by Downtown Development Commission. New chair of event, Marsha Ann Zimmerman, urges residents to join in annual event. (Illus) 2007-05-03 Show
A bomb threat at the high school leads to lockdown, two police officers search building, examination of students' backpacks, and a continuing police presence at the school. Nothing unusual is found. 2007-05-03 Show
Obituary - Wall, Daryle Richard 2007-05-03 Show
Obituary - Kain, Viola M. Schwind 2007-05-03 Show
Theatre opens its extended 2007 season with Shakespeare's epic "Henry V" (Illus) 2007-04-26 Show
50 years ago - they fought city hall in 1957 2007-04-26 Show
New York driver hits two utility poles on Kings Road east of Samson Avenue. Taken by Madison Ambulance Corps to Morristown Memorial Hospital, he was placed under arrest by Madison police and charged with driving while intoxicated. (Illus) 2007-04-26 Show
Obituary - Bershadsky, S. Charles 2007-04-26 Show
Obituary - O'Donnell, Paul J. 2007-04-26 Show
Obituary - Beneduce, Morris J. 2007-04-26 Show
Obituary - Founds, Elaine Veronica 2007-04-26 Show
Obituary - Meyer, Hattie Ward 2007-04-26 Show
Editorial: Madison at its best with spring fever. Photos of "May Day in Madison." 2007-04-26 Show
Masterwork Chorus and Orchestra closes its 2006-07 season with "A German Requiem" by Johanes Brahms, at Drew University concert hall. (Illus) 2007-04-26 Show
American Cancer Society will host "Relay for Life" at Madison High School. Two-day event will seek to promote inspiration for volunteers and raise money to fight cancer. 2007-04-26 Show
Chamber of Commerce and DDC join to create a civic improvement award. "Merchant of the Month" kudos will be awarded to recognize merchants and business owners who work to improve their properties' at other public areas' appearances. 2007-04-26 Show
Volunteers are ready to join in "MayDay in Madison" community-wide beautification campaign sponsored by the DDC for 9th consecutive year. Teams will pick up trash, pull weeds, mulch tree wells, and plant flowers. (Illus) 2007-04-26 Show
Jennifer Lee Strong, formerly of Madison, marries Vincent W. Kane of Phildelphia. (Illus) 2007-04-19 Show
St. Hubert's Giralda holds statewide Pet Food Drive to help feed New Jersey's homeless pets. 2007-04-19 Show
Obituary - Peterson, Laura M. 2007-04-19 Show
Lori Ann Napolitano, formerly of Madison, marries Christopher Jewell of Florham Park. (Illus) 2007-04-19 Show
Formerly of Madison, Caroline J. Laskey marries Brian Michael Rowland of Atlanta, Ga. (Illus) 2007-04-19 Show
Museum joins national campaign to turn off TV and tune children and families into activities that get them off the couch and get their brain cells working. (Illus) 2007-04-19 Show
Editorial: Riding out the shocks. Of storms, shooting and seat belts. 2007-04-19 Show
Madison resident battles rare blood disorder with backing of group of devoted friends. (Illus) 2007-04-19 Show
School district's $32.7 million budget is approved by 85-vote margin, with low voter turnout of 12 per cent. 2007-04-19 Show
In talk at "Drew Forum," Bob Woodward, well-known investigative reporter, speaks on policies of Bush Administration. (Illus) 2007-04-19 Show
Siri Hedreen, 3rd grader in Torey J. Sabatini School, has winning entry in t-shirt design contest for "MayDay in Madison," town's beautification campaign. (Illus) 2007-04-19 Show
Annual "Invention Convention" for Madison elementary schools culminates in presentation by winners to Board of Education. Students compete in developing products and contraptions designed to make life easier. (Illus) 2007-04-19 Show
Amy Becker presents exhibit of photos entitled "Three Sides" at Chase Room of Madison Public Library. Exhibit represents Madison resident's interest in natural settings in New Jersey, Spain and Ireland. 2007-04-19 Show
Local chapter joins other Red Cross units across the country in honoring volunteers, who are the "muscle" behind an array of humanitarian services. (Illus) 2007-04-19 Show
Red Cross chapter is offering "Pet First Aid' classes, in which pet owners learn how to prevent and treat injuries to their pets. (Illus) 2007-04-12 Show
Mayor and Borough Council set up study group to develop new 1.5 acre pocket park on former site of Livesey Kennels at 196 Kings Road. 2007-04-12 Show
Lodge #93 has received Masonic Information Center's prestigious Mark Twain Masonic Awareness Award in recognition of exemplary work in lodge and local community. 2007-04-12 Show
Shade Tree Management Board is updating the official Landmark Tree Register. Madison residents are asked to nominate trees for inclusion on register by April 15. 2007-04-12 Show
Obituary - Dunham, Katherine A. 2007-04-12 Show
Borough Council opens talks on Cablevision of Morris' application for renewal of municipal concent to construct and operate a cable television system in the borough. Questions are raised about expanded coverage and discounts for senior citizens. 2007-04-12 Show
Madison artist Robert Sharen will offer talk and demonstration on art history of stained glass at Museum of Early Trades and Crafts on April 22. 2007-04-12 Show
Editorial: On April 17, it takes a village. Exercise your right to vote. 2007-04-12 Show
Former councilman George Hayman, who broke Republican hold on borough council members, announces he is a Democratic candidate for county freeholder. 2007-04-12 Show
Madison Senior Center coordinates deliveries of meals for persons homebound because of illness, loss of mobility, or other medical or nutritional problems. 2007-04-12 Show
Department responded to 61 calls during month of March, which included pumping out basements of residential and commercial properties due to heavy rain. Other incidents included responses to smoke alarm and aid to fight a house fire in Hanover Township. 2007-04-12 Show
As filing deadline passes, both Democratic and Republican parties submit full slates of candidates for Nov. 6 election. (Illus) 2007-04-12 Show
Board of Education salutes Angelo Santoro who is stepping down as Harding Twp.'s representative on Board. 2007-04-12 Show
Student artists from Madison schools brighten up fence at construction site of First Morris Bank and Trust with exhibit of 60 pieces of art. (Illus) 2007-04-12 Show
Whole Foods Market will donate 5% of net sales on April 18 from Madison, Montclair and West Orange stores to Morris Land Conservancy's "Partners for Parks" program. 2007-04-12 Show
For the 22nd year, Madison has been named a "Tree City USA" community by National Arbor Day Foundation to honor its commitment to community forestry. 2007-04-12 Show
Seven Madison police officers will join in a 4-day bicycle trek to Washington, DC, to memorialize police killed in line of duty and to help other families. (Illus) 2007-04-05 Show
Police arrest Theodore Gartner of Madison and an Orange man on outstanding warrants from other jurisdictions. 2007-04-05 Show
Superintendent of Schools Noonan announces appointment of Kathy Koop as principal of the grades K-6 Kings Road School. Koop is currently principal of Central Elementary School in Great Meadows, Warren County. 2007-04-05 Show
Dedicated quilters from the Thursday Morning Club have completed the final square in quilt depicting Club's 112-year history and its contributions to the community. A four-year project, the quilt will be on permanent display in Community House. (Illus) 2007-04-05 Show
Democratic team for mayor and council met with voters at Madison Commons Clubhouse. The candidates are Councilwoman Astri Baillie, mayoral candidate and Council President John Elias, and council candidate Christine Tiritilli. (Illus) 2007-04-05 Show
Two Republicans enter race for council seats in the fall, Dr. Vincent Esposito and Jeanne Tsukamoto. (Illus) 2007-04-05 Show
Borough's Shade Tree Management Board sponsors its third "Green Forum," giving community organizations an opportunity to explore ways to preserve and protect Madison's valuable natural resources. 2007-04-05 Show
Obituary - Russomando, Joseph 2007-04-05 Show
Columnist Roberta Francis writes about women in history. 2007-04-05 Show
Editorial: Who needs school board and voters? 2007-04-05 Show
Democratic Committee will host an "Open House" Fri. March 30. 2007-03-29 Show
Obituary - Jones, Arthur Edwin, Jr. 2007-03-29 Show
Free income tax assistance and preparations is available to seniors at the Senior Center each Wednesday through April 11. 2007-03-29 Show
Restaurant, Shanghai Jazz, will host annual fund-raising evening with the Kiwanis of Madison on April 17. 2007-03-29 Show
Buddhist scholar, Robert Thurman, will deliver Drew's 2007 Humanities Program Distinguished Lecture, focusing on the fundamentals of Buddhism, on Wed. April 4. 2007-03-29 Show
Editorial: Water, water is far from everywhere. 2007-03-29 Show
Obituary - Reedy, James (Rev.) formerly of Madison 2007-03-29 Show
MACA - Madison Arts and Cultural Alliance advocates see former Green Village Road School as arts center. Coalition urges council to seize opportunity now. 2007-03-29 Show
Representatives from DDC and Investors Savings Bank sign a formal agreement in which Investor's Savings Bank commits to fund an annual directory of Madison businesses for the next 5 years. (Illus) 2007-03-29 Show
Admirers of big trees invited to name then as landmarks. Shade Tree Management Board is in the process of updating the official Landmark Tree register. 2007-03-29 Show
Fire Department holds fire safety workshop for au pairs at Madison fire house. (Illus) 2007-03-29 Show
Bringing back "Art on Waverly Show and Sale" to downtown Madison on Sat. June 2. 2007-03-29 Show
Drew University, Madison Public Library and Madison Teen Center will sponsor series of events in April to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first publication of the novel, "One Hundred Years of Solitude." Public is invited to events. 2007-03-29 Show
Madison resident, Tim Barnes, diagnosed with MS says his condition allows him to join forces with others with the same affliction and use his skills as an advocate in the fight against the disease. (Illus) 2007-03-22 Show
A developers proposal to build 49 age-restricted condominiums at the corner of Main Street and Division Avenue spurred the Planning Board and Borough Council to re-examine the future of development in Madison and how to control it. 2007-03-22 Show
Friends and colleagues brave snow, sleet and freezing rain to wish farewell to retiring borough administrator, Jim Allison. (Illus) 2007-03-22 Show
Obituary - Anders, Katherine J. "Kackie" 2007-03-22 Show
Obituary - Iossa, Frederick 2007-03-22 Show
Obituary - Morrison, John J. 2007-03-22 Show
Ulysses Grant Dietz, cuator of Decorative Arts at the Newark Museum will present "It wasn't Arts and Crafts, it was Modern," Thursday Mar. 29, 2007 at the Museum of Early Trades & Crafts. (Illus) 2007-03-22 Show
Obituary - Endler, John J. 2007-03-22 Show
Obituary - Sims, Walter 2007-03-22 Show
Obituary - Paolella, Helen V. Notte 2007-03-22 Show
A two year old black bear wandered onto Madison High School property and was finally captured on the former Exxon property and taken to Sussex County. (Illus) 2007-03-22 Show
Councilwoman Holden receives an engraved crystal clock for her 11 years of service to N.J. Historic Trust. (Illus) 2007-03-22 Show
Boy Scout Troop 25 are accepting food donations for the Interfaith Food Pantry, Sat. Mar. 24. (Illus) 2007-03-22 Show
Obituary - Carlson, M. Patricia 2007-03-22 Show
Police answer a call to train station to investigate an East Orange man on suspicion of sexual abuse. 2007-03-22 Show
Fire Department responded to 68 incidents in Feb. Among them were chimney, trash, clothes and food fires. 2007-03-22 Show
Borough purchases land which was the longtime site of the Livesey residence and kennels on Kings Rd. for one of Madison's newest pocket parks. (Illus) 2007-03-22 Show
Madison High School senior, Megan Blewett, earns 7th place in 'Junior Nobel Prizes." The award was for her projects in the bio-chemical phase focusing on multiple scerosis.onored by Board of Ed. and receives $20,000 scholarship. 2007-03-22 Show
Rotary Club promotes "World Water Day" on Mar. 22 to begin raising funds to help end the worldwide shortage of clean water. (Illus) 2007-03-22 Show
Obituary - Farkass, Violet "Bambi" 2007-03-22 Show
Editorial: Roll the videotape. Access the name of the game. 2007-03-22 Show
The spring "Canine Cotillion" to benefit homeless pets will be held Sat. Mar. 24 at Birchwood Manor. 2007-03-22 Show
YMCA spring session sign-ups will be held Sun. Mar. 25. 2007-03-15 Show
President of the Historical Society, Cathy Coultas, will lead audience on a journey through Madison's history. She will focus mostly on the rose industry. Event is going to be held at the Senior Center on Mar. 19. 2007-03-15 Show
Owners and their dogs are invited to St. Hubert's "Canine Cotillion" which benefits homeless pets. The chic affair will be held Mar. 24 at Birchwood Manor. 2007-03-15 Show
Police arrest three Madison residents; Karl Benedikt on charge of aggravated assault; arrest Brian McMahon for possession of a controlled dangerous substance and drug paraphernalia; and charge Martin Rambusch with DWI. 2007-03-15 Show
Editorial: Clear the air with a turn of the ignition key. 2007-03-15 Show
American Red Cross has designated month of March as "Red Cross Month" and are encouraging everyione to give blood. 2007-03-15 Show
Celebrating "Montessori Education Week" students and teachers at the Green Village Rd. school worked together and created a handprint quilt titled "We Celebrate Our Differences" dedicated to world peace. (Illus) 2007-03-15 Show
Elvis impersonator, Doug Church, will perform Mar. 31 at Madison High School to benefit the Madison Junior Football. A trip to Memphis to tour Graceland will be featured.oug Church plays to a packed house. (Illus) 2007-03-15 Show
Mason Lodge #93 offer parents free child ID packets. 2007-03-15 Show
Obituary - Brown, Dorothy 2007-03-15 Show
Obituary - Patenaude, Joseph R. 2007-03-15 Show
Drew University Mini-Courses will begin later this month at the public library. Topics include old art, recent history and historic preservation. 2007-03-15 Show
Drew's Caspersen School of Graduate Studies will have guest speaker, Dr. Pauline Chen, who will deliver this year's William Campbell Lecture on Science and the Humanities. 2007-03-15 Show
Jazz pianist, Jerry Vezza, will play at Shanghai Jazz restaurant in a fund-raising to benefit Madison High School musicians. (Illus) 2007-03-15 Show
Friends of Madison Public Library hold their annual fund-raising gala at the library. (Illus) 2007-03-15 Show
The average homeowner in Madison can expect about a $48 increase in taxes if the proposed school budget wins approval in April. 2007-03-15 Show
38 municipal employees will have to be relocated during the renovation of the Hartley Dodge Memorial building. 2007-03-15 Show
Assault hearing for borough Health Officer, John Theese, delayed to an undetermined future date.orough Health officer, John Theese, is found innocent on charge of simple assault against a female co-worker. 2007-03-15 Show
Madison pianist, composer and teacher, Paul Ziegler, will present 7 students in a special recital at the Presbyterian Church. (Illus) 2007-03-15 Show
Undergraduates from Drew invited more than 100 students from the Newark public schools for "2007 Reading for Life Festival." 2007-03-15 Show
Museum will hold two sessions of Summer History Camp for children ages 7-11 during the month of July. 2007-03-15 Show
197 students in the junior school receive honors for academic achievement. 2007-03-15 Show
Madison High School senior has been named the winner of the Special Awards Scholarship for 2007 by the Suburban Music Study Club. (Illus) 2007-03-15 Show
Soloists and chorus will perform Verdi's "Requiem" at the Presbyterian Church. 2007-03-15 Show
Women Who Write will be at the library hosting a "Spring Reading" of original prose and poetry by 17 published authors and poets. (Illus) 2007-03-15 Show
Madison pianist, 16 year-old Yuging "Damon" Meng, a student at Madison High, is the winner of the 2007 Blount-Slawson Young Artists Competition. Meng won $10,000 and the honor of performing with the Montgomery Symphony Orchestra in Alabama. (Illus) 2007-03-15 Show
The spring term of the Drew Mini-courses will begin in March. The line-up includes: Modern music, Ancient Art, and history. Courses are held in the Chase Room at the public library. 2007-03-08 Show
Will host its annual "Make-A-Plate" workshop for children on Mar. 14 at Grace Episcopal Church. (Illus) 2007-03-08 Show
Madison residents are invited to see a matinee performance of "Hairspray" at Drew University on Sat. Mar. 24. 2007-03-08 Show
Club's "Madison Before and After School Child Care" to offer Summer Holiday Camp during months of June, July and August at the Community House. 2007-03-08 Show
Theatre announced the CTW Foundation of Wilmington is the recipient of the theatre's "Mighty Quill Award" which will be bestowed at theatre's 45th Anniversary Sapphire Gala to be held Mar. 31 at the Park Avenue Club. 2007-03-08 Show
Owners of 74 Glenwild Rd. cut down a significant tree before notifying their neighbors - a notification that was mandated in a deed restriction. 2007-03-08 Show
The work of self-taught artist, Eric Gurney, will be on display in the Chaes Room of Madison Public Library throughout the month of March. 2007-03-08 Show
Borough council unanimously approved new configuration of half-circle desk for council meetings. Also suggested, but not approved, was a large screen TV and laptop for each council member. 2007-03-08 Show
Editorial: It takes a village to stop bullying. 2007-03-08 Show
Retiring Borough Administrator, Jim Allison, tries out a commemorative chair engraved with his name on the occasion of his first Borough Council meeting. (Illus) 2007-03-08 Show
Henry Coates, a senior at Drew University, will give a presentation to parents of teenagers concerning Web sites and monitering their teens on safety in cyberspace, Wed. Mar. 28 at the Junior School. 2007-03-08 Show
Madison Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons will have a blood drive Mar. 17. 2007-03-08 Show
Club will hold its third annual fund-raising jazz and dinner event at Shanghai Jazz on Tuesday, Apr. 17. 2007-03-08 Show
Area residents are encouraged to check their heart health at Madison Health Dept. on Sat. Mar. 10. 2007-03-08 Show
Lopa Patel marries Jeffrey M. Zielinski of Endicott, Md. (Illus) 2007-03-08 Show
Celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary (Illus) 2007-03-08 Show
Obituary - Strelec, Betty A. 2007-03-08 Show
Community members are invited to explore historic preservation in New Jersey by participating in 100 courses. Students will get a certificate in historic preservation after completion of course. 2007-03-08 Show
The Colonial Crossroads Chapter of the American Red Cross, which was formed due to a merger of Summit Area Chapter and Southeast Morris Chapter, will hold a fund-raising gala on Apr. 19 at Hilton Short Hills Hotel. 2007-03-08 Show
YMCA holds a reception and honored members of its 1873 Society, a group of supporters who donate $1000 or more each year. The event was held at the home of Amy and Jay Oyer. (Illus) 2007-03-08 Show
Awarded the 2006 Council of Excellence Award for the highest level of financial service. (Illus) 2007-03-08 Show
Madison High School Physics Team won first place overall in the statewide Physics Olympics. (Illus) 2007-03-08 Show
Residents are asked to "roll up their sleeves" during Red Cross Month. 2007-03-08 Show
Members of High School Key Club serve dinner to senior citizens followed by the school's spring musical "The King and I." 2007-03-01 Show
Obituary - Finelli, Michael A., Sr. 2007-03-01 Show
School is teaching lesson in friendship by raising funds for former teacher and good friend who is ill. (Illus) 2007-03-01 Show
Obituary - DeCaro, Joseph, Sr. 2007-03-01 Show
Obituary - Dempsey, Barbara 2007-03-01 Show
Obituary - Broadley, David 2007-03-01 Show
Borough Admionistrator, Jim Allison, retires after 24 years on the job. (Illus) 2007-03-01 Show
Deborah Starker, director of the Museum of Early Trades & Crafts, will step down to take a position as vice-president of Exhibitions and Programs at Morris Museum. (Illus) 2007-03-01 Show
Vanas Construction of Bagota has been awarded a contract to begin renovations on Madison High School to begin this month. 2007-03-01 Show
Borough Council approved Ray Codey as acting Borough Administrator to replace retiring Jim Allison. 2007-03-01 Show
Music, Art and Historic Preservation will be the courses offered starting in March. Drew Mini-Courses are held in the Chase Room at the public library. 2007-03-01 Show
Walking group will meet for its monthly stroll on Sat. March 10. Group walks no matter what the weather. (Illus) 2007-03-01 Show
Editorial: Jim Allison, a quiet man whose work said it all. 2007-03-01 Show
Project Community Pride of Chatham, Florham Park and Madison holds its annual awards breakfast to honor community volunteers. 2007-03-01 Show
Two faculty members will lead a trip this spring to Iceland. 2007-03-01 Show
Parents from Madison High School, Madison Junior School and Harding Twp. are invited to hear Michael Pritchard, a motivational speaker on such things as bullying and violence on Mon. Mar. 5 at the junior school. 2007-03-01 Show
Theater will hold its 21 annual "Madison Young Playwrights Festival" on Sat. Mar. 10 at Green Village Road School. 2007-03-01 Show
Fred Curtis, professor of economics at Drew spoke on "The Economics of Global Warming" at the club's meeting on Jan. 22. (Illus) 2007-03-01 Show
Jewish holiday of Purim will be celebrated with a "Grand Purim Party," Sunday Mar. 4 at the Madison Hotel. Sponsoring the event is Chabad of Southeast Morris County which is based in Madison. 2007-03-01 Show
Obituary - Remick, Lylo "Lee" 2007-03-01 Show
Museum will host "Family Fun Day" on Sat. Mar. 10.ill host "Kids Club" a hands-on after school activity on Wed. Mar. 14. 2007-03-01 Show
Theater will host "The Lunatic Fringe" improvisational comedy troupe on Sat. Mar. 10. 2007-03-01 Show
Theater will hold its 21st annual "Madison Young Playwrights Festival" on Sat. Mar. 10 at Green Village Rd. School. 2007-03-01 Show
Madison Area YMCA will host "Family Night" with an "International Potluck Dinner" Sat. Mar. 3. 2007-03-01 Show
Madison Republican Committee is inviting the public to hear firsthand what's happening in Trenton at its "District 21 Legislative Roundtable." 2007-03-01 Show
Members of High School Key Club serve dinner to senior citizens followed by the school's spring musical "The King and I." 2007-03-01 Show
Friends of Madison Library will hold its annual fund-raising gala Sat. March 3. 2007-02-22 Show
Obituary - Brown, Arlo Ayres, Jr. 2007-02-22 Show
Author Gordon G. Chang will speak at Madison Library's Chase Room on the crisis of North Korea. 2007-02-22 Show
Obituary - Remick, Lylo "Lee" 2007-02-22 Show
After "Coffee with the Mayor" at the Senior Center, seniors will see a presentation of "Norman Rockwell, American Artist" given by Judy Ebright. 2007-02-22 Show
Madison High School will host its 3rd annual Senior Citizen Dinner-Theater Night, Wed., March 14. 2007-02-22 Show
Police arrest two separate drivers on charges of DWI.lso charge a Morristown man on charges of harassing an employee of the YMCA and arrest a Hackensack woman for shoplifting at Blue Ridge Mountain. 2007-02-22 Show
U.S. Drug Enforcement officer will be guest speaker at the Project Community Pride of Chatham, Florham Park, and Madison annual awards breakfast Mar. 2 at Brooklake Country Club. 2007-02-22 Show
Editroial: One property, two claiments, one Madison. 2007-02-22 Show
Adult School is sponsoring day trips during the months of March and April. 2007-02-22 Show
Children from school send items such as toothpaste, razors, phone cards, etc. to troops in Iraq. Petty Officer Peter Russo, one of the recipients, is pictured with his mother Ellen who is a Rainbow teacher. (Illus) 2007-02-22 Show
Pianist Leon Livshin will perform works by Mozart, Chopin and Brahms at "Concert by Candlelight" on Feb. 25. 2007-02-22 Show
Friends of Mead Hall will host speaker Stuart Feld who will deliver a lecture, A Broadening of Taste: American Art after 1825."Real life star of "Hotel Rwanda" will speak at the Dorothy Young Center. 2007-02-22 Show
Club will hold an afternoon of "Classical Music at the Community House" on Feb. 25. 2007-02-22 Show
The "Xtreme Teens" group at the YMCA is planning a co-ed sailing and scuba diving trip to the Virgin Islands. Participants will work toward American Sailing Association certificates and as open water diver certificate. 2007-02-22 Show
N.J. Coalition for Financial Education will present a workshop "Teaching Kids to be Money Smart" at the museum, Tues. Feb. 27. 2007-02-22 Show
Gerry Frasso and his brother, Antonio, clear sidewalks of snow infront of Hillside Cemetery on Main St. (illus) 2007-02-22 Show
Members of the World Beat Ensemble learn to plug new percussion instruments which were obtained with a grant from the Madison High School Educational Fund. (Illus) 2007-02-22 Show
American Legion Post 43 of Florham Park and Madison presented its 10th annual Homeland Defense Awards to emergency personnel from both towns. (Illus) 2007-02-22 Show
Public is invited to hear Florham Park dentist, Dr. John Carollo, speak on bone concerns for people who are taking bisphosphonate medications at the Senior Center on Mar. 9. 2007-02-22 Show
Seeks volunteers for its Disaster Action Team. 2007-02-22 Show
Photo of Mary Alvey's piano students from Dec. 23. (Illus) 2007-02-22 Show
Madison Community House, which is owned by the Thursday Morning Club, is badly in need of repair. Ceiling is sagging and walls are bowing out. 2007-02-22 Show
Susquehanna University Choir to perform at Grace Church, Mon. March 5.nne Matlock will offer lunchtime organ meditations on Fridays during Lent. 2007-02-22 Show
Museum will hold 2 sessions of its Summer History Camp for 7 - 11 year olds, providing a creative learning environment.n-line shopping to benefit museum.olunteer opportunities available at museum. 2007-02-22 Show
Laura Fafoutis will embark om a 20-mile walk to raise funds and awareness for suicide prevention. Proceeds will benefit American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 2007-02-22 Show
Members stuff envelopes with invitations to their annual Spring Benefit Luncheon and Fashion Show on March 26. (Illus) 2007-02-22 Show
Chamber of Commerce is bringing back "Art on Waverly Show and Sale" on Sat. June 2. 2007-02-22 Show
Four public figures will pay tribute to environmentalist, Helen Fenske, at a memorial celebration at Dorothy Young Center at Drew University on Feb. 25. 2007-02-22 Show
Obituary - Finelli, Ralph L. 2007-02-22 Show
Combined PTO's from Central Avenue and Kings Road schools will present "Madison March Madness," a fashion show and dinner on Thursday, March 1 at Mayfair Farms. 2007-02-22 Show
Obituary - Dornick, Judy E. Brechtlein 2007-02-22 Show
Choirs to sing Allegri's 'Misereri' on Ash Wednesday.unchtime organ recitals will be held every Friday beginning Feb. 23. 2007-02-15 Show
Obituary - Sodano, Salvatore J. 2007-02-15 Show
Obituary - Wenzel, Bertha M. 2007-02-15 Show
Obituary - Boegerhausen, Joan E. 2007-02-15 Show
A memorial service will be held Sat. Feb. 17 in Mead Hall to celebrate the life of Robert G. Smith, Drew graduate and professor. 2007-02-15 Show
Occupants of 74 Glanwild Rd. are seeking 4 variances in order to double the size of their home. Neighbors object.lso at issue is the removal of a deed restricted tree that is among a row of 100 year old maples. 2007-02-15 Show
Summer History Camp will focus on crafts for children 7-11. (illus) 2007-02-15 Show
Editorial: Compromise can do more than save face. Keeping facade honors history. 2007-02-15 Show
School Report Cards, data seen as evidence district's focus is sharp. 2007-02-15 Show
The Great Swamp is a last refuge for vanishing species from turtles to bats to bitterns. (Illus) 2007-02-15 Show
Drew University's Center for Holocaust/Genocide Study will feature speaker, Paul Rusesabagina who had a roll in the film, "Hotel Rwanda." 2007-02-15 Show
Club will host afternoon of "Classical Music at the Community House" Sunday Feb. 25. (Illus) 2007-02-15 Show
Croatian Ambassador to UN, Mirjana Mladinoe, will speak at Fairleigh Dickinson University Feb. 28. 2007-02-15 Show
Mead Hall was the setting Jan. 20 for Grace Counseling annual fund raiser, 275 benefactors raised $42,500. (Illus) 2007-02-15 Show
Democrat, John Elias, and Republican, Mary-Anna Holden will race for mayor to replace Woody Kerkeslager who has chosen not to run for a second term. Two seats on the Borough Council are also on the fall ballot. 2007-02-15 Show
Controversy over how to use the former health department property continues. Merchants argue that parking spaces are needed. Seniors feel that housing in the downtwon area is needed. Issue will be referred to the Planning Board. (Illus) 2007-02-15 Show
Madison High School senior, Megan Blewett, is one of 40 finalists nationwide in the Intel Foundation's pre-college science competition. She will travel to Washington D.C. and undergo a rigorous judging process in March. (Illus) 2007-02-15 Show
Outgoing chairman of the Madison Environmental Commission, Ernest Cicconi, receives a certificate of achievement from incoming chairman, Roy Redmond. (Illus) 2007-02-15 Show
The Fire Department responded to 59 incidents, most of which were accidents and cooking fires. 2007-02-15 Show
Drew University Library supporters gathered Jan. 27 to hear writer Daniel Menselsohn speak and to present the Bela Kornitzer Awards. (Illus) 2007-02-15 Show
Environmentalists speak offering rememberances of Helen C. Fenske at a memorial celebration held at Dorothy Young Center for the Arts Concert Hall at Drew University. 2007-02-15 Show
Madison's schools teachers and students will perform at the sixth annual "The Arts Matter" concert that will be held at Dorothy Young Center at Drew University on Feb. 15. (Illus) 2007-02-08 Show
Fate of Madison's first movie theater at 21 Central Avenue appears to be headed for resolution with a compromise that would retain building's facade while allowing a mixed retail/residential use. Traffic implications still to be reviewed. 2007-02-08 Show
Picture of the new First Morris & Trust Bank at 98 Main Street draped in plastic. Former site of Dornick's Service Center. 2007-02-08 Show
Professional Women's Group of Dress for Success of Morris based in Madison help struggling women make transitions in their lives by offering many services and workshops. 2007-02-08 Show
The most expensive single-family home, tipping the scales at $5.1 million, was sold. The house is situated on Midwood Terrace. (Illus) 2007-02-08 Show
Two New Providence residents were charged with possession of marijuana; and a Chatham woman was charged with simple assault. 2007-02-08 Show
Town officials are keeping their fingers crossed aboout snow removal savings due to warm weather. Money not spent on removal goes into the surplus and could help reduce the tax rate. (Illus) 2007-02-08 Show
Chatham resident, Ann Frommer, will exhibit her photographs "Scenes of Countrysides, Villas, Villages and Cities in Central Europe" in the Chase Room of Madison Public Library during the month of February. 2007-02-08 Show
Editorial: Make 2007 the year of parking. Merchants can't wait forever. 2007-02-08 Show
Pictured are members of the Garden Club with Paul Leo, whose company donated underground sprinklers for the Mary McDaniel Memorial Garden in Niles Park on Woodland Road. (Illus) 2007-02-08 Show
Shawn C. Crowley weds Jessica W. Dinneen of Chatham. (Illus) 2007-02-08 Show
Chabad of Southeast Morris County will begin a new course, "Basic Judiasm" Everything You Want to Know," beginning Feb. 14. 2007-02-08 Show
Gordon G. Chang, author of "Nuclear Showdown; North Korea takes on the World," will give a talk Feb. 25 in the Chase Room of the public library. (Illus) 2007-02-08 Show
Chamber wil bring back "Art on Waverly Show and Sale," to downtown Madison on June 2. 2007-02-08 Show
Friends of Madison Public Library will hold their annual benefit on Sat. March 3 at the library. 2007-02-08 Show
Eighth annual "Have a Heart" sweater drive will be held from now until Valentine's Day. Several drop-off locations are listed. 2007-02-08 Show
Picture of the new Public Safety Complex at the corner of Kings Road and Prospect Street which will be home of both the Police and Fire Departments. (Illus) 2007-02-08 Show
Drew University invites community members to over 100 courses and workshops to explore historic preservation. 2007-02-08 Show
Southeast Morris Chapter and the Summit Chapter joined to form Colonial Crossroads Chapter which has launched a new Website which offers details of many programs and services. 2007-02-08 Show
Madison Area YMCA will honor current members of its 1873 Society, its leadership donor group on Friday, Feb. 9. 2007-02-08 Show
Obituary - Lubbock, Vera M. 2007-02-08 Show
Obituary - Johnson, Mary Lu Kersey 2007-02-08 Show
The new Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Artist Initiative Exhibition Space & Gallery has opened at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Opening reception will be Feb. 9. 2007-02-08 Show
Christopher Kenniff, classical guitarist from Summit, will perform in Chase Room at the library on Feb. 8. (Illus) 2007-02-01 Show
AAUW will hold its first meeting Feb. 5. The program will focus on the history of the "Volga Germans," the name given to people who were invited by Catherine the Great of Russia to settle in the eastern part of the Volga River. 2007-02-01 Show
Renowned illustrator, Peter D. Frall, will visit the "Birdhouse at Madison" to sign his new book. 2007-02-01 Show
Sixth annual "Taste of Madison" drew hundreds of guests to the Madison Hotel to sample specialties of nearly 30 eating establishments. (Illus) 2007-02-01 Show
Chatham resident, Ann Frommer, will exhibit "Scenes of the Countrysides" in the Chase Room at Madison Public Library. 2007-02-01 Show
Musicians and artists from the Madison School District faculty are preparing for the sixth annual "The Arts Matter" concert to be held at the Dorothy Young Center for the Arts Concert Hall at Drew on Feb. 15. (Illus) 2007-02-01 Show
Drew will hold a one-day workshop on "Preserving Family Documents and Artifacts" on Sat. Feb. 3 on the Drew campus. 2007-02-01 Show
Dress for Success conference will be held Sat. Feb. 3. Guest speakers from the Professional Woman's Club will share techniques, skills, and information to help women shore up their employment skills. 2007-02-01 Show
Borough is under contract to buy a portion of the Livesey Kennel property for a neighborhood park. 2007-02-01 Show
Incumbents, George Martin and Patrick Rowe, toss their hats into the ring for additional terms on the Board of Education. 2007-02-01 Show
Religious scholar, author and commentator, Bart D. Ehrman will deliver a lecture on "The Last Gospel of Judas" at the Dorothy Young Center on Feb. 7. 2007-02-01 Show
Club will hold its annual Spring Luncheon and Fashion Show March 26 at Hamilton Park. 2007-02-01 Show
Obituary - Grimes, Conchetta Fornaro 2007-02-01 Show
Obituary - Smith, Ethel L. 2007-02-01 Show
YMCA to benefit from sales at Madison Honda. Honda will contribute $150 to Y each time a YMCA member or employee purchase or leases a new or pre-owned vehicle. 2007-02-01 Show
Local parents are invited to visit Kirby Children's Center kindergarten Feb. 5 through Feb. 8. 2007-02-01 Show
It has been a long and frustrating road for borough officials to the completion of the new police and fire department on Prospect St. at Kings Rd, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel as progress continues. 2007-02-01 Show
Tribute to environmentalist, Helen Fenske. (Illus)onservation leader and environmentalist is laid to rest at Restland Memorial Park in East Hanover. (Illus) 2007-02-01 Show
Editorial: Housing for seniors or more parking? Madison needs both. 2007-02-01 Show
Friends of the Madison Public Library invite public to their annual benefit gala Sat. Mar. 5. Proceeds are used to add books and magazines to the collection and to provide programs for both children and adults. (Illus) 2007-02-01 Show
Peter Flemming, Woody and Ruth Kerkeslager partake of the tasty offerings from Madison eateries. (Illus) 2007-02-01 Show
Madison Area YMCA has upgraded its Web site making it more "user friendly." 2007-02-01 Show
Doug Church, "The Voice of Elvis" will perform Sat. March 31 as the high school becomes "Graceland" for fans.Fan could win a weekend in Memphis. 2007-02-01 Show
Candidates who wish to run for 3 year term on Board of Education will have until Monday, Feb. 26 to file completed petition. 2007-01-25 Show
Former 1903 fire house, which most recently was used for offices of the Madison Health Department and one of the borough's oldest buildings is headed for demolition. (Illus) 2007-01-25 Show
Project Community Pride, counseling service for children and their families, will honor the recipients of its annual awards at a breakfast on March 2. 2007-01-25 Show
Obituary - Fenske, Helen (Illus) 2007-01-25 Show
Parents are invited to visit ful-day academic kindergarten at the Kirby Center. 2007-01-25 Show
'36 Madison Avenue,' Drew University's all-male cappella group will perform at the Chase Room of Madison Public Library Jan. 27, wrapping up a Saturday morning music series. 2007-01-25 Show
Police arrest a New Providence teen on an eluding charge, as well as numerous motor vehicle violations. Charge a Madison juvenile with several drug charges. Also, arrest warrants issued by other jurisdictions caught up with two motorists. 2007-01-25 Show
Frances Mantone and family are hosts, for the seventh year, a holiday celebration for 50 of her friends who brought gifts for donation to area charities 2007-01-25 Show
Obituary - Scalzo, Mary Matrisciano 2007-01-25 Show
Editorial: Her voice (Helen Fenske) is the voice of the land. 2007-01-25 Show
A tribute to Helen Fenske's environmental legacy for the passion she brought to it. (Illus) 2007-01-25 Show
St. Vincent Martyr School beckons families to "open house" in celebration of "Catholic Schools Week." 2007-01-25 Show
Museum's main exhibit "Apprentice: A History of Looking for Work" has been extended and will be open until Feb. 16.useum will hold two sessions of its Summer History Camp, a program for children age 7-11 (Illus) 2007-01-25 Show
Obituary - DeAngelis, Michael J. 2007-01-25 Show
Council votes 4-2 to change date of the annual reorganization meeting, ending a New Years Day tradition. 2007-01-25 Show
Art, music and history are the subjects of spring Drew Mini-courses that are held at the library. 2007-01-18 Show
Drew University will hold an "open house" on Feb. 3 for 11th and 12th graders with an interest in collegiate athletics. 2007-01-18 Show
Doug Church, "the voice of Elvis" will perform Sat. Mar. 31 at the high school. Al proceeds will go to Madison Junior Football program. 2007-01-18 Show
Editorial: "A Taste of Madison" a feast to enjoy guilt free. 2007-01-18 Show
Donald G. Jones, professor at Drew, delivers keynote address honoring Martin Luther King at First Baptist Church. Mayor Kerkeslager shares a "poverty luncheon" in the basement of the church. (Illus) 2007-01-18 Show
Annual "Taste of Madison" to be held Thursday January 25 should be a social and culinary extravaganza. (Illus) 2007-01-18 Show
Commerce Bank tries again with use variance request after a failed attempt last summer. Bank hopes to build a branch on the corner of Shunpike and Green Village Roads. 2007-01-18 Show
Obituary - Keiper, Joseph S. 2007-01-18 Show
Library will be hosting Saturday music programs for listeners of all ages in January. 2007-01-18 Show
Annual benefit to be held this Saturday, January 20 at Mead Hall on Drew University campus. (Illus) 2007-01-18 Show
Grace Church shows plans of alteration of its traffic pattern, entrance would be two-way. 2007-01-18 Show
Three hospitalized after head-on crash on Greenwood Avenue near Rockwood Road. (Illus) 2007-01-18 Show
Lists of recent donations. 2007-01-18 Show
Fire Department responds to several smoky close calls but fires averted during holidays. Fire officials urge precautions with home heating equipment. 2007-01-18 Show
Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen spoke to Madison Senior Citizens Monday to discuss concerns ranging from Iraq, to stem cell research, to political landscape. 2007-01-18 Show
The death of a woman, who was subject of missing persons bulletin, on the railroad tracks Monday evening was confirmed to be a suicide. 2007-01-18 Show
During a progress report on the Public Safety Complex (Police/Fire Building) to the Borough Council, an ongoing question came up, "Where will the employees go?" 2007-01-11 Show
Obituary - Peterson, Kenneth 2007-01-11 Show
Obituary - Jennewine, Eleanore C. 2007-01-11 Show
Obituary - Brosh, Ellen S. 2007-01-11 Show
Public library invites publis to concerts three consecutive Saturdays in January. 2007-01-11 Show
Friends of the Drew Library Gala featured speaker will be acclaimed classicist, writer and journalist, David Mendelsohn. 2007-01-11 Show
Editorial: Warm winds bring hint of foreboding. 2007-01-11 Show
Madison Lodge 1465 of the Benovolent and Protective Order of Elks held an open house Sunday, Nov. 19. (Illus) 2007-01-11 Show
Unsuccessful candidates and volunteers fill borough government ranks with appointments to boards and commissions. (Illus) 2007-01-11 Show
Taste of Madison returning for a sixth year with a showcase of nearly 30 Madison purveyors of food and wine, will be held Jan. 25 at the Madison Hotel. (Illus) 2007-01-11 Show
Council members, John Elias and Mary-Anna Holden are sworn in during the borough government's annual reorganization meeting at Hartley Dodge Memorial. (Illus) 2007-01-04 Show
Police are asking anyone with information about the vandalism of the menorah to come forward and promise anonymity. 2007-01-04 Show
Madison Senior Center has been coordinating with Morris County Nutritional Program for delivery of meals to the homebound in Madison. 2007-01-04 Show
Library will be accepting food for fines. 2007-01-04 Show
Editorial - Looking to another good year. 2007-01-04 Show
Obituary-Conroy, Martin E. 2007-01-04 Show
Mayor Elwood Kerkeslager will not seek a second four-year term as mayor of Madison (Illus) 2007-01-04 Show
Weds Brian John O'Connor of East Hanover. (Illus) 2007-01-04 Show
Morris Area Girl Scouts from Madison Troop 2053 went caroling at Sunrise Assisted Living residence on Dec. 14. (Illus) 2007-01-04 Show
Clubs first meeting for 2007 will be on domestic violence. 2007-01-04 Show
Obituary - Triggs, Helen Fontanella 2007-01-04 Show
Obituary - McAndrew, Joan N. 2007-01-04 Show
Obituary-Kosakowski, John P., Jr. 2007-01-04 Show
Weds Isaac Joseph Beal of Newport Beach, Calif. (Illus) 2007-01-04 Show
Professional cut-paper artist, Homer Hansen, will teach the delicate techniques of paper cutting January 13 at the museum. (Illus) 2007-01-04 Show
Opera Americana to be presented this Saturday, January 6 at the Dorothy Young Center for Performing Arts. 2007-01-04 Show
Thursday Morning Club, a member of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, celebrated "Federation Day" at its annual Christmas Tea on Dec. 7 at the Community House (Illus) 2007-01-04 Show
Obituary - Drew, Michael Denis 2007-01-04 Show
Editorial: Menorah vandalism is an insult to our spirit of inclusion. 2006-12-28 Show
Drew University mini-courses held at Madison Public Library will focus on religion and the arts. 2006-12-28 Show
Clubs first general meeting for the new year will feature a program on domestic violence. 2006-12-28 Show
Eight of the nine electric candles and one of the eight arms on Madison's menorah outside the Madison Train Station on Kings Road were snipped off in an act of vandalism last week. (Illus) 2006-12-28 Show
Construction on Kings Road lot #3 makes walking hazardous, many commuters fear for their safety. Parking fees also increased 100% from $200 to $400. 2006-12-28 Show
60 volunteers from Madison Eagle Christmas Fund deliver a Merry Christmas to 110 needy households. (Illus) 2006-12-28 Show
Obituary - Smith, Robert G. 2006-12-28 Show
Family, faculty and staff of St. Vincent Martyr School were invited to dress in their pajamas and ride the "Polar Express" on Dec. 9. A buffet breakfast was also served. (Illus) 2006-12-28 Show
Winners of the annual "Outdoor Home Decorating Contest" are announced. (Illus) 2006-12-28 Show
Obituary - Sodano, Nufielo "Neuf" 2006-12-28 Show
Obituary - Wyman, Grey H., Jr. 2006-12-21 Show
Police arrest Debra A. Flaherty for simple assault and Michael N. Mastroubono on charge of aggravated assault. Also arrested Donald Zayacz II for DWI, failure to keep vehicle to the right, failure to maintain traffic lane and careless driving. 2006-12-21 Show
Bruce Bergmann, American Legion Post 43, presents $400 check to Rosemarie Dodds volunteer with Madison Eagle Christmas Fund. Fund receives several "Thank You" letters from recipients each year. 2006-12-21 Show
The "Taste of Madison" committee met to plan annual event which benefits the Chamber of Commerce, Madison Rotary and the Downtown Development Commission. (Illus) 2006-12-21 Show
Obituary - Sarrow, Margaret A. "Marge" 2006-12-21 Show
Editorial-Yes, readers, there is a Santa Claus. 2006-12-21 Show
Residents can audit Drew courses to enrich education. 2006-12-21 Show
County is asking municipalities to look into shared services to save costs during economic down-turn. 2006-12-21 Show
Area mayors urged to unite against wetlands destruction at Morristown Airport. 2006-12-21 Show
Talk, walk in Great Swamp mark 200th anniversary of American Adventures of Lewis & Clark on Dec. 10. 2006-12-21 Show
Obituary - Harris, Charles G. 2006-12-21 Show
Whole Foods Market pays fines of $289 for noise and fumes from idling refrigerator trucks. 2006-12-21 Show
30 member team comprised of teachers, parents, secretaries, administrators, Board of Education members and community members, hammer out a mission statement for schools. (illus) 2006-12-21 Show
Church is on its way to a long awaited addition and parking lot expansion. 2006-12-21 Show
Madison and Florham Park veterans serve their community again with donations for worthy causes in the holiday season; also Pearl Harbor Day marked with resolve. 2006-12-21 Show
Garden Club members plant seeds and bulbs in Griffin Garden at the Museum of Early Trades & Crafts. (Illus) 2006-12-14 Show
Proposed land swap could end lawsuit against Florham Park - may be too high a price to pay is the feeling of Madison residents voiced at Monday's Borough Council meeting. 2006-12-14 Show
Council agrees to get more information before deciding how best to address the problem of too many deer. 2006-12-14 Show
Drew University invites community members to explore historic preservation in New Jersey by participating in courses offered this winter and spring. 2006-12-14 Show
Delay-plagued project has a completion date of April 2007. Metal roof over fire apparatus bay has been completed, building is nearly weather-tight. 2006-12-14 Show
Stacey Tombros weds Michael Sturdevant of Chatham. (Illus) 2006-12-14 Show
Whole Foods Supermarket chose the Community Food Bank of New Jersey as the beneficiary of their "5 Per Cent Day" when 5% of total sales go to people in need. 2006-12-14 Show
Menorah lighting will take place Monday, Dec. 18 at Madison Train Station. 2006-12-14 Show
Editorial - Tis the season to shop locally. 2006-12-14 Show
30 member planning team comprised of teachers, parents, staff, administrators and students draft key pieces of a strategic plan for Madison schools. 2006-12-14 Show
Merchants join Christmas Fund volunteers to aid neighbors in need. (Illus) 2006-12-14 Show
Obituary - Essig, Anna B. 2006-12-07 Show
Celebrate 25th wedding anniversary. (Illus) 2006-12-07 Show
Rachael R. Beekman weds Matthew Dischner of Washington, DC. (Illus) 2006-12-07 Show
Zoe Anne Bienkowski weds John M. Tuohy III of Park Ridge. (Illus) 2006-12-07 Show
Lauren Berryman marries Michael Christopher Neal of Hemstead, Md. (Illus) 2006-12-07 Show
Drew University's Orchestra and Chorale will take the stage at Dorothy Young Center for Arts commemorating the 250th anniversary of the death of Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart on Sat. Dec. 9. 2006-12-07 Show
Pianist John Gorman will perform at club's Holiday Concert to be held at Madison Public Library on Dec. 14. (illus) 2006-12-07 Show
Orpheus Glee Club of Grace Episcopal Church has a woman leading the group for the first time in 118 years, Florham Park Resident, Anne Marie Cerciello. 2006-12-07 Show
Ed: What is gained and what is lost. Joy and misery in Exxon deal. 2006-12-07 Show
55 volunteers for Madison Eagle Christmas Fund take their lists to the Target Store in East Hanover to shop for households where the holiday spirit needs some help. 2006-12-07 Show
St. Vincent Martyr School principal, H. Carroll Bennett, will retire in June after 23 years of leadership (Illus) 2006-12-07 Show
Planning Board mulls over a possible change in zoning to accommodate a 46 unit condominium complex "Glen Willow at Madison" on Main Street at Lincoln Mayflower site. 2006-12-07 Show
Kiwanis Club of Madison sponsors "Breakfast with Santa" for the benefit of Madison High School Scholarship Fund. (Illus) 2006-12-07 Show
Museum will host a holiday themed "Family Fun Day" Sat. Dec. 9. 2006-12-07 Show
Obituary - Barbato, Raffaelina "Lina" 2006-12-07 Show
Paul Mueller, social studies teacher at high school is displaying 50 years of photographs "American Scenes and Images" at Madison Library. (illus) 2006-12-07 Show
DDC partners with Senior Citizens to raise awareness among merchants about access for handicapped. Members admire "Madison Access" decal displayed at Terra Mare restaurant. (Illus) 2006-12-07 Show
Obituary - Coultas, Thirza Edith 2006-12-07 Show
Obituary - Richards, Elizabeth 2006-12-07 Show
Mini-exhibit at the Museum of Early Trades & Crafts honoring 125th aniversary of Madison Fire Department will remain on display through Friday, December 1. 2006-11-30 Show
Hopes fade for upfront state grant, school board to keep trying, but begins to calculate annual debt relief option. 2006-11-30 Show
Retired Police Chief, Ed Kluck, dies at age 60. (illus) 2006-11-30 Show
Madison to purchase 53 acres behind high school from Roch Florham to be annexed by Madison from Florham Park. Florham Park will purchase property on Park Avenue from Roch-GW to be annexed from Madison. 2006-11-30 Show
Mayor Kerkeslager presents key to Rose City to visiting mayor of Marigliano, Italy, Felice Esposito Corcione celebrating the ties between Madison residents and the area with Marigliano and the Campania region around Naples. (Illus) 2006-11-30 Show
Dean Street neighbors of Whole Foods Market complain to police, court and Borough Council about idling refrigerator truck between hours of 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. for several days. (illus) 2006-11-30 Show
Hearing on simple assault charge against health officer, John W. Theese by female co-worker put off until January 2007. 2006-11-30 Show
Obituary - Coultas, Thirza E. 2006-11-30 Show
New plays to be read, with audience feedback a weekend of new play "roundtable readings" will take place Dec. 7, 8, 9.heatre students to show what they have learned at final class performances for fall semester throughout month of December. 2006-11-30 Show
Editorial: Concern, decision, leadership Police Chief Ed Kluck mourned. 2006-11-30 Show
Madison holds annual Christmas Parade down Main Street. (Illus) 2006-11-30 Show
Commerce Bank seeks variance to tear down existing building on the corner of Shunpike and Green Village Rd. to build a branch bank with drive-through lane. 2006-11-30 Show
A group of senior citizens is hoping to delve into memories of local residents and preserve them for future generations. 2006-11-30 Show
Obituary - Biedka, Pauline Kraft 2006-11-30 Show
F.M. Kirby Children's Center of the Madison Area YMCA is offering "After School" program free of charge. 2006-11-30 Show
Former pastor of St. Vincent Martyr Church draws on his experience of more than 30 years as a marriage counsellor in a new book, "Living, Laughing, and Loving Through Marriage." (illus) 2006-11-23 Show
Menu was Italian and table etiquette was a 6ft. leash as St. Hubert's hosted supporters and their dogs at benefit for animal shelters. 2006-11-23 Show
In honor of Madison Fire Department's 125th anniversary, Museum of Early Trades & Crafts has opened a mini-exhibit on the department. On display are helmets, extinguishers, and other objects to the department's 125 years. 2006-11-23 Show
Manhattan-based consultant firm reports to Downtown Development Commission on how to solve Madison's downtown parking crunch. Planners argue that requirements set too high will inhibit commercial expansion. 2006-11-23 Show
The traditional Madison Christmas Parade returns to the downtown district on the day after Thanksgiving. Parade will feature bands and floats from many organizations. (illus) 2006-11-23 Show
Obituary - Hyder, Michael J. 2006-11-23 Show
Editorial - Caring is so good for the digestion. 2006-11-23 Show
Public Library will participate in a computer system upgrade as a member of Morris Automated Information Network (MAIN). Following the upgrade, patrons will be greeted by a new, more "user-friendly" welcome screen when they access the online catalog. 2006-11-23 Show
Madison 9th grader is appearing on Broadway in the production of "Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Le Musical." (Illus) 2006-11-23 Show
In attempt to free parking spaces for shoppers in the downtown business district, Borough Council has approved resolution to suspend two-hour parking for merchants west of Tommy's Garage on Kings Road between Nov. 22, and Dec. 31. 2006-11-16 Show
Audit report finds that grades K-12 school district is as financially healthy as it is allowed to be by the state. However, auditor warns Board of Education to keep an eye on funds from Sept. 2005 referendum. 2006-11-16 Show
Editorial: Election Day message sent. Two party competition keeps government on its toes. 2006-11-16 Show
Obituary - Moore, Joseph 2006-11-16 Show
In lecture given as part of Drew Forum program, Tom Ridge, former director of Department of Homeland Security, says it remains to be seen if the Iraq war will make the US safer. (illus) 2006-11-16 Show
Borough engineer reports to Borough Council that new police/fire building is "inching toward completion." Architect for project agrees that schedule delays have been "a challenge to patience." 2006-11-16 Show
Columnist and executive director of GSWA, Joan G. Fischer, writes of organizations role in protecting drinking water in Morris and Somerset counties. (Illus) 2006-11-16 Show
Members of Library's Youth Project sponsor a "movie night" to help raise funds and awareness for Madison Eagle Christmas Fund. 2006-11-16 Show
Phillips Preisse Shapiro Association (PPSA) will present to Downtown Development Commission (DDC) the first phase of a study of parking and redevelopment in downtown area. DDC has approved an amount of not to exceed $30,000 for the study. 2006-11-16 Show
Obituary - Matrisciano, Samuel 2006-11-09 Show
Rose City Steppers invite public to join them in 3 1/2 mile walk through Dellwood and Crossgates neighborhoods. 2006-11-09 Show
Obituary - McDowell, Kathleen 2006-11-09 Show
Former Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge will speak on threats of international terrorism in Drew Forum lecture series. 2006-11-09 Show
Obituary - Brigden, Theodore H. 2006-11-09 Show
Editorial - A revolution in valuing historic past. 2006-11-09 Show
Madison and Summit Red Cross Chapters merge in a move to cut costs, combine strengths, and expand services. New organizations will be known as Colonial Crossroads Chapter. (illus) 2006-11-09 Show
Voters re-elect John Elias (Democrat) and MaryAnna Holden to Borough council. Christine Tiritilli (Democrat) and Vincent Esposito come in third and fourth. (illus) 2006-11-09 Show
Public Library will celebrate "Children's Book Week" with appearances by two authors of children's books, Robert Skead and Gale Sypher Jacob. 2006-11-09 Show
Club will hold its 29th annual "Le Bazar de Noel" with more than 30 vendors selling Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts and decorations. 2006-11-09 Show
High school presents classic comedy "Father of the Bride" in a production completely created by students. (illus) 2006-11-09 Show
Fall lecture series at public library ends with talks on "Modernism and Tradition" in Art by James Reid, and "Bioethics: the Bridge for Humanizing Medicine" by Dr. Joseph Fennelly. 2006-11-09 Show
Borough signs extended lease allowing Madison to use sports fields at former Bayley Ellard Catholic High School for three more years. 2006-11-02 Show
Editorial - Heeding the call to vote. 2006-11-02 Show
Obituary - Dowling, Edward C., Jr. 2006-11-02 Show
Obituary - Walter, Carrol V. 2006-11-02 Show
Nala Sallie is subject of a painting hanging in the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery. The artist is Kimanne Smith, whose work was chosen from more than 4,000 entries for portrait competition exhibit. (illus) 2006-11-02 Show
Borough engineer says progress is being made slowly but surely on construction of new police/fire department building. 2006-11-02 Show
Marries Jacklyn Anne James of Danville, Pa. (illus) 2006-11-02 Show
Celebrate 60th wedding anniversary. (illus) 2006-11-02 Show
To call attention to global warming, Scouts are asking borough residents to keep their cars parked and rely on pedal power on a "Walkin' Weekend." 2006-11-02 Show
Department offers a "heart health" adult health screening to community residents, including a comprehensive blood analysis, blood pressure checks and health information. 2006-11-02 Show
Thursday Morning club holds its 29th annual "LeBazar de Noel," benefiting Madison Community House. 2006-11-02 Show
For 13th time, Madison high School wins Morris County Field Hockey championship after Lady Dodgers defeat Boonton 4-1. (illus) 2006-11-02 Show
Home on Prospect Street is decorated as cemetery every Halloween (illus)Police Department will host fifth annual "Keep Out of Criminal Mischief Night" with showing of recent movie hit, "Xmen: the Last Stand." 2006-10-26 Show
St. Hubert's Giralda will sponsor "Pasta Night" for pet owners and teir dogs as fund-raiser to support homeless animals cared for at St. Hubert's Animal Shelter. (illus) 2006-10-26 Show
Gala "Anniversary Ball" celebrates Fire Department's 125th year with dinner, music, dancing and special presentations. (illus) 2006-10-26 Show
Obituary - Prudenti, Michael A. 2006-10-26 Show
Early Music Players will perform at Museum of Early Trades & Crafts, using authentic instruments to present songs of 18th century America. 2006-10-26 Show
Madison Recreation Department and Chamber of Commerce will co-sponsor annual Halloween Parade. Program includes free magic show and drawings for gift certificates. 2006-10-26 Show
Editorial - Elias and Holden have earned new terms. Elect Menendez to U.S. Senate. 2006-10-26 Show
Obituary - Christensen, Margaret Louise 2006-10-26 Show
Democratic and REpublican candidates for Borough Council seats answer questions from senior citizens and agree in quashing rumor that Senior Center may be relocated. (illus) 2006-10-26 Show
Obituary - Gorman, Harry 2006-10-26 Show
Obituary - Lisiewski, Agnes 2006-10-19 Show
Obituary - Clendinning, Bertha Schundler 2006-10-19 Show
Obituary - Mayer, Alfons 2006-10-19 Show
Obituary - Carter, William Radcliffe 2006-10-19 Show
Communities honor Lance Corporal Christopher B. Cosgrove III, killed in Iraq War, with funeral mass at St. Vincent Martyr Church. (illus) 2006-10-19 Show
Editorial - This server of information won't go down - legal notices posted on government web sites is dangerous move. 2006-10-19 Show
Eagle wins third place for General Excellence in its circulation category in National Newspaper Association's 2006 Better Newspaper Contest. 2006-10-19 Show
DDC to be recognized by Borough Council for its 25 years of service to the community. (illus) 2006-10-19 Show
In exchange of views sponsored by League of Women Voters, Democratic and Republican candidates for Borough Council agree that Madison will reap no benefits from development of former Exxon Tract.(illus) 2006-10-19 Show
12th annual walkathon for benefit of T.J.Martell Foundation draws walkers and families with strollers and pets to a 3 mile walk along residential streets and Drew campus. Foundation has raised millions for research. (illus) 2006-10-19 Show
Shakespeare Theatre will present "A Very Gory Affair" at Madison Train Station. Event is described as "an evening of droll delights and fiendish fall fun" and will raise funds for theater's artistic and education programs. 2006-10-19 Show
Obituary - Arianno, Ann Marie 2006-10-19 Show
Six Madison residents will discuss "Madison's Italian History" in program sponsored by Madison Historical Society. 2006-10-12 Show
Madison's 32nd "Bottle Hill Day" street festival attracts crowds to downtown area for food, music, sidewalk sales, crafts, and amusements. (illus) 2006-10-12 Show
Florham Park's Planning Board meets today to consider subdivision plans for the Exxon Tract, as plans forge ahead for NY Jets, condos, offices and a hotel. 2006-10-12 Show
MAASA has a new version of its Parent Discussion Group - the Parent Connection. The new group will focus on rapidly growing technology that affects almost everyone's lives, especially those of children and teens.commentary by Harriet Ritter) 2006-10-12 Show
Jewish congregation finds home in Masonic Temple. 2006-10-12 Show
Whole Foods joins state-wide campaign to raise funds for children's cancer care by selling cupcakes of all flavors and sizes and donating the proceeds to Cancer Care for Kids. 2006-10-12 Show
Fire Department opens mini-exhibit of firemen's equipment at Museum of Early Trades & Crafts and plans Anniversary Ball to celebrate its 125th year. 2006-10-12 Show
Local bands offer a day of music at Madison Public Library, featuring rock and bluegrass. (illus) 2006-10-12 Show
Madison schools turn to locks, intercoms and cameras to provide security against outside intruders. 2006-10-12 Show
Police charge Madison Health Officer John W. Theese with simple assault after he is alleged to have assaulted female co-worker by pushing and throwing papers in her face. 2006-10-12 Show
An award-winning "explorer of sound," Pauline Oliveros, will launch Drew University's "Anything Goes" concert series, playing an accordion that has been returned to alter its sound. (illus) 2006-10-12 Show
Bottle Hill Day festival seeks DVD's for US troops overseas. 2006-09-28 Show
Editorial - Fear and resignation over Exxon. 2006-09-28 Show
Center will offer children stories and programs about wooded trails and wildlife. 2006-09-28 Show
Marries Christopher Scott Drennen of Brevard, N.C. (illus) 2006-09-28 Show
Obituary - O'Connor, Olive Martinsen 2006-09-28 Show
Obituary - Caputo, Antonia 2006-09-28 Show
Hungarian-born pianist John Mikes of Madison will open Suburban Music Study Club's 107th year with concert at public library. (illus) 2006-09-28 Show
Borough Council asks borough engineers to put together options for relocation of municipal staff during borough hall renovations. Council also discusses lagging construction schedule for new police/fire building. (illus) 2006-09-28 Show
Democrats open campaign season with picnic to boost their Borough Council candidates. Republicans do likewise for their candidates. 2006-09-21 Show
Obituary - Robinson, Carmel Artigliere 2006-09-21 Show
Obituary - Karras, William 2006-09-21 Show
Obituary - Chaney, Elsie Conrad 2006-09-21 Show
Obituary - Leuchs, Louise E. 2006-09-21 Show
Borough Council and Mayor oppose Florham Park council's move to adopt a rezoning ordinance for development of 493-acre Exxon Tract.Florham Park council votes unanimously to adopt a rezoning of Exxon Tract, despite objections of Madison. 2006-09-21 Show
School day will start five minutes earlier for elementary students on 2006-2007 school year. Other changes include a shorter February vacation week, and a June 15, 2007 closing to accommodate work on building renovations. 2006-09-21 Show
Five months before construction work is expected to begin at Madison High School and Madison Junior School, district still does not know what form the pledged $11.1 million in state aid will take. 2006-09-21 Show
T.J. Martell Foundation for Leukemia, Cancer and AIDS Research is preparing for its 12th annual 3.1 mile Madison Area Walkathon as fund-raiser for its programs. (illus) 2006-09-21 Show
Parish will close its "Year of Jubilee" with special liturgies and a parish picnic, celebrating 200 years as Roman Catholic community in Madison. 2006-09-21 Show
Mini-courses offered by Drew University at public library include offerings on Alzheimer's Disease, late romantic passion in music, classical mythology, and female images created by artists over the centuries. 2006-09-21 Show
Editorial - This is not year to duck real debates. 2006-09-21 Show
Planning Board ponders whether to recommend zoning changes in borough's eastern commercial district that would allow a 46-unit condominium complex at corner of Main Street and Division Avenue. 2006-09-14 Show
Obituary - Rochford, Francis "Frank" John 2006-09-14 Show
By 5-1 vote, Borough Council gives go-ahead with plans for creation of office space on ground floor of east wing of Hartley Dodge Memorial Building. 2006-09-14 Show
Editorial - Some news particularly fit to print. 2006-09-14 Show
Volunteers from Wyeth, the pharmaceutical and health care products firm, work to improve parks in Madison and Florham Park. 2006-09-14 Show
Ten members of Madison Boy Scout troop face and overcome challenges of "High Adventure" program, in backpacking trek in rugged New Mexico. (illus) 2006-09-14 Show
Rotary Club welcomes Kako Ohara, a 16 year old student from Japan, for year's stay in Madison as participant in Club's "Youth Exchange" program. (illus) 2006-09-14 Show
Obituary - Boylan, Edwin Thomas 2006-09-07 Show
Editorial - Five years cannot dim the memory of Sept. 11. 2006-09-07 Show
Residents turn out for special public meeting on shape of Madison's future. Borough Council seeks views on development issues and hears a variety of questions and ideas from the public. 2006-09-07 Show
Frustrated Borough Council members will call in contractor to explain delays in construction of new police and fire department headquarters. Work is now weeks, if not months, behind schedule. 2006-09-07 Show
As Fire Department plans to celebrate its 125th anniversary, firefighters remember dangers and challenges they faced in coping with blaze at Drew's Mead Hall, 17 years ago. (illus) 2006-09-07 Show
History Channel awards Museum of Early Trades & Crafts a $9,998 "Save Our History" grant to research the restoration of historic Luke Miller forge on Ridgedale Avenue. (illus) 2006-09-07 Show
Obituary - Wulff, John Thomas 2006-09-07 Show
After three hearings and much testimony from planners and traffic experts, Planning Board votes by narrow margin against Commerce Bank's proposal for bank with drive-up window for Shunpike Road lot. 2006-09-07 Show
Madison Historical Society holds annual dinner meeting and recognizes volunteers for their service. (illus) 2006-08-31 Show
Life-long Madison resident Palma DeBiasse offers recipe and samples of "Palmy's Pickled Eggplant" at Farmers' Market, as market prepares to move to swimming pool location. (illus) 2006-08-31 Show
Retired Madison High School history teacher, William A. Chermerka, will kick off Historical Society's programs with lecture on "Madison and the Revolutionary War." 2006-08-31 Show
School district will appeal "early warning" designation given to grades K-6 Central Avenue School in State Department of Education's annual list of under-performing schools based on 2006 test scores - says testing company omitted nine students. 2006-08-31 Show
Obituary - Barrabee, David "Boo" Dickens 2006-08-31 Show
Editorial - Time to head back to school again, safely. " Break sprawl in Highlands. 2006-08-31 Show
Scion of a greenhouse family keeps roses and Madison heritage alive. (illus) 2006-08-31 Show
Celebrates 100th birthday - has had outstanding career that included participation in Manhattan project to develop atomic bomb - retired as chief mathematician to Bendix Aviation. (illus) 2006-08-31 Show
Madison High School Band Director, Robert Seibert has been appointed to new position of grades K-12 music coordinator. 2006-08-31 Show
Obituary - Haynes, Kenneth A. (illus) 2006-08-31 Show
Obituary - Caskey, Angela M. Laporta 2006-08-31 Show
Obituary - Leuchs, John J. 2006-08-24 Show
Marries Desiree Ann Silk of Shelbourne, Vermont. (illus) 2006-08-24 Show
Social Club's new board of directors gears up for new session of helping newcomers to Madison. (illus) 2006-08-24 Show
Fifty years ago. 2006-08-24 Show
Residents of Florham Park and neighboring towns will have opportunity to learn about proposed plan for 493-acres Exxon Tract at public meeting on Sept. 12. 2006-08-24 Show
Marries Jane Heidi Park of Lookout Mountain, Tn. (illus) 2006-08-24 Show
Editorial - The con is on, all right - on your computer. 2006-08-24 Show
Drew offers min-courses at Madison Public Library on research in Alzheimer's Disease, late Romantic passion in music and classical mythology. 2006-08-24 Show
Obituary - Jones, Martha "Marty" Romaine 2006-08-24 Show
Officers visit neighborhood block parties on Aug. 1 for "National Night Out," annual demonstration of watchfulness against crime. (illus) 2006-08-24 Show
Borough Council will hold special public meeting on Aug. 30 to hear from residents on land use issues. Mayor and Counicl say discussion will focus on the future of Madison and where the borough is "going." 2006-08-24 Show
Obituary - DellaTorre, Mario J. 2006-08-24 Show
Obituary - Dalena, Albert 2006-08-24 Show
Farmers Market sponsors "Five-a-Day for Better Health" program to increase every American's daily consumption of fruits and vegetables to at least five assorted servings a day. (illus) 2006-08-17 Show
Obituary - Menoni, Ida 2006-08-17 Show
Board of Adjustment approves use variance to allow development of First Morris branch bank with a drive-up window at 98 Main Street, for 34 years the site of Dornick's Service Center. 2006-08-17 Show
As part of its 125th anniversary celebration, fire department will hold Anniversary Ball at Madison Hotel, featuring five hours of entertainment and display of historical artifacts and memorabilia. (illus) 2006-08-17 Show
Under direction of Len Soucy, members of Great Swamp staff care for and rehabilitate raptors and other birds. (illus) 2006-08-17 Show
Todd Shipman, who chaired last year's chili cook-off for Bottle Hill Day, wins 7th place in NJ State Chili and Salsa Championship Cook-off. (illus) 2006-08-17 Show
Borough Council discusses use of space in Hartley Dodge Memorial Building for offices to consolidate municipal operations or serve Board of Education, after new police/fire building is completed. 2006-08-17 Show
Editorial - Replace waste with conservation. 2006-08-17 Show
Dress for Success of Morris County, a not-for-profit organization based at Community House, welcomes Stefanie Kehoe as its new executive director. (illus) 2006-08-17 Show
Obituary - Roberto, Michele "Mike" 2006-08-17 Show
Concludes two-week summer camp with mini-exhibit of campers' "museum collections." (illus) 2006-08-17 Show
Construction schedule for new police/fire building is still not on track, but contractor assures Borough Council that delays will not mean major extra costs. Borough engineer says construction schedule is of "great concern." 2006-08-17 Show
Victor H. Rodriguez, of Madison arrested by Chatham Twp. police on Aug. 8 and charged with lewdness and endangering the welfare of a minor, is further charged three days later with luring by Florham Park police. 2006-08-17 Show
Police arrest Florham Park woman on charge of providing false information to law enforcement officer and arrest Newark man on charges of criminal intent, theft by deception, and bad checks. 2006-08-17 Show
Somerset Hills Bank, constructing its newest branch at 265 Main Street introduces its officers. (illus) 2006-08-17 Show
Number of land use issues facing Madison has increased to point where Borough Council believes it's time for a general public discussion. So Council will hold special meetings on land use issue on Aug. 30. 2006-08-17 Show
Obituary - Cocino, Nicholas J. 2006-08-10 Show
Editorial - Safety is always in season. 2006-08-10 Show
Obituary - McLaughlin, Edward S. 2006-08-10 Show
Obituary - Manion, Helen Gardiner 2006-08-10 Show
Rose City Steppers add additional summer walks to their schedule, offering more opportunities to walk, feel better, and meet new friends. 2006-08-10 Show
Open Space, Recreation and Historic Preservation Committee calls purchase of Livesey Kennels property its No. 1 priority. Borough is seeking grant for the purchase. Property could become a neighborhood park. 2006-08-10 Show
Obituary - Chrone, Bruce G. 2006-08-10 Show
Officer Peter Iossa is honored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) for accomplishments in identifying and arresting impaired drivers during 2005 (illus) 2006-08-10 Show
Rotary Club thanks Madison community for "overwhelming" response to "Books for Africa" drive. 2006-08-10 Show
Obituary - Tolve, Carmela Grossi 2006-08-10 Show
Officers are welcomed to block parties as police visit neighborhoods for "National Night Out," annual demonstration of vigilance against crime. (illus) 2006-08-10 Show
Torrential downpours hit Madison on July 12 causing Fire Department to respond to numerous alarms from flooding problems and cooperated with task force from county's Office of Emergency Management. 2006-08-10 Show
Great Swamp Watershed Association appoints Chester Township councilwoman Joan Fischer as executive director. 2006-08-10 Show
Named Professor Emeritus of English at Montclair State University upon retirement after 34 years of service. (illus) 2006-08-10 Show
Obituary - Fornaro, Nofrio J., Sr. 2006-08-10 Show
Madison Youth Drama Program, sponsored by borough recreation department, is presenting "The Apple" a satire on artists and set criticism. 2006-08-03 Show
Obituary - Cook, Anne Owen 2006-08-03 Show
Obituary - McGookin, William J. 2006-08-03 Show
Obituary - Donnelly, Rose M. 2006-08-03 Show
Editorial - Tragedies bring evils into the light. 2006-08-03 Show
Officers of Madison Auxiliary Police are sekking volunteers - need recruits to help patrol officers and to assist at borough's special events. 2006-08-03 Show
Police arrest four teenagers, two from Madison, after incident at Madison Clearview Cinema involving threats to another individual with a paintball gun. 2006-08-03 Show
Receives Chambers Award for Excellence as the leading lawyer shipping litigation in U.S. (illus) 2006-08-03 Show
Elementary school students enrolled in afterschool program are sharpening reading skills and learning about poverty and hunger in "Read to Feed" program. (illus) 2006-08-03 Show
Borough Council approves resolution authorizing application to Morris County Open Space Trust Fund for "Livesey Park on Kings Road." Project would transform longtime dog kennel into pocket park for neighboring Kings Road School and the public. 2006-07-27 Show
Museum hosts annual Ice Cream Social, with craft activities and old-fashioned games for children. (illus) 2006-07-27 Show
Obituary - Reid, Lois Ann 2006-07-27 Show
Obituary - Passomato, Andre 2006-07-27 Show
Obituary - Friedal, Fred Max 2006-07-27 Show
Obituary - Roller, William G., Jr. 2006-07-27 Show
Borough Council votes unanimously to ask Princeton architect for a cost estimate to convert east wing, ground floor, and first floor of Hartley Dodge Memorial Building into office space for possible use of borough departments. 2006-07-27 Show
Councilman Robert Conley presents Borough Council with report from Traffic Calming Task Force, recommending a policy for traffic calming measures in borough to address such issues as cut-through traffic and speeding. 2006-07-27 Show
Diane Tuorto folows up March publication of her first poetry collection, "Let the Horses Die," with August release of her first children's novel, "My Desert Sun," a story told from point of view of a wild horse. (illus) 2006-07-27 Show
Borough residents will join local police officers in Neighborhoods Watch's "National Night Out" program on Aug. 1. 2006-07-27 Show
22nd season of Summer Seminar Series is underway at public library. Topics include Universal Declaration of Human Rights, historic Paterson, satire in the suburbs, and behind the scenes in television and screenwriting. 2006-07-27 Show
Police investigation leads to arrest of Halina S. Pavlov on charge of filing a fictitious report of an assault in Memorial Park. Police also arrest Timothy P. Ryan on charge of contempt of court after motor vehicle stop on Main Street. 2006-07-27 Show
Editorial - A champion for the arts in our schools. " - A season sure to be savored. 2006-07-27 Show
Obituary - Curry, Lillie Martin 2006-07-20 Show
Community Gospel Choir of Marble Collegiate Church of New York City will perform at Drew's Young Center as part of 3-day workshop music institute. 2006-07-20 Show
Fifty years ago. 2006-07-20 Show
Graduates from Morris County Police/Fire Academy and joins Newark police force. (illus) 2006-07-20 Show
Public schools host annual Madison District Strings Festival, culminating in concert by students for parents and guests. Andre Emelianoff, principal cellist with New York Chamber Symphony, teaches master class and performs for students. (illus) 2006-07-20 Show
Obituary - Idleman, Lee H. 2006-07-20 Show
Obituary - Paoli, Anna 2006-07-20 Show
Editorial - Grim days find relief in a dream. " - Tomatoes trump traffic and taxes. 2006-07-20 Show
Club is collecting "Books for Africa" as part of Literacy Month for Rotary International. 2006-07-20 Show
Obituary - Faugno, Filomena "Phyllis" 2006-07-20 Show
Madison 11-12 All-Star baseball team wins District One Little League baseball tournament, defeating Randolph West. (illus) 2006-07-20 Show
Dornick's Service Center closes its doors, as First Morris Bank & Trust, which plans to replace the automotive center with a branch and drive-through lane, awaits action by Board of Adjustment on application for variances. 2006-07-20 Show
Italian-Americans in Madison celebrate Italy's 2006 World Cup victory (illus) 2006-07-20 Show
Florham Park police charge Madison man, Muhammed Irving who is under treatment at Newark half-way house with burglary and theft from Pat's Transmission in Florham Park. 2006-07-20 Show
Police arrest John S. Forschner and Andrew J. Seaman on multiple drug charges at train station. In other incidents, police charge Plainfield woman with criminal simulation for possession of fictitious insurance card. 2006-07-20 Show
Church begins second phase of fund-raising for a new wing, dedicated to scholarship programs, vocational training, financial literacy, and character development. Campaign is launched with giant garage sale and pancake-and-sausage breakfast. 2006-07-20 Show
Architect urges action on renovation plans for Hartley Dodge Memorial, as borough council thinks about space use. 2006-07-13 Show
Club conducts textbook drive, collecting books for Africa. 2006-07-13 Show
Schedule is lagging, but project executive says new police/fire building will be completed on time. 2006-07-13 Show
Editorial - In community close to home, a tolling bell. 2006-07-13 Show
Madison Youth Drama Program presents "Trixie, the Teen Detective," at Community House. 2006-07-13 Show
Obituary - Bell, Richard Edward 2006-07-13 Show
Red Cross issues urgent appeal for blood donors, citing shortfall in summer months. 2006-07-13 Show
Borough Council raises questions about $30,000 contract for a downtown parking/redevelopment study, proposed by Downtown Development Commission. 2006-07-13 Show
Rotary Club welcomes new member Deborah Starker, director of Museum of Early Trades and Crafts, in pinning ceremony. (illus) 2006-07-13 Show
Children's summer reading club continues with Beach Day, a performance by City Winds Trio, and story time. 2006-07-06 Show
Obituary - Garry, John J. Sr. 2006-07-06 Show
Shakespeare Theatre will present shortened version of "Comedy of Errors" in courtyard of public library. 2006-07-06 Show
Almost a year after voters approved school expansions and renovations, grades K-12 school district is still trying to pin down state on its $11 million obligation to project. State officials blame state budget crisis for delay. 2006-07-06 Show
Florham Park mayor says he will brief Madison officials on plans for development of Exxon Tract, but meeting is postponed. 2006-07-06 Show
Planning Board hears from residents critical of plans for a drive-thru Commerce Bank at corner of Green Village and Shunpike Roads. 2006-07-06 Show
Graduating seniors receive awards and scholarships. (illus)Text of valedictorian Jessica Wind's remarks to fellow students at commencement, 1906. 2006-07-06 Show
Madison Athletic Foundation has raised $745,000 for new playing fields, field house, concession stands, scoreboards, and scholarships. Board of Education agrees to pick up associated costs. 2006-07-06 Show
Farmers' Market opens a week early so customers may purchase fresh produce for Fourth of July meals. (illus) 2006-07-06 Show
Steppers add more walks to summer schedule. (illus) 2006-06-29 Show
School parents complete "Mary Garden" as tribute to Principal Carroll Bennett in recognition of her 20 years as principal of St. Vincent Martyr School. 2006-06-29 Show
Text of salutatorian's address at Madison High School graduation. 2006-06-29 Show
Editorial - Road ahead winds back to community. 2006-06-29 Show
Madison High School's class of 2006 is graduated, as threat of rain forces exercises to be held in auditorium. (illus) 2006-06-29 Show
Nine Madison High School teachers are honored by members of Class of 2006 and their families with contributions to Madison High School Educational Foundation. (illus) 2006-06-29 Show
Church celebrates completion of its Capital Campaign projects with unveiling of new lift for the handicapped. (illus) 2006-06-29 Show
Dornick's gets reprieve in deadline to move from Main St. location. First Morris Bank plans to build new branch at the site. (illus) 2006-06-29 Show
In Madison "town hall" meeting, Rep. Frelinghuysen, gets grilling on war in Iraq. Congressman warns that pull-out of troops would send wrong message. 2006-06-22 Show
Obituary - Hoffman, Richard A. 2006-06-22 Show
Obituayr - Beneduce, Anita G. Amato 2006-06-22 Show
Editorial - Winds of change can blow so cold. 2006-06-22 Show
Obituary - Mezzacca, Joseph J. (illus) 2006-06-22 Show
Will soon retire from teaching in Madison's elementary schools, is praised for contributions of long career. 2006-06-22 Show
Obituary - Lindholm, Victor 2006-06-22 Show
Mayors Wellness Campaign in Madison receives $500 donation from Aetna Insurance Company to create web site at public library. Campaign seeks volunteers for community survey to make Madison friendly to pedestrians and bicycle riders. (illus) 2006-06-22 Show
Parents of students in grades K-6 Kings Road School join children in walk to school to show dangerous stretches of route that lacks sidewalks. Parents request action from mayor and borough council. (illus) 2006-06-22 Show
Democrats hold campaign kick-off party, backing council candidates John Elias and Christine Tiritilli. (illus) 2006-06-22 Show
Celebrate 60th wedding anniversary. (illus) 2006-06-22 Show
Obituary - Weir, Pauline 2006-06-15 Show
Holds annual book sale as fund-raiser event for edicational grants for mature women. (illus) 2006-06-15 Show
Robert Dornick, who has operated automotive center in Madison for 34 years, fears that building will be demolished to make way for a new bank. (illus) 2006-06-15 Show
Obituary - Lohmuller, Winifred L. 2006-06-15 Show
Obituary - Buhrman, Robert E. 2006-06-15 Show
Club salutes seven members whose service milestones as volunteers total 225 years. (illus) 2006-06-15 Show
Twelve St. Vincent Martyr parishioners spend three days in New Orleans, gutting and repairing house damaged by Hurricane Katrina. (illus) 2006-06-15 Show
Museum of Early Trades & Crafts offer children a Summer History Camp, where they may learn about Colonial times and the life of apprentices. 2006-06-15 Show
Garden Club receives $4,000 grant from NJ Committee of Garden Club of America, to be used for continuation of club's Central Green Park Native Plant Restoration project. Project is fighting invasive plants and protecting native plantings. 2006-06-15 Show
Summer reading program sets sail with a nautical theme, "Under the Sea." 2006-06-15 Show
Editorial - "Fathers deserve turn in limelight." 2006-06-15 Show
Historians anticipate that congress will soon act to designate Morris County a federal heritage area for its role in American REvolution. Designation would give County access to federal heritage matching dollars. 2006-06-15 Show
Stephen Martin attains rank of Eagle Scout for project to enhance fire safety in Millburn Township. (illus) 2006-06-08 Show
Christine Tiritilli defeats John Strelkoff to win Democratic nomination for Borough Council. 2006-06-08 Show
Arts Council of Morris Area presents Joyce Talbot Outstanding Educator of the Year award to John Leister, the fine and performing arts chairperson for Madison school district and vice principal of Madison Junior School. (illus) 2006-06-08 Show
Recreation Department announces wide range of summer programs for children, including tennis clinics, drama and sports. 2006-06-08 Show
Museum opens new exhibit, "Apprentice: A History of Looking for Work," focusing on working life of 18th and 19th century apprentices. 2006-06-08 Show
Editorial - Keeping faith with sacrifices 2006-06-08 Show
Obituary - Pettit, Ellen Barker 2006-06-08 Show
Morris County municipal officials tour examples of affordable housing projects that have resulted from public-private partnerships. (illus) 2006-06-08 Show
Madison High School holds its first Volunteer Fair with 25 community organizations promoting service projects that students may participate in. (illus) 2006-06-08 Show
Police arrest Irvington man on charges of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Officers also arrest Mark T. DeBiasse on charge of parole violation, and arrest Craig T. Sallie on outstanding warrants. 2006-06-08 Show
Library opens children's summer reading program with theme "Under the Sea." (illus) 2006-06-08 Show
Obituary- Newcomb, Sidney Morrill 2006-06-01 Show
Mayor presents Carmine Toto, Jr. with proclamation in honor of his selection as "Craftsman of the Year" by Museum of Early Trades & Crafts (illus) 2006-06-01 Show
In talk to Rotary Club, Frank Newport, editor-in-chief of Gallup Poll, says nation's mood is "sour." 2006-06-01 Show
Editorial - Spring warm-up to fall fireworks. 2006-06-01 Show
Obituary - Tackaberry, Patricia A. 2006-06-01 Show
Despite near-record heat, crowds line Main Street to watch Memorial Day parade. (illus) 2006-06-01 Show
Four of the 5 candidates running for renomination to Borough Council agree that Madison needs a tree protection ordinance but not necessarily the one proposed by Shade Tree Management Board. Candidates point to need for more discussion. 2006-06-01 Show
Six new members are elected to Y's board of directors. (illus) 2006-06-01 Show
Obituary - Scampato, James J. 2006-05-25 Show
Obituary - Corrigan, June H. Sinnott 2006-05-25 Show
Police arrest Mariela Molina on domestic assault charge. Also arrest Ryan J. McCarthy on charges of defiant trespass, driving while intoxicated, and refusal to submit to breath alcohol test. 2006-05-25 Show
American Legion names Joseph Falco, Sr., as grand marshall for Madison's annual Memorial Day Parade. (illus) 2006-05-25 Show
Mayor, Borough Council and Shade Tree Management Board discuss revision and simplification of proposed tree ordinance. 2006-05-25 Show
9-year old pianist will perform at Carnegie Hall as winner of competition held under auspices of Piano Teachers' Society of America. (illus) 2006-05-25 Show
Editorial - The right stuff in county races. 2006-05-25 Show
Firefighters celebrate 125th anniversary of department with free picnic for borough residents. (illus) 2006-05-25 Show
Citizen's committee presents plans for high school fieldhouse at meetings of Board of Education and Borough Council. Price tag is estimated at two to three million dollars. 2006-05-25 Show
For first time in Madison Girl Scout history, four high school students attain highest honor, the Gold Award. Scouts received the award for completely renovating high school's Senior Courtyard. (illus) 2006-05-25 Show
Republican candidate Mary-Anna Holden brings experience and feisty style to race for Borough council. (illus) 2006-05-25 Show
Madison artist Nino Tsereteli paints windows of children's room of public library with a dolphin, an octopus, and coral to reflect theme of summer reading program, "Under the Sea." (illus) 2006-05-18 Show
Obituary - Sweeney, William "Bill" 2006-05-18 Show
Christine Tiritilli, chair of Madison Democratic Committee, will be candidate for borough council. (illus) 2006-05-18 Show
Volunteers join in annual clean-up and beautification projects for Madison. (illus) 2006-05-18 Show
Fire Department will celebrate 125th anniversary with a family-style barbecue picnic for borough residents. 2006-05-18 Show
Borough Council and mayor respond to criticisms about budget surpluses. 2006-05-18 Show
Obituary - Monks, Elizabeth S. 2006-05-18 Show
Celebrates 59 years in the priesthood. 2006-05-18 Show
Obituary - Goddard, Leonard H. 2006-05-18 Show
Celebrates her 100th birthday. (illus) 2006-05-18 Show
Standing room only attendance at special information meeting of Planning Board exchange views on controversial tree ordinance. Proposal to have borough regulate removal or cutting of trees on private land both praise and criticism. 2006-05-18 Show
Dr. Vincent A. Esposito, Republican candidate for Borough Council, explain his views on local needs. (illus) 2006-05-18 Show
Collaborative program between high school and Playwrights Theatre provide students with advise and assistance on fundamentals of playwriting. (illus) 2006-05-18 Show
Madison celelbrates Arbor Day with ceremonies on the steps of Hartley Dodge Memorial. Borough is named "Tree City USA" for 21st consecutive year by National Arbor Day Foundation. (illus) 2006-05-18 Show
Jazz pianist Rio Clemente and friends will present program on "Generations of Jazz" at Madison Historical Society annual dinner. (illus) 2006-05-18 Show
Drew holds benefit concert, celebrating the life of the late Jan Kucher-Patenaude. 2006-05-11 Show
Editorial - Amid the cheers, cause for unease concerning Exxon tract. 2006-05-11 Show
Obituary - Cuva, Barbara Lasky 2006-05-11 Show
A group of Madison High School sports boosters will take its proposal for a new field house to the Board of Education at its next meeting. 2006-05-11 Show
Obituary - Sweeney, Woodrow F. 2006-05-11 Show
Louis A. Riccio discusses his 25 years as executive director of Madison Housing Authority. (illus) 2006-05-11 Show
Obituary - DelGuidice, Emily Bufano 2006-05-11 Show
Drew's Mini-Course program offers three courses this spring on China in transition, contemporary American memoir and fiction, and American popular music. 2006-05-11 Show
St. Hubert's holds its spring "Bark Fest," a family festival and dog walk to benefit homeless pets. (illus) 2006-05-11 Show
Obituary - Yadouga, Filomena "Fannie" 2006-05-11 Show
Julia Somers steps down as executive director of Great Swamp Watershed Assn. to take post as executive director of New Jersey Highlands Coalition. 2006-05-04 Show
Obituary - Hobbie, Beryl 2006-05-04 Show
Madison Masonic Lodge sponsors blood drive and free cholesterol screenings. 2006-05-04 Show
Obituary - Diorio, Lillian Allocco 2006-05-04 Show
Madison Senior Center begins month-long series of programs celebrating health and fitness. Activities include walks, talks, and creativity and stree reduction workshops. 2006-05-04 Show
Obituary - Ritter, Florence 2006-05-04 Show
Drew University inaugurates Robert Weisbuch as its 11th President. (illus) 2006-05-04 Show
Madison Post Office will host "Passport Fair" on May 6, for both first-time passport applications and passport renewals. 2006-05-04 Show
Trustees of Museum of Early Trades & Crafts name Carmine Toto, Jr. "Craftsman of the Year" for 2006, recognizing his many contributions to preservation of Madison's history. 2006-05-04 Show
Dewey's Comic City joins with nearly 2,000 comic book shops to celebrate "Free Comic Book Day." 2006-05-04 Show
John Strelkoff announces his candidacy for Borough Council in Democratic primary. (illus) 2006-05-04 Show
Board of Education reorganizes for new year, re-electing Lisa Ellis as president. 2006-05-04 Show
Obituary - Schneider, Stephen 2006-05-04 Show
Obituary - Galbraith, Kathryne 2006-05-04 Show
Club holds May concert, featuring pianist Tomoko Harada of Basking Ridge and guitarist Christopher Kenniff of Summit. (illus) 2006-05-04 Show
Planning Board will hold informal town hall meeting to discuss proposed ordinance to regulate tree-cutting on private property. Residents have protested removal of healthy trees in redevelopment of residential lots. 2006-04-27 Show
Obituary - Gordon, Louise T. 2006-04-27 Show
Graduating high schoolers are joining with parents, businesses, and community organizations in planning annual Graduation Gala following commencement exercises. (illus) 2006-04-27 Show
Obituary - Bamford, Roseanne 2006-04-27 Show
Editorial - Celebrate trees by saving them. 2006-04-27 Show
Obituary - Doller, Edith C. 2006-04-27 Show
Members of Madison's Mantone family gather around plaque unveiled at dedication of new Dodge Field playground, remembering the advocacy of late Borough Councilman Samuel "Jiggs" Mantone for upgrade of playground. (illus) 2006-04-27 Show
Borough Councilman John Elias continues to grill borough engineer on why construction of new police/fire building has fallen behind schedule. 2006-04-27 Show
St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center holds annual black-tie gala, the "Canine Cotilion," for dogs and their owners, as fundraiser for service to animals. (illus) 2006-04-27 Show
Garden Club exemplifies the community organizations that are joining together in annual spring clean-up, "May Day in Madison." (illus) 2006-04-27 Show
Postmaster Myrtle Scott is New Jersey winner of 2006 "Benjamin Franklin Award of Excellence" by National Newspaper Association and U.S. Postal Service. (illus) 2006-04-27 Show
Seeking Democratic nomination for a second term, Borough Councilman praises diversity of Madison. (illus) 2006-04-27 Show
Chamber will hold first meeting of Madison Business Advisory Council (MBAC), a series of informal presentations on business practices and procedures. 2006-04-27 Show
50 years ago. 2006-04-27 Show
Obituary-Flaherty, Robert 2006-04-20 Show
Editorial - Being "green" is getting easier. 2006-04-20 Show
Obituary - Kucher-patenaude, Janice 2006-04-20 Show
Obituary - LoMonaco, Eva 2006-04-20 Show
Madison Chamber of Commerce will award special scholarship to a graduating Madison High School student to honor memory of Carmela Clancy, longtime executive director and secretary of Chamber. 2006-04-20 Show
Professional artists are donating their time to spark young creativity in arts project at Montessori School (illus) 2006-04-20 Show
Obituary - Ahlers, Ruth E. 2006-04-20 Show
Madison pianist and teacher Paul Ziegler presents seven of his students in recital at Presbyterian Church. 2006-04-20 Show
Nicky's Firehouse Restaurant will host fund-raising event for Red Cross, donating 10% of proceeds for sales between noon and 10 p.m. on Apr. 23. (illus) 2006-04-20 Show
Borough citizens who led in fund-raising are present at dedication of new Dodge Field Playground off Greenwood Avenue. $150,000 raised in campaign for project. (illus) 2006-04-20 Show
Ten Madison High School musicians are selected to perform with All State instrumental and vocal ensembles in 2006. (illus) 2006-04-20 Show
Long-time Madison High School Assistant Principal Norman Furrevig will retire on June 30, after 21 years as second in command at high school. (illus) 2006-04-20 Show
Raymond A. Johnson is arrested and held on $25,000 bail after assault on two police officers during an arrest on warrants from three municipal courts; arrest Benjamin Natale on charges of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. 2006-04-20 Show
A book theme wagon, created by public library patrons, will join other entries by students and community groups in a "Paint Your Wagon Parade" to kick off second annual Madison Artist Studio Tour. 2006-04-20 Show
Borough Council honors a group of Madison Junior School students and their advisors for "leading the way" by example in drive to sign up volunteers for community-wide spring clean-up. 2006-04-20 Show
Friends of the Great Swamp have been selected by two prominent Conservation organizations as recipient of National Wildlife Refuge System's "Friends Group of the Year" Award. (illus) 2006-04-20 Show
Four candidates for seats on Board of Education share views with votors in forum. Election will be uncontested. 2006-04-13 Show
Obituary - Triggs, Ransford 2006-04-13 Show
Scouts collect more than 300 bags of food during annual "Scouting for Food" campaign. Contribution will go to Interfaith Food Pantry. (illus) 2006-04-13 Show
Society will present "The Vietnam Years," an oral history documentary, featuring interviews with local vietnam veterans and others with recollections of war's impact on Madison. (illus) 2006-04-13 Show
Obituary - Bamford, Rosanne 2006-04-13 Show
Editorial - Gore, Drew and the press. 2006-04-13 Show
Obituary - Hoffman, Roger A. 2006-04-13 Show
Obituary - Ritter, Florence (illus) 2006-04-13 Show
Obituary - Artigliere, John 2006-04-13 Show
Obituary - Young, Marjorie King 2006-04-13 Show
Obituary - Cuva, Joseph J., Sr. 2006-04-13 Show
Club hosts NJ State Federation of Women's Club's annual Performing Arts Festival. 2006-04-13 Show
Choirs of Grace Episcopal Church plan special music during all of Holy Week, including performances by adult and children's choirs and young men's cappella ensemble. 2006-04-13 Show
Construction officials give assurances that behind-schedule police/fire building will get back on track and make up for lost time. 2006-04-13 Show
Representatives of more than 20 Madison organizations who joined in Madison Tsunami Fund and Katrina Fund are honored at half-time of Nets-Suns game at Continental Airlines Arena. (illus) 2006-04-13 Show
Five candidates-two Republicans and three Democrats-file for election to two seats on borough council. Democratic candidates will face voters in primary in June. 2006-04-13 Show
In discussing a proposed private tree ordinance intended to restrict clear-cutting of trees, Borough council digs up more questions and votes unanimously to have ordinance language "cleaned up" by Borough Attorney. 2006-04-13 Show
Obituary - Santucci, Charles 2006-04-13 Show
Borough Council introduces $22,384,752 municipal budget, calling for a three-cent raise in tax rate to support local government. Tax level will rise by $697,902 an increase of about 6.9%. 2006-04-13 Show
Obituary - Chapman, Geoffrey 2006-04-06 Show
Editorial - School budget merits support. 2006-04-06 Show
YMCA sponsors "Healthy Kids Day," a part of community-wide effort to promote active lifestyle and healthy nutrition for all ages. (Illus) 2006-04-06 Show
Madison citizens are happy NY Jets will relocate headquarters and practice facility to former Exxon tract in Florham Park, but worry how this will affect zoning dispute between Madison and Florham Park. 2006-04-06 Show
Obituary - Roeder, George A., Jr. 2006-04-06 Show
In attempt to restrict clear-cutting of trees in borough, Planning Board reviewed and discussed proposed ordinance at regular meeting. Some residents pleaded with Borough Council to move more quickly to protect trees. 2006-04-06 Show
Madison resident and psychologist Herbert M. Potash will speak at public library on his new book, "Becoming Plumb Healthy." 2006-03-30 Show
$10.2 million project to build new police/fire complex at corner of Kings Road and Prospect Street has slipped 9 weeks behind schedule in the 18 weeks since work began. Too few workers on job is said to be reason for the lost time. 2006-03-30 Show
Host of MSNBC program is now a Madison resident and "just loves" his new hometown. (illus) 2006-03-30 Show
Obituary - Veasey, Estelle J. 2006-03-30 Show
Obituary - Prudente, Michael J. (illus) 2006-03-30 Show
Board of Education unanimously approves $35 million budget for 2006-2007 school year, supported by tax levy of $27,114,621. Budget will be submitted to voters in April. 2006-03-30 Show
Police arrest Dominic Tetta and Hunter O. Hermanson on charges of driving while intoxicated. 2006-03-30 Show
Obituary - Thomas, Helen E. J. 2006-03-30 Show
Four beautiful yet fragile pieces of Madison history-stained glass window created in 1920's-have been restored at United Methodist Church with help of $44,800 grant from Morris County Historic Preservation Trust Fund. (illus) 2006-03-30 Show
Former Vice President, Al Gore, is named the second Thomas H. Kean Visiting Lecturer in History and Political Science at Drew University and will give public address on April 3. 2006-03-30 Show
50 years ago. 2006-03-30 Show
Editorial - Future's fortune found in past. 2006-03-30 Show
Students in Theatre's Creative Arts Academy present play about family life, "The Day Jennifer Lou Ellen Mississippi Kerbunkle Changed Her Life." 2006-03-30 Show
Shakespeare Theatre changes program - will present Chekhov's "Cherry Orchard" instead of Tennessee William's "Night of the Iguana." 2006-03-30 Show
Obituary - Sutton, Arthur Earl 2006-03-30 Show
Girl Scouts, who are 7th graders at Madison Junior School, make 50 bag dinners for distribution to homeless individuals. (illus) 2006-03-30 Show
Group of young singers, comics and musicians will offer fundraising event to help finance a youth mission trip to Louisiana to help the rebuilding effort from Hurricane Katrina. 2006-03-30 Show
The four candidates for four seats on Board of Education all endorse proposed $35 million budget for 2006-07 school year. 2006-03-25 Show
Six planning firms have responded to borough's "Request for proposals" for a redevelopment and parking study of downtown business district, but all responses exceed the $30,000 set aside by DDC to fund the study. 2006-03-23 Show
Obituary - Decker, Ann Alexy 2006-03-23 Show
Obituary - Woolley, John A. 2006-03-23 Show
In wake of criticism over borough's position of a part-time zoning code enforcer, Chamber of Commerce president Nicole Francouer tells DDC that official is diligent, fair and friendly. 2006-03-23 Show
Madison Chamber of Commerce will award special scholarship to a graduating Madison High 12th grader to honor memory of Carmela Clancy, longtime executive director and secretary of Chamber. 2006-03-23 Show
Madison High School Educational Foundation approves six grants totaling $25,000 for technological innovations at high school. (illus) 2006-03-23 Show
Concerned Madison citizens have formed Madison Access Committee to help improve accessibility for all who want to shop in borough's downtown, including senior citizens, handicapped or disabled persons, and shoppers. 2006-03-23 Show
Editorial - Spring is right around the corner. 2006-03-23 Show
Masonic Lodge offers free child I.D. kit, including photo, video, fingerprinting and tooth print. 2006-03-23 Show
Calling it an outstanding achievement, mayor informs borough council that Madison collected 99.51% of its taxes for year 2005. 2006-03-23 Show
FMPL holds Annual Gala, raising funds for expansion of library services and programs. (illus) 2006-03-23 Show
Club has been working with Greater Newark conservancy to foster horticulture in Newark through hands-on planting projects and "Bug and Butterfly" garden. (illus) 2006-03-23 Show
Police arrest Lucas J. Gatti on charges of theft, underage possession of alcohol, and driving while intoxicated; charge Nicholas Debari with terroristic threats and simple assault. 2006-03-16 Show
Library holds workshop on children's literary skills. 2006-03-16 Show
Obituary - Burrini, Marie 2006-03-16 Show
Obituary - Wilkins, William E. 2006-03-16 Show
Obituary - Levine, Stanley 2006-03-16 Show
Editorial - Another budget without a crisis. 2006-03-16 Show
Mayor and Council thank Sam Cerciello for criticism about uneven sidewalk pavers in downtown Madison. Borough engineer says problem will be rectified. 2006-03-16 Show
Incumbent council members John Elias (Dem) and Mary-Anna Holden (Rep. and aspirant member Vincent Esposito (Rep.) announces candidacies for council seats. (illus) 2006-03-16 Show
Police Department spreads the word on changes in NJ's bicycle helmet law. Anyone under 17 is now required to wear asn approved helmet when cycling, roller-skating, and in-line skateboarding. 2006-03-16 Show
Madison Historical Society and Drew's African Studies Dept. collaborate in presenting "A Celebration of Black History in Madison," featuring panel of five local African-Americans whose families have been part of business community. (illus) 2006-03-16 Show
Student cast and crew present spring musical, "My Favorite Year." 2006-03-16 Show
Youth counseling agency honors volunteers at annual Registration Breakfast. (illus) 2006-03-16 Show
Marries Cara Maria Finaldi of Florham Park. (illus) 2006-03-09 Show
Museum receives long-term loan of 1860 Wahington Press from Madison Public Library. (illus) 2006-03-09 Show
Board of Education proposes budget increase of 3.35% (or $1,021,047) for operation of grades k-12 district for 2006-07 school year. 2006-03-09 Show
Editorial - Our colleague and our friend (Carmel Clancy). 2006-03-09 Show
Obituary - Herrold, Jean E. 2006-03-09 Show
Obituary - Teasdall, Veronica 2006-03-09 Show
Borough Council saves money with purchase of cheaper car for use of Superintendent of Public Works. 2006-03-09 Show
Young dramatists from Madison's elementary schools will have the thrill of seeing their plays staged by professional actors when Madison Young Playwrights Festival showcase their works at Playwright Theatre. (illus) 2006-03-09 Show
Obituary - Clancy, Carmela (illus) 2006-03-09 Show
Twenty seven young inventors in grades 3-6 at Torey J. Sabatini school provide peek into ideas and products of tomorrow in "Invention Convention" at the school. (illus) 2006-03-09 Show
Postmaster, Myrtle Scott and her staff hold "Passport Fair" at post office to make it more convenient for postal customers to obtain a passport. 2006-03-09 Show
Grace Episcopla Church presents its annual "Evening of Irish Music," featuring two Celtic bands. 2006-03-09 Show
Recorder Community Newspapers win 29 awards in annual Better Newspaper Contest sponsored by NJ Press Association, including three awards for Madison Eagle. 2006-03-09 Show
YMCA staff and automatic external defibrillator (AED) at Y are creditied with saving life of borough resident who experienced a serious heart incident while working at Y's fitness center. 2006-03-09 Show
Department responds to 56 incidents during Feb. including fire on 2nd floor at 32 Main St., fire in wall at Maersk building at 2 Giralda Farms, and investigation of high levels of natural gas in manhole at intersection of Main St. and Rosedale Ave. 2006-03-09 Show
High school offers free on-line course to prepare students for SAT, thanks to grant from Madison High School Educational Foundation. 2006-03-09 Show
Obituary - Poole, Mattie O. 2006-03-02 Show
It's still winter, but planning has already begun for "May Day in Madison," borough's annual spring clean-up. 2006-03-02 Show
Four candidates, including two incumbents, file for four seats on Board of Education. 2006-03-02 Show
Civic leader and business star dies in Florida at age of 90. (illus) 2006-03-02 Show
Historical Society and Drew University's African Studies Department join to sponsor "A Celebration of Black History in Madison" with panel discussion with six local African-Americans with local business backgrounds. (illus) 2006-03-02 Show
Friends of Florham receive grant of $2,869 from Morris County Heritage Commission for second phase of Burden/Twombly archival project. Grant will continue the work on papers essential to history of Twombly mansion. 2006-03-02 Show
Editorial - This problem can be an asset. 2006-03-02 Show
Museum holds children's workshop on making early American toys from everyday objects. (illus) 2006-03-02 Show
After year-long investigation, police arrest Woodcliff Lake man on charges of burglary and theft of electronic cash register, valued at $1,500, from University Center snack bar at Drew. 2006-03-02 Show
Kevin Carroll, Madison High's wrestling coach for 19 years, is stepping down.(illus) 2006-03-02 Show
Fifty years ago. 2006-02-23 Show
Mayor and Council take some heat over appointment of part-time zoning code enforcement official. Critics charge that officials is "causing alot of friction." 2006-02-23 Show
Plans are underway for "May Day in Madison" annual town-wide campaign to beautify public spaces in the borough. (illus) 2006-02-23 Show
Legion honors "true heroes" with awards for bravery to Madison police officers, Emergency Services Unit, and Fire Department's Confined Space Rescue Team. (illus) 2006-02-23 Show
Region is blanketed with 18 inches of snow on Feb. 12. (illus) 2006-02-23 Show
Madison schools are poised for new technology leap with innovations such as expanded Student Tracking Information system, wireless technology and e-alerts. 2006-02-23 Show
Editorial - Our sidewalks, our responsibility. 2006-02-23 Show
Fans of cool desserts and hot jazz are in luck as Mdison Music Association stages annual "Dessert and Jazz" at Madison High School (illus) 2006-02-16 Show
Red Cross calls for compassionate volunteers to join its Disaster Action Team and will provide training for those who help in emergencies. 2006-02-16 Show
Borough Council is working to close $765,043 budget gap, identified in preliminary survey of revenues and appropriations for 2005-2006. 2006-02-16 Show
Madison High School Educational Foundation awards grants for technology tools to facilitate interactive teaching and learning in the high school. (illus) 2006-02-16 Show
Madison Affordable Housing Corporation is winner of one of three nationwide awards from National Affordable Housing Management Association, for "Exemplary Development for the Elderly." 2006-02-16 Show
Editorial - What's next? Think spring. 2006-02-16 Show
Obituary - Leniobey, Henriette 2006-02-16 Show
Wins school level competition of National Geographic Bee. 2006-02-16 Show
Museum presents exhibit on ancient craft of coopering - making barrels. 2006-02-16 Show
Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Mdison Montessori School seeks memories from its alumni. 2006-02-16 Show
Madison purveyors of fine food and drink are showcased at 5th annual "Taste of Madison" at Brooklake Country Club. (illus) 2006-02-16 Show
Lauren Bearden, age 14, donates her 12-inch ponytail to "Locks of Love," nonprofit organization that makes hairpieces for needy children, 18 and younger, who suffer from long term hair loss due to a medical condition. (illus) 2006-02-16 Show
Board examines data on spending and test scores from all NJ districts and begins to plan improvements. High School and Torey J. Sabatini scored in top 10% of NJ schools on state tests. 2006-02-09 Show
Obituary - Wiacek, Alphonse "Al" 2006-02-09 Show
Postmaster Myrtle Scott says US Postal Service is joining with federal, state and local agencies during "National Consumer Protection Week" to fight fraud and educate consumers on ways to avoid becoming victims of fraud. 2006-02-09 Show
Adopt-a-Park program pairs community groups with public spaces that need cleaning and tending. Local organizations have removed more than 11 tons of garbage and recyclable debris from 12 open space areas. (illus) 2006-02-09 Show
Former resident James M. Banks is sought by police in regard to an aggravated assault that occurred in Hanover Township. 2006-02-09 Show
Editorial - The tests ahead for young people. 2006-02-09 Show
Drew University President Robert Weisbuch will be keynote speaker in meeting honoring 14 teenagers who are 2006 recipients of Presidential Service Awards, recognizing their volunteer service to Madison YMCA. (illus) 2006-02-02 Show
Lodge installs officers for 2006. (illus) 2006-02-02 Show
School sponsors blood drive to benefit former Rainbow teacher Lorraine Lan of Chatham, stricken with cancer. 2006-02-02 Show
Former Madison resident establishes writing scholarship for journalism majors at Rutgers-New Brunswick. 2006-02-02 Show
Editorial - Art can be a new business partner. 2006-02-02 Show
Members of club toast holidays in its annual "Holiday Sherry." (illus) 2006-02-02 Show
Mayor Kerkeslager calls on citizens to join in community-wide Red Cross blood drive and is first to sign up, along with representatives of borough'd first responders. (illus) 2006-02-02 Show
Masonic Lodge receives $23,557 grant from NJ Historic Trust for survey of structural needs and repairs for Masonic Temple. Building, called oldest masonry structure in Morris County, was built as Presbyterian Church in 1824. (illus) 2006-02-02 Show
Steppers will traverse area of homes built before 1910 in next walk. Group honors 6 members who completed 2005 challenge of walking every street in Madison in 2005. 2006-02-02 Show
Exclusive exhibition of work of renowned African-American folk artist Bill Taylor will open in Korn Gallery of Drew's Dorothy Young Center for the Arts. (illus) 2006-02-02 Show
Police Department's Community Policing Unit teams up with Morris County Sheriff's Department Crime Scene Unit to give 5th and 6th graders insights into challenge of detective work. (illus) 2006-02-02 Show
Nino and David: Different Visions shows works by Nino Tsereteli and David Gavesheli in exhibit at public library. Now Madison residents, the artists came here from Georgia in the fromer Soviet Union, by way of Israel. (illus.) 2006-02-02 Show
Stephen D. Jones, Madison construction/zoning official, expresses concern over fate of "mounds" of historical documents in attic of Hartley Dodge Memorial. Borough cannot keep everything, but scanning project would be very expensive. 2006-02-02 Show
Obituary - Sullivan, Sarah J. "Sally" 2006-02-02 Show
Public school faculty members and professional musicians who live in Madison will combine talents for "The Arts Matter" in Drew University's new Concert Hall. (illus) 2006-02-02 Show
Library's Teen Advisory Board will hold "Music for a Causae" International Coffeehouse" as a benefit for relief for Pakistan earthquake victims. 2006-02-02 Show
Obituary - Hermance, Nancy Lee Smith 2006-01-26 Show
Editorial - True community deserves a cheer. 2006-01-26 Show
Obituary - Casilli, Francis R. 2006-01-26 Show
Obituary - Clement, Albert Joseph 2006-01-26 Show
Obituary - Sullivan, Sarah Eileen 2006-01-26 Show
In preparation for transition of Hartley Dodge employees to temporary facilities during renovations, due in 2007, work is ongoing to store and scan documents kept in attic of the historic building. 2006-01-26 Show
Masonic Lodge recognizes Madeline Sinoway, an 8th grade science teacher at Madison Junior School, as "Educator of the Year" for 2005. (illus) 2006-01-26 Show
Board of Education receives confirmation of two "Section 15" state grants to repair roof of Kings Road School and windows at Central Avenue School. 2006-01-26 Show
After heated discussion over ordinance to install stop sign on Garfield Ave., Borough Council drops proposal and votes unanimously to seek bids on contract to narrow road width from 30 to 28 feet. 2006-01-26 Show
Downtown parking is a main topic of discussion at DDC's reorganization meeting, as group awaits results of a redevelopment and parking study by professional planner. (illus) 2006-01-26 Show
Members and guests of club toast the New Year with a seminar on wines and food pairing. (illus) 2006-01-26 Show
Postmaster recommends that summer travelers get passports now to ensure having them in time for summer vacations. New travel security measures require passports for most international destinations. 2006-01-26 Show
Gale force winds and drenching rains whip through Madison area on Jan. 18, bringing down a number of trees. (illus) 2006-01-26 Show
Obituary - Teshima, John E., Sr. 2006-01-19 Show
Editorial - Signposts show a long way to go. 2006-01-19 Show
50 years ago. 2006-01-19 Show
Voters will have two new seats to fill on Board of Education in April election, since voters in November approved increase in size to 7 member board. 2006-01-19 Show
Peruvian couple tells of their journey to U.S. in quest of education and the American dream. 2006-01-19 Show
All the Madison organizations that banded together to aid victims of Dec. 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia and 2005 Hurricane Katrina on Gulf Coast will be honored at Nets vs Phoenix basketball game. 2006-01-19 Show
Designing Tools, new exhibit at Museum, focuses on unususal objects found in collection of implements from 18th and early 19th centuries. 2006-01-19 Show
Museum is organizing Friends of the METC, an advocate group to coordinate all fund-raising and volunteer efforts in support of museum. 2006-01-19 Show
Diverse group hears panelists in Martin Luther King Day conference on poverty in America. The Rev. Charles H. Smith speaks on "A Perspective on Poverty." (illus) 2006-01-19 Show
More than 30 Madison restaurants will participate in 5th annual "Taste of Madison 2006" a showcase of eateries and fine food and wine, to be held in February at Brooklake Country Club. 2006-01-19 Show
Drew's concerthall will host 5th annual "The Arts Matter" benefit concert, featuring performances by public schools faculty members and borough residents. (illus) 2006-01-19 Show
Marries Adam John McWethy of SanDiego, Cal. (illus) 2006-01-19 Show
Marries Robert McCarry of Falls Church, Va. (illus) 2006-01-19 Show
Red Cross urges public to be ready for emergencies and disasters, and provides list of items needed for a disaster supply kit. 2006-01-12 Show
Obituary - Giannone, Frank R. 2006-01-12 Show
Obituary - Sweet, Howard O. 2006-01-12 Show
Obituary - Mazzocchi, Sam 2006-01-12 Show
Obituary - Maxwell, Grant C. 2006-01-12 Show
Construction of new police/fire department complex on Kings Road begins in earnest as jackhammers are set to drive piles to secure the site. 2006-01-12 Show
Public Library schedules three musical programs in January and February, including one on jazz history and improvisations by Madison jazz pianist, Jerry Vezza. 2006-01-12 Show
Editorial - Throw the book at library snoops. 2006-01-12 Show
Borough Council confirms mayor's appointments of a host of borough officials and volunteers to local boards, commissions, and committees. (illus) 2006-01-12 Show
At its reorganization meeting, Planning Board greets new members, elect officers, and resume review of proposals to regulate the cutting of trees on private property. 2006-01-12 Show
Teen Center and Madison Alliance Against Substance Abuse announce awards of their 2005 Creative and Performing Arts Scholarships to four Madison students. (illus) 2006-01-12 Show
Mark Sheeleigh, chair of library's building and grounds committee, explains to Borough Council the need to remove ditch that surrounds library. Removal would allow landscaping upgrades and provide more parking space for patrons and employees. 2006-01-12 Show
Restaurant "Il Mondo Vecchio" set to reopen after closure of nearly three weeks for renovation spurred by health code inspections. 2006-01-12 Show
Obituary - Dorsey, Alice Curren 2006-01-05 Show
Obituary - Brannin, Margaret E. 2006-01-05 Show
Obituary - Forte, John A. 2006-01-05 Show
Obituary - Weaver, James Curtis 2006-01-05 Show
Obituary - Burchill, Violet Shucavage 2006-01-05 Show
Obituary - Schiebel, Marion Ruth 2006-01-05 Show
Fund looks back at aid given in 2005 and looks forward to continued help for the needy in 2006. 2006-01-05 Show
Borough Council holds its annual reorganization meeting, swears in two members for new terms, elects Carmela Vitale as president, and turns its attention to 2006 agenda. (illus) 2006-01-05 Show
Madison officials, residents and business people join in services of lighting the menorah outside Madison Train Station. (illus) 2006-01-05 Show
Editorial - 10 resolutions to fall back on. 2006-01-05 Show
Obituary - Postell, Nicole Denise 2006-01-05 Show
Sixteen year old Morristown boy faces multiple charges, including aggravated assault on police officer, after he is arrested near a NJ Transit light fixture with injury to his hand. 2006-01-05 Show
Borough Council pauses in reorganization meeting in rememberance of the late Councilman Samuel "Jiggs" Mantone. (illus) 2006-01-05 Show
Text of mayor's New Year's Day message to citizens of Madison. 2006-01-05 Show
Red Cross will hold monthly blood drive during 2006. 2006-01-05 Show
Thursday Morning Club hears Christopher J. Christie speak on his mission and priorities as U.S. Attorney. (illus) 2006-01-05 Show
Photograph-Government 2006-01-01 Show
Obituary - Haggerty, Eleanore C. Gill 2005-12-29 Show
Drew's program of mini-courses for the public begins in February at the public library. (illus) 2005-12-29 Show
American Legion post awards $50,000 in grants to local municipal, youth, and veterans groups. (illus) 2005-12-29 Show
Editorial - The cold can cost more than dollars. 2005-12-29 Show
Department launches Emergency Phone Program for the elderly, offering cell phones to be used for emergency 911 calls only. 2005-12-29 Show
Local libraries, concerned with privacy of their patrons, are critical of some provisions of the Patriot Act. 2005-12-29 Show
Borough Council will pause to remember the late Councilman Samuel "Jiggs" Mantone at its reorganization meeting on January 1. 2005-12-29 Show
Madison native has his first book published , a collection of poems entitled "The Apparitioners." 2005-12-29 Show
Obituary - Postell, Nicole Denise 2005-12-29 Show
Obituary - Richards, Florence L. 2005-12-29 Show
Obituary - Fairhurst, Douglas 2005-12-29 Show
Editorial - Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa. 2005-12-22 Show
Board of Education approves hiring of Joanne Seelaus as interim director of Special Services. 2005-12-22 Show
Students at local schools join adult volunteers in fund raising for Madison Eagle Christmas Fund. (illus) 2005-12-22 Show
Former Madison High School teacher writes new book, "Alamo Anthology." (illus) 2005-12-22 Show
Police are investigating break-ins and burglaries at Ridgedale Ave., Elm St., and Rosewood Ave. residences. 2005-12-22 Show
Theater announces its 2006 season. 2005-12-22 Show
Drew's Certificate in Historic Preservation Program invites community members to explore preservation in New Jersey in courses being offered this winter and spring. 2005-12-22 Show
Marries Stephen Jurken of Brookfield, Wis. (illus) 2005-12-22 Show
Photograph-Zion Hair Salon 2005-12-17 Show
Obituary - Brunner, Barbara K. 2005-12-15 Show
Museum holds annual wine-tasting and fund-raising event, "Wine and Song." (illus) 2005-12-15 Show
Madison Junior School eighth grader Akhil Mathew has been awarded first place, for third straight year, in Student Exhibit Competition of Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey. 2005-12-15 Show
Historical Society is happy with the return from the restorer of its two Thomas Hughes 1857 maps of Madison, depicting the town as it was nearly a century and a half ago. (illus) 2005-12-15 Show
In ongoing attempt to solve commuter parking problem across Kings Road from Madison Train Station, Borough Council votes to increase number of parking permits from 330 to 350, at discretion of Chief of Police. 2005-12-15 Show
Department invites public to visit its new website, 2005-12-15 Show
Chamber announces winners of annual Outdoor Home Decorating Contest. 2005-12-15 Show
Ground is broken on Dec. 7 for start of construction of new headquarters for police/fire departments. (illus) 2005-12-15 Show
Lack of information from State Department of Education on the form that $11.1 million in state school construction aid will take frustrate Board of Education, which enacts resolution calling officials to take action. 2005-12-15 Show
Obituary - Simester, Helen 2005-12-15 Show
Obituary - Weir, Robert 2005-12-15 Show
Obituary - DeRosa, Pat A. 2005-12-15 Show
Editorial - Planning a route toward a policy. 2005-12-15 Show
Editorial - Old man winter eyes our wallets. 2005-12-08 Show
State Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) wants information from borough on changes to its Master Plan required by state law. 2005-12-08 Show
After discussion of a proposed ordinance to appropriate $100,000 for installation of elevator at Madison Civic Center, Borough Council votes unanimously to cut amount to $30,000 for design work. 2005-12-08 Show
Shop salutes long-time volunteers at a recognition luncheon. Shops origin stretches back to 1942, raises funds for local organizations. (illus) 2005-12-08 Show
National chail closes Madison's CVS, giving lack of space as reason. 2005-12-08 Show
Celebrate 60th wedding anniversary. (illus) 2005-12-08 Show
Parking attendant will be present at Kings Rd. lot to help permit holders find parking. 2005-12-08 Show
Photograph-Public Safety Complex 2005-12-07 Show
Working with business community and residents, Chamber of Commerce unveils its "White Lights" project with white lights and mini Christmas trees in downtown Madison. 2005-12-01 Show
Annual Christmas Parade brings Santa Claus to Madison. (illus) 2005-12-01 Show
Church holds four-hour reception and book signing by author as Michael P. Riccards' book, "Saint Vincent Martyr Parish: 200 Years of Faith" recounts history of parish. (illus) 2005-12-01 Show
Christmas season is time for contributions to Madison Eagle Christmas Fund to help Madison families in need. 2005-12-01 Show
Madison High School Spanish students participate in program's biennial trip to Spain, visiting Madrid and working in a study program in Barcelona. (illus) 2005-12-01 Show
Displays ceramic collection by nationally shown ceramist Lawrence Stern (illus) 2005-12-01 Show
Editorial - Deck the halls, but do it safely. 2005-12-01 Show
Anti-war group's ad targets Rep. Frelinghuysen's views on Iraq war. 2005-12-01 Show
Borough Council sets up sub-committee of four members to address fear that new police/fire complex will leave too few parking spaces for commuters. 2005-12-01 Show
Holds 28th annual "Le bazar de Noel" as fundraiser for support of Community House's activities. (illus) 2005-11-24 Show
Club installs new board members for 2005-06 season. (illus) 2005-11-24 Show
Obituary - Prizzi, Ciro 2005-11-24 Show
Obituary - Eckhardt, John 2005-11-24 Show
Amanda Tsukamoto, 12th grader at Madison High, is elected to board-of-directors of local Red Cross. She is founder and president of high school's Red Cross Club and was active in drive for contributions to tsunami relief. (illus) 2005-11-24 Show
Honored by 150 people from all over the world on three occasions; his 65th birthday, 25th wedding anniversary, and retirement from the pharmaceutical industry. (illus) 2005-11-24 Show
Borough scrambles to find 75 parking spaces to replace those lost to construction of new fire and police headquarters. 2005-11-24 Show
Selected by National Eagle Scout Association Board as recipient of Distinguished Eagle Scout Award (DESA) (illus) 2005-11-24 Show
Marries Ryan Paul Poscablo of Flushing, NY (illus) 2005-11-17 Show
Editorial - Her quiet dignity changed a nation. 2005-11-17 Show
T.J. Martell Foundation for Leukemia, Cancer and AIDS Research, headed by Tony and Vicki Martell of Madison, holds 30th anniversary fund-raising gala (illus) 2005-11-17 Show
Friends hold fund-raising benefit to support Grant Maxwell, suffering from leukemia. 2005-11-17 Show
Chelsea Rich's leadership as president of Key Club at Madison High School is one of reasons she was chosen as a WHDA-FM radio "Community Service Student of the Year" out of thousands of nominations (illus) 2005-11-17 Show
Borough Council votes 4 to 1 to terminate employment of Adam DeBiasse in Electric Dept. because of failure to pass test for promotion after three attempts. 2005-11-17 Show
Candidates for Borough Council seats watch as votes are counted (illus) 2005-11-17 Show
Obituary - Luppino, Vito, Sr. 2005-11-17 Show
Obituary - Drahosh, Florence R. 2005-11-17 Show
Obituary - Fornaro, Michael 2005-11-17 Show
Obituary - Behrens, Alfred F., Dr. 2005-11-17 Show
Eagle's contributing writer John Kennedy looks at Madison athletics. 2005-11-17 Show
Madison continues to be attractive locale for movie-making as scenes from two films - "Spinning into Butter" and "The Family Stone" are shot on Drew campus. Another film - "The Attic" - uses Garfield Avenue residence. 2005-11-10 Show
Nancy Adamczyk, director of Madison Public Library, looks back on 35 years of achievements at library (illus) 2005-11-10 Show
Editorial - Wrong signal for Highlands 2005-11-10 Show
Obituary - Shafer, Marie M. Pelosi 2005-11-10 Show
Obituary - Ritter, Margaret Weston 2005-11-10 Show
Obituary - Connor, Helen Patricia 2005-11-10 Show
Obituary - Eckhardt, John Gregory 2005-11-10 Show
Holds annual picnic and awards night. (illus) 2005-11-10 Show
Boy Scouts support Madison's "Adopt-a-Park" program by cleaning up James Park. (illus) 2005-11-10 Show
Democrats Robert H. Conley and Carmela Vitale are elected to Borough Council as Democrats retain 4 - 2 majority. (illus) 2005-11-10 Show
Obituary - Pickin, John H. 2005-11-03 Show
Council candidates make final appeal to voters. 2005-11-03 Show
By 13-2 vote, Downtown Development Commission sets aside $30,000 for new redevelopment and parking study of downtown business district. 2005-11-03 Show
Rotary Club donates personalized dictionaries to third graders at St. Vincent Martyr School. (illus) 2005-11-03 Show
Children enjoy magic show following Halloween Parade sponsored by recreation department and Chamber of Commerce. (illus) 2005-11-03 Show
Madison Housing Authority wins national award honoring superior assisted housing and community development programs, for its five townhouse development for moderate-income homeowners on Elm Street. 2005-11-03 Show
Editorial - Don't be out on Decision Day. 2005-11-03 Show
Madison Health Department adds three more dates for flu clinics because of delayed vaccine shipment. (illus) 2005-11-03 Show
Obituary - McGotty, John 2005-11-03 Show
Obituary - Caccavale, William C. 2005-11-03 Show
Obituary - Fellow, Palmina Helen 2005-11-03 Show
Obituary - Barretti, Sadie DeAngelis 2005-11-03 Show
Marries Jonathan M. Couchman of Alexandria, Va. 2005-10-27 Show
Thursday Morning Club lays plans for 28th annual "Bazar de Noel" to benefit Madison Community House. (illus) 2005-10-27 Show
Library hosts a "Harry Potter" theme party for students in 5th grade and older, serves delicacies like "Fainting Fancies" and "Peruvian Viper Tooth Potion" punch. 2005-10-27 Show
Candidates for borough council are busy campaigning, as Robert Conley points to his experience in capital projects, Judy Mullins vows attention to safety, and Carmela Vitale points to problem-solving abilities. (illus) 2005-10-27 Show
Borough Council candidates agree that something must be done about downtown parking crunch and suggest starting with low-cost policy changes. (illus) 2005-10-27 Show
Obituary - Bruno, Angelo J., Jr. 2005-10-27 Show
Borough Council votes unanimously to award construction contract for new police and fire headquarters to Eastern Builders of Hazlet Township, which submitted lowest bid of $10.2 million. 2005-10-27 Show
Department is gearing up for its 125th anniversary with series of events beginning in January. Plans are being made for commemorative booklet, town picnic, and formal dinner-dance. 2005-10-27 Show
Obituary - Sweeney, Daniel L. 2005-10-27 Show
Editorial - Numbers add up, vote for Corzine. 2005-10-27 Show
Rainbow Montessori School will hold dedication ceremony to honor longtime supporter, the late Carole Lehmann. 2005-10-20 Show
Playwrights Theatre celebrates its 20th anniversary with world premiers of "Sunrise at Monticello." 2005-10-20 Show
Named director of Thursday Morning Club's Madison Community House Nursery School. (illus) 2005-10-20 Show
Obituary - Natella, Alfred 2005-10-20 Show
Obituary - Higgins, Anne 2005-10-20 Show
Obituary - Ryman, Jewel H. 2005-10-20 Show
Court sentences Readington Township man to 46 months in prison for embezzling $2.2 million from Fairleigh Dickinson University Federal Credit Union. 2005-10-20 Show
Madison students sponsor fund-raisers to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. (illus) 2005-10-20 Show
Guest columnist, Janice Piccolo, discusses program and festivities of Bottle Hill Day. 2005-10-20 Show
Museum presents interactive afternoon of 18th century music with recorder and harpsicord duo playing music known to Washington, Jefferson and their contemporaries. (illus) 2005-10-20 Show
Candidates for borough council meet with senior cirizens to discuss taxes, parking and experience in office. (illus) 2005-10-20 Show
Library observes Fire Protection Month with special display of books for juveniles about firefighters and fire trucks. Library also begins its fall program of story times and book clubs. 2005-10-20 Show
Two 8th grade girls, Monica Khan and Lia Simmons, are back at Madison Junior School after being struck by van on Main Street as they were crossing road outside their school with crossing guard. Both suffered broken wrists. 2005-10-20 Show
Circa - 1730 Luke Miller Homestead sells for $505,000 in public auction, completing two-year program by Borough of Madison to preserve historic building. (illus) 2005-10-20 Show
In attempt to lock in an interest rate as rates continue to rise, Board of Education votes unanimously tp approve bond financing for local share of $45.9 million school facility project. 2005-10-20 Show
Borough Council votes to establish a Medical Reserve Corps to provide volunteers to help in public health crisis. 2005-10-20 Show
Editorial - Chalk one up for the major. 2005-10-20 Show
Madison Health Department will offer flu immunization programs to adults older than 50 in October and November. 2005-10-13 Show
Suburban Shop Shoes store on Waverly Place celebrates 58th year of business. 2005-10-13 Show
Wins "Bottle Hill Chili Cook-off" held during annual "Bottle Hill Day" (illus) 2005-10-13 Show
Club offers after-school enrichment classes in cooking, arts and crafts, arts and sewing. 2005-10-13 Show
Borough's two-year plan to preserve a premiere historic property at minimal cost to taxpayers is on verge of completion with a public auction scheduled for Luke Miller Homestead. (illus) 2005-10-13 Show
Obituary - DiGiacomo, Guiseppe 2005-10-13 Show
Democratic Borough Council candidates Carmela Vitale and Robert Conley and Republican candidate Judy Mullins agree on many issues in public forum. (illus) 2005-10-13 Show
Republican council candidate Judy Mullins promises to keep a sharp eye on taxes. (illus) 2005-10-13 Show
Volunteers from First Baptist Church prepare and send 12 tons of relief supplies to victims of Hurricane Katrina (illus) 2005-10-13 Show
Democratic council candidate Robert Conley is busy walking, knocking, and listening to voters. (illus) 2005-10-13 Show
Editorial - Concern bridges a gulf of distance. 2005-10-13 Show
Marries David Russell McKee of Bozeman, Montana. (illus) 2005-10-13 Show
Obituary - Dolan, Alpheus John, Jr. 2005-10-13 Show
Obituary - Scott, Robert R. 2005-10-13 Show
Obituary - Zboyan, Rose T. 2005-10-13 Show
Children's services department features bilingual children's books from collection of Laura Axler in library's exhibit case. 2005-10-13 Show
Madison Bureau of Fire Prevention sues Ralph Grieco in attempt to collect nearly $2.7 million in fines alleged multiple fire safety violations at his 91 Main Street rental property. 2005-10-13 Show
Social Club contributes $250 each to Madison and Florham Park public libraries. (illus) 2005-10-13 Show
St. Hubert's Giralda offers refuge to 51 pets who lost their homes during Hurricane Katrina. 2005-10-13 Show
Republican candidate for Borough Council, Judy Mullins expresses her views on parking, speeding and protecting trees. (illus) 2005-10-06 Show
Dr. Fennelly writes of threats to environment in guest column in Madison Eagle. 2005-10-06 Show
YMCA names Irish step dance instructor Colleen Lynch as dance coordinator. 2005-10-06 Show
Standardized test scores, such as SAT, will no longer be a requirement for undergraduate admissions at Drew University. 2005-10-06 Show
One driver is injured in head-on collision at intersection of Loantaka Way and Shunpike Road. (illus) 2005-10-06 Show
Library begins its fall program of story times and children's book clubs and discussion groups. 2005-10-06 Show
Eight Red Cross staffers are deployed to Gulf Coast to help in aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. 2005-10-06 Show
Library is member of Morris Automated Information Network (MAIN) which in October will introduce "Unicorn," an enhanced, integrated computer system. 2005-10-06 Show
St. Vincent Martyr School is one of N.J. schools named a "Blue Ribbon School" for 2005 by U.S. Department of Education under federal "No Child Left Behind" Act. 2005-10-06 Show
Editorial - Ugly proof the struggle isn't over (racial equality).ditorial - One year later, lets make it work(Highlands Act) 2005-10-06 Show
Obituary - Angell, Albert Daniel III 2005-10-06 Show
Obituary - Bassolino, Carmela Rega 2005-10-06 Show
Obituary - Faraher, Matthew J., Jr. 2005-10-06 Show
Obituary - Carrozza, Angelina G. 2005-10-06 Show
Eleven-year old boy is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, and criminal mischief after attack on fellow student at Central Ave. School. 2005-10-06 Show
Bottle Hill Day attractions draw record crowd, estimated at 15,000. (illus) 2005-10-06 Show
Madison resident spends week at own expense in village of Andhra Prodesh, India, to deliver goods and hope to struggling church and orphanage. (illus) 2005-10-06 Show
Board of Education selects Diane Fastiggi to fill vacancy on board created by resignation of Melissa Elias. 2005-10-06 Show
Plans are nearly complete for celebration of Bottle Hill Day on Oct. 1. (illus) 2005-09-29 Show
Named as 2006 Grand Marshall for Morris County Saint Patrick's Day Parade. 2005-09-29 Show
Madison High School Key Club is collecting packages of items requested by military personnel to send to US troops in Iraq. (illus) 2005-09-29 Show
By 2 to 1 margin, voters approve $45.9 million bond referendum for major renovations in Madison's five public schools. 2005-09-29 Show
Madison Katrina Fund a coalition of groups aiding vistims of hurricane, donates $1500 to family of evacuees planning to stay in Madison. Coalition has raised $3,000 to date in donations from public. 2005-09-29 Show
Obituary - Lenz, Jill Williams 2005-09-29 Show
Republicans urge support for council candidate Judy Mullins in campaign kick-off picnic. 2005-09-29 Show
Museum presents balladeer Linda Russell in program of old-time tunes played on historical instruments. (illus) 2005-09-29 Show
Editorial - Historic parish still going strong. (illus) 2005-09-29 Show
Theatre will present weekend of new play round-table readings by professional writers, authors and directors. 2005-09-22 Show
Andrew Bates, an engineer for Tribune Broadcasting and a veteran of 9/11 rebuilding, is working in New Orleans to help rebuild two television stations. (illus) 2005-09-22 Show
20 groups that earlier formed Madison Tsunami Fund have been reactivated as "Madison Katrina Coalition" to aid in relief efforts for victims of hurricane. (illus) 2005-09-22 Show
Independent Thrift Shop will hold annual sale to benefit local charities. 2005-09-22 Show
Police officers Darren Dachison and Sean Plumstead go to New Orleans to help officers there in aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. 2005-09-22 Show
History - Fifty years ago. 2005-09-22 Show
Editorial - A fall decision for all the voters. 2005-09-22 Show
Members of United Methodist Church are collecting items needed by victims of Hurricane Katrina, as are members of high school's Key Club. (illus) 2005-09-22 Show
Jenn Ciulla captures photo of red-tailed hawk. (illus) 2005-09-22 Show
Obituary - Swan, Marjorie Peters 2005-09-22 Show
Obituary - Toto, Carmine, Sr. 2005-09-22 Show
Obituary-Brancato, Emmeline Jeanne 2005-09-22 Show
Obituary - Hughes, Hannah Mary 2005-09-22 Show
Local dentist Dr. Louis DeBiasse's plan to relocate his practise to garage at 34 Lewis Drive is turned down as Board of Adjustment unanimously rejects his application for waiver of parking site plan details and other relief. 2005-09-22 Show
Madison Teen Center, in cooperation with Madison Alliance Against Substance Abuse and United Way of Morris County, is offering $2,500 in Creative and Performing Arts Scholarship to Madison teenagers in middle school and high school. 2005-09-15 Show
Borough officials announce that leaves may no longer be raked into street, following state adoption of new stormwater management regulations. 2005-09-15 Show
School superintendent points to school needs and urges support of $35 million bond proposal for facilities. 2005-09-15 Show
School superintendent speaks to senior citizens in support of $34.8 million bond issue to expand and renovate five school facilities. 2005-09-15 Show
Editorial - Much to gain, much to lose. 2005-09-15 Show
Fourteen young people and four adults from Grace Episcopal Church spend a week in Kentucky coal country, working in project to repair home of a family recovering from severe flooding. (illus) 2005-09-15 Show
Obituary - Rich, Helen 2005-09-15 Show
Anthony Esposito awaits psychiatric treatment after local police departments apprehend him after pursuit and search. Esposito, who was armed, is arrested on domestic violence and weapons charges. 2005-09-15 Show
Now that new pavers have replaced old sidewalks in Madison's historic downtown business district, next big question is parking. (illus) 2005-09-08 Show
Schools officials will take their case to the public for passage of $35 million bond proposal for school expansion and renovation. Three public meetings are planned. 2005-09-08 Show
Obituary - Wendler, Marjorie S. 2005-09-08 Show
Obituary - Dwyer, Sandra L. 2005-09-08 Show
Obituary - Hunt, Mary V. 2005-09-08 Show
Obituary - Galton, Landon C., Jr. 2005-09-08 Show
Editorial - America's pain, America's shame. 2005-09-08 Show
Downtown Development Commission, Chamber of Commerce and Senior Citizen Advisory Committee are conducting study of how shopping and business areas can be made more accessible for the disabled and the elderly. 2005-09-08 Show
Historic house will be open for tours on Sept. 18.esides Luke Miller house, Madison has several other 18th century homes. Listing of historic houses and sites may be found on line at (illus) 2005-09-08 Show
Red Cross seeks to help victims of hurricane - needs volunteers, nurses, cash.nited Methodist Church appeals to community for items needed by victims of hurricane.DU developes program to assist college students displaced by hurricane. 2005-09-08 Show
Church is ready to begin "Year of Jubilee," celebrating 100th anniversary of building of church and 200 years as Roman Catholic community in Madison. 2005-09-08 Show
Madison resident tells of her escape from hurricane Katrina. 2005-09-08 Show
Gary Fisch, owner of Gary's Wine & Marketplace, tells Planning Board he has never been contacted by Stop & Shop about its expansion plans. 2005-09-08 Show
September will be a busy month for schools. After welcoming students, district will go to polls three weeks later to decide on $35 million bond referendum. (illus) 2005-09-01 Show
Marries Lloyd "Rip" Bush, Jr. of Bridgewater Twp. (illus) 2005-09-01 Show
Madison Republican Committee holds annual fall campaign kick-off. 2005-09-01 Show
Prinicipal of Junior School surveys progress and problems of school and examines issue of moving sixth-graders to Junior School. 2005-09-01 Show
Local landlord Ralph Grieco is due in court for assessment of progress he has made in correcting numerous fire, health and safety violations at his 91 Main Street property. 2005-09-01 Show
School welcomes 412 students to new school year. 2005-09-01 Show
Reports of damages and deaths from hurricane Katrina spur desire of Madisonians to help. 2005-09-01 Show
Editorial - For now, keep options open. 2005-09-01 Show
Marries Sean P. Blatchley of Syracuse, NY (illus) 2005-09-01 Show
Obituary - Redmond, Kent Clifford 2005-09-01 Show
Obituary - Curto, Charles 2005-09-01 Show
Editorial - A welcome step to reclaim history. 2005-08-28 Show
Obituary - McKenzie, Anne T. 2005-08-25 Show
Obituary - Anastasio, Louis N. 2005-08-25 Show
Organizers for Bottle Hill Day are considering extending festivities to business district on east end of Main Street. (illus) 2005-08-25 Show
Fire chief looks back on 25 years of change in Madison Fire Department. (illus) 2005-08-25 Show
Historical Society will sponsor tours of circa 1730 Luke Miller Homestead on Rodgedale Avenue. (illus) 2005-08-25 Show
Police arrest Caldwell woman as one of three female suspects believed responsible for some of the wave of summer burglaries in Madison. 2005-08-25 Show
Club members plant flowers at Madison Train Station. (illus) 2005-08-25 Show
Obituary - Fields, Jack 2005-08-25 Show
Charles Henshall is named vice president of development at YMCA (illus) 2005-08-25 Show
Obituary - Scala, Lucy 2005-08-25 Show
Obituary - Maron, Loretta E. 2005-08-25 Show
Obituary - Jones, Charles Benjamin 2005-08-25 Show
Borough Council votes to advertise contracts for public bids on $13.2 million project for new police and fire department headquarters. 2005-08-25 Show
Obituary - Kitchell, Denise "Denny" West 2005-08-25 Show
Editorial - Homework time here for Madison. 2005-08-18 Show
Staff outing for YMCA turns to tragedy as group witnesses drowning of New York youth in Delaware River. 2005-08-18 Show
New street signs complement Bottle Hill Historical District, which has been included on National Register of Historic Places. (illus) 2005-08-18 Show
Police release composite sketch of woman believed responsible for at least three residential burglaries in Madison. (illus) 2005-08-18 Show
Playground fund drives reaches goal of $150,000. Money to be used to make new playground at Dodge Field accessible to the handicapped and meet state safety standards. 2005-08-18 Show
Municipal Court gives Ralph Grieco, owner of 10 rental units on Main Street, a 30-day reprieve from fines totaling $132,000 for alleged health and safety violations. Judge warns that work must be completed in 30 days. 2005-08-18 Show
Section of Main Street from Greenwood Ave. intersection to Rosedale Ave. intersection will be temporarily closed for road repairs. 2005-08-18 Show
YMCA hosts farewell party for former Vice-President of Development, Cindy O'Donnell, who has become director of planned gifts at Morristown Memorial Hospital. (illus) 2005-08-18 Show
State Department of Jewish War Veterans honors Madison-Florham Park American Legion Post as foremost veterans group for service to the community, veterans, children and young people. 2005-08-18 Show
Presents program on guitar making by guitar maker Michael Ferris. 2005-08-18 Show
Guest columnist for Madison Eagle, Philip Kennedy, principal of Central Avenue School, argues that Madison elementary programs lack adequate space. 2005-08-18 Show
DDC earns $2,500 from glossy "Madison" magazine containing information about borough and lavish pictorial displays of Madison scenes. (illus) 2005-08-18 Show
Obituary - Bartinique, Leo J., Jr. 2005-08-18 Show
Obituary - Rasmussen, Mae D. 2005-08-18 Show
School officials receive final notice from state Department of Education that Madison will receive $11,084,708 in state construction aid if voters approve facilities project in referendum. 2005-08-18 Show
Obituary - Prisco, Carmela "Mollie" 2005-08-11 Show
Planning Board will consider application of Stop & Shop to expand its 48,000 sq. ft. building by 20,500 square feet. 2005-08-11 Show
Police seek woman as suspect in attempted break-in and burglary at Central Avenue apartment. 2005-08-11 Show
Editorial - No roadmap and no shortcut. 2005-08-11 Show
Obituary - Iannacone, Louise E. 2005-08-11 Show
Police arrest Roger B. Yaney and five others on basis of warrants from Madison and other jurisdictions. 2005-08-11 Show
Firefighters respond to 78 incidents in July. 2005-08-11 Show
Obituary - Gatto, Dorothy Ingoglia 2005-08-11 Show
Obituary - Philippe, Perle 2005-08-11 Show
Replacement of downtown sidewalks is completed with final installation of pavers on Main Street. Mayor praises contractors for coming in "on schedule and on budget." (illus) 2005-08-04 Show
Obituary - Ralston, Virginia 2005-08-04 Show
Obituary - Marcantonio, Phyllis M. 2005-08-04 Show
Appointed to Board of Trustees of Morristown Beard School. 2005-08-04 Show
Editorial - Deer in suburbia sign of imbalance. 2005-08-04 Show
State aid for proposed renovations of Madison school buildings and the continuing controversy over charges of plagiarism are likely subjects of discussion at special public meeting of Board of Education on Aug. 8. 2005-08-04 Show
Police are investigating burglaries at Cook Avenue, Walnut Street, and John Street residences. Officers arrest Ronald J. Maver and Elizabeth man on Madison warrants. 2005-08-04 Show
Superintendent of schools and president and vice-president of Board of Education join in calls for Melissa Elias to resign from Board because of plagiarism of her speech at Madison High School commencement. 2005-08-04 Show
Board of Education announces appointment of R. Michael Post, currently principal of grades K-2 in Clinton Township, to position of principal of Tory J. Sabatini School. 2005-08-04 Show
Researchers begin deer contraception project at Giralda Farms, aimed at studying effectiveness of antibody hormone that stops deer from breeding. 2005-08-04 Show
Friends plan autumn trip to view three Bucks County mansions. 2005-08-04 Show
Steppers are more than half way through "Madison Revisited" challenge of walking every Madison street during 2005. 2005-07-28 Show
Obituary - Collinson, Charles "Chick" 2005-07-28 Show
Editorial - Take politics out of security grants. 2005-07-28 Show
Critics urge Board of Education member Melissa Elias to resign from Board because of plagiarism in her commencement address to Madison High graduates. 2005-07-28 Show
Children enjoy games, readings, costumes and contests at public library's Renaissance Fair. (illus) 2005-07-28 Show
Borough Council hears pros and cons on use of synthetic turf for Madison's over-used playing fields. Contractor recommends artificial turf. 2005-07-28 Show
Board of Education accepts committee recommendation that Board either retain ownership of former Green Village Road School or transfer ownership of entire property to the borough. 2005-07-28 Show
Obituary - Primavera, James J. 2005-07-28 Show
$13.2 million price tag for new police/fire department complex, set to begin in November, has grown by $500,000 during past eight months because of inflation in construction industry. 2005-07-28 Show
Shade Tree Management Board seeks borough council enactment of ordinance to protect trees on private property from improper felling. 2005-07-21 Show
Obituary - Yuliano, Vincent, Jr. "Cuppie" 2005-07-21 Show
Obituary - Benton, Marilyn "Mal" Wahlberg 2005-07-21 Show
Obituary - Deluca, Patricia A. 2005-07-21 Show
Stop and Shop Supermarket files application with Planning Board to add 20,000 sq. ft. to its 50,000 sq. ft. store in Bottle Hill Shopping Center on Main Street. 2005-07-21 Show
Judy Kroll and Christine Hepburn, leaders of Madison Matters since its inception in 2000, make way for new leaders, President David Arthur and Vice President Kathleen Caccavale. 2005-07-21 Show
O'Donnell Landscaping Services donate and construct sandbox as gift to community project to make playground at Dodge Field accessible to the handicapped. 2005-07-21 Show
Madison school district receives state commitment for another $1.6 million in aid to reduce impact of school bond referendum this fall. 2005-07-21 Show
Police hope for information from public on vandals shattering of glass door and window of two Main Street businesses. Officers arrest Lawrence M. Vanell on warrants from other jurisdictions. 2005-07-14 Show
Mid-June heat wave sees temperature rise to 95 degrees on June 14. (illus) 2005-07-14 Show
Shakespeare Theatre presents "Dangerous Liaisons" a peek into aristocratic boudoirs in pre-revolutionary France. 2005-07-14 Show
Madison Recreation Department's youth drama program will present comic drama, "Shakespeare Comes to Gravel Gulah." 2005-07-14 Show
Board of Education President Melissa Elias is under fire from residents who accuse her of "plagiarizing" her speech at Madison High School commencement. She apologizes for drawing "inspiration" from address by Anna Quindlen. (illus) 2005-07-14 Show
Robert H. Conley sworn in to fill unexpired term of the late Samuel "Jiggs" Mantone. (illus) 2005-07-14 Show
Obituary - Mullen, Laura 2005-07-14 Show
Summer Seminar Series, co-sponsored by Madison Public Library and Madison Senior Center, presents programs on Liberia, unsolved mysteries of New Jersey, pop culture of 1950's, and a musical interlude. 2005-07-14 Show
Obituary - Bhatt, Nautam B. 2005-07-14 Show
Obituary - Ehman, Josephine H. 2005-07-14 Show
Obituary - Barilla, Betty 2005-07-14 Show
Marries Sean Chance of Vandalia, Ohio (illus) 2005-07-14 Show
Editorial - Spirit of London inspires courage. 2005-07-14 Show
Obituary - Denman, Madeleine L. 2005-07-14 Show
Market returns with fresh fruits and vegetables for its 13th year. 2005-07-14 Show
Celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. (illus) 2005-07-14 Show
Board of Education hires Barbara Sargent, elementary school principal inSomerset County, as assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction for Madison school district (illus) 2005-07-14 Show
Borough Council will decide among three nominees Robert Conley, Jack Krug and Anthony Mazza - to fill unexpired council term of the late Samuel "Jiggs" Mantone. 2005-07-07 Show
In two separate cases, police arrest Morristown man and Summit man on charges of heroin possession. Police also are investigating break-ins and thefts on Cook Ave. and Locust St. 2005-07-07 Show
Longtime Madison resident celebrates 90th birthday. 2005-07-07 Show
Museum opens new exhibit, "Trading Music; New Jersey's Instrument Makers." 2005-07-07 Show
N.J. Historical Trust accepts historic easment for Luke Miller House, as step in preserving the building by banning demolition or alterations, that would compromise its historic character. 2005-07-07 Show
Town-wide garage sale raises $4,000 for Tsunami relief fund. Boy Scouts pitch in with car wash and sales of hot dogs and hamburgers. (illus) 2005-07-07 Show
Arrest Charles R. Burrell on charges of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. 2005-07-07 Show
Teen Center Director Raymond P. Kalas wants teen-agers to know that Center is not just setting for organized one-time events, but a place open to them for every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evening for casual get-togethers. (illus) 2005-07-07 Show
Borough asks all residents to observe water restrictions during July and August. 2005-07-07 Show
An enchanting garden blooms at Community House, due to volunteers from Thursday Morning Club. Garden memorializes the late Laura Allocco. (illus) 2005-07-07 Show
Library's summer reading theme of "Dragons, Dreams and Daring Deeds" comes to life with mini-Renaissance Fair on library grounds. 2005-07-07 Show
Obituary - Isaac, Steven A. 2005-07-07 Show
Obituary - McDonough, Joseph R. 2005-07-07 Show
Obituary - Burford, Betty M. 2005-07-07 Show
Beginning in September, parish will celebrate 100 year anniversary of its church building and 200 years as a Roman Catholic community in Madison. 2005-07-07 Show
Editorial - Taking a stand for human rights. 2005-07-07 Show
YMCA celebrates its volunteers at third annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner. Honorees are Nicholas Tetta as adult "Outstanding Volunteer of the Year" and Ariel Morrison as student "Outstanding Volunteer." (illus) 2005-06-02 Show
Foundation sponsors second annual "5K Cross-Country Run/Walk and Kids' Fun Run," a racing fitness and fund-raising event. (illus) 2005-06-02 Show
Sixth and seventh graders who are members of Library Youth Program will present an original play, "Cinderbob." (illus) 2005-06-02 Show
Longtime librarian and teacher at Madison High School, Alice Perlaw, will retire after 62 years of service. (illus) 2005-06-02 Show
As Madison's Junior School's 8th graders prepare to graduate, they can take pride in a year full of awards for individual students and for their class as a whole. 2005-06-02 Show
Large turn-out honors veterans at annual Memorial Day Parade. (illus) 2005-06-02 Show
Generous gift in name of the late Jeannette V. Balber, longtime chairwoman of Madison Democratic Committee, will enable Drew University to create paid political internships for students each summer in Morris County. (illus) 2005-06-02 Show
Editorial - Reach decision by the numbers. 2005-06-02 Show
Obituary - Baker, Aileen C. 2005-06-02 Show
Obituary - Lehmann, Carole Starr 2005-06-02 Show
Obituary - Jonach, Ruth Phillips 2005-05-26 Show
Tsunami Fund presents $50,000 check to Rotary Club of Central Calcutta as Madison coalition campaign to help devastated Ardaman and Nicobar Islands, 1000 miles off coast of India (illus) 2005-05-26 Show
Police arrest Francis Thiel on charges of misappropriation of funds. In other cases, police charge Pa. man with terroristic threats, and charge Samuel R. Burd and a Bernards Twp. man with criminal mischief and disorderly persons offenses. 2005-05-26 Show
Museum invites children to join with museum staff in planting as historic herb and flower garden. 2005-05-26 Show
John Bunnell receives "Craftsman of the Year" award from Museum of Early Trades and Crafts. (illus) 2005-05-26 Show
In final commencement address as president of Drew University, Thomas Kean calls on graduates to maintain their perspective and to resist getting caught up in the race for "more." (illus) 2005-05-26 Show
Editorial - Murphy best bet for fall campaign. Main becomes street of dreams. 2005-05-26 Show
Diocese announces that Bayley Ellard Catholic High School wll close due to $1.02 million deficit and insufficient enrollments. Diocese assures Madison that there are no immediate plans to sell tract for development. (illus) 2005-05-26 Show
At public forum on fate of former Green Village Road School, most residents who spoke were in favor either of school district retaining the property or of giving it to municipality to preserve its two playing fields. 2005-05-19 Show
Madison High School 11th grader, Amanda Tsukamoto, is honored with certificate of recognition from NJ State Board of Education for her leadership in a Red Cross Club drive that raised more than $5,000 for tsunami relief. (illus) 2005-05-19 Show
Library Youth Project invites Madison students in grades 5-8 to attend a coffeehouse evening of entertainment and food on May 21, 2005. 2005-05-19 Show
Chamber of Commerce will sponsor 21st annual art show on Waverly Place on June 4. 2005-05-19 Show
On May 22, the Rev. Charles H. Smith, other church leaders, and members will repeat a tradition dating from 1902, by walking from Madison Y to newly renovated Frist Baptist Church building at 34 Cook Avenue. (illus) 2005-05-19 Show
Residents join to celebrate Arbor Day at festivities presided over by Shade Tree Management Board and Friends of Madison Shade Trees. (illus) 2005-05-19 Show
Board of Education announces that Rene Rovtar assistant superintendent of grades K-12 school district is resigning to accept post as superintendent for Butler district. 2005-05-19 Show
A hundred senior citizens and borough officials join in tea party to clelbrate Madison Senior Center's 25th anniversary. 2005-05-19 Show
Obituary - Wolfenberger, Eugene 2005-05-19 Show
Obituary - Ryan, Thomas George 2005-05-19 Show
Fifty years ago. 2005-05-19 Show
Editorial - Their adventure, our responsibility. 2005-05-19 Show
Obituary - Coleman, Charles J. 2005-05-12 Show
Obituary - Livesey, Thomas 2005-05-12 Show
Fund concludes its campaign with gift of more than $64,000 to aid devasted Andaman and Niobur Islands. 2005-05-12 Show
Steppers announce walks scheduled during May 18 to Sept. 14 period. 2005-05-12 Show
New art studio is opened by Maria Lupo at 60 Main Street. (illus) 2005-05-12 Show
Obituary - VonDerHeide, John T. 2005-05-12 Show
Obituary - Goins, William "Derrick" 2005-05-12 Show
Borough Council proclaims May as "Madison Young Playwrights Month" honoring Madison students whose original plays will be produced by Playwrights Theatre. (illus) 2005-05-12 Show
$12 million federal road improvement bill earmarks $250,000 to spruce up a new access road into Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge. 2005-05-12 Show
Society receives $5,000 grant from Morris County Heritage Commission for restoration of two rare 1857 maps. 2005-05-12 Show
Editorial - Madison legacy alive and green. 2005-05-12 Show
Fire Department responds to 52 incidents in April including smoke conditions at Junio School and Wesley House on Drew campus. 2005-05-12 Show
Advisory committee to Board of Education will hear comments from the public at forum on future of former Green Village Road School property. 2005-05-05 Show
Coalition behind Madison Tsunami Fund plans "Thank You Celebration" to people of Madison for their hepl in four-month, community-wide fund-raising campaign. 2005-05-05 Show
Intimate Evenings of Music series at Museum of Early Trades & Crafts presents folk group Small Potatoes with music described as "Celtic to Cowboy." 2005-05-05 Show
Thursday Morning Club holds annual spring luncheon for benefit of Community House. (illus) 2005-05-05 Show
Public library hosts exhibition of paintings by East Hanover artist Medy Bozkurtian. 2005-05-05 Show
Obituary - Delmonico, Lorenzo C. III 2005-05-05 Show
Editorial - In Morris County, no forgotten war. 2005-05-05 Show
Masterwork Chorus celebrates 50th birthday with performances of Bach's masterpiece B Minor Mass at Presbyterian Church. 2005-05-05 Show
Pianist Ralph Iossa, will perform a solo piano recital of works by Bach, Chopin, Liszt and others at Madison Public Library. 2005-05-05 Show
Madison High history department and Madison Historical Society will co-sponsor an exploration of Viet Nam war era, featuring talks and exhibits. 2005-05-05 Show
Melissa Elias and Patricia Sarasohn are sworn in as members of Board of Education, the latter for her eighth three-year term, making her second longest serving member in board history. 2005-05-05 Show
Volunteers are signing up for 8th annual townwide spring clean-up, "May Day in Madison." 2005-05-05 Show
St. Hubert's will hold annual spring "Bark Fest," a dog walk and family festival to benefit homeless pets. 2005-05-05 Show
Photograph-May Day 2005-05-01 Show
Photograph-Main Street 2005-05-01 Show
Editorial - Vanishing face of human services. 2005-04-28 Show
Madison High students are creating 500 bracelets for fund-raising sale to help pay medical bills of Brittany Delgado, a Central Avenue School first grader who required a bone marrow transplant. (illus) 2005-04-28 Show
Masterwork Chorus celebrates 50th birthday with program of Bach masterpieces. (illus) 2005-04-28 Show
Evie's, a new European take-out/eat-in restaurant across from Coviello's Garden Center, celebrates Grand Opening with free tastings. 2005-04-28 Show
Volunteers from Garden Club and Friends of Madison Shade Trees pitch in to cut back roses and remove winter covering at Rose Garden Park. (illus) 2005-04-28 Show
Future of Bayley Ellard Catholic High School hangs in the balance as 89 more students and $470,000 are needed if school is to remain open. 2005-04-28 Show
Elks lodge contributes $3,000 to project for installation of new playground equipment at Dodge Field. (illus) 2005-04-28 Show
Long-delayed project for downtown sidewalk replacement is finally underway. Project is expected to take 100 days to complete. 2005-04-28 Show
Firefighters extinguish blaze in second story apartment above Bagel Chateau on Main Street. (illus) 2005-04-28 Show
Advisory Committee to Board of Education on future of former Green Village Road School building will hold public forum to solicit input from the community. 2005-04-28 Show
Obituary - Eskesen, Catherine C. Monroney 2005-04-28 Show
Obituary - Pesci, Stella 2005-04-28 Show
Obituary - Stair, Russell Gardner 2005-04-28 Show
Obituary - Mucerino, Ralph F. 2005-04-28 Show
Twelve Madison High students score in 70th percentile and receive Certificate of Merit from American Association of Teachers of German in annual exam for high school students. (illus) 2005-04-28 Show
PeaceWorks, a charitable and educational organization based in Madison, prepares its 47th cargo container of humanitarian aid for shipment to the poor of Nicaragua. 2005-04-28 Show
Red Cross chapter holds annual fund-raising gala and pays tribute to the fire departments in its service area. (illus) 2005-04-28 Show
Museum of Early Trades & Crafts honors John Bunnell as "Craftsman of the Year" for inspiring countless Madison students in appreciation and performance of music. (illus) 2005-04-28 Show
John Pietrowski, artistic director of Playwrights Theatre, speaks to Madison Historical Society on "the inevitable connection between theatre and history." (illus) 2005-04-28 Show
Obituary - English, Vivian 2005-04-21 Show
Voters approve school budget for 2005-2006, re-elect Melissa Elias and Patricia Sarasohn to Board of Education from five to seven members. 2005-04-21 Show
Police charge David Daries with theft of Ipod. 2005-04-21 Show
Arrested for violation of community supervision. 2005-04-21 Show
Editorial - Lasting power of good idea. 2005-04-21 Show
Obituary - Beet, Stanley H., Sr. 2005-04-21 Show
Pianist Ralph Iossa performs solo piano recital of works by Bach, Scarlatti and others at public library. (illus) 2005-04-21 Show
Obituary - Schindler, Lillian B. 2005-04-21 Show
Obituary - Filippone, Mary Condurso 2005-04-21 Show
Obituary - Ellis, Richard B. 2005-04-21 Show
Members of the "Shakespeare Live" touring company of Shakespeare Theatre present abridged "Midsummer Night's Dream" to Madison High's 9th and 10th grades. (illus) 2005-04-21 Show
Madison will be honored with "Tree City USA" award for 20th consecutive year at annual Arbor Day celebration. (illus) 2005-04-21 Show
Girl Scouts treat senior citizens to "Spring Fling" featuring hors d' oeuvres and dancing to Big Band sounds. (illus) 2005-04-21 Show
Obituary - Romano, Americo "Ricky" 2005-04-21 Show
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton speaks to capacity crowd at Drew University on challenges of interconnected world, as first Thomas H. Kean Visiting Lecturer in History and Political Science. He donates his honorium to AIDS research. (illus) 2005-04-21 Show
Drew names Robert Weisbach as its president, succeeding Thomas H. Kean. 2005-04-21 Show
Photograph-Fires 2005-04-21 Show
Obituary - Moore, Rose 2005-04-21 Show
Celebrate 50th wedding anniversary (illus) 2005-04-14 Show
Obituary - Palescandolo, Ellen 2005-04-14 Show
Call goes out for volunteers for "May Day in Madison," annual spring clean-up. 2005-04-14 Show
Republican Chairwoman Judy Mullins files as candidate for borough council (illus) 2005-04-14 Show
Voters will decide on proposed $33.5 million budget for 2005 - 2006 school year when they go to polls next Tuesday. Budget represents increase of $3,061,917 over 2004 - 2005. 2005-04-14 Show
Firefighters handle 52 incidents in March, including homes on Fen Court, Pomeroy Road (2 incidents), and Station Road., as well as an oil spill at Drew University. 2005-04-14 Show
Police are investigating theft at a Madison book store. 2005-04-14 Show
Long-awaited project to replace cracked and mismatched sidewalks in downtown business district, delayed by heavy rains, is expected to get underway this week. 2005-04-14 Show
Editorial - A quiet election is still important. 2005-04-14 Show
PSE&G contributes check for support of Great Swamp Watershed Association. (illus) 2005-04-14 Show
Celebrate 50th wedding anniversary (illus) 2005-04-14 Show
Madison artist Sal Ceraulo exhibits his watercolors and pastels at public library 2005-04-14 Show
Obituary - Stearns, Thelma M. Hill 2005-04-14 Show
Obituary - Bischoff, Rita Burke 2005-04-14 Show
Obituary - Petrillo, Nicholas 2005-04-14 Show
Editorial - Fiscal seriousness deserves support. 2005-04-07 Show
President Bill Clinton is named first Thomas H. Kean Visiting Lecturer in History and Political Science at Drew University and will speak at Drew on April 13. 2005-04-07 Show
Plans are underway, and volunteers are signing up, for "May Day in Madison," annual town-wide cleanup campaign. (illus) 2005-04-07 Show
Mayor presents Rose City Medallions for service to the borough to Sally Barylick for 43 years with Volunteer Ambulance Corps and Gloria Sharon for 25 years as school crossing guard and 8 years as "Mrs. Claus" for borough youngsters. (illus) 2005-04-07 Show
Obituary - McCauley, Robert 2005-04-07 Show
Florham Park soprano Mary Scruggs and Maplewood pianist Mari Strahan will present music of the Romantic era at meeting of Suburban Music Study Club (illus) 2005-04-07 Show
Board plans long-term improvements in communications between school system and the public in curriculum enhancements. 2005-04-07 Show
Pastors of Catholic Churches, including St. Vincent Martyr, mourn death of Pope John Paul II but celebrate his life. (illus) 2005-04-07 Show
Obituary - Murdock, John "Jack" 2005-04-07 Show
Contributions by Nautilus customers raise more than $1,500 for Tsunami Fund. (illus) 2005-04-07 Show
Obituary - Mury, Imogen Emery 2005-04-07 Show
Obituary - Meadows, Emily R. 2005-04-07 Show
Morris County Heritage Commission contributes $2,000 to Friends of Florham to help archive documents on historic mansion on campus of Fairleigh Dickinson in Madison and Florham Park. (illus) 2005-04-07 Show
Rainy weather delays start of long awaited downtown sidewalk replacement project by 7 to 10 days. 2005-03-31 Show
School district entertains senior citizens with dinner in high school cafeteria and special showing of high school's spring musical, "The Sound of Music." (illus) 2005-03-31 Show
Seniors learn about seeing eye dogs from Deborah Snyder, a volunteer from the Seeing Eye in Morristown. 2005-03-31 Show
Morris Township Knights of Columbus contributes $2000 for scholarships at Bayley Ellard Catholic High School. (illus) 2005-03-31 Show
Madison Honda contributes $2,000 to Madison Playground Fund for new playground equipment at Dodge Field. (illus) 2005-03-31 Show
In space of 18 days, accidental fire forces a second Pomeroy Road family from its home. Firefighters evacuate family safely. Malfunctioning heater is believed to be cause. 2005-03-31 Show
Obituary - Dennis, John F. 2005-03-31 Show
Marries Mark Richarson of Brisbane, Australia (illus) 2005-03-31 Show
Steppers pursue their goal of walking every street in Madison during the year 2005. 2005-03-31 Show
North Star Club contributes $8,104 to Madison Tsunami Fund. (illus) 2005-03-31 Show
Florham Park vocalist will entertain members of Thursday Morning Club with 7 decades of Frank Sinatra songs at Clubs annual spring benefit luncheon. 2005-03-31 Show
Columnist John W. Kennedy writes about the intent of the Founding Fathers. 2005-03-31 Show
Editorial - Taking doubt out of rape treatment. 2005-03-31 Show
America's mayor Rudy Giuliani speaks on leadership at Drew University. 2005-03-31 Show
Friends of Madison Library kick off "Pump up the Volumes" campaign at annual Gala. New program allows patrons to target donations to their interests in the library's collection. (illus) 2005-03-24 Show
Obituary - Pellecchia, Frederick P. 2005-03-24 Show
Obituary - Ozias, Amy Y. 2005-03-24 Show
Obituary - Whitcomb, Helen 2005-03-24 Show
Obituary - VonDerHeide, John, Jr. 2005-03-24 Show
Borough Council members Donald Bowen and Astri Baillie pool left-over campaign funds as contribution of $1,500 to drive to modernize Madison's playgrounds. (illus) 2005-03-24 Show
New Bayley Ellard Foundation will seek to raise $500,000 to keep high school from closing. 2005-03-24 Show
Board of Education votes unanimously to send $33.5 million budget for 2005-2006 school year to voters in annual school election. 2005-03-24 Show
Rotary Club sponsors "Kids Fashion Show" as fund-raiser for Madison Playground Fund. 2005-03-24 Show
Editorial - April in Madison looks unbeatable. 2005-03-24 Show
Pat Luciano, owner of four properties on Main Street, pushes for automatic parking as answer to Madison's shortage of downtown parking. He and other merchants continue to make their case to borough council. 2005-03-17 Show
After years fo debate and months of frustrating delays, much-anticipated downtown sidewalk replacement project will begin on April 4. 2005-03-17 Show
Obituary - Allocco, Jimela Petraccaro 2005-03-17 Show
Obituary - Huettner, Richard 2005-03-17 Show
Bank contributes $250 to Madison Playground Fund, a drive to raise money for replacement of outdated playground equipment. (illus) 2005-03-17 Show
Griffin Gallery to host reception for opening of "Trees" a solo show featuring oil-on-linen paintings of Todd Doney. 2005-03-17 Show
Madison is starstruck as 20th Century Fox film crew shoots scenes in downtown Madison for romantic comedy "The Family Stone" (illus) 2005-03-17 Show
Obituary - Razzo, Peter A. 2005-03-17 Show
Obituary - Alexander, Teresa D. 2005-03-17 Show
Red Cross chapter will hold annual "Auction Gala" as fund-raising event. Emphasis will be on organization's wide range of services. 2005-03-17 Show
Firefighters battle a fire that destroyed finished basement at 91 Pomeroy Rd. and caused major smoke damage to home's first and second floors. No injuries are reported. (illus) 2005-03-17 Show
Editorial -Bills come due for state's spree. 2005-03-17 Show
Exhibit by Thomas Guadagno of Convent Station at Madison Public Library shoes grandeur of West in photographs of Zion, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, and Grand Teton national parks. 2005-03-17 Show
Members of high school's Key Club plan choral concert for benefit of Madison Tsunami Fund. (illus) 2005-03-17 Show
Obituary - Morris, Patricia 2005-03-10 Show
Obituary - Vitale, Philip 2005-03-10 Show
Recorder Community Newspapers win 12 awards in editorial and photography categories and 23 awards in advertising categories in annual New Jersey Press Association Better Newspapers Contest. 2005-03-10 Show
Marries John D. Hirce of Bernardsville. (illus) 2005-03-10 Show
Club presents its Benefit Showcase Scholarship Award to 16 year old cello prodigy, Debbie Poe of Livingston, during concert of cello works at public library. (illus) 2005-03-10 Show
Intimate evenings of Music series will bring sounds of Middle Eastern music to Museum of Early Trades & Crafts. 2005-03-10 Show
Police arrest Morristown woman on charge of taking a Madison resident's car without permission; also arrest Rockaway man on charge of issuing terroristic threats. 2005-03-10 Show
Rotary Club celebrates Rotary International's 100th birthday by pinning its 100th member, Michael Odell. 2005-03-10 Show
Anne Marie Gisoldi, a teacher at St. Vincent Martyr School, receives the Harold Higgs Award from Project Community Pride in recognition of her mentoring work with young people. (illus) 2005-03-10 Show
Rotary Club sponsors theatre evening to benefit two major fund-raising drives, Madison Playground Fund and Madison Tsunami Fund. 2005-03-10 Show
Madison Red Cross chapter holds two one-hour training sessions on preparation for disasters. (illus) 2005-03-10 Show
Obituary - Herrigel, Fred III 2005-03-10 Show
Madison High's Red Cross Club presents Southeast Chapter of American Red Cross with check for $5,324.67 for tsunami relief. Club has raised money from Madison's five public schools. (illus) 2005-03-10 Show
Unpresedented drop in borough's net assessed valuation causes increase in school tax rate, superintendent of schools tells Board of Education. School tax rate will increase by 3.648 cents or about $142 annually on average home assessed at $395,000. 2005-03-10 Show
Panel of former coaches and players discuss "The History of Madison Football" at meeting of Madison Historical Society. (illus) 2005-03-10 Show
Editorial - Turn on the lights and say, "Thanks" 2005-03-10 Show
Rev. Charles H. Smith holds book-signing of "The Jubilee Legacy," which he co-edited, tracing spiritual odyssey of African-Americans. 2005-03-03 Show
Center holds annual reception and dinner to benefit its services. (illus) 2005-03-03 Show
Incumbent Melissa Elias and Patricia Sarasohn will face no opposition in school board election. 2005-03-03 Show
Local businessmen Joseph Falco, Sr. and Joseph Falco, Jr., make donations to Madison Playground Fund, a project adopted by Rotary this year. The Falco's were among the winners in Rotary's annual raffle. (illus) 2005-03-03 Show
Obituary - Triolo, John G. 2005-03-03 Show
Obituary - Prudente, Ann 2005-03-03 Show
Obituary - Citro, Nicholas 2005-03-03 Show
Rose City Jewelers, landmark store at 1 Waverly Place and Main Street will be locale for inside and outside shoots for a major movie, "The Family Stone." 2005-03-03 Show
Local officials are puzzled about new state housing rules. Any future commercial ratables to extend tax base will come with requirement to accomodate more housing for low-income. 2005-03-03 Show
Editorial - Diocese needs a leap of faith. Hockey slips up, fans take the fall. 2005-03-03 Show
Scouts collect food donations in annual "Scouting for Food" benefit for interdenominational pantries. (illus) 2005-03-03 Show
Madison Health Department offers screening for "heart health" to residents of Madison, Chatham, and Chatham Twp. 2005-03-03 Show
Editorial - It's not a sexy pill, but it is medicine. 2005-02-24 Show
Madison becomes one of only five N.J. municipalities to receive "AAA" rating from Standard & Poor. This puts borough in position to attract lowest possible interest rate for financing new police and fire headquarters. 2005-02-24 Show
Obituary - Lundin, John A. 2005-02-24 Show
Obituary - Fehon, William L. 2005-02-24 Show
Obituary - Arthur, Margaret P. 2005-02-24 Show
Obituary - Stone, Arthur F. 2005-02-24 Show
Police conclude that cigarette ashes sparked dormitory fire at Drew. 2005-02-24 Show
American Legion salutes emergency responders of Madison and Florham Park and recognizes Madison firefighter Daniel Phillips with "Homeland Defense Award." (illus) 2005-02-24 Show
Eighth-grader will join with fellow choristers in American Boychoir to perform at Academy Awards ceremony. 2005-02-24 Show
Library launches campaign, "Pump up the Volumes," sponsored by the Friends of the Library, program will allow donors to direct donations toward a specific area of need in the collection. 2005-02-24 Show
State Department of Education confirms that Junior School met all requirements for "No Child Left Behind" program, despite a contrary indication that appeared in last week's Eagle. 2005-02-24 Show
Museum presents new exhibit, "Wintering Over: Diaries of Colonial Times," a tale in words of real people from 18th and 19th centuries. 2005-02-24 Show
Obituary - Grimm, Joan D. 2005-02-17 Show
Obituary - DeBiasse, Charles "Skip" 2005-02-17 Show
Board of Education approves three year contract for public school teachers, with salary increases averaging 4.4% a year, retroactive to start of new school year last September. 2005-02-17 Show
More than 100 students had to evacuate Folley Residence Hall on Drew campus after a fire that damaged several student rooms. Fire department credited sprinklers, mandated by state after Seton Hall fire in 2000, for preventing injuries. 2005-02-17 Show
Chefs compete in "Iron Skillet" cook-off as part of festivities at "Taste of Madison" showcase of food and wine purveyors. (illus) 2005-02-17 Show
Madison High stufdents raise $350 in donations for "Four Legged Fund" for expansion of St. Hubert's facilities. (illus) 2005-02-17 Show
New graph is printed because of error in reporting 11th grade "High School Proficiency Assessment" in last week's issue. 2005-02-17 Show
Teen Center plans two "All Night Movie Nights" (one for girls and one for boys) during winter vacation. 2005-02-17 Show
Borough Council formally approves council resolution that upholds Board of Adjustment's decision to grant variances for planned expansion of Madison Honda. 2005-02-17 Show
Obituary - Lundin, John A. 2005-02-17 Show
Editorial - Calendar seems stuck on Dec. 25. 2005-02-17 Show
Obituary - Griese, Anne Faison 2005-02-17 Show
Theatre presents short works as staged readings, ranging from the comic to the mystical. 2005-02-17 Show
Antonio Nigro, motorist in one-car crash last Saturday who had to be extricated from vehicle by Madison firefighters, has been charged by police with driving while intoxicated. (illus) 2005-02-17 Show
Board votes to place on the April school ballot the question of expanding Board management from five to seven. 2005-02-17 Show
Obituary - Jakobsen, Lars 2005-02-17 Show
Obituary - Fritsch, Marjorie 2005-02-17 Show
Halgren, Virginia Sutherland 2005-02-17 Show
Obituary - Tegge, Lillian L. 2005-02-17 Show
Obituary - Triolo, John G. 2005-02-17 Show
Obituary - Peterson, Harold A. 2005-02-17 Show
Obituary - Spencer, John A. III 2005-02-17 Show
Classmates, Madison residents, and businesses pitch in to aid 6-year old Brittany Delgado recovering from leukemia and a bone marrow transplant. 2005-02-10 Show
Obituary - Picillo, Salvatore "Bud" 2005-02-10 Show
In state's 2004 "School Report Card," a collection of data on spending and test scores from all N.J. districts, Madison's three public elementary schools and the high school met all standards for federal "No Child Left Behind" program. 2005-02-10 Show
Student volunteers at Madison Area YMCA receive President's Volunteer Service Award in ceremony on Martin Luther King Day. (illus) 2005-02-10 Show
Drew holds gala Library Benefit Dinner as fund raiser for library. (illus) 2005-02-10 Show
Sculptress contributes a mixed assemblage to show at Griffin Gallery. 2005-02-10 Show
Library offers beginners' English course, in cooperation with Morris County Chapter of Literacy Volunteers of America. 2005-02-10 Show
Municipalities in watershed of Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge find that water quality in swamp has greatly improved during past 5 years. 2005-02-10 Show
Madison firefighters aid Florham Park Dept. in extracating man from car after a three-car accident in Florham Park. In January, firefighters respond to a structural fire, an elevator emergancy alarm and a high level of natrual gas in home. (illus) 2005-02-10 Show
Police arrest underage buyer of liquor and clerk who made the sale. Also charge John R. Caporaso with simple assault. 2005-02-10 Show
Campaign to create better and safer Dodge Field playground is under way as Public Works Dept. dismantles old playground equipment and DDC contributes check for $5,000 (illus) 2005-02-10 Show
Coalition of organizations raises money for Tsunami Relief Fund by sale of blue wristbands at $2.00 each and by benefit events. 2005-02-10 Show
Editorial - Governing free of campaigning. 2005-02-10 Show
Obituary - Blount, Eugene I. 2005-02-10 Show
Obituary - Schlicting, Barbara J. 2005-02-10 Show
Obituary - Hathaway, Gail Guerriero 2005-02-10 Show
Obituary - Vargas, Conception 2005-02-10 Show
Pelkey, Lewis E. 2005-02-10 Show
Obituary - Brown, Arthur, Sr. 2005-02-10 Show
Obituary - Cerillo, Anthony James 2005-02-10 Show
Obituary - Knef, Helen Sacks 2005-02-10 Show
Obituary - Gerstung, Dorothy 2005-02-03 Show
Obituary - Evans, Dexter Terrell 2005-02-03 Show
Guest Columnist H. Carroll Bennett, principal of St. Vincent Martyr School, discusses contributions of Catholic Schools. 2005-02-03 Show
Obituary - Casamassa, Natale "Nat" 2005-02-03 Show
Obituary - Mondello, Neil Edward 2005-02-03 Show
Police arrest John Caporaso on charge of simple assault, and arrest James F. Conway and three others on basis of warrants from other jurisdictions. 2005-02-03 Show
Library's board of trustees approves Wednesday evening hours in response to public's request for more week-end and evening hours. 2005-02-03 Show
Editorial - Resort to brains instead of bullets. 2005-02-03 Show
Board of Education incumbents Melissa Elias and Patricia Sarasohn declare their candidacies for new 3-year terms in April election. (illus) 2005-02-03 Show
Young people turn out in force to show Borough Council their support for renovations at ballfields on Rosedale Ave., responding to some neighborhood criticism. Council responds with assurance there will be no changes to fields. 2005-01-27 Show
Planners from local organizations are in home stretch leading up to fourth annual showcase of Madison eateries on Feb. 7. 2005-01-27 Show
After more than four hours of testimony and discussion, Borough Council votes 3-2 to deny appeal by Madison Matters to halt expansion plans of Madison Honda. 2005-01-27 Show
Area digs out from winter's first major snow fall on Jan. 22-23 (illus) 2005-01-27 Show
Obituary - Ahto, Filomena 2005-01-27 Show
Obituary - Estey, Caroline Williams 2005-01-27 Show
St. Vincent's will hold "Catholic Schools Week" for families interested in its pre-school through 6th grade for September 2005. 2005-01-27 Show
Police are investigating theft of car from Fletcher Place driveway. Arrest female juvenile and charge her with shoplifting. 2005-01-27 Show
Senior Citizen Advisory Committee of Madison offers new programs in which seniors will mentor pupils in 7th and 8th grades of Junio School - goal is to help students gain better understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of reading. 2005-01-20 Show
Obituary - Hoffman, Robert 2005-01-20 Show
Classical music, jazz and art will be featured in "The Arts Matter" a concert and exhibit for benefit of Madison music and arts students. (illus) 2005-01-20 Show
Democratic incumbents Samuel Mantone and Carmela Vitale announce they will run for second term on Borough Council (illus) 2005-01-20 Show
Y holds annual Pancake Breakfast and Open House. (illus) 2005-01-20 Show
Republican Committee Chairman Judy Mullins invites potential Republican candidates for Borough Council to get in touch with her. 2005-01-20 Show
Rev. Arthur Pressley of Grace Counseling Center delivers sermon on the contributions of Martin Luther King. 2005-01-20 Show
Madison Playground Fund Committee is raising money for renovation of Dodge Field Playground at corner of Greenwood Ave. and Chapel St. (illus) 2005-01-20 Show
Library offers electronic databases of magazine and newspaper articles, reading ideas and business ideas and business research, on-line via library's web page, 2005-01-20 Show
Church hopes to raise $450,000 to renovate historic structure at 34 Cook Ave. (illus) 2005-01-20 Show
Editorial - A moral passion that will not die. 2005-01-20 Show
Board of Education unanimously approves submission of a Feasibilities Plan to state - Board plans to put project before in September. 2005-01-20 Show
Obituary - Gessner, Lawrence K. 2005-01-20 Show
Obituary - Morris, Patricia S. 2005-01-20 Show
Obituary - MacKeith, Ida E. 2005-01-20 Show
Contributions from Madison residents to Madison Tsunami Relief Fund will help meet health needs of Andaman and Nicobar Islands in Bay of Bengal. 2005-01-20 Show
Obituary - Waters, Leslie L. "Les" 2005-01-13 Show
Superintendent of Schools Noonan presents Board of Education with recommendations for a bond referendum to fund plan for moving all 6th graders to Junior School. 2005-01-13 Show
Obituary - Marcantonio, Carmella Pirrone 2005-01-13 Show
Library sponsors a variety of programs, including a harp concert, a talk about the Mafia, and talks about economies and financial planning. (illus) 2005-01-13 Show
Editorial - A tragedy shows our common lot. 2005-01-13 Show
EMT Sally Barylick is honored at surprise party for her 42 years as volunteer on Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps. (illus) 2005-01-13 Show
Representatives of wide array of Madison organizations join to coordinate relief efforts to help the millions devastated by December earthquake and tsunamis in South Asia. 2005-01-13 Show
School's low brass musicians perform at Rockefeller Center as part of Merry Tuba Christmas concert. (illus) 2005-01-13 Show
Residents near ball fields on Rosedale Ave. complain to borough council about renovation of fields, charging that it changes character of their neighborhood. 2005-01-13 Show
James McPherson, noted Civil War historian, to be guest speaker at benefit held by Friends of Drew University Library. 2005-01-06 Show
Obituary - Dangler, James E. 2005-01-06 Show
Thrift Shop elects officers for 2005. (illus.) 2005-01-06 Show
Obituary - Nieman, Rosemarie Senecal 2005-01-06 Show
Christine Hepburn, prominent land use architect, is sworn in as member of borough's planning board. 2005-01-06 Show
Editorial - Adult adoptees have rights too. 2005-01-06 Show
Club sponsors concert by pianist, soprano and trio in first concert of new year. (illus) 2005-01-06 Show
Organizations are completing plans for "Taste of Madison," annual showcase of Madison restaurants and cuisine. 2005-01-06 Show
Obituary - Delmonico, Lorenzo Crist 2005-01-06 Show
Donald Bowen is elected president after newly-elected borough council members are sworn in - mayor looks back at 2004 and lists plans for 2005. (illus) 2005-01-06 Show
In ninth annual holiday drive, high school students collect 500 gifts for needy at Christmastime. (illus) 2005-01-06 Show
Former priest is arrested on charges of endangering welfare of child and criminal sexual contact at Daytop, a drug rehabilitation facility in Mendham. 2005-01-06 Show
Mayor presents Rose City Medallions to volunteers completing terms of more than five years of borough services. (illus) 2005-01-06 Show
Police charge woman with prescription fraud. In other cases, police arrest Joseph E. Cassidy III and Jacob Locket III, both on charges of violating a restraining order, and arrest David Nieve on Dover warrant. 2005-01-06 Show
Members of Youth Group of First Baptist Church expand their appreciation of other cultures with presentation of "Christmas Around the World." (illus) 2004-12-30 Show
Walking club invites Madison residents to join it in the "walk every street" challange in 2005. 2004-12-30 Show
Drew University will offer mini-courses on "Yeats and Joyce" and "Bach and Baroque" at public library, March term will feature three additional courses. 2004-12-30 Show
Obituary - Fallon, Rita H. 2004-12-30 Show
Governor Codey signs bill officially recognizing Museum as the entity authorized to construct memorial honoring NJ police officers killed in line of duty - Museum will be located on grounds of Madison Train Station. 2004-12-30 Show
American Legion post sponsors two nights of awards to programs for veterans, young people and local organizations. (illus) 2004-12-30 Show
Obituary - Webb, Ralph J. 2004-12-30 Show
Obituary - Pryor, Paul Bradford 2004-12-30 Show
All five of Madison's living former mayors meet with current mayor for briefing on development of borough projects. (illus) 2004-12-30 Show
Borough Council members Baillie and Bowen will take oath of office for new three-year terms on Jan. 1. 2004-12-30 Show
Christmas Fund volunteers find rewards in spreading joy at holiday season. (illus) 2004-12-30 Show
Red Cross calls for volunteers and offers training in babysitting, first aid and safety, and infant, child and adult CPR. 2004-12-30 Show
Editorial - Tax relief check is not in the mail. 2004-12-30 Show
Obituary - Ardolino, Francesca 2004-12-23 Show
Editorial - Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. 2004-12-23 Show
Fifty years ago. 2004-12-23 Show
12 year old will make Broadway debut in new production of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." (illus) 2004-12-23 Show
Club sponsors lessons for children in Italian culture and language. 2004-12-23 Show
Chamber of Commerce announces awards for best holiday decorations. (illus) 2004-12-23 Show
Obituary - Piero, Jeremiah "Jerry" 2004-12-23 Show
Superior Court jury awards $325,000 to Drew University music professor, Lynn Siebert in her discrimination suit against the university. 2004-12-23 Show
Board members have identified cuts that will slash $4 million from $50 million proposal for new facilities. 2004-12-23 Show
Obituary - Celiano, Carmine G. 2004-12-23 Show
Obituary - Holl, Edward F. 2004-12-23 Show
Obituary - Burton, Alva Relph 2004-12-23 Show
Obituary - Yuliano, Louis 2004-12-23 Show
Obituary - Sellers, Thomas P., Jr.eath of Thomas Sellers, Jr recalls memories of Madison racial discrimination case 40 years ago. 2004-12-23 Show
Police investigate burglary at Drew University snack bar, and in other cases bring charges of possession of prescription drugs without a prescription and motor vehicle offenses. 2004-12-16 Show
Fire Department responds to 54 incidents during November, including three motor vehicle accidents, a leaf fire at Public Works facility, and a kitchen fire. 2004-12-16 Show
Obituary - Funicello, Carmella 2004-12-16 Show
32 residents of Woodland Rd. and surroounding neighborhood petition Mayor and Borough Council urging sidewalks for the busy street between Barnsdale Rd. and Winding Way - safety of children is main concern of petitioners. 2004-12-16 Show
Editorial - Deck the halls, but do it safely. 2004-12-16 Show
Garden Club plants 250 daffodil bulbs in and around Mary McDaniel Memorial Garden in Niles Park. (illus) 2004-12-09 Show
The facilities option to move 6th graders from Madison's three elementary schools to the grades 7-8 Junior School won unanimous support of Board of Education. 2004-12-09 Show
After 4 months in post, Superintendent of Schools Richard B. Noonan discusses challenges and opportunities he is finding - space crunch and surplus slash top of list. (illus) 2004-12-09 Show
Madison High School Key Club is arranging "personal visit from Santa" with gifts for needy families. 2004-12-09 Show
Obituary - Donnelly, Gordon P. 2004-12-09 Show
Obituary - Zuchowski, Stanley J. 2004-12-09 Show
Obituary - Livesey, John K. 2004-12-09 Show
Playwrights Theatre is collecting toys for Marine Corps Reserve "Toys for Tots" program, coats for Jersey Cares, and pet items for St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center. 2004-12-09 Show
Obituary - Gilliand, Dorothy Mildred 2004-12-09 Show
The new Griffin Gallery welcomes nationally known ceramist Larry Stern as guest exhibitor. (illus) 2004-12-09 Show
Editorial - 'Tis the season to shop locally. 2004-12-09 Show
Presents "Festive Music Concert" featuring works by Mozart and Debussy. 2004-12-02 Show
Obituary - Del Duca, Michael Joseph 2004-12-02 Show
Obituary - Melcher, Ronald 2004-12-02 Show
Obituary - Fischl, Stephen John, Dr. 2004-12-02 Show
Obituary - Damon, Janice Eckel 2004-12-02 Show
Obituary - Wallace, Sam J. 2004-12-02 Show
Obituary - Maglione, Jennie 2004-12-02 Show
Presbyterian Church presents its annual candle-light concert, featuring Newark Boy's Choir (illus) 2004-12-02 Show
Grace Church adds American Boychoir to its concert series (illus) 2004-12-02 Show
Holds annual benefit and awards gala (illus) 2004-12-02 Show
Editorial - Suffering millions half a world away. Closer to home. 2004-12-02 Show
Madison, Morris County, and state officials gather with new homeowners to dedicate five new townhouses at 27 Elm St., representing first-ever development in Madison of for-sale affordable housing for first time home buyers (illus) 2004-12-02 Show
Nine members of High School Key Club spend day after Thanksgiving volunteering at Habitat for Humanity home project in Chester Township. 2004-12-02 Show
Photograph-Christmas Parade 2004-11-27 Show
Photograph-Christmas Parade 2004-11-27 Show
December will be filled with music as library presents programs by "Miss Candy," "Holiday Troubadour" Richard Stillman, and the Drew Flute Ensemble. 2004-11-25 Show
YMCA begins new program to help battle childhood obesity. 2004-11-25 Show
Obituary - Ryan, Carolyn Crane 2004-11-25 Show
Obituary - Chiarolanza, Peter J. 2004-11-25 Show
Obituary - Romano, Orlando Lee 2004-11-25 Show
Obituary - McClellan, George Winston 2004-11-25 Show
Obituary - Filippone, Anthony 2004-11-25 Show
Art show at Museum of Early Trades and Crafts will benefit Interfaith Food Pantry of Morris County. 2004-11-25 Show
Madison High's new principal, Gregory Robertson, gives Board of Education an upbeat report on where the school has been and where it's going. 2004-11-25 Show
Two-time Olympian and Figure Skating Hall of Famer will again offer skating lessons as part of YMCA's new season. 2004-11-25 Show
Conducts winter clothing drive to benefit the homeless as part of project to earn Eagle Scout rank. (illus) 2004-11-25 Show
Guest columnist, Dorothy Maxwell, explains influenza and what can be done to prevent its spread. 2004-11-25 Show
Presbyterian Church gives Madison this year's downtown Christmas tree, a 45 foot high evergreen (illus) 2004-11-25 Show
Borough's newly-hired code enforcement official Leonard Taylor, satisfies Borough Council with his answers to council questions as to how he will do his job. 2004-11-25 Show
High School celebrates 90th birthday of school librarian, Alice Perlaw, who has served in post since 1943 (illus) 2004-11-25 Show
Santa Claus is preparing for annual parade.rowds line Main Street for annual Christmas parade. (illus) 2004-11-25 Show
Wireless communications monopole on Kings Road will be extended to height of 30 feet, after Borough Council unanimously approved request from T-Mobil - monopole will be 150 feet high. 2004-11-25 Show
Ryan S. West, a 19 year old FDU student, is killed in one car accident on Green Village Road. 2004-11-25 Show
Board will address questions and concerns of the public about proposed building referendum in second of two "Town Meetings." 2004-11-25 Show
Club gives holiday season an unofficial start with its 27th "LeBazar de Noel," welcoming shoppers with nearly 30 exhibitors of crafts and gifts. (illus) 2004-11-25 Show
Obituary - Miller, Doris Mary Ann 2004-11-18 Show
Obituary - Pennimpede, Anthony 2004-11-18 Show
Editorial - Remembering and honoring. 2004-11-18 Show
After a "retirement" of less than three months, former superintendent of Madison schools is appointed interim superintendent of Rockaway Township schools. 2004-11-18 Show
Receives Eagle Scout Award. (illus) 2004-11-18 Show
New Madison Teen Center invites all Madison teen-agers to join the club. 2004-11-18 Show
Borough secures purchase of 1.21 acre property surrounding circ-1730 Luke Miller Homestead with award of $300,000 grant from Morris County. Funding is now complete for borough's plan to save the historic property. 2004-11-18 Show
Obituary - Walker, Joan B. 2004-11-18 Show
Borough will hold lottery for non-residents to obtain commuter parking permits on trial basis, 50 spots to be available. 2004-11-11 Show
Cheryl Ayres Neri, owner and director of new Griffin Gallery, hosts reception to celebrate gallery's inaugural exhibition. (illus) 2004-11-11 Show
Marries Michael Todd Cwiklinski of Amherst, NY. (illus) 2004-11-11 Show
Department has received notice of its allotment of flu vaccine for 2004-05 and has developed protocol for immunization program. 2004-11-11 Show
Morris County Chapter of Military Order of the Purple Heart will present Madison with monument honoring all men and women who served in U.S. military action and were wounded in combat. 2004-11-11 Show
Editorial - Liberal Bias? Just the facts. 2004-11-11 Show
Department responds to 57 incidents in October, including two smoke conditions in apartments on Main Street, assistance to homeowner stuck on his roof when ladder fell, and fire in ATM room at Drew University. 2004-11-11 Show
Fred Thalmann, superintendent of Madison Chatham Joint Meeting, looks back on 21 years of progress and problems in sewage treatment as he nears retirement. (illus) 2004-11-11 Show
Trustees of Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation approve $1.35 million in grants for public library, Project Community Pride, YMCA, Madison Community House and Museum of Early Trades and Crafts. 2004-11-11 Show
Library celebrates "Children's Book Week" with a Youth Stages production of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe." 2004-11-11 Show
Club holds 27th annual "Bazar de Noel" to benefit Madison Community House. (illus) 2004-11-11 Show
Board of Education will host two "Referendum Town Meetings" to provide community with information on alternative plans for improving school facilities and to elicit community input. 2004-11-11 Show
Receives Award of Merit from New Jersey Arborists for meritorious and long-term service in advancing ideals and practices of arboriculture in New Jersey. 2004-11-04 Show
Stephen Wells, guest columnist, suggests "Put Madison's two-party elections out of their misery." 2004-11-04 Show
Obituary - Chidester, Lawrence "Chid", Jr. 2004-11-04 Show
Police bring charges in cases involving drug possession, simple assault, shoplifting, contempt of court, and criminal Mischief. 2004-11-04 Show
Madison voters return Astri Baillie and Donald Bowen to new terms on borough council - George Hayman trails in three-way race (illus) 2004-11-04 Show
Department is busy with training and drills, including a 3-hour class on aircraft fire-fighting, a multi-agency drill on aircraft collision, and a confined rescue class (illus) 2004-11-04 Show
Members of Downtown Development Commission, concerned about parking crunch in Madison, hear presentation about a Princeton Borough mixed use parking, retail, residential-downtown development project, accomplished by public-private partnership. 2004-11-04 Show
Kean urges Congress to complete recommendations of 9/11 commission in speech at Drew Forum. 2004-11-04 Show
Madison youth wins two prizes at 5th annual Fireback Fiddle Contest, taking first place in both Adult Celtic and Junior Bluegrass division - contest is held in Oxford, England. (illus) 2004-11-04 Show
Editorial - One campaign took high road. 2004-11-04 Show
Season's first meeting of Historical Society hears talks on Laura Augusta Home for children of deceased Episcopal clergy and on Madison Academy, a private college prep school. 2004-10-28 Show
50 years ago. 2004-10-28 Show
Editorial - With every vote let freedom ring. 2004-10-28 Show
Independence Court residents who oppose the Chathams' plans for new playing fields on Woodland Road present mayor and borough council with 50-signature petition, objecting to environmental impact of construction. 2004-10-28 Show
Returns home after military service in Iraq. (illus) 2004-10-28 Show
Madison police and Morris County investigators still seek leads in 1982 murder of James R. Wescoe at Madison Train Station. 2004-10-28 Show
Elected to membership on board of directors of Morris County Visitors Center. 2004-10-28 Show
Borough Council will decide in next meeting whether to add 10,800 square foot basement to plans for police/fire building on Kings Road 2004-10-28 Show
Presbyterian Church commissions a field condition survey of historic Hillside Cemetery and will restore the 100 grave markers deemed most in need of repair - burial ground dates to 1750 (illus) 2004-10-28 Show
Heavy turn-out of Madison voters is expected in presidential election - more than 19,000 new voters are registered in Morris County. 2004-10-28 Show
Public library will present "Magic, Myth and Music" a special Halloween show for children of all ages. 2004-10-28 Show
David Drake, wildlife specialist from Rutgers, will speak on problems of deer in meeting sponsored by "Friends of Madison Shade Trees." 2004-10-28 Show
Daiichi Pharmaceutical Corp., US subsidiary of Japanese global pharmaceutical company, has signed 141,000 square-foot lease at Giralda Farms corporate campus. 2004-10-28 Show
Animal welfare center reaches first fund-raising goal of $3 million in campaign to raise $10 million for construction of new state-of-the-art facility (illus) 2004-10-28 Show
Police Department will again host "Keep Out of Criminal Mischief Night" with "Spider-Man" film - goal is to provide children with alternative to "Mischief Night." 2004-10-21 Show
Daughter of Madison council president works in Kerry presidential campaign. 2004-10-21 Show
Borough Council discusses issues of tear-downs and builders' obligations to community when neighbors of 42 Broadview Ave. property complain about impact of a builder clear-cutting trees and leaving lot vacant. 2004-10-21 Show
Seniors quiz borough council candidates on taxes and builders' practice of clear-cutting trees and leaving properties vacant and featureless (illus) 2004-10-21 Show
Obituary - Marinaccio, Frances Cerciello 2004-10-21 Show
Police are concerned with report that man accosted two girls but cannot locate man or vehicle. Police charge Carl R. Irving with simple assault in Main Street Cafe. Charge Deborah A. Seamans with drug paraphernalia possession. 2004-10-21 Show
Volunteers donate time and money for upgrading facilities at three playing fields. 2004-10-21 Show
In report to Board of Education, Anne Marie Hodges principal of Madison Junior School, discusses goals of character education and other issues. 2004-10-21 Show
Editorial - Baillie, Bowen best for Madison. " - Vote Frelinghuysen. " - Elect John Kerry, for a stronger US. 2004-10-21 Show
Obituary - Raudelunas, Dolores "Del" 2004-10-21 Show
Teen Center launches its first membership drive, inviting oung people to take part in Center's activities. 2004-10-14 Show
Candidate for council promises to "facilitate" a parking solution. (illus) 2004-10-14 Show
Theatre presents Shakespeare's psychological and political thriller, "Macbeth." 2004-10-14 Show
Editorial - Return Rochford as county sheriff. Token gesture would say a lot. 2004-10-14 Show
Health Department cancels all its planned flu clinics because of vaccine shortage. 2004-10-14 Show
Candidates Astri Baillie (Democrat) and Donald Bowen (Republican) continue their joint campaigning for borough council seats. (illus) 2004-10-14 Show
Two incumbents and challengers for borough council seats exchange views on shortage of recreational fields, health of borough utilities, and future direction of Madison in forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters. 2004-10-14 Show
Big turnout joins in 10th annual T.J. Martell Foundation 5K Walkathon hosted by the YMCA. (illus) 2004-10-14 Show
Members of Downtown Development Commission, Chamber of Commerce, and Planning Board will discuss automated garage as solution for downtown parking shortfall. 2004-10-14 Show
Obituary - Raymond, John C., Jr. 2004-10-14 Show
Obituary - Jagels, Herbert G. 2004-10-14 Show
Obituary - Pannella, Gloria Piccolo 2004-10-14 Show
Celebrate 50th wedding anniversary (illus) 2004-10-14 Show
Marries Steven Golub of Marlboro Township. (illus) 2004-10-14 Show
Borough's Open Space, Recreation and Historic Preservation Trust Fund expects to raise $435,000 through a dedicated tax approved by voters last November. 2004-10-14 Show
Madison Matters, citizen's group concerned with land use issues, appeals zoning Board of Adjustments decision to approve application of Madison Hinda for expansion of its Main Street facilities. 2004-10-14 Show
Pianist John Mikes of Madison will be featured performer, playing peices by Bach, Mozart, Schumann, and Chopin in concert sponsored by Suburban Music Study Club. 2004-10-07 Show
Obituary - Dalton, Mary O. 2004-10-07 Show
Obituary - Somers, Sarah "Sally" 2004-10-07 Show
Kiwanis Club presents 2 monetary awards and certificates to Madison High School students, Alexa Malishchak and Jennifer Piscopo. (illus) 2004-10-07 Show
George Hayman, Democratic challenger for a borough council seat and former councilman, criticizes both incumbents, Astri Baillie (Dem.) and Donald Bowen (Rep.). (illus) 2004-10-07 Show
Voters experience new style of campaigning as council candidates Astri Baillie (Dem.) and Donald Bowen (Rep.) ring doorbells and meet voters side by side. 2004-10-07 Show
Board of Trustees of Museum of Early Trades and Crafts names Deborah Farrar Starker as director. (illus) 2004-10-07 Show
Bottle Hill Day shines under cloudy fall skies. (illus) 2004-10-07 Show
Morris County Open Space Committee takes walking tour of property adjoining Luke Miller Homestead which borough hopes to add to Summerhill Park with funds from an Open Space grant. 2004-10-07 Show
Watoto Children's Choir of Uganda will present combination of native African singing, contemporary gospel and ethnic dance at Methodist Church. 2004-10-07 Show
Editorial - Museum trustees make a great call. " Election forums stir voter interest. 2004-10-07 Show
Obituary - Baumgarten, Robert E. 2004-10-07 Show
Obituary - Ardolino, Anna Aliperti 2004-10-07 Show
Obituary - Smith, Catherine Ann 2004-10-07 Show
Board of Education schedules two "town meetings" at which the public may discuss with the Board its plans for a future bond referendum. 2004-10-07 Show
Obituary - Bronco, Mary "Myrtle" 2004-10-07 Show
Obituary - Walter, Dolores Moscatelli 2004-10-07 Show
Obituary - Montagna, Irene V. 2004-09-30 Show
Obituary - Chaney, John 2004-09-30 Show
Obituary - Stricchiola, Mary A. 2004-09-30 Show
Harlem Messengers, New York City's premier gospel ensemble will perform at Presbyterian Church. 2004-09-30 Show
Mayor suggests that new technology could resolve Madison's parking problems. (illus) 2004-09-30 Show
Discussion becomes heated as Borough Council members consider the delay in downtown sidewalk replacement project. 2004-09-30 Show
Editorial - The place to be this weekend. 2004-09-30 Show
New state law will require grade K-12 school district to cut current budget surplus in half and return $828,124 to taxpayers. Transfer will be applied to 2005-2006 school budget as tax relief. 2004-09-30 Show
10th annual T.J. Martell 5K Walkathon will raise funds for T.J. Martell Foundation for Leukemia, Cancer and AIDS research. 2004-09-30 Show
Police make six arrests in cases involving marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Officers also make arrests in DWI case and outstanding warrants from other jurisdictions. 2004-09-30 Show
Borough Council votes to commit space and prepare a foundation for Purple Heart memorial in James Park. 2004-09-30 Show
Health Department offers free immunization for cats and dogs. 2004-09-30 Show
After a heated debate among Borough Council members over adding options to proposed new police and fire department building, Mayor Kerkeslager breaks 3-3 deadlock with a "yes" vote enabling project design to move forward. 2004-09-30 Show
Plans are complete for 30th annual "Bottle Hill Day" street festival - events will include live entertainment, a trolley tour, an auto show and sidewalk sales. (illus) 2004-09-30 Show
Obituary - Chrone, Matthew 2004-09-30 Show
Obituary - Doyle, Virginia Rose 2004-09-30 Show
Obituary - Eitzen, Robert 2004-09-30 Show
Madison children with personal or educational needs can find help from Masonic Angel of local Masonic lodge. 2004-09-23 Show
Borough government will undertake survey of damages caused by deer. 2004-09-23 Show
Board of Education loses appeal to State Department of Education for relief from new state law that will require K-12 school district to slash its budget surplus in half this year. 2004-09-23 Show
Republicans and Democrats agree on rules about placement of campaign signs. 2004-09-23 Show
Front steps of church are locale of photo shoot for Money Magazine's article on church's course on marriage. (illus) 2004-09-23 Show
Charge Gifford T. Herud with assault and also make arrests in cases involving hit-and-run accident, shoplifting, illegal possession of prescription drugs, theft, and underage possession and purchase of alcohol. 2004-09-23 Show
Obituary - Losavio, Thomas J. III 2004-09-23 Show
Obituary - Matrisciano, Angelo 2004-09-23 Show
Celebrates 50th anniversary of dedication of its sanctuary. (illus) 2004-09-23 Show
50 years ago. 2004-09-23 Show
Editorial - Let work sessions be work sessions. 2004-09-23 Show
Presbyterian Church selects its first woman senior pastor, Viriginia Lee Wood of Avon, Connecticut. (illus) 2004-09-16 Show
30th annual "Bottle Hill Day" will kick off at Waverly Place on Oct. 2. (illus) 2004-09-16 Show
Drew University will host 12th annual celebration of "town/gown" ties with Madison in a "Community Day" afternoon of family fun. 2004-09-16 Show
Officers handle a variety of cases, including a burglary and assault at Drew University, underage possession of alcohol, and a vandalism rampage by two teen-age siblings in their Madison home. 2004-09-16 Show
Gretel Oakes marries Whitney Merrill (illus) 2004-09-16 Show
Obituary - Zuck, Florence Lydia McEnally 2004-09-16 Show
Public library presents retrospective of works of Chatham Township artist Helen Mead Platt (illus) 2004-09-16 Show
Borough Council amends outdoor dining regulations to allow liquor to be served to sidewalk diners. 2004-09-16 Show
Both local Republicans and Democrats hold picnics to kick off fall campaign for two seats on Borough Council (illus) 2004-09-16 Show
Hundreds join in candlelight ceremony as names of 64 reisdents killed in Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks are read aloud. (illus) 2004-09-16 Show
Obituary - Betz, Judith A. Crum 2004-09-09 Show
Borough Council is criticized as new procedure for public comments forces residents to wait 2 1/2 hours before speaking. 2004-09-09 Show
Borough Council votes unanimously to award $51,860 contract for Main Street block pavers for downtown sidewalk replacement project. 2004-09-09 Show
Installs new board members for 2004-05 season. 2004-09-09 Show
Computers will provide faster lunch lines and increased sales at Central Avenue School cafeteria. 2004-09-09 Show
Police arrest Brooklyn couple for shoplifting at CVS - also make arrests in cases involving theft, a break-in, drunk driving, underage possession of alcohol, drugs and misleading officers. 2004-09-09 Show
Both madison Democrats and Republicans will hold picnics to kick off fall political campaigns. 2004-09-09 Show
Editorial - Madison caters to hunger for arts. 2004-09-09 Show
Marries Michael Barton of Chatham. 2004-09-09 Show
Obituary - Carambio, Carl V. 2004-09-09 Show
Editorial - Remembering is the beginning. 2004-09-06 Show
Obituary - Meyer, Dorothy Irene Lungen 2004-09-02 Show
Many new faces are at the administrative helm for grade K-12 local school district as new school year begins. 2004-09-02 Show
Back-to-school facts at a glance. 2004-09-02 Show
New long awaited Teen Center opens its doors at Civic Center. 2004-09-02 Show
Fundraising gala for T.J. Martell Foundation for Leukemia, Cancer and AIDS Research brings out "stars," including George and Barbara Bush and Stevie Wonder - Fund was created to honor memory of young Madison resident who died of leukemia (illus) 2004-09-02 Show
Democrats and Republicans join in praise of the late Jeanette Balber, who as local Democratic leader helped to restore two-party politics in Madison. (illus) 2004-09-02 Show
Obituary - Balber, Jeanette 2004-09-02 Show
Mayor and Council call special public information meeting to consider capital project to renovate municipal building and construct new headquarters for police and fire departments. 2004-09-02 Show
Scouts have mountain-climbing adventures in summer spent at New Mexico scout ranch. (illus) 2004-09-02 Show
Borough Council rearranges meeting procedure to allow more public comment. 2004-09-02 Show
Editorial - Three years saw Dynamic Change. 2004-09-02 Show
Celebrate 50th wedding anniversary. (illus) 2004-09-02 Show
Board of Adjustment denies Honda a variance for off-site parking but approves car dealership's main application to expand its facility on Main Street. 2004-09-02 Show
Obituary - Broadley, Catherine Toner 2004-09-02 Show
Obituary - Scarince, William Frank 2004-09-02 Show
William Chemerka writes script for "First Invasion" a documentary about War of 1812, to appear on History Channel. 2004-09-02 Show
Vincent Chirico is sworn in as acting chief of police and will be promoted automatically to chief in October when present Chief Tim Ehrenburg retires (illus) 2004-08-26 Show
Obituary - Long, Hazel Norris 2004-08-26 Show
Obituary - Bonanno, Mary Santivasi 2004-08-26 Show
Obituary - Verbarg-Rothrock, Caroline A. 2004-08-26 Show
Ruth Kerkeslager is appointed development director of Great Swamp Watershed Assoc. (illus) 2004-08-26 Show
Obituary - Dickenson, Michael Adolf "Dicky" 2004-08-26 Show
Editorial - Much "perfect" in Kean's service. 2004-08-26 Show
Presents lecture and demonstration on carving decoys by experts in field. 2004-08-26 Show
Thomas H, Kean announces that he will retire as president of Drew University in the spring. (illus) 2004-08-26 Show
Editorial - A fast transition, but orderly one. 2004-08-19 Show
Obituary - Vacchiano, Saveria 2004-08-19 Show
Obituary - Filippone, Josephine 2004-08-19 Show
Obituary - Gentile, Nicholas 2004-08-19 Show
Obituary - Mezzacca, Philomena C. 2004-08-19 Show
F.M. Kirby Children's Center, the child care annex of Madison Area YMCA, celebrates 22nd year of service for youngsters from infancy to school age. New kindergarten will begin in the fall. 2004-08-19 Show
Many building renovations have been underway during summer months, including addition of new wing to Dorothy Young Center for the Arts. 2004-08-19 Show
Borough Council considers change in speaking time for members of public at council meetings. 2004-08-19 Show
Board of Education delays referendum on building until fall 2005. 2004-08-19 Show
Local Red Cross Chapter assists with disaster relief during July's devasting floods in SouthJersey. (illus) 2004-08-19 Show
Madison residents express differing views on resignation of Gov. McGreevey. 2004-08-19 Show
Receives $25,000 grant from RBC Dain Rauscher for production of John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men." 2004-08-19 Show
Local sculptress Maria Lupo draws from American mythology and native cultures, using topsoil as a principal material in her works. (illus) 2004-08-18 Show
Police Department charge homeowners Robert and Kathleen Griffin with allowing and making their property available for underage drinking. 2004-08-12 Show
Community House and NJ Inerior Design Society are collaberating on renovation of Rose Wing of Community House. 2004-08-12 Show
Police warn of store break-ins after series of commercial burglaries in downtown business district since July. 2004-08-12 Show
Borough Council will name Vincent Chirico as Madison's next chief of police. 2004-08-12 Show
Editorial - Watershed day for state's future. 2004-08-12 Show
Obituary - Herr, Freda M. 2004-08-12 Show
Launched by Thursday Morning Club, a new magazine, "Elements," presents writings and illustrations from students in the four local elementary schools. 2004-08-12 Show
Obituary - Hawkins, John P. 2004-08-12 Show
Obituary - Anderson, Mae Sleckman 2004-08-12 Show
Obituary - Whitehead, Frederick E. 2004-08-12 Show
Obituary - Forbes, Loliene Schuldt 2004-08-12 Show
Wins scholarship in Morristown Municipal Airport Scholarship Program (illus) 2004-08-12 Show
Drew hosts talented high school 11th graders from all over New Jersey in month-long New Jersey Governor's School of Sciences. 2004-08-12 Show
Lewis Drive neighbors complain to borough council that house at 34 Lewis Drive is being turned into a dental office by its owner, Dr. Louis DeBiasse in defiance of borough zoning restrictions. 2004-08-12 Show
Local business owners present borough council with petition from 75 downtown businesses, asking for action to ease downtown parking crunch. 2004-08-12 Show
Borough Council votes 3-2 to table for a year a professional service contract to Kimmerle Group for development of planning alternatives in downtown business district. 2004-08-05 Show
F.M. Kirby Center, the child care annex of Madison Area YMCA, celebrates 22nd year of services to youngsters from infancy to school age. 2004-08-05 Show
Drew offers courses for Certificate in Historic Preservation program. 2004-08-05 Show
Obituary - Harris, Alfonzo 2004-08-05 Show
Obituary - Woodson, Raymond H. 2004-08-05 Show
Editorial - Chatham to Iraq: A young life's arc. 2004-08-05 Show
Plans are underway to attack pollution problems of Sunrise Lake in Chatham Twp., along Madison border. 2004-08-05 Show
Garage is site for recital of Green Hill Dance Studio, featuring dancers from age 2 1/2 to 10. (illus) 2004-08-05 Show
Board of Education still hopes to save surplus funds from being slashed in half under new state law that reduces school districts' maximum allowable surplus. 2004-08-05 Show
State Review Board for Historic Sites will soon consider whether "Bottle Hill" area from 102 Ridgedale Avenue to road's intersection at Park Avenue should be listed on national and New Jersey registers of historic places. 2004-08-05 Show
Presents Shakespeare's "Richard II" 2004-08-05 Show
Rose City Steppers plan walk that takes in 17 sites where roses were grown when Madison was a center for rose production. 2004-07-29 Show
Plans to build 270-foot long retaining wall at Kings Road Parking Lot 3 to maximise parking are greatly scaled back by Borough Council, after bids for job came in at more than double the estimates. 2004-07-29 Show
Police report breakins at Park Avenue Salon and Amalfi Cafe and attempted breakin at Baskin-Robbins. Police make arrests in two drug cases. 2004-07-29 Show
Study by Rutgers graduate planning students shows problems for both young families and senior citizens. 2004-07-29 Show
Editorial - Month of challenges on business front. 2004-07-29 Show
Obituary - Sawin, Alton 2004-07-29 Show
Obituary - Wood, Timothy J. 2004-07-29 Show
Obituary - Benson, Elizabeth Boogher 2004-07-29 Show
A "fixture" departs Main Street - businessman Pat Luciano dies at 99 (illus) 2004-07-29 Show
It's "Goodbye Gordon's" after 64 years, Sam Gordon's is sold to Karl's Sales and Service Co. (illus) 2004-07-29 Show
Obituary - Conway, Wilbur J., Sr. 2004-07-22 Show
Obituary - Kowalick, Catherine 2004-07-22 Show
Madison pitcher, Kyle Armeny, tosses two-hitter in American Legion playoff game. 2004-07-22 Show
Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen criticizes series of articles and editorials in Madison Eagle for "polarizing" dispute over renovations of Washington's Headquarters museum at Morristown National Historical Park. 2004-07-22 Show
YMCA holds seventh annual golf outing and raises $40,000 for "Y Cares" fund to make programs available to those who cannot otherwise afford them (illus) 2004-07-22 Show
Returns to military service in Yemen and Iraq. (illus) 2004-07-22 Show
New state law slashes maximum allowable school district surplus, blocking districts from tapping surplus funds for capital projects. Board of Education appeals to state Education Commissioner. 2004-07-22 Show
Club wins awards for "Best Al-Around in Leadership" and "Best All-Around Community Improvement Project" in district competition (illus) 2004-07-22 Show
Editorial - Brave new world of planning in 3D. 2004-07-22 Show
Marries Philip Andrew Riley of Alexandria, Va. (illus) 2004-07-22 Show
Chamber sponsors free arts events at Waverly Place on three consecutive Thursdays in July. 2004-07-22 Show
Police are investigating burglary of television and stereo equipment, and shoplifting incident at J & M Plant. 2004-07-22 Show
Obituary - Bello, Sue Maccario 2004-07-22 Show
DDC hears presentation on new techniques of 3D simulation of finished projects. 2004-07-22 Show
Honda plans "opne house" to acquaint residents with its plans for expansion. 2004-07-22 Show
Museum of Early Trades & Crafts names Malcolm Dick as 2004 "Craftsman of the Year." (illus) 2004-07-15 Show
Editorial - No shining hour for national park. 2004-07-15 Show
Obituary - Capo, Adeline L. 2004-07-15 Show
Obituary - Latham, Mabel C. 2004-07-15 Show
Obituary - Militano, Antonio 2004-07-15 Show
Obituary - Montgomery, Sheila S. 2004-07-15 Show
Obituary - Hughes, Walter Irving 2004-07-15 Show
Police respond to report of masked male with shotgun on Drew campus but are unable to find suspect, even with help of sheriff's canine unit. 2004-07-15 Show
Cost may be high for controversial park development project on Woodland Rd., under consideration by Chatham Borough and Chatham Township - Madison neighbors on Independence Court fear playing fields may be installed 40-50 feet from their backyards. 2004-07-15 Show
Police chief asks borough council to spend $4,000 from drug forfeitures for vehicle that would carry Emergency Service Unit (ESU) equipment. 2004-07-15 Show
Two Madison juveniles are charged with fraud and theft in scheme to purchase merchandise with stolen credit card. 2004-07-15 Show
Borough Engineer, Robert Vogel, says draft planning report for Madison by Rutgers graduate students, is "visionary" and needs "polishing." 2004-07-15 Show
Theme picnics abound as Arts Council of Morris Area stages 21st "Concert on the Lawn" with N.J. Symphony Orchestra at Giralda Farms. (illus) 2004-07-15 Show
Social Club donates $250 to volunteer division of Madison Fire Department as "thank-you" for firemen's dedication. (illus) 2004-07-15 Show
Presents "Summer Seminar Series" including talks on local newspapers, Ellis Island, the West Wing of the White House, and Highlands legislation. 2004-07-15 Show
Presents Noel Coward's witty comedy of bad manners, "Hay Fever." 2004-07-15 Show
Photograph-Madison Public Library 2004-07-14 Show
Obituary - Hestevold, Brian Egil 2004-07-08 Show
Elected president of the League of Women Voters of Chatham - Madison area (illus) 2004-07-08 Show
Madison attorney Henry Klingeman heads legal defense team for man accused of aiding terrorists. (illus) 2004-07-08 Show
Madison artist paints scenes related to Lewis and Clark Expedition on windows of public library's children's room. (illus) 2004-07-08 Show
Mayor signs contract for borough's purchase of circa 1730 Luke Miller Homestead at 105 Ridgedale Avenue. 2004-07-08 Show
In special meeting of Board of Adjustment, questions about Honda's plans for parking sites brings delay in decision on plans to expand auto dealership. 2004-07-08 Show
Obituary - Adamson, Russell Everett 2004-07-08 Show
Obituary - Boughton, William L. 2004-07-08 Show
Obituary - Nussbaum, Henry R. 2004-07-08 Show
Summer Seminar Series at library will open with adaptation of Shakespeare's "Henry V," performed outdoors in library courtyard. (illus) 2004-07-08 Show
Editorial - Apply the brakes to "fast-track" law. 2004-07-08 Show
Police invite Neighborhood Watch Groups to join in "National Night Out," an evening to show solidarity against crime and drugs. 2004-07-08 Show
Borough Council votes unanimously to settle lawsuit filed against Florham Park's rezoning of the Exxon Tract. 2004-07-01 Show
Returns for 12th season of bringing "Jersey Fresh" produce to shoppers from Madison and surrounding towns. 2004-07-01 Show
Steppers plan to walk to Hillside Cemetery, highlighting unusual tombstones and stories of people buried there. 2004-07-01 Show
Obituary - Jeranek, Jeannette F. 2004-07-01 Show
Obituary - Bower, George Franklin 2004-07-01 Show
Obituary - LoSapio, Samuel 2004-07-01 Show
Police arrest Henry Nieto and Madison juvenile on charges of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. 2004-07-01 Show
Obituary - Lebedowicz, Osyp (illus) 2004-07-01 Show
Editorial - Take mayor up on his checklist. 2004-07-01 Show
Alliance reports to borough council on its mission and objectives, and urges better coordination and promotion of cultural activities. 2004-07-01 Show
Borough finance officer briefs council on $780,000 shortfall and suggests help can come from increase in local utility fees. 2004-07-01 Show
New principal, Gregory Robertson, begins work at Madison High School. 2004-07-01 Show
Watercolors, oils and acrilics line Waverly Place in annual Outdoor Art Sale and Show, sponsored by Chamber of Commerce (illus) 2004-07-01 Show
Theodore Krisanda is first Madison Rotary member to head Rotary's 55-club district. (illus) 2004-07-01 Show
Controversy continues about borough council's decision to hire a part-time zoning code enforcement official, despite adoption of ordinance to proceed. 2004-07-01 Show
Florham Park borough council approves resolution authorizing settlement with three neighboring towns to end lawsuit over Exxon Tract. 2004-06-24 Show
Borough Council considers application to Morris County Open Space and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund for grant to help purchase Luke Miller Homestead. 2004-06-24 Show
State senate committee approves bill to authorize museum and memorial for slain officers in Madison. 2004-06-24 Show
Editorial - Godspeed, Class of 2004 2004-06-24 Show
109th high school commencement concludes with standing ovation for school's retiring principal R. Bruce Padian (illus) 2004-06-24 Show
Obituary - Butler, Bonita "Beedie" Geraldine 2004-06-24 Show
Obituary - Kamowski, Helen Mary 2004-06-24 Show
Obituary - Primavera, Dominic 2004-06-24 Show
Obituary - Forte, Angelo F. 2004-06-24 Show
Club distributes nearly $40,000 in charitable gifts to arts and educational groups, social service agencies, recreation programs and community institutions. (illus) 2004-06-24 Show
Obituary - Freda, Eva V. Solmo 2004-06-17 Show
Obituary - Foley, Howard 2004-06-17 Show
Obituary - Forbes, Loliene Schuldt 2004-06-17 Show
Borough Council remains undecided and frustrated on plans for replacement of downtwon sidewalks. 2004-06-17 Show
Obituary - Straight, Phyllis C. 2004-06-17 Show
Borough Council authorizes contract to purchase circa-1730 Luke Miller Homestead at 105 Ridgedale Ave. for $1.1 million (illus) 2004-06-17 Show
Some residents voice displeasure at Borough Council meeting that Police Chief Tim Ehrenburg began new job as director of operations for Florham Park school district while still officially chief of police in Madison. 2004-06-17 Show
Board of Education introduces Richard B. Noonan, its choice for new superintendent of schools. 2004-06-17 Show
Editorial - Indulging egos at public expense 2004-06-17 Show
Arts Council of Morris Area sponsors 21st annual New Jersey Symphony Concert at Giralda Farms. 2004-06-17 Show
Obituary - Murphy, Mary E. 2004-06-17 Show
Museum sponsors craft demonstration, "Sheep to Shawl," showing how wool is collected and woven into fabrics (illus) 2004-06-17 Show
Library launches "Discover New Trails@Your Library" this year's summer reading program for children. 2004-06-17 Show
Proposed agreement by four municipalities to settle litigation over Exxon Tract is delayed for possible revisions. 2004-06-17 Show
Guest columnist, Harriet Ritter, discusses RoseNet, the Madison community website. 2004-06-10 Show
Theatre announces winners in its 21st annual New Jersey Young Playwrights Contest. 2004-06-10 Show
Police charge man with assault after fight between co-workers at Madison Tire Shop. Other arrests are made in cases involving lewd behavior, criminal mischief and contempt of court. 2004-06-10 Show
Four Madison officers graduate from Morris County Law Enforcement Command School. 2004-06-10 Show
Obituary - Hopkins, Phyllis 2004-06-10 Show
Obituary - Bartek, John E. 2004-06-10 Show
Obituary - Roth, Nancy Griswold 2004-06-10 Show
Obituary - Failmezger, Hilda Brown 2004-06-10 Show
Only 8% of voters turn out for primary election with few contests on ballot. 2004-06-10 Show
Discover New Trails @ Your Library, celebrating 200th anniversary of Lewis and Clark expedition, will be theme for this years summer reading program at public library. 2004-06-10 Show
Animal welfare center plans to expand with new 78,000 square foot facility. 2004-06-10 Show
Editorial - Turning a page The power of the Reagan era 2004-06-10 Show
Edward Gero will discuss his research identifying Italian village of Cassano Irpino as ancestral home of many Madison families. (illus)Edward Gero speaks to North Star Club about Italian village of Cassano. (illus) 2004-06-10 Show
Seventh and eighth graders at Junior School raise $25,409 for Morris County's Sept. 11 memorial and to benefit victim's families. (illus) 2004-06-10 Show
Final settlement of litigation over Florham Park's rezoning of Exxon/Mobil tract is now before four local government authorities (Madison, Chatham Borough, Chatham Twp. and Florham Park) and developer for property. 2004-06-10 Show
-Chamber of Commerce recognizes nine local businessmen with Business Improvement Awards. (illus)Chamber presents "Distinguished Community Service Award" to Thursday Morning Club for its 108-year record of service to Madison (illus) 2004-06-10 Show
Two-car collision on Main Street injures three people and leads to charges of driving while intoxicated against Joshua B. Collins. In other cases, police charge Blaine J. Spencer with theft and arrest three in motor vehicle incidents. 2004-06-03 Show
Madison Housing Authority receives NJ Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency's Award of Excellence in Housing Management. 2004-06-03 Show
Plans nearly finalized for 19th annual "drug and alcohol free" Graduation Gala at high school (illus) 2004-06-03 Show
Two Madison High students - Arynn Wells and Don Silverstein are nominated for Rising Star Awards by Paper Mill Playhouse (illus) 2004-06-03 Show
Ground-breaking is held for five townhouses project at 27 Elm St. in first-ever development of for-sale affordable housing for first-time home buyers in borough (illus) 2004-06-03 Show
Obituary - Wascoe, Gloria Ann Roehri 2004-06-03 Show
Obituary - Bell, Katherine 2004-06-03 Show
Madison Eagle guest columnist, Harriet Ritter, tells of Madison's once-famous rose industry. 2004-06-03 Show
Editorial - Fitting Madison for a big hard hat. 2004-06-03 Show
Holds annual luncheon and installs members of 2004-2005 board of trustees (illus) 2004-06-03 Show
Explore Drew University campus in monthly walk. 2004-06-03 Show
Police Chief Tim Ehrenburg announces he will end 25-year career with borough force, retiring to take post as director of operations for grades K-8 Florham Park schools district. (illus) 2004-05-27 Show
Round Table on the Arts and Culture has been meeting since January - group's goal is to develop a vision of community as a cultural center. (illus) 2004-05-27 Show
Ambulance Corps awards 10-year service pins to Kevin DeBiasse and James DeVico. (illus) 2004-05-27 Show
Editorial - The two Iraqs; both are reality. 2004-05-27 Show
Memorial Day will be celebrated with parade, contest and ceremony at WWI Memorial. 2004-05-27 Show
Obituary - Garreffa, Donna Lee Haake 2004-05-27 Show
Dogs showed their fashion sense at St. Hubert's "Fashion Unleashed" Canine Cotillion, a formal dinner and party held annually as fund-raiser for the Animal Welfare Center. 2004-05-27 Show
Residents may now receive many library services on line, "24/7", on library's website 2004-05-27 Show
Obituary - Cluett, Jean Roddy 2004-05-27 Show
Obituary - McLeod, Megan Slane 2004-05-27 Show
Elected as first woman to chair Board of Trustees of Saint Bonaventure University (illus) 2004-05-27 Show
Boosters of rehabilitation of Madison station are optimistic that project's first phase is nearing completion, including installation of historically accurate lighting, the original mission of Friends of Madison Train Station group (illus) 2004-05-27 Show
Madison veterans will share wartime experiences with public as prelude to Memorial Day observances. 2004-05-27 Show
Borough Council expresses anger at delays in project to replace downtown sidewalk - only one bid has been received. 2004-05-27 Show
Informal public information meeting discusses safety and aesthetic issues surrounding a 270-foot retaining wall planned for Kings Road Parking Lot #3 as part of new facility project for police and fire departments. 2004-05-20 Show
Editorial - Look to history and compromise. 2004-05-20 Show
Joseph Natale will be one of grand marshalls for Madison's Memorial Day parade (illus) 2004-05-20 Show
Bonnie J. Monte, artistic director of Shakespeare Theatre, announces program for company's 42nd season, offerings include, three Shakespeare plays, a comedy by Noel Coward, a play by John Steinbeck, and a musical. 2004-05-20 Show
Madison club joins with Florham Park Rotary to build a computer clinic at Camp Merry Heart in Hackettstown, operated for disabled children under auspices of Easter Seals. (illus) 2004-05-20 Show
Harmonium Chorale Society presents concerts of winning high school student choral composers. Christine Woodbury, 10th grader at Madison High is second prize winner. 2004-05-20 Show
Obituary - Littell, W. Ricks 2004-05-20 Show
Obituary - Capecelatro, Anna 2004-05-20 Show
Obituary - Schaefer, Frederick 2004-05-20 Show
Obituary - Sawin, B. Eugenia 2004-05-20 Show
Obituary - Wagenbach, John G. 2004-05-20 Show
Obituary - Shorey, Roy V., Jr. 2004-05-20 Show
Obituary - Grzegorzek, Stanley A. 2004-05-20 Show
YMCA honors volunters - including George Hardy, Pearl Pratt, and Al Garreffa of Madison, for outstanding service (illus) 2004-05-20 Show
Board of Education's building and grounds committee recommends to Board that grades 5-6 be moved from district's three grades K-6 elementary schools to reopened Green Village Road School. 2004-05-20 Show
Fifty years ago 2004-05-20 Show
Mayor Kerkeslager convenes first "mayor's conference," bringing together 100 residents and town officials to brainstorm on how the borough can best "use its past to build a better future." 2004-05-20 Show
Kevin Robinson is sworn in as new probationary firefighter at Borough Council meeting (illus) 2004-05-20 Show
Obituary - Hutchinson, John C. 2004-05-13 Show
Fifteen Rutgers graduate students in planning present report on Madison's strengths and needs, setting key goal as preservation of community's diversity. 2004-05-13 Show
Editorial - Emotional trek to Washington. 2004-05-13 Show
Columnist Harriet Ritter, a MAASA member, calls for more information to be given young people about dangers of underage drinking. 2004-05-13 Show
Obituary - Markovich, Joseph 2004-05-13 Show
Obituary - McKinley, Kenneth William 2004-05-13 Show
Obituary - Agliata, Dolores Casilli 2004-05-13 Show
Obituary - Marsh, Doris S. 2004-05-13 Show
Obituary - Galton, Mary Force 2004-05-13 Show
Observing national "Be Kind to Animals Week," St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center hosted sixth annual "shelter fair" and distributed 35-40 tons of pet food to 70 animal shelters and rescue organizations throughout the state (illus) 2004-05-13 Show
Madison Education Association presents this years' "Friend of Education" award to humane education department of St. Hubert's Giralda. (illus) 2004-05-13 Show
Borough Council appropriates $36,000 for clean-up of former Guerriero Paving Co. lot at 22 Orchard Street - neighbors had complained the property was a "dump." 2004-05-13 Show
Editorial - Photos show us unvarnished truth. 2004-05-06 Show
Couple celebrate 50th wedding anniversary. (illus) 2004-05-06 Show
New women's clothing boutique, Pink Dress, opens at 81 Main Street (illus) 2004-05-06 Show
Obituary - Griffith, John Adam, Jr. 2004-05-06 Show
Obituary - Picone, Anthony V. 2004-05-06 Show
Obituary - McMullen, Marian Hoper 2004-05-06 Show
Veterans from World War II through the war in Iraq will march in borough's Memorial Day Parade. 2004-05-06 Show
Board of Education members are "shocked" at the price tag of $50 million for all additions and facility improvement now on the drawing board. 2004-05-06 Show
Shade Tree Management Board and Friends of Madison Shade Trees lead Arbor Day celebrations and announces winners of "Big Trees of Madison" contest. (illus) 2004-05-06 Show
Community will celebrate 50th anniversary of Supreme Court's decision in Brown vs Board of Education with lecture by Nathaniel R. Jones, retired federal judge and former legal counsel for NAACP (illus) 2004-05-06 Show
Guest columnist for Madison Eagle, Harriet Ritter, discusses need to save historic Luke Miller house. 2004-05-06 Show
New Jersey historian, John T. Cunningham, publishes his new book on Ellis Island. 2004-04-29 Show
Obituary - Uber, Doris J. Luciano 2004-04-29 Show
Obituary - Crowder, Carl Giles, Jr. 2004-04-29 Show
Obituary - Schmuhl, Lucille Torrey 2004-04-29 Show
Obituary - Bryant, Bruce 2004-04-29 Show
Fifty years ago. 2004-04-29 Show
Editorial - A learning curve for school board. 2004-04-29 Show
Police arrest two local men, Luke A. Richardson and Marius J. Becker, on drug charges. 2004-04-29 Show
Borough Council honors Garden Club for its many contributions to beautify Madison, especially for its sponsorship of 50 hanging baskets of spring and summer flowers on lamp-posts in downtown district. (illus) 2004-04-29 Show
Borough Council approves changes in commuter parking lot, agreeing to a 60-degree angled parking plan and for a new alignment for a proposed retaining wall at the lot. Neighbors who attended Council meeting remain skeptical about plans. 2004-04-29 Show
Borough Council votes to appropriate $36,000 for clean-up of Orchard Street lot of Guerriero Paving Co., decried by neighbors as eyesore and junkyard. 2004-04-29 Show
Board of Education reorganizes, elects Melissa Elias as president and Lisa Ellis as vice-president, and swears in new elected members Patrick Rowe and George W. Martin - Board discusses possible reopening of Green Village Road School (illus) 2004-04-29 Show
Volunteers are all set for Madison's "May Day" spring clean-up (illus).undreds of volunteers join in "May Day" clean-up (illus). 2004-04-29 Show
Foundation sponsors "5K Cross Country Run/Walk and Kids' Fun Run" to raise money for educational projects at high school. 2004-04-29 Show
Police Department now participates in new web-based drug enforcement effort, "Dads and Mad Moms Against Drug Dealers", DAMMADD. 2004-04-29 Show
Obituary - Fairbrother, Leroy "Roy" D. 2004-04-29 Show
High School is recommended for accreditation with no restrictions by Middle States accreditation team. 2004-04-22 Show
Teams of 7th and 8th graders take part in successful six-step conflict resolution program at the Junior School, and mentor visiting third graders from Newark (illus) 2004-04-22 Show
45 work sites are ready to be cleaned and groomed by volunteers in seventh annual "May Day in Madison," a townwide cleanup and beautification day, sponsored by Downtown Development Commission (illus) 2004-04-22 Show
Obituary - Pisapia, Bartholomew "Benny" 2004-04-22 Show
Ari Fleischer, former White House press secretary, speaks in Forum series at Drew University (illus) 2004-04-22 Show
Obituary - Elias, Stephen Sr. 2004-04-22 Show
Receives citation of Excellence from State Arts Council in recognition of theater's high standards in artistry, operations, governance and public benefit. 2004-04-22 Show
Editorial - Fog of fear, delay clouds Highlands 2004-04-22 Show
Voters elect Patrick Rowe and George Martin to 3-year terms on Board of Education. Two year members Renee Joyce is defeated. (illus) 2004-04-22 Show
Thirty budding young dramatists from Madison's elementary schools will see their plays performed by professional actors in Playwrights Theatre's Young Playwrights Festival. (illus) 2004-04-22 Show
Former councilman George Hayman files for council seat at last minute. 2004-04-15 Show
Board of Education candidates exchange views in forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters. (illus) 2004-04-15 Show
Voters will decide in three-way race for two seats on Board of Education and on proposed budget of $30.2 million for 2004-2005 school year. 2004-04-15 Show
Students at Madison Junior School plan to raise more than $20,000 to help complete Morris County's memorial to 64 county residents lost in 9/11 attacks. (illus) 2004-04-15 Show
Proposed municipal budget for 2004 calls for tax increase for first time in 6 years - at $19,729,896, budget is up 2.1% from 2003. 2004-04-15 Show
Automated external defibrillators (AED's) will now be standard equipment in Madison patrol cars in event of cardiac emergencies (illus). 2004-04-15 Show
Local man, Jack Johnson, is charged with attempting to lure juvenile into vehicle and also underage consumption of alcohol - police also make arrests in another case involving sale of alcohol to underage individual. 2004-04-15 Show
Social Club says "thank you" to Madison Community House with $500 check (illus) 2004-04-15 Show
Plans large scale fund-raising event, a "5K Run/Walk and Kids Fun Run", to secure money for projects at high school. 2004-04-15 Show
Editorial - Complacency is not an option. 2004-04-15 Show
Olympic figure sakter, JoJo Starbuck will teach skating classes for adults (illus) 2004-04-15 Show
Obituary - Chase, Burr L. 2004-04-15 Show
Obituary - Sullivan, Timothy J. 2004-04-15 Show
Gallery on the Go a traveling art show by kindergartners to 12th graders of Madison Public Schools is on display in Children's Room of public library. 2004-04-15 Show
In public forum, Board of Education candidates exchange views on school budget's surplus and capital reserves, retention of personnel, and future of Green Village Road School building. (illus) 2004-04-08 Show
Board gives architectural consultant its views as "road map" for building referendum. 2004-04-08 Show
Fund-raising gala contributes more than $240,000 to suport Shakespeare Theatre's artistic and educational programs (illus) 2004-04-08 Show
Obituary - Cooperman, Paulette 2004-04-08 Show
Obituary - Litwin, Milton 2004-04-08 Show
Obituary - Decker, Annella 2004-04-08 Show
Editorial - Budget, approval, make good sense. 2004-04-08 Show
Auxiliary contributes $3,000 to Volunteer Ambulance Corps (illus) 2004-04-08 Show
Pavers seem to be material of choice for project to replace cracked and mismarched sidewalks in Main Street historic business district - this is consensus of meeting sponsored by Downtown Development Commission and other groups. 2004-04-08 Show
Board of Education approves $30 million budget for 2004-2005 school year - tax levy will increase by $790,919, with rate going up 2 cents. 2004-04-01 Show
Board of Education candidates Rowe, Joyce and Martin express their views on school budget and other issues. (illus) 2004-04-01 Show
Editorial - High time to act on the Highlands. 2004-04-01 Show
Chamber of Commerce hosts annual Easter Egg Breakfast with eggs, prizes and pictures with Easter Bunny for the children. 2004-04-01 Show
Obituary - McLeod, Megan Elizabeth 2004-04-01 Show
Marries Treacy Ann Kiley of Mendham and Palm City, Fla. (illus) 2004-04-01 Show
Marries Kevin John Wesbecker of Whippany (illus) 2004-04-01 Show
Questions about impact on parking and traffic of proposed expansion of Madison Honda dealership are raised in hearing before Board of Adjustment, main point of contention is new configuration of Honda parking lot and spaces for employees. 2004-04-01 Show
Owners of 300 year old Luke Miller Homestead are pursueing subdivision plan to divide property into three lots. 2004-04-01 Show
Obituary - Dougherty, Charlotte "Dolly" 2004-03-25 Show
Candidates for Board of Education offer ideas to parents of special needs students. 2004-03-25 Show
Obituary - Andree, Wilhelmina 2004-03-25 Show
Schools list qualities they would like to see in Madison's next K-12 superintendent. 2004-03-25 Show
50 years ago 2004-03-25 Show
Editorial - Opening eyes, opening hearts. 2004-03-25 Show
Three candidates for Board seats exchange views in public forum (illus) 2004-03-25 Show
Madison officials ask for talks on Chatham plans for playing fields on Woodland Road - residents feat "tranquility" is threatened. 2004-03-25 Show
Obituary - Johnson, Linnie 2004-03-25 Show
Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger speaks on foreign policy at Drew Forum. (illus) 2004-03-25 Show
Candidate Martin cites experience as asset to a school board (illus) 2004-03-18 Show
Obituary - Norris, Leonard E. 2004-03-18 Show
Obituary - Anelli, Marie A. 2004-03-18 Show
Editorial - Taking the harp out of the closet. 2004-03-18 Show
MAASA's hotline offers help and advice to parents and friends concerned with teen-agers and pre-teens. 2004-03-18 Show
Museum offers program by Michael Jerling, folk singer and song writer (illus) 2004-03-18 Show
Members of Library's Teen Advisory Board (TAB) have organized series of "coffeehouse" events with all profits to go to designated charities. (illus) 2004-03-18 Show
Obituary - Idleman, Marion C. 2004-03-18 Show
Obituary - Schaeffer, William R. 2004-03-18 Show
Three candidates for Board of Education tell their views on move of sixth grade to Junior School and on expansion of kindergarten to a full day. 2004-03-18 Show
Obituary - Chipoletti, Marie 2004-03-11 Show
Obituary - Lee, Patricia Jane 2004-03-11 Show
Southeast Morris Chapter of Red Cross organizes children's art show to celebrate national American Red Cross month. 2004-03-11 Show
Marries Michael J. Finn, Jr. of Convent Station. (illus) 2004-03-11 Show
Editorial - Bush ad offers sentimentality 2004-03-11 Show
Police arrest assistant manager of Atlanta Bread and charge him with criminal sexual contact, criminal restraint and harrassment against 16 year-old girl in workplace, 2004-03-11 Show
Borough Council honors members of Boy Scout Troop 7 for troop's care of James Park (illus) 2004-03-11 Show
Alert Madison officer helps East Hanover counterparts net two suspects in $2,800 shoplifting case and adds some drug possession charges of his own - arrests are also made in two cases involving contempt of court, following motor vehicle stops. 2004-03-11 Show
Joseph Caruso is this year's winner of George W. Burroughs Award from Project Community Pride for his voluntary work with youong people (illus) 2004-03-11 Show
New SAT scores released by state show Madison High School at top of high schools in Morris County - scores for 4th graders also reported. 2004-03-11 Show
Historic Preservation Commission seeks a future in harmony with the past (illus) 2004-03-11 Show
Project Community Pride honors Jay Hagerich for volunteer work with Madison Little League (illus) 2004-03-11 Show
Hosts roundtable discussion by all three state legislators representing Morris County. 2004-03-11 Show
Obituary - Strickler, Margaret S. 2004-03-11 Show
Annual gala of Friends of the Madison Public Library honors volunteers who planted spring bulbs in honor of late Ellen Thoms Clapp (illus) 2004-03-11 Show
In split vote, Borough Council approves schedule change for some police officers - "Pitman Schedule" provides two days on, two days off, instead of four days on, four days off. 2004-03-11 Show
Obituary - Flauss, Alice Myers 2004-03-11 Show
Obituary - Spriggs, Angelo, Jr. 2004-03-11 Show
Obituary - Estey, Donald 2004-03-04 Show
Obituary - Ehringer, Bruce G. 2004-03-04 Show
Obituary - Berntsen, Arthur Edmund 2004-03-04 Show
Obituary - DeRugiero, Anthony 2004-03-04 Show
Obituary - West, Arthur H., Jr. 2004-03-04 Show
Appointed by Borough Council to one-year term on Patriotic Celebrations Committee and Veterans Affairs Coordinator. 2004-03-04 Show
Willow Tree, a student group at the Junior School, has a continuing program for discussion of problems of violence, drug and alcohol abuse and how to prevent them. 2004-03-04 Show
Board of Adjustment and architectural firm for proposed expansion of Madison Honda dealership at 280 Main Street exchange views and arguments over exterior plans in special public meeting. 2004-03-04 Show
Board of Education names Ann Marie Hodges as principal of Madison Junior School for 2004-05 school year. 2004-03-04 Show
Three candidates - Renee Joyce, George Martin and Patrick Rowe file to seek Board of Education seats in April election. 2004-03-04 Show
Borough receives new $44,000 van to transport seniors to shopping spots and appointments. 2004-02-26 Show
Obituary - Logan, Laura Dee 2004-02-26 Show
Obituary - Liskowitz, Ann 2004-02-26 Show
Obituary - Martin, Peter H. 2004-02-26 Show
Obituary - Alise, Philip 2004-02-26 Show
Marries Kathleen Anne Rielly of Irvington, N.Y. 2004-02-26 Show
50 years ago. 2004-02-26 Show
Editorial - Month to reflect on full inclusion. 2004-02-26 Show
Ruth Kerkeslager, a member of Shade Tree Management Board, gives "state of the forest" report to citizens of Madison. 2004-02-26 Show
Three year olds and four year olds have been "learning through play" since 1960 in Madison Community House Nursery School, sponsored by Thursday Morning Club. (illus) 2004-02-26 Show
Historian, John T. Cunningham, has praise for formation of Heritage Alliance for Tourism (HAT) 2004-02-26 Show
Planning Board denies 2-year extension of preliminary site plan approval for Wyeth (formerly American Home Products) in Giralda Farms office complex. 2004-02-26 Show
Library Endowment Fund supplies library with more than $100,000 annually, giving support to collection and special programs. 2004-02-26 Show
Borough Council is moving ahead on renovations for Hartley Dodge Memorial - Counicl authorizes architectural consultant to proceed with more detailed drawings and authorize finance officer to recommend a bond counsel. 2004-02-26 Show
Captain Dusty Rhodes retires from Fire Department after 25 Years as borough employee. 2004-02-26 Show
Borough takes over ownership of Guerriero Paving Co. lot at 22 Orchard St. through a foreclosure for unpaid taxes - neighbors have described lot as "junkyard" and "dump." 2004-02-26 Show
Mayor Kerkeslager gets help from 11 Rutgers graduate students in planning a proposal to revitalize east Main Street business district. 2004-02-19 Show
Residents get a chance to weigh in on architectural proposals for renovation of Hartley Dodge Memorial at special public meeting - questions are raised about space needs of police and fire departments. 2004-02-19 Show
Obituary - Stevenson, Arnold W. 2004-02-19 Show
Obituary - DelGuidice, Carmel Rillo 2004-02-19 Show
Obituary - Barney, Sara Eleanor 2004-02-19 Show
Obituary - Waller, Evelyn M. 2004-02-19 Show
Obituary - Selvage, Barbara Stobaeus 2004-02-19 Show
Thirty-three Madison area YMCA student volunteers earn President's Student Service Award for 2003 recipients completed 100 or more hours of volunteer service in Y program (illus) 2004-02-19 Show
Editorial - Hayman's folly? Doesn't seem so. 2004-02-19 Show
Madison Post Office is now accepting passport applications and renewals. 2004-02-19 Show
Fleet Bank's grant of $10,000 to Shakespeare Theatre supported 2003 student matinee performances of "A Child's Christmas in Wales." 2004-02-19 Show
ABC news correspondent Ann Compton speaks on media in Drew Forum series (illus) 2004-02-12 Show
Obituary - Ott, Louise 2004-02-12 Show
Obituary - Ruthven, Bette 2004-02-12 Show
Obituary-Nuzzo, Mary Santillo 2004-02-12 Show
Obituary - Mitchell, Alan R., Sr. 2004-02-12 Show
Obituary-Arthur, William Robertson 2004-02-12 Show
Editorial - Plus for students, plus for taxpayers. 2004-02-12 Show
School superintendent announces preliminary budget of $30 million for 2004-05 school year, a rise of 3%. 2004-02-12 Show
Confirms retirement, effective Sept. 1, 2004 and he and Board of Education review achievements of his three-year term (illus) 2004-02-12 Show
Patrick Rowe, Renee Joyce and George Martin announce candidacies for seat on Board of Education. (illus) 2004-02-12 Show
Investigation of parked car leads to drug and assault arrests of William Stark, Carlos Ona and two others. 2004-02-12 Show
Hundreds of patrons savor samples of specialities of more than two dozen Madison eateries in third annual "Taste of Madison" - event is fund raiser for DDC, Chamber of Commerce, and Rotary Club (illus) 2004-02-12 Show
Obituary - Clement, Rose Nudo 2004-02-12 Show
James Burnet gains applause from mayor and borough council as originator of annual "May Day in Madison," townwide cleanup and beautification day (illus) 2004-02-01 Show
Editorial - Region's future pivots on tract. 2004-01-29 Show
Madison composer and pianist Paul Zeigler and violinist Edward Davis present Zeigler's recent work, "Sonata for Violin and Piano" in concert at Presbyterian Church. 2004-01-29 Show
New book by Jefferson Township author Gerald Tomlinson recalls unsolved murder of Madison girl, Janette Lawrence, 82 years ago. (illus) 2004-01-29 Show
Bethel AME Church, earliest black church in Madison, dating back to 1885, celebrates 158th year in Madison amid concerns about need for costly renovations. (illus) 2004-01-29 Show
Council President Baillie announces she will seek second term on Borough Council. 2004-01-29 Show
Tough reading of Endangered Species Act by State Department of Environmental Protection offers hope to threatened inhabitants of Great Swamp. (illus) 2004-01-29 Show
Borough Council considers buy-out of electricity contract with Allegheny Energy Supply in order to take early advantage of new contract with PSE&G - savings of $1.2 million per year are anticipated. 2004-01-29 Show
Fifty years ago. 2004-01-29 Show
Jazz musician Daniel Falk talks on history of jazz and performs on tenor and soprano saxophones in program at Public Library (illus) 2004-01-29 Show
Police charge Michael Kingman with aggravated assault in domestic dispute - arrests also made in 4 motor vehicle cases, including charge of contempt of court against Michelle Ferreira. 2004-01-29 Show
Executive board of Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps get together for photo. (illus) 2004-01-29 Show
Obituary - Wallace, Dorothea H. 2004-01-29 Show
Obituary - Ryley, Martha 2004-01-29 Show
Obituary - Allen, Larry 2004-01-29 Show
Club holds wine-tasting event as fund-raiser for ambulance squads of Madison and Florham Park. (illus) 2004-01-29 Show
Madison Golf Club holds 107th annual meeting and hears report on renovation of club's courses. (illus) 2004-01-29 Show
Members donate gifts to hospitalized women veterans at Lyons Veterans Hospital (illus) 2004-01-22 Show
Detective Wayne A. Reed meets with St. Vincent students and reminds children of the "Dangers of Strangers." (illus) 2004-01-22 Show
Board of Education member George Martin is found guilty of driving while intoxicated. 2004-01-22 Show
Police Sgt. Stephen Carpenter receives diploma on completion of 14-week West Point Command and Leadership Program. (illus) 2004-01-22 Show
Board selects firm of Parette Somjen as architectural consultant to craft proposed building referendum. 2004-01-22 Show
Madison High Principal Bruce Padian announces he will retire after a 30-year career in Madison School District. 2004-01-22 Show
Superintendent of Schools announces that work on high school fire alarm system has been completed. 2004-01-22 Show
DDC holds 2004 reorganization meeting, hears from Mayor Kerkeslager on goals for DDC, and elects George "Jerry" Stevenson as Chairman. (illus) 2004-01-22 Show
Editorial - Let's put winter safely behind us. 2004-01-22 Show
Catherine Coultas, a member of Madison Parks Advisory Committee explains organization and function of the Green Forum. 2004-01-22 Show
Red Cross offers classes in CPR, First Aid, use of automated external defibrillator (AED), and babysitting. 2004-01-15 Show
Obituary - Wilson, John 2004-01-15 Show
Obituary - Giordano, Joseph A. 2004-01-15 Show
Obituary - Jaeger, Jane P. 2004-01-15 Show
Obituary - Hughes, jean Smith 2004-01-15 Show
Obituary - Busch, Margaret Annabelle 2004-01-15 Show
Obituary - Roberts, Josephine T. 2004-01-15 Show
FMST donates copies of book "New Jersey's Big Trees" to Madison school libraries and public library. 2004-01-15 Show
Choral festival, led by Mark Miller of Drew Theological Seminary, will celebrate Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. - choirs of three churches and other organizations will take part. 2004-01-15 Show
Library will host three winter musical events: "Babes on Broadway" with vocalist Susan Mirivis; "Tossed Salad Musical Revue" for children; and "Jazz Passages: A Celebration of African American Artistry" (illus) 2004-01-15 Show
The rise and fall of a youth culture fixture - Sweet Dreams Cafe closes. 2004-01-15 Show
Mayor and council take first steps toward state open space funding by appointing advisor and reviewing draft ordinance to create a borough Open Space, Recreation and Historic Preservation Trust Fund. 2004-01-15 Show
Council introduces ordinance to correct error on fences in Land Development Ordinance, but correction does little to heal neighborhood dispute over a residential fence on Beverly Road and Samson Avenue. 2004-01-15 Show
Wave of burglaries and thefts continues at Drew University as 14 laptop computers are stolen - in other police cases, officers charge Jorge Ruby with shoplifting at CVS. 2004-01-15 Show
Borough Council introduces ordinance to increase parking and traffic violation fines by $3.00 - also introduces ordinance to appropriate $81,000 to purchase trackless tractor for snow removal. 2004-01-15 Show
Council authorizes application to Morris County Community Development Block Grant Program for $100,000 for installation of elevator at Civic Center and $96,000 to replace heating pumps at Madison Housing Authority's senior citizen building. 2004-01-15 Show
Obituary - Dilibro, Rose 2004-01-15 Show
Editorial - Polls must make Bush's words real 2004-01-15 Show
Board interviews eight architectural firms on proposed building plans. 2004-01-15 Show
Mayor presents Steven Carpenter, Douglas Smith and Edna Ierley-Byrne with ceremonial keys for their work in renovating second floor of Civic Center. 2004-01-08 Show
Newly elected mayor and council members are sworn into office (illus) 2004-01-08 Show
Mayor Dunne and Council Hayman leave office on completion of their terms (illus) 2004-01-08 Show
Mayor names host of volunteers to serve on municipal boards, committees and commissions. 2004-01-08 Show
U.S. Postal Service is offering $50,000 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction of armed robber who stole four sacks of mail from postal truck at Madison Post Office on Dec. 30. 2004-01-08 Show
Editorial - Science, ethics cross threshold. 2004-01-08 Show
Text of new mayor Kerkeslager's first message to citizens of Madison. 2004-01-08 Show
A standing-room only crowd of neighbors complained to Board of Adjustment about construction of house at 150 Ridgedale Ave., deemed inconsistant with aesthetics of the historic street and in violation of sideyard setbacks. 2004-01-08 Show
Planning Board welcomes new members - former Councilman Flemming and Council President Baillie to first meeting of new year. 2004-01-08 Show
Obituary - Kirkpatrick, Marguerite L. 2004-01-08 Show
Obituary - Harrington, Patricia Bernadette Hanily 2004-01-08 Show
Seeks adult mentors to work with young people. 2004-01-08 Show
Steppers will kick off their new year of walks and physical activity with walk into Madison history through Cook Avenue, Ridgedale Avenue and Summerhill Park. 2004-01-08 Show
Mayor Dunne awards Rose City Medallions to five citizens - Ronald Joost, Anna Mae Barwick, Sylvia Holzapfel, Jack Murdock and Rose Zipper - for volunteer service to the community - Toni DeRosa receives Mayor's Award. (illus) 2004-01-08 Show
Club hosts nearly 70 members in annual "Holiday Sherry" fund-raising event (illus) 2004-01-08 Show
DDC, Rotary Club, and Chamber of Commerce join in planning third annual "Taste of Madison" fund-raising event (illus) 2004-01-08 Show
Obituary - Loccisano, Ralph, Sr. 2004-01-01 Show
Celebrating 20 years of Dog Training School. 2004-01-01 Show
Charged with shoplifting at CVS. 2004-01-01 Show
Board will interview eight architectural firms on plans for renovation of Madison schools. 2004-01-01 Show
Some 67 volunteers joined to help 2003 Madison Eagle Christmas Fund (illus) 2004-01-01 Show
Mayor Kerkeslager takes office, hoping to build a successful team with borough council (illus) 2004-01-01 Show
Police make three arrests for shoplifting at Blockbuster Video. 2004-01-01 Show
By the time Madison High reopens on Jan. 5, every classroom will be wired into a fire alarm system and have a smoke detector. 2004-01-01 Show
1855 Rose Window in church is reinstalled after $18,000 refurbishing project. (illus) 2004-01-01 Show
Board is recognized by NJ School Boards Association (NJSBA) for earning "Certified Board" designation by completing in-depth programming special designed for it by NJSBA. 2004-01-01 Show
Presents concert with "Guess the Composer" theme - artists will perform arias, preludes and sonatas without disclosing composers, and audiences will try to guess who wrote each piece. 2004-01-01 Show
Obituary - DeCaro, Alfonso 2004-01-01 Show
Obituary - Crane, Charles Henry 2004-01-01 Show
YMCA honors, with festive luncheon, some 70 people who have been Y members and/or donors for more than 20 years. (illus) 2004-01-01 Show
Theater will present five readings of new plays. 2004-01-01 Show
Editorial - No Christmas for our forests. 2004-01-01 Show
GSWA elects eight new trustees to its board. 2003-12-25 Show
Outgoing mayor reflects on his 10-year career of public service (illus) 2003-12-25 Show
Editorial - Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. 2003-12-25 Show
50 years ago today. 2003-12-25 Show
American Legion Frank Patterson Post #43 bestows $56,000 in gifts to local groups and veteran's causes (illus) 2003-12-25 Show
Fairleigh Dickinson honors professor of art Arie A. Galles for 30 years of service (illus) 2003-12-25 Show
Obituary - Hait, Mortimer Hall, Jr. 2003-12-25 Show
Obituary - Caprio, Evelyn Conger 2003-12-25 Show
Obituary - Gallo, Louis J. (Monsignor) 2003-12-25 Show
Obituary - Leach, Wilma E. Chism 2003-12-25 Show
Obituary - Evans, Rodney Bernard 2003-12-25 Show
Junior School's seventh graders donate toys to Marine Corps Reserve "Toys for Tots" program. 2003-12-25 Show
Obituary - Ring, Saul I. 2003-12-18 Show
Board of Education approves comprehensive annual financial audit for 2002/2003 fiscal year, despite complaints by some members of public of its complexity and ambiguity - Board defends $1.7 million surplus as "healthy" not bloated. 2003-12-18 Show
Obituary - Sparaco, Anna Marcantonio 2003-12-18 Show
Obituary - Spencer, John A. III 2003-12-18 Show
Board of Education member George Martin charged with driving while intoxicated in Morris Township, pleads innocent and expected to be exonerated. (illus) 2003-12-18 Show
Mayor will precide over dedication ceremonies for completion of renovations at Civic Center - renovations include work on heating, air conditioning and ventilation system. 2003-12-18 Show
Gary's Wine & Marketplace at 121 Main Street completes renovation and expansion just in time for holiday season (illus) 2003-12-18 Show
Honored by Morris County Purple Heart Chapter for his entertainment of disabled veterans at Lyons VA Hospital (illus) 2003-12-18 Show
Council agrees to strike up "sister city" relationship with Madison, Connecticut. 2003-12-18 Show
Obituary - Dawson, James Henry 2003-12-18 Show
Obituary - Rapier, Charles Peter "Pete" 2003-12-11 Show
Obituary - Borghese, Egildo "Gene" 2003-12-11 Show
Madison and Harding Twp. school boards agree on new 5-year contract, providing a new way to calculate tuition for Harding students who attend Madison High - Township will save over $50,000 in first year. 2003-12-11 Show
Blizzard dumps seven to ten inches of snow on region in season's first major snowfall (illus). 2003-12-11 Show
Obituary - Moore, Mary Maher (illus) 2003-12-11 Show
Obituary - Pagliari, Henry Stephen 2003-12-11 Show
Local businesses are active in support and contribution to Madison Eagle Christmas Fund (illus) 2003-12-11 Show
Prof. David Cowell of Drew University offers quiz about Drew to members of Madison Historical Society and then speaks to them about historical highlights of the University (illus) 2003-12-11 Show
Planning Board denies Wyeth (formerly American Home Products) extension of preliminary site plan approval for addition to headquarters at 5 Giralda Farms. 2003-12-11 Show
Described as homeless man, charged with possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia. 2003-12-11 Show
Mayor Dunne presides over his final Borough Council session and reviews accomplishments of 10 years in government (illus) 2003-12-11 Show
First Baptist Church opens new Arthur D. Brown Enrichment Center, named in honor of current vice chairman of church's Board of Deacons. 2003-12-11 Show
Obituary - Simmons, Arlene Virginia Mullen 2003-12-11 Show
Obituary - Ward, Eleanor Curry 2003-12-11 Show
Obituary - Redmond, Doris M. Timm 2003-12-11 Show
Photograph-Hartley Dodge Memorial 2003-12-05 Show
Photograph-Waverly Place 2003-12-05 Show
Keusch, Betty Hamilton 2003-12-04 Show
Obituary - Spann, Marie Thebault 2003-12-04 Show
Obituary - Orlando, Philomena Sodano 2003-12-04 Show
By 5-1 vote, borough council endorses agreement with Madison Housing Authority for an affordable housing project at 27 Elm Street, and then grants site plan approval with variances. 2003-12-04 Show
Receives plaque from Madison Christmas Committee in gratitude for 25 years of service as Madison's Santa Claus (illus) 2003-12-04 Show
Obituary - Sainato, Frederick N. 2003-12-04 Show
Obituary - Ammann, Ernest D. 2003-12-04 Show
After much debate and two deadlocked votes, Planning Board gives qualified endorsement to Madison Housing Authority's proposal to build lower-cost units for sale at 27 Elm St. 2003-12-04 Show
Volunteer Ambulance Corps holds "wetdown" to celebrate addition of third ambulance to its emergency response fleet (illus) 2003-12-04 Show
Neighbors who object to white vinyl fence erected on a Samson Ave. corner lot this spring are disappointed when, instead of reaching a decision on variances, Board of Adjustment agrees to applicant's request to continue case to next month. 2003-12-04 Show
Arrested on drug charges. 2003-12-04 Show
Arrested for shoplifting 2003-12-04 Show
Arrested on charges of burglary and theft. 2003-12-04 Show
Police arrest Jeffrey Ploshnick on drug charges - also arrest William Brodhead for shoplifting and Kyle Murrell on charges of burlary and theft. 2003-12-04 Show
Editorial - Madison keeps Christmas spirit. 2003-12-04 Show
Obituary - McClintock, James A. 2003-11-27 Show
Obituary - Olson, Elsa J. 2003-11-27 Show
Mayor declares Nov. 11, 2003 as "Marguerite Kirkpatrick Day" in celebration of Madison resident's 100th birthday. (illus) 2003-11-27 Show
Many Madisonians find roots in Italian farm village of Cassano Irpino - family names in village are "like reading a Madison yearbook" 2003-11-27 Show
Chamber of Commerce sponsors annual "Outdoor Home Decorating Contest" 2003-11-27 Show
Club offers youth enrichment program with classes including "Art Explorers" and "Hands on Science" 2003-11-27 Show
Morris Tomorrow, coalition concerned with strategic planning and quality of life issues in Morris County announces winners in "McFlowers" program. Recognized are: Dental Pavilion, 30 Prospect Street; Comunity House; Kings Road paving project. (illus) 2003-11-27 Show
Morris County Open Space and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund turns down Madison's application for $800,000 grant to enable borough to buy historic Luke Miller Homestead at 105 Ridgedale Ave. 2003-11-27 Show
9/11 commission hears witnesses on planning failures in public session at Drew University (illus) 2003-11-27 Show
Santa Claus expected to arrive in downtown Madison for annual Christmas Parade on day after Thanksgiving. (illus) 2003-11-27 Show
Disorderly conduct charge leads to additional charge of possession of drug paraphernalia for William Broadhead. 2003-11-27 Show
Editorial - Tis the season to shop locally. 2003-11-27 Show
Sixth grade classes conduct school-wide recycling programs (illus) 2003-11-27 Show
Travels to Italy as bass guitarist on tour with world-famous Harlem Gospel Choir. 2003-11-27 Show
Offers production and performance projects for young people with strong interest in creating theatre. 2003-11-27 Show
Police Sgt. D.J. Brightly and Fire Captain Lou DeRosa are specialists in search and rescue operations, serving in Task Force 1, New Jersey's Urban Search and Rescue Team (illus) 2003-11-20 Show
Library catalog now may be searched on-line 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 2003-11-20 Show
N.J. Council for the Humanities presents library with its 15th annual NJCH Book Award Collection. 2003-11-20 Show
American Legion takes lead in ceremonies for Veterans Day (illus) 2003-11-20 Show
Obituary - Pankratz, Herbert H. 2003-11-20 Show
Class of 1953 holds its 50th reunion (illus) 2003-11-20 Show
Pfc. McGowan is serving in Iraq after receiving paratroop wings at Fort Benning, Ga. (illus) 2003-11-20 Show
Appoints Rene T. Rovtar, Morris County superintendent of schools, to position of assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction of Madison schools. 2003-11-20 Show
Editorial - Keeping the faith with 9/11 probe. 2003-11-20 Show
Obituary - Clark, Theodosia "Dodie" 2003-11-20 Show
Police officer Lisa Esposito finds satisfaction in helping people as she serves as community's School Resource Officer (illus) 2003-11-20 Show
9/11 Commission charged with investigating terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 will hold public hearing on Drew campus. 2003-11-13 Show
Police charge Joshua Rosado and Anunziata Losapio with assault in domestic violence case. 2003-11-13 Show
Madison High School student Alexa Malishchak wins William Paterson University's Abraham Kartch/Thomas Jefferson Lecture - Essay Contest. 2003-11-13 Show
Madison firefighters join members of 13 other departments in training to free victims from car wrecks (illus) 2003-11-13 Show
Superintendent of Public Works and Road Foreman graduate from Certified Public Manager Program, co-sponsored by Public Works Assn. of N.J. and Rutgers University. 2003-11-13 Show
Library celebrates "Children's Book Week" with appearances by two authors and an illustrator. 2003-11-13 Show
Editorial - Looking ahead with optimism. 2003-11-13 Show
Executive Director of Madison Housing Authority tells borough council of plans for development of 6 two-bedroom units of affordable housing at 27 Elm Street - council will soon consider site plan and zoning variances. 2003-11-13 Show
Marries Philip Walsh of Bristol, England. 2003-11-13 Show
Obituary - Sweeney, William 2003-11-13 Show
Obituary - Thomas, Thomas J. 2003-11-13 Show
Obituary - Bove, Rose Marie Condurso 2003-11-13 Show
Obituary - Alise, Angelina 2003-11-13 Show
Obituary - Imbriaco, Annjoan 2003-11-13 Show
Obituary - Nafey, George 2003-11-13 Show
Congregation of Madison Baptist Church welcomes new senior pastor, the Rev. Terry Robertson, and his family. 2003-11-13 Show
Volunteers from local organizations pitch in to beautify gardens and landscaping of public library (illus) 2003-11-13 Show
Board votes to hire architect to draw up plans for moving 6th grade from elementary schools to grades 7 - 8 Junior School and for shifting from half-day to extended-day or full-day kindergarten program. 2003-11-13 Show
Editorial - Why be proud to be "Madison"? 2003-11-06 Show
Voters elect Holden and Elias to borough council seats and choose Kerkeslager as mayor (illus) 2003-11-06 Show
Voters approve creation of Open Space, Recreation and Historic Preservation Trust Fund, financed by a dedicated tax. 2003-11-06 Show
Frank D. Mattiace, principal of Bayley Ellard Catholic High School who was charged in June with criminal sexual contact with juvenile student, now faces additionasl charge of sexual assault against an adult. 2003-11-06 Show
82 year-old runner still sets the pace in New York City marathon and other distance races. 2003-11-06 Show
Fifty years ago. 2003-11-06 Show
Club sponsors series of seminars on issues affecting the elderly and their families. 2003-11-06 Show
Madison Area YMCA collects breakfast foods to benefit the needy at Interfaith Pantry of Morristown. 2003-11-06 Show
Obituary - Mangiafridda, Peter S. 2003-11-06 Show
Obituary - Warshaw, Martin 2003-11-06 Show
Obituary - Heck, Marion A. 2003-11-06 Show
Obituary - Strelkoff, Angela Cetta 2003-11-06 Show
Obituary - Allocco, Paul 2003-11-06 Show
Obituary - Tyrone, Richard P., Sr. 2003-11-06 Show
Library will celebrate "Children's Book Week" with appearances by two authors and an illustrator. 2003-11-06 Show
Obituary - Bruen, Harvey M. 2003-10-30 Show
Obituary - Dancsak, Helen 2003-10-30 Show
Board hopes to reach decision on school district's long-range facility needs at public meeting, after report from its Educational Priorities Committee. 2003-10-30 Show
Hall of Fame Figure Skating Champion JoJo Starbuck will offer two 10-week ice skating classes, one for adults and one for children, through Madison YMCA. 2003-10-30 Show
Town meeting provides exchanges of opinions on November 4 referendum to create Open Space, Recreation and Historic Preservation Trust Fund - Mayor and council candidates urge "Yes" vote. 2003-10-30 Show
Madison's Elks Lodge honors Jerry Mantone as "Elk of the Year." (illus) 2003-10-30 Show
Library will feature "Autumn Afternoon Entertainments" in November and December - activities include a poto exhibit, a Charlie Chaplin film and discussion, history lectures, and a holiday concert. (illus) 2003-10-30 Show
Editorial - "Off-year" ballot? Not in Madison. 2003-10-30 Show
Market ends another successful season today.(illus) 2003-10-30 Show
Halloween arrives early with Main Street costume parade and magic show. (illus) 2003-10-30 Show
2003-10-30 Show
Ridgedale Avenue will become Madison's newest officially recognized Historic District as soon as state issues certificate of eligibility - designation will preserve area from significant changes that could destroy its historic character. (illus) 2003-10-30 Show
GSWA honors historian John Cunningham with its Marcellus Hartley Dodge Memorial Award for lifelong commitment to preserving and sharing the cultural, historical and natural riches of New Jersey. (illus) 2003-10-30 Show
Local author publishes new novel, A question of Balance, an occult thriller - she describes herself as a Wiscan princess, bard and ordained minister, and practicing witch. 2003-10-30 Show
Bust of James Madison, fourth president of the U.S., will be unveiled in public ceremony at plaza on Waverly Place - 1834 referendum changed name of town from Bottle Hill to Madison. 2003-10-30 Show
Next stop for A to Z Construction of Chester is hearing of Board of Adjustment - dispute involves alleged violation of borough's setback requirement after house on Ridgedale Ave, is torn down for replacement by larger house. 2003-10-30 Show
Obituary - Klein, Elizabeth Mearns 2003-10-30 Show
Obituary - Eorio, Pat S. 2003-10-30 Show
Obituary - Guarino, Concetta 2003-10-30 Show
Neighbors of property at 150 Ridgedale Avenue blame builder for violating side-yard setback requirement, and borough accepts blame for issuing permits - case will be heard by Morris County Construction Board of Appeals. 2003-10-23 Show
Barbara McCloskey, Madison's consultant for open space planning, tells of importance of November 4 referendum to create Open Space, Recreation and Historic Preservation Trust Fund. 2003-10-23 Show
Obituary - Harrington, Joan T. 2003-10-23 Show
Obituary - Ellwanger, Otto C. 2003-10-23 Show
Obituary - Shuttlesworth, Dorothy E. 2003-10-23 Show
Obituary - Smith, Marie J. Schwind 2003-10-23 Show
Obituary - Cook, Charles R. 2003-10-23 Show
Club dedicates its new interactive playground at Community House. 2003-10-23 Show
Borough Council again considers "Option 2," a plan to provide elevator and larger courtroom at Hartley Dodge Memorial, but reaches no decision and seeks delay in deadline for new court. 2003-10-23 Show
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) gives Madison Housing Authority a perfect score of 100 and an overall performance rating of "High Performer" in its management assessment program. (illus) 2003-10-23 Show
Exhibit by Drew Art Association presents variety of ways in which artists interpret "Sacred Spaces." (illus) 2003-10-23 Show
Mayoral candidate Kerkeslager asks citizens to "judge me by what gets done." (illus) 2003-10-23 Show
Senior citizens pepper council candidates with questions about taxes in public forum sponsored by League of Women Voters (illus) 2003-10-23 Show
After public forums, Board is considering how best to prepare for projected shortfall of three classrooms to meet rising enrollment in 2007-2008 school year. 2003-10-23 Show
Candidates for borough council express their views on issues in campaign (illus) 2003-10-23 Show
Editorial - Re-elect Holden, elect Stevenson yes for Madison 2003-10-23 Show
40 church members create garland of 1000 origami paper cranes and sent it to be displayed at Children's Place statue in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. (illus) 2003-10-16 Show
Republican candidate for Mayor calls for "team-building" to meet Madison's problems. (illus) 2003-10-16 Show
Social Club will hold a fund-raising "Holiday Boutique," with portion of proceeds benefiting local Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) programs. (illus) 2003-10-16 Show
Recreation Department and Chamber of Commerce will sponsor annual "Halloween Parade," ending with magic show at Hartley Dodge Memorial. 2003-10-16 Show
Obituary - Robertson, William C. 2003-10-16 Show
Announces start of capital campaign to raise $10 million to build state-of-the-art animal shelter and campus. (illus) 2003-10-16 Show
Roseann Humphrey, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction for Madison Public schools, resigns to accept post as superintendent/principal for grades K-8 Boonton Township district. 2003-10-16 Show
Judging by questions asked Borough Council candidates at public forum, taxes are the subject most on minds of Madison citizens. (illus) 2003-10-16 Show
Celebrate 50th wedding anniversary. (illus) 2003-10-16 Show
Two Madison residents win awards from YMCA for volunteer service. (illus) 2003-10-16 Show
Hundreds of families turn out for 9th annual T.J. Martell Foundation 5K marathon to raise funds for leukemia, cancer and AIDS. (illus) 2003-10-16 Show
Red Cross sponsors program for dog and cat owners to teach them how to administer first aid to thier pets. 2003-10-16 Show
Editorial - Highlands train leaves the station. 2003-10-16 Show
Police warn of wave of burglaries, as two more incidents at Drew follow two at Drew and one at YMCA last week - plants are stolen from J & M Plants. 2003-10-16 Show
Archeologist Richard Vitt of Monmouth University gives slide show and walking tour of Hillside Cemetery, focusing on gravestone art - tour is sponsored by Museum of Early Trades and Crafts. 2003-10-16 Show
Installed as President of Kiwanis Club of Madison. (illus) 2003-10-16 Show
Library's catalog can be searched on-line 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 2003-10-09 Show
Ninth annual T.J. Martell Foundation Walkathon is held to raise funds for leukemia, cancer and AIDS research. (illus) 2003-10-09 Show
Editorial - Two realities of war in Iraq. 2003-10-09 Show
Obituary - Nuzzo, Neil 2003-10-09 Show
Obituary - Smith, Anne Hester 2003-10-09 Show
In surprise move, Sunrise Development Corp. proceeds with demolition of 1898 carriage house at Bayley-Ellard, where Sunrise plans to build assisted living facility - 11th hour efforts to save building fail (illus) 2003-10-09 Show
LWV sponsors "Candidates' Forum" for public to hear from the four candidates for Borough Council. 2003-10-09 Show
Fire alarm system at high school fails to work during regular test in mid-September - entire system will be replaced. 2003-10-09 Show
Festival carries on despite rainy weather. (illus) 2003-10-09 Show
New organization of some 80 women is formed to raise money for local families faced with unexpected financial difficulties. (illus) 2003-10-09 Show
Borough Council President and candidate for re-election, George Hayman, discusses renovations needed for Hartley Dodge Memorial building. 2003-10-09 Show
Candidates for four seats on Borough Council are active on the campaign trail (illus) 2003-10-09 Show
Club launches its 105th season with music of Schubert, Liszt and Debussy (illus) 2003-10-02 Show
Holds classes in CPR, first aid, babysitting and use of automated external defibrilator (AED) 2003-10-02 Show
Some 100 residents turn out for Board of Education's "town meeting" on facility planning - school superintendent Travlos presents five areas for discussion by citizens. 2003-10-02 Show
Robert A. Coultas is Rotary's primary representative to the UN (illus) 2003-10-02 Show
60 local businesses offer discounts to students of local colleges - "town-gown" program is cooperative effort by DDC and Chamber of Commerce. 2003-10-02 Show
Editorial - A set of ideas for 50 Kings Rd. 2003-10-02 Show
Obituary - Sangillo, Viola Prezioso 2003-10-02 Show
Obituary - Paolella, Joanne Sparano 2003-10-02 Show
Obituary - Piano, Ralph E. 2003-10-02 Show
Obituary - Smith, Anna Behre 2003-10-02 Show
Foundation stages 4th annual Walkathon to raise funds for community awareness about ovarian cancer and for research into its diagnosis and treatments - hundreds of walkers participate (illus) 2003-10-02 Show
Obituary - Scalera, Nicholas 2003-09-25 Show
Obituary - Kelley, Richard H. 2003-09-25 Show
Obituary - Hanrehan, Frances 2003-09-25 Show
Editorial - Madison catches the wave at last. 2003-09-25 Show
Superior Court Judge Harper rules that principal of Bayley-Ellard Catholic High School cannot obtain confidential records on 17-year old male student who has accused him of molestation. 2003-09-25 Show
Named a winner of the 2003 Gold Key award presented by Columbia Scholastic Press Assn. for contributions to high school journalism. (illus) 2003-09-25 Show
Former student at Drew University endows scholarship as tribute to his ethics mentor, retired professor Donald Jones. (illus) 2003-09-25 Show
Congressman Frelinghuysen tours Drew science labs and is thanked by university for helping secure federal funds (illus) 2003-09-25 Show
Social Club of Madison and Florham Park holds "Holiday Boutique" to raise funds for local Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) programs in Florham Park and Madison. 2003-09-25 Show
Record crowd of walkers turn out for annual "Kaleidoscope of Hope" walkathon and raises $150,000 for ovarian cancer research and awarness. 2003-09-25 Show
Borough Council unanimously vote to explore "Option 2" of architect's proposals for Hartley Dodge Memorial - plan provides elevator and large courtroom without entailing any building additions (illus) 2003-09-25 Show
Republican council candidates offer to forgo campaign signs if Democratic candidates Elias agree to do likewise - Democratic candidate Elias sets up "Friends of Elias" as campaign committee. (illus) 2003-09-25 Show
Veterans of WWII, Korean War and Vietnam War receive Morris County Distinguished Service Medals in recognition of their service (illus) 2003-09-25 Show
Borough Council votes to apply for $800,000 grant from Morris County's Open Space and Farmland Preservation trust to buy historic Luke Miller Homestead at 105 Ridgedale Avenue. (illus) 2003-09-25 Show
Obituary - Ganning, Rose 2003-09-25 Show
Eleanor Holden Stoddard speaks to Historical Society about history of Madison as she learned it from discussions and stories passed down through generations of her family. 2003-09-25 Show
Retired professor and administrator Walter Savage is induced into Fairleigh Dickinson's Heritage Hall for his contributions to the university. (illus) 2003-09-25 Show
Neighbors continue to press Borough Council for clean-up of paving company's lot on Orchard Street - Mayor Dunne demands action from Board of Health. 2003-09-25 Show
Families enjoy activities, crafts, demonstrations and displays at Drew/Madison Community Day festival. (illus) 2003-09-25 Show
Obituary - Lepre, Marianne Gerlach 2003-09-25 Show
Obituary - Carlsen, Mary Elizabeth 2003-09-18 Show
Special Council meeting will examine architect's 3 options for space needs at Borough Hall. 2003-09-18 Show
Madison High teacher completes 4-week institute at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center in Colorado (illus) 2003-09-18 Show
Obituary - Iandiorio, Joseph 2003-09-18 Show
Obituary - Bruno, Rita K. 2003-09-18 Show
Obituary - Benjamin, Rhoda Curran 2003-09-18 Show
Marries Scott Glenn Fix of Shoreline, Washington. 2003-09-18 Show
Guset columnist criticizes Sunrise Development Corporation's actions in controversy over assisted living facility on Bayley Ellard campus. 2003-09-18 Show
Editorial - Don't let rains wash out festival. 2003-09-18 Show
Police arrest Robert Barletta with aggravated assault and possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes - officers also make arrests in a number of motor vehicle cases, including arrest of Courtney Lowe of Madison. 2003-09-18 Show
Eight artists have responded to Mayor Dunne's call for design ideas for an official crest symbolizing Madison's heritage. 2003-09-18 Show
Borough Council approves $130,000 appropriation for long-awaited renovation of second floor of Civic Center. 2003-09-18 Show
Board will hold two "town meetings" to get citizens' input on key issues facing grades K-12 district. 2003-09-18 Show
Couniclwoman will be one of two judges who will help decide which public and /or private groups in Morris County will gain newly-created "McFlower Town Awards" 2003-09-18 Show
Annual "Drew/Madison Community Day" will celebrate town-gown ties. 2003-09-18 Show
Named 2003 New Jersey "Worker of the Year" for teaching at Kean University Skills Center (illus) 2003-09-18 Show
Obituary - Meylan, Charles D. 2003-09-11 Show
Obituary - Rollins, Ruth Emily 2003-09-11 Show
Community House offers 10 - week course in English as a second language. 2003-09-11 Show
Marries Lisa Pallotta of Staten Island (illus) 2003-09-11 Show
Creative Hands Art Studio and Atelier Gallery sponsor "Art for Hope" exhibit to benefit children's charities - featured are large collaborative paintings by young artists based on famous works. (illus) 2003-09-11 Show
Co-workers say farewell to Ruth Tisi as she retires from longtime post as secretary for Borough's land use boards. (illus) 2003-09-11 Show
Architect reports to Borough Council that, in long run, Police Department, Fire Department, and Municipal Court will not fit into Hartley Dodge Memorial building - presents 3 conceptual options for Borough Hall's space requirements. 2003-09-11 Show
American Legion Post holds candlelight vigil to remember those who died on Sept. 11, 2001, at World Trade Center, Pentagon, and aboard United Airlines Flight 93 in Pennsylvania. 2003-09-11 Show
Obituary - Christian, Anthony 2003-09-11 Show
Democratic Council candidates Elias and Hayman are hailed at party's picnic while REpublican candidates Holden and Stevenson hold fund-raising event in local restaurant. 2003-09-11 Show
Responds to 57 calls for assistance in August, including three vehicle accidents, two structural fires, five pump outs, and two mutual aid calls from other communities. 2003-09-11 Show
Web provider glitch temporarily knocks out Rose Net computer network. 2003-09-11 Show
Police arrest Kathleen Doran on charges of possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. 2003-09-11 Show
Plans are well underway for annual Bottle Hill Day, sponsored by Downtown Development Commission - festivities will celebrate community's cultural heritage (illus) 2003-09-11 Show
Editorial - Hearing the bell that tolled 9/11. 2003-09-11 Show
Former pastor at St. Vincent Martyr Church holds books signing for his new autobiography. 2003-09-11 Show
Capt. John K. Trevena of Madison Police Department helps in fight against juvenile diabetes. 2003-09-04 Show
Non-profit Independent Thrift Shop on Kings Road is in its 60th year of raising funds for community projects - shop has raised $500,000 over the years. (illus) 2003-09-04 Show
Obituary - Young, Daniel E., Jr. 2003-09-04 Show
Obituary - Brown, Arthur, Jr. 2003-09-04 Show
Knights award $500 college schlorships to Karen Mulhall of Madison and Pattilou Normand of Florham Park (illus) 2003-09-04 Show
Borough Counicl names Edna Ierley-Byrne as acting coordinator of senior citizens services at Senior Center (illus) 2003-09-04 Show
Editorial - Dismal weather to suit the times 2003-09-04 Show
Chiming "Jimmy" Yang warms up with stylized exercise move of Tai Gie Chun before opening hot dog cart on Main Street, just east of Waverly Place - business has been in Madison 14 years. (illus) 2003-09-04 Show
Rotary Club sponsor French exchange student, Marie Amelie Pons, who will be in 12th grade at Madison High (illus) 2003-09-04 Show
Madison Democrats hold annual picnic to officially launch campaign to elect two members of Borough Council (illus) 2003-09-04 Show
Councilman Mantone informs Borough Council that State Department of Transportation has indicated prohibition of left - & U-turns on Waverly Place can be reversed - which have been unpopular with many shoppers and some store owners. 2003-09-04 Show
Madison native Ann Marie Hodges takes over as new assistant principal at Junor School. (illus) 2003-09-04 Show
Thursday Morning Club's Community House variety of youth enrichment programs, including "Fine Motor Mania," "Art Explorers," and "Hands-on Science." 2003-08-28 Show
Two Madison students - Alice Glock and Susan Callahan are among ten awarded certificates in historic preservation by Drew University after completing required courses. (illus) 2003-08-28 Show
Donald Bowen and William List are named to serve on Morristown Municipal Airport's Airport Advisory Committee. 2003-08-28 Show
Karen Natunen, a june graduate of Madison High, is 2003 Madison Community House/George Burroughs scholarship winner. (illus) 2003-08-28 Show
Rose City Steppers continue monthly walks in Madison neighborhoods and parks. 2003-08-28 Show
Obituary - Rickmers, Anna Alwardt 2003-08-28 Show
Obituary - Reiss, Frank Ronald 2003-08-28 Show
Obituary - Kenworthy, Lenore Callanan 2003-08-28 Show
Obituary - Kilcoyne, Mallory C. 2003-08-28 Show
Obituary - Comstock, Ralph 2003-08-28 Show
Editorial - Something bright in Great Blackout - Favorite places 2003-08-28 Show
Schools prepare to welcome back students - back-to-school facts at a glance. 2003-08-28 Show
After years of debate, Borough Council has agreed to hire architectural firm to design renovation of Hartley Dodge Memorial building to provide access for the handicapped and more space for municipal court. (illus) 2003-08-28 Show
Councilman Mantone wins Borough Council's unanimous approval for his call to authorize Borough Engineer to draw up specifications and advertise for design and cost estimate on project to fix downtown business district's aged and uneven sidewalks. (illus) 2003-08-28 Show
Sculptor Christopher Dahlberg looks over proposed site of bust of James Madison, 4th President of the United States and "Father of the Constitution," at Waverly Place. (illus) 2003-08-28 Show
A Borough senior citizens' van overurns in collision with car at intersection of Brittin Street and Greenwood Avenue, and firefighters use "jaws of life" to extricate van driver from vehicle - police report no serious injuries. 2003-08-28 Show
Obituary - Diemer, John "Jack" 2003-08-28 Show
Recognized for her inspirational life in column by granddaughter, Christine J. Agnello (illus) 2003-08-21 Show
Local businesses continue "May Day in Madison" efforts with help for projects at Civic Center (illus) 2003-08-21 Show
Obituary - Deller, Nancy C. 2003-08-21 Show
More than 500 young people participate in summer "Read and Grow" program at Public Library - attractions include storytimes, art sessions, crafts workshops, science programs, and games (illus) 2003-08-21 Show
Editorial - Welcome home, with great thanks. 2003-08-21 Show
Episcopal Church's election of first openly gay Bishop divides parishioners throoughout nations. George Hayman, Madison Councilman who attended church's convention, hails its recognition of diversity (illus) 2003-08-21 Show
Parents of Kings Road School students receive traffic advisory from borough engineer, concerning road paving, water line installation and other projects on Kings Road. 2003-08-21 Show
Volunteers begin attack to rid Central Green, a small park between Greenwood Avenue and Central Avenue, of highly invasive plant, the Japanese Knotwood. 2003-08-21 Show
Obituary - Berenbak, Margaret M. 2003-08-21 Show
Obituary - Walsh, John J. Sr. 2003-08-21 Show
Elizabeth K. Parker, co-publisher and executive editor of REcorder Community Newspapers, publishers of Madison Eagle, is named a trustee of Morris Tomorrow, a not-for-profit organization that supports planning and balanced development. 2003-08-21 Show
Sponsors lecture on New Jersey's largest trees. 2003-08-21 Show
More than a hundred friends and co-workers turn out to help Jo Blair celebrate her 32 years work with Police Department and her retirement as department's office manager/ (illus) 2003-08-14 Show
Suffers another construction mishap when rear foundation wall collapses, injuring construction inspector. 2003-08-14 Show
Four Madison servicemen who were deployed to war in Iraq have returned home safely. 2003-08-14 Show
Borough Council votes unanimously to hire architectural firm of Holt-Morgan-Russell to design long-awaited renovation to make Hartley Dodge Memorial municipal building accessible to the handicapped. 2003-08-14 Show
Public library showcases works by author and illustrator Edward Gorey. 2003-08-14 Show
AT&T Wireless Service announces its intention to fullfill terms of August 2002 contract with Borough for installation of "Kings Road Communication Facility," a 111-foot high monopole next to Borough's electrical substation on Kings Road. 2003-08-14 Show
Neighbors of Orchard Street property of Guerriero Paving Company, characterized as "junkyard" and "dump" continue to press for borough enforcement of clean-up. 2003-08-14 Show
Mayor Dunne wins Borough Council's endorsement for project to install bronze bust of James Madison, fourth President of the United States, in "gathering area" on Waverly Place. (illus) 2003-08-14 Show
Neighbors of Orchard Street property of Guerriero Paving Company, characterized as "junkyard" and "dump" continue to press for Borough enforcement of clean-up. 2003-08-14 Show
Editorial - Highlands panel: Up to the task. 2003-08-14 Show
Borough Council unanimously adopts resolution against FAA proposal that would prohibit general aviation airports from imposing weight limits that block landings by jets weighing 100,000 pounds or more. 2003-08-14 Show
Obituary - Matyus, Theresa McCarthy 2003-08-14 Show
Despite possibility of receiving $75,000 grant, Borough Council fails to approve hiring of an additional police officer - issue will be reconsidered at next council meeting. 2003-08-14 Show
Residents fear more jet noise if change in federal rules allows Morristown Municipal Airport to service commercial passenger flights of big 737 jets. 2003-08-07 Show
Friends of Madison Shade Trees and Thursday Morning Club donate new tree for playground project at Madison Community House (illus) 2003-08-07 Show
Playwrights Theatre ($47,472) and Shakespeare Theatre ($103,088) are among arts organizations receiving grants from NJ State Council on the Arts. 2003-08-07 Show
Obituary - Morrison, Dorothy M. 2003-08-07 Show
Editorial - After dark winter, warm sun for arts. 2003-08-07 Show
Highlands Coalition, representing more than 100 organizations with concerns about northern NJ Highlands, wants Governor to appoint special task force to spell out how to save the environmentally sensitive area. 2003-08-07 Show
FMPL sponsors trip to Philadelphia to tour Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and to visit "Little Italy" and its market. 2003-08-07 Show
Celeste Sodano, daughter of renowned rose grower helps committee planning for Bottle Hill Day with information and memories (illus) 2003-08-07 Show
Atlanta Bread Company opens its new bakery cafe on Main Street offers "quick yet upscale" dining. 2003-07-31 Show
Obituary - Gawley, George W. 2003-07-31 Show
Obituary - Streep, Harry, Jr. 2003-07-31 Show
Eleven architects submit conceptual proposals for multi-million dollar renovation of Hartley Dodge Memorial. 2003-07-31 Show
Huge crane lowers four sections of 3,600 sq. ft. modular house at corner of Wyndhurst Drive and Prospect Street. (illus) 2003-07-31 Show
Councilman Mantone raises questions about prohibition of left turns from Amici'a restaurant on Park Avenue, fees for outdoor dining permit, and borough's interview practices. 2003-07-31 Show
Editorial - The right answer for a time of trial. 2003-07-31 Show
Madison Art and Frame at 52 Main Street closes doors after 30 years. 2003-07-31 Show
Local chapter helps coordinate huge public outpouring of donations to U.S. troops in Iraq. 2003-07-31 Show
Obituary - Goepfert, Werner F. 2003-07-31 Show
Huge crane lowers four sections of 3,600 sq. ft. modular house at corner of Wyndehurst Drive and Prospect Street (illus) 2003-07-31 Show
Democrats form "Friends to Re-Elect George Hayman Committee" to work for second term for borough council president. 2003-07-31 Show
Scouts continue support for borough's "Adopt-a-Park" program by cleaning up at James Park. (illus) 2003-07-31 Show
As organizers plan for October's Bottle Hill Day they seek to discover origins of "mystery banner" that will fly over Waverly Place. 2003-07-24 Show
Police will join with neighborhood groups in 20th annual "National Night Out" against crime. 2003-07-24 Show
Holds reorganizational meeting to vote on changes in by-laws. 2003-07-24 Show
Madison couple is married at Meadowlands Racetrack. 2003-07-24 Show
Red Cross makes urgent appeal for donations to Disaster Relief Fund, which officials say has fallen to a dangerous low level. 2003-07-24 Show
14 officers are honored with awards or letters of commendation for criminal investigations, emergency medical assistance, and exceptional service in the line of duty. (illus) 2003-07-24 Show
Campaign to purchase historic Luke Miller Homestead moves ahead as borough officials prepare applications for grant from Morris County Open Space and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund. 2003-07-24 Show
Editorial - Summertime: Wheeping is easy. 2003-07-24 Show
Photograph-Bottle Hill Day 2003-07-24 Show
Obituary - Clancey, William R. 2003-07-24 Show
Deadline nears for architectural firms to submit proposals for multi-million dollar renovation of Hartley Dodge Memorial - cost estimated at more than $3.2 million, not including space needs for police and fire departments. 2003-07-24 Show
Is cited for completing 10 months of service and 1,700 hours as member of AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps. 2003-07-17 Show
Three angry residents urge Borough Council to take strong and immediate action to force Guerriero Paving Company to clean its lot at corner of Strickland Place and zorchard Street, and to pay back taxes. 2003-07-17 Show
Editorial - Destruction of the carriage house. 2003-07-17 Show
Obituary - Koepp, Frances Dyer 2003-07-17 Show
Mistake by contractor leads to demolition of Dunkin' Donuts, when plan was to demolish less than half the building. 2003-07-17 Show
105-year old carriage house on Danforth Road is partially demolished, but faint hopes persist for saving remainder of building (illus) 2003-07-17 Show
Madison resident Henry Zwick makes plea to Borough Council to reduce traffic on Brooklake Road and proposes various changes to slow down commuters on Brooklake Road and Niles Avenue - Mayor and Counicl promise to look at suggestions. 2003-07-17 Show
Editorial - A survivor waits for dust to settle. 2003-07-17 Show
Councilwoman MaryAnna Holden says Sunrise Development Corp. has squandered a jewel that should have been preserved. 2003-07-17 Show
Obituary - Hirtler, George H. 2003-07-17 Show
Borough Council approves 3-year contracts with 7 employees' unions - annual raises will be 4.25%, 4.25% and 4%. 2003-07-17 Show
50 years ago today. 2003-07-17 Show
Eight Madison Borough employees are honored with "Mayor's Award" for outstanding job performance (illus) 2003-07-17 Show
Residents are advised to learn precautions against bears which are increasingly invading boroughs of Madison and Chatham. 2003-07-17 Show
Maersk Corporation lends support to GSWA by "adopting" and contributing to rescue of Loantaka Brook. (illus) 2003-07-10 Show
Obituary - Seeds, Pauline Allocco 2003-07-10 Show
Obituary - La Sala, Maria Lepore 2003-07-10 Show
Obituary - Sisco, Evelyn 2003-07-10 Show
Obituary - Orent, Gina Rosen 2003-07-10 Show
Museum opens two new exhibits, one on treasures from the sea and the second on culture of early New Jersey settlers. 2003-07-10 Show
Police make arrests in several motor vehicle cases and also charge Chelsea B. Orr with possession of controlled dangerous substance and drug paraphernalia. 2003-07-10 Show
Obituary - De Santis, Guy E. "Tiny" 2003-07-10 Show
Photograph - Animals, Wild 2003-07-10 Show
Photograph - Hillside Cemetery 2003-07-03 Show
YMCA offers theater camp to reach youngsters in all styles of the dance arts 2003-06-19 Show
Opens new Madison Medical and Sports Rehabilitation Center. 2003-06-19 Show
After 27 year delay, 250 year-old house on Rosedale Avenue, owned by Dennis and Judy Mullins at last receives its 1776 Bicentennial marker. (illus) 2003-06-19 Show
Trustees of Madison Senior Center give farewell reception for Joan Holmes, retiring from post as Borough's Senior Citizen Coordinator. (illus) 2003-06-19 Show
Read and Grow at Your Library is theme for library's summer reading program - children will visit library weekly to report on reading progress. 2003-06-19 Show
Councilwoman Mary-Anna Holden leads campaign to save 1730 Major Luke Miller house on Rdogedale Avenue - preservationists fear property will be bought by developer, subdivided, and razed to make room for two mini-mansions (illus) 2003-06-19 Show
Neighborhood opponents of Sunrise Development's plan for assisted living facility on land from Bayley Ellard have changed their minds and will appeal case to New Jersey Supreme Court. 2003-06-19 Show
Editorial - '03 grads face big challenges. Home of champions. 2003-06-19 Show
Editorial - Season to think about bike safety. 2003-06-12 Show
Students, faculty and parents rally around Principal Frank Mattiace, who awaits court hearing on charges of criminal sexual conduct and endangering welfare of a child (illus) 2003-06-12 Show
Police make arrests in two cases of shoplifting at Stop and Shop market. 2003-06-12 Show
Liquor store's videotape leads police to arrest William Derek Goins and charge him with robbery and theft. 2003-06-12 Show
After receiving enough write-in votes in Democratic primary to qualify to have his name on November ballot, Robert Conley is weighing decision whether to run for Mayor. 2003-06-12 Show
2003-06-12 Show
Obituary - Dixon, Francis L., Jr. 2003-06-12 Show
Obituary - Hays, Jeane L. 2003-06-12 Show
Obituary - Andrews, Howard "Andy" 2003-06-12 Show
Obituary - Drake, Madelon Reeve 2003-06-12 Show
Computer valued at $1,200 is stolen from classroom at Fairleigh Dickinson. 2003-06-12 Show
Madison Housing Authority closes on $240,000 Elm Street property in first step toward building six affordable townhouses for first-time home buyers living in Madison. 2003-06-12 Show
Friends of Florham hold annual spring gala at The Mansion on Fairleigh Dickinson campus, raising money to help with restoration of mansion and grounds (illus) 2003-06-12 Show
Borough Council again considers downtown's deteriorating sidewalks and decides to try resetting sections before considering replacing them. 2003-06-05 Show
Douglas Simon, professor of political sciences at Drew, wins University's Distinguished Teacher Award for second time. (illus) 2003-06-05 Show
Marie Pascale Pieretti, professor of French at Drew, is selected to attend summer program in Vario, sponsored by NEH. 2003-06-05 Show
Receives honorary doctorate of humane letters from Marshall University. (illus) 2003-06-05 Show
Obituary - Matrisciano, Joseph, Jr. 2003-06-05 Show
State court officials will allow Madison's Municipal Court to remain in Hartley Dodge Memorial but warn that new and modern quarters must be available by January 2005. 2003-06-05 Show
Shade Tree Management Board plants 17 Red Spire pear trees in downtown Madison, as first step in multi-year project to transform downtown greenery. (illus) 2003-06-05 Show
Madison has light turn-out on rainy primary day - Republicans nominate Kerkeslager for Mayor; no Democrat files for that office. (illus) 2003-06-05 Show
Special Needs Parent Resource Group seeks volunteers to serve as school representatives and chairwomen - Group seeks to bridge communications gap between parents and school district's special services personnel. 2003-06-05 Show
More than 75 people honor Jeanette Balber at surprise party, recognizing her 20-year service as chairwoman of Madison Democratic Committee (illus) 2003-06-05 Show
Historical Society honors retiring trustees and other volunteers at annual dinner meeting. Janet Foster, award-winning architectural historian, is evening's speaker. (illus) 2003-06-05 Show
Editorial - Court must rule on 911 records. 2003-06-05 Show
50 Years Ago 2003-06-05 Show
Obituary - Dogherty, Hazel 2003-06-05 Show
Obituary - Gould, Eleanor D. 2003-06-05 Show
Obituary - Ehringer, Frank 2003-06-05 Show
YMCA honors the many volunteers who help with its programs with "Appreciation Family Dinner" (illus) 2003-06-05 Show
Obituary - Cervone, Joseph 2003-06-05 Show
Obituary - Brunner, William 2003-05-29 Show
Obituary - Delmonico, Barbara C. 2003-05-29 Show
Obituary - Lang-Redway, Pauline 2003-05-29 Show
Obituary - Griswold, May R. 2003-05-29 Show
Obituary - Prudden, Rita Ann 2003-05-29 Show
Club holds annual luncheon and installs five newly elected officers. 2003-05-29 Show
Rose City Seniors will hold annual luncheon and installation of officers - Nora Stewart is new president. 2003-05-29 Show
Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Roseanne Humphrey, gives Board of Education an overview of upcoming changes in special education and gifted-and-talented programs - improvements planned at all grad levels. 2003-05-29 Show
Board of Education approves new college-credit courses at Madison High School, as well as college credits program partnership with Fairleigh Dickinson University. 2003-05-29 Show
Editorial - An open process calls for our votes. 2003-05-29 Show
Newly formed Madison High School Educational Foundation will seek to raise funds for a little theater, a language lab, and video-conferences for advanced courses. 2003-05-29 Show
Madison High Class of 1952 plants ginko biloba tree at school in recognition of class's 50th reunion. 2003-05-29 Show
Police charge several motorists, including Rodrigo Rameriz-Duque of Madison, with contempt of court in motor vehicle chases. 2003-05-29 Show
Panel of professionals and residents discuss land saving device of conservation easements in educational forum. 2003-05-29 Show
Rain forces cancellation of Memorial Day parade - ceremonies are held indoors at Hartley Dodge Memorial (illus) 2003-05-29 Show
Board of Education accepts resignation of Florence Senyk, principal of Madison Junior School for 16 years. 2003-05-22 Show
Board of Trustees of Museum of Early Trades and Crafts gives historian John Cunningham its 2003 Craftsman of the Year Award. (illus) 2003-05-22 Show
Editorial - Winds of change stirring District 21 - Laureys, Druetzler, Murphy on June 3. 2003-05-22 Show
Celebrate 50th wedding anniversary (illus) 2003-05-22 Show
Obituary - Wiegand, John J. 2003-05-22 Show
Obituary - Hays, Agnes G. 2003-05-22 Show
Mayor appoints committee to create a crest or "coat of arms" for borough - public is invited to submit designs. 2003-05-22 Show
Mayor and Superior Court judge discuss whether municipal court will have to be moved out of town - Borough Council is still pondering possibilities. 2003-05-22 Show
Board of Education approves 3.1% increase, to $12,995, of Harding Townships per student tuition rate for 2003-04 school year. 2003-05-22 Show
Local businesses donate funds for 18th annual Graduation Gala, a drug-free and alcohol-free evening for graduating high school seniors, sponsored by PYSO (illus) 2003-05-22 Show
Arrests are made in cases involving tampering with car insurance card and license, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, and contempt of court in motor vehicle offenses. 2003-05-22 Show
Board of Trustees decides to scale down size of new field house. 2003-05-22 Show
Flagpole on Kings Road and Green Avenue is repainted with labor and paint donated by Carmine Tot and Sons, Inc. and aerial ladder provided by fire department. 2003-05-15 Show
Obituary - Remmers, Mary Irene 2003-05-15 Show
Obituary - Lepore, Albert, Sr. 2003-05-15 Show
Obituary - Behre, Henry J., Jr. 2003-05-15 Show
Obituary - Drake, Francis L. 2003-05-15 Show
Obituary - Curtin, Thomas J. 2003-05-15 Show
Obituary - Pain, Gail C. 2003-05-15 Show
Installed as new commander of American Legion Post 43 of Florham Park and Madison (illus) 2003-05-15 Show
Receives American Legion Police Valor Medal for apprehending and disarming suspect who attempted to rob Madison bank. 2003-05-15 Show
High school class of 2003 racks up highest math and language arts proficiency scores in Morris County in state tests. 2003-05-15 Show
Borough Council unanimously approves $19.3 million municipal budget for 2003, an increase of 0.5% over last year - municipal tax rate will increase almost imperceptibly. 2003-05-15 Show
Police Department and Morris County Sheriff's Office Gang Intelligence Unit sponsor seminar on "Gang Awareness in Morris County" 2003-05-15 Show
Five club members winn gold ribbons for entries in Arts Achievement Day and Flower Show at conference in N.J. State Federation of Women's Clubs (illus) 2003-05-15 Show
Residents again urge Borough Council to take steps to reduce gunshot noise at police shooting range off John Avenue. 2003-05-15 Show
N.J. Transit's $2.35 million exterior rehabilitation of Madison Train Station is again underway, after halt of work in winter months - completion is expected by August. 2003-05-15 Show
Editorial - May brings pride of 7th Unity Tour. 2003-05-15 Show
Governor James E. McGreevey will be speaker at Drew's commencement ceremony. (illus) 2003-05-15 Show
St. Hubert's invites dogs and dog lovers to 12th annual Dog Walk, to raise money for care of dogs and cats awaiting adoption at animal shelters. 2003-05-15 Show
Two combat-wounded veterans - Ted Monica of Madison and Richard Bernard of East Hanover - will lead Madison's Memorial Day parade. 2003-05-15 Show
Work begins on digging up high school's old, unsafe cinder track, which will be replaced by all-weather surface track in time for next school year. (illus) 2003-05-15 Show
Madison resident is honored as Teacher of the Year in grade K-8 Morris Plains school district. 2003-05-15 Show
Obituary - Rosa, Florence 2003-05-08 Show
Obituary - McCaffrey, Dorothy L. Felix 2003-05-08 Show
Obituary - Fielding, Lavinia Garrabrant 2003-05-08 Show
May Day in Madison brings out volunteers for a host of clean-up and beautification projects. (illus) 2003-05-08 Show
In first meeting, Committee for the Open Space and Recreation Plan decide to hold in June a public forum on identification and preparation of an open space and recreation plan for Madison. 2003-05-08 Show
Police Department joins other law enforcement agencies in supporting new web-based drug enforcement effort, DAMMADD - organization offers rewards for tips on illegal drug activities. 2003-05-08 Show
Editorial - An evergreen affair with trees. 2003-05-08 Show
Chamber of Commerce sponsors 19th annual Art Show and Sale at Waverly Place - professional artists will exhibit and sell their works. 2003-05-08 Show
Is guest of honor at Family Service of Morris County's annual spring ball. She was founder of Time Out Adult Care Center in Madison (illus) 2003-05-08 Show
Pine Acres Nursing Home joins with nursing homes throughout country to celebrate the role nursing facilities play in delivering care to senior citizens and disables Americans. 2003-05-08 Show
Board tentatively sets September 27 for a town meeting on major educational questions. 2003-05-08 Show
Month-long "Do the Swamp Thing 2003" celebration of family activities in and around Great Swamp is in full swing - activities sponsored by GSWA include kayaking, birding, history and archaeology (illus) 2003-05-08 Show
Obituary - Geddes, Wynne Groff 2003-05-08 Show
35 Madison letter-carriers join with postal workers throughout the country in collection of food items for families in need. 2003-05-08 Show
Sealant dumped in Madison storm sewer fouls pond on Lake Road, off Shunpike Road, in Chatham. 2003-05-01 Show
St. Hubert's Giralda recognizes Patricia Pignataro with Special Foster Care award for donating more than 588 hours of her time in volunteer work. (illus) 2003-05-01 Show
Obituary - Behre, Alma M. 2003-05-01 Show
Obituary - Prudenti, Antoinette H. 2003-05-01 Show
Editorial - Celebrate spring at Great Swamp 2003-05-01 Show
50 years ago in Madison. 2003-05-01 Show
Police investigate theft of power tools and arrest Charles Peterson on charge of burglary.lkin J. Galves charged with simple assault following argument at Main Street residence. 2003-05-01 Show
Obituary - McLaughlin, James F., Jr. 2003-05-01 Show
Suburban Music Study Club presents pianist Anita Gordon of Whippany in concert of Ravel and Stravinsky works. (illus) 2003-05-01 Show
St. Hubert's offers children fun with animals at 15th annual Kritter Kamp.Invites dogs and dog lovers to 12th annual Dog Walk, a non-competitive fund-raising event through the grounds of Giralda Farms office campus. (illus) 2003-05-01 Show
Obituary - Wagner, Sarah Wilson 2003-05-01 Show
Students who won "Invention Convention" competition with ideas for making daily life better, display their ideas to Board of Education (illus) 2003-05-01 Show
Volunteers are ready for 6th annual "May Day in Madison," a morning of town-wide clean-up and beautification, sponsored by DDC. 2003-05-01 Show
Red Cross prepares 26 boxes containing 636 pounds of snacks, coffee, toothpaste, games and other items for US trops in Iraq and Kuwait. (illus) 2003-05-01 Show
Great Swamp Watershed Association and Garden Club join in sponsoring program on "Conservation Easements" to educate residents about donating an easement on property. 2003-05-01 Show
Obituary - Ferrara, Carmela "Mollie" 2003-05-01 Show
Friends sponsor seminar on care and pruning of small trees, shrubs and perennials, especially roses. 2003-05-01 Show
State Superior Court officail tells Borough Council that Borough's sub-standard municipal court must be moved out of town hall to another town's facility or even a trailer. 2003-05-01 Show
Two Madison families were among 14 recipients of Blue Star Service Banners from American Legion, recognizing services from their sons in Middle East - Marine Lance Corporal Daniel Meeks is in Iraq, and Army Captain Kevin Remus is in Kuwait. 2003-05-01 Show
Angry at Board of Adjustment's decision to abandon law suit against Sunrise Development Corp., members of Fairwoods-Ardsleigh Property Owner's Association present objections to Borough Council - Council says it cannot overrule Board. 2003-05-01 Show
Board of Education members re-elect Renee Joyce as President and Melissa Elias as Vice-President. 2003-05-01 Show
In celebration of opening of Dorothy Young Center for Arts, Drew is offering community members an opportunity to enroll in summer undergraduate courses in studio arts, writing, theatre, and music. 2003-04-24 Show
GSWA kicks off "Do the Swamp Thing 2003," month-long celebration of recreational, educational, and cultural resources of Great Swamp Watershed. 2003-04-24 Show
John Muniz, 17 year-old pianist, will perform his three-time award-winning composition, "Rhapsody for Piano," at Short Hills concert. (illus) 2003-04-24 Show
Alix Aidekman, 5th grader at Torey J. Sabatini School, wins annual art contest to design t-shirt for "May Day in Madison," town-wide cleanup and beautification day, sponsored by Downtown Development Commission. 2003-04-24 Show
Panel of six longtime Madison residents reminisce about "On the Home Front: From the War Years to Happier Times," (illus) 2003-04-24 Show
Madison Housing Authority is close to building affordable, "first-time buyer" townhouses for first time - property at 27 Elm Street is expected to be location. 2003-04-24 Show
Borough Council sets up Adopt-a-Park Committee to oversee a volunteer maintenance program for local parks. 2003-04-24 Show
Borough Council accepts with thanks the offer of Carmine Toto and Sons to repaint flagpole at Kings Road and Green Avenue 2003-04-24 Show
Fire Department explains new law that requires installation of carbon monoxide detector in single family and two family homes when there is sale or change of ownership. 2003-04-24 Show
Department joins with Florham Park and 33 other Morris County departments to create Crisis Response Team to help victims of domestic violence. 2003-04-24 Show
Library offers third and fourth grade children a series of free acting classes (illus) 2003-04-24 Show
Editorial - Our waterways, our obligations. 2003-04-24 Show
Officers are scheduled for semi-annual firearms training at Department's range near intersection of John Avenue and Station Road. 2003-04-24 Show
Obituary - Claffey, Elizabeth Stewart 2003-04-24 Show
Obituary - O'Donnell, Marian Cuva 2003-04-24 Show
Obituary - Bombara, Guiseppe 2003-04-24 Show
Obituary - Vanella, Harriet 2003-04-24 Show
Obituary - Chipoletti, Raphael Artiglere 2003-04-24 Show
Park Committee will purchase 200 white native dogwoods and will offer 100 of them for sale to residents. 2003-04-24 Show
Theatre will offer a variety of summer camps for young people - activities will include acting techniques, play production, playwriting, and musical performances. 2003-04-24 Show
Honors former officers who continue to serve Project Pride at annual recognition breakfast (illus) 2003-04-24 Show
Filing deadline shows Kerkeslager has no opposition in Republican primary for Mayor and no Democrat to face in fall election. (illus) 2003-04-10 Show
Seventeen year old driver's failure to stop for red light leads to collision, overturned vehicle, and injuries at intersection of Green Village Rd. and Woodland Rd. 2003-04-10 Show
Voters must decide next week on races for two seats on Board of Education and on proposed budget for 2003-04 school year. 2003-04-10 Show
Obituary - Klank, William "Noll" 2003-04-10 Show
Candidates for Board express views on education issues. 2003-04-10 Show
Police charge 16 year old boy with attempting to set fire to a bundle of 100 American flags. 2003-04-10 Show
Obituary - Livesey, Eleanor "Mimi" 2003-04-10 Show
Editorial - So many reasons to vote on April 15. 2003-04-10 Show
Obituary - Sodano, Rose M. Davitt 2003-04-10 Show
Celebrates 95th birthday (illus) 2003-04-10 Show
Marries Brian Leuthe of Harleysville, Pa. 2003-04-10 Show
Board of Education member Cilenti praises Schiffenhaus appointment as Director of Special Services. 2003-04-03 Show
Theresa Schiffenhaus, highly placed professional in special education, is hired as supervisor of special services in grades K-12 Madison School District. 2003-04-03 Show
Defense and "prosecution" teams of fourth graders fromCentral Avenue School prepare case for mock trial in Madison's municipal courtroom. (illus) 2003-04-03 Show
Volunteers are preparing for 6th annual "May Day in Madison," townwide cleanup and beautification day sponsored by DDC. 2003-04-03 Show
Uptown Flutes, ensemble in residence at Drew, will present concert at Presbyterian Church (illus) 2003-04-03 Show
Police arrest three juveniles and one adult, Nora K. Sullivan, for trespass on roof of Quick Check store. Police also make arrest for shoplifting at Stop & Shop and arrest seven persons on warrants from other jurisdictions. 2003-04-03 Show
Theatre will present Madison Young Playwrights Festival, featuring three comedies and three dramas by young writers. 2003-04-03 Show
Borough residents plan photo tribute to local soldiers serving in Iraq. 2003-04-03 Show
Commentary by Bruce Bergman, commander of Florham Park-Madison American Legion Post, calls for citizens to put aside debate and support troops. 2003-04-03 Show
Editorial - School budget merits support, cheers. 2003-04-03 Show
Editorial - Elect Ellis, Cilenti to Madison Board. 2003-04-03 Show
Banner placed above entrance to municipal building to show community support for men and women in armed forces. (illus) 2003-04-03 Show
Candidates for Board of Education give their opinions on proposal to move 6th grade classes from Madison's three elementary schools to Madison Junior School. 2003-04-03 Show
Madison High School music department and Madison Music Association sponsor 11th annual "Music for a Spring Evening" concert, featuring high school orchestra and guitar ensemble. (illus) 2003-04-03 Show
Ida Raming, one of seven women ordained to Roman Catholic priesthood and then excommunicated, will speak on "Women's Ordination" in lecture at Drew. 2003-04-03 Show
Borough Council tables proposed ordiance that would have appropriated $10,000 to muffle gunshots at Borough's firing range. 2003-03-27 Show
In address to Drew Forum, famed news anchor Walter Cronkite excoriates President Bush but supports troops in Iraq - expresses worry about war's impact for world scene and the economy (illus) 2003-03-27 Show
Text of Finbarr Corr's address at annual recognition breakfast for Project Community Pride. 2003-03-27 Show
Editorial - Bars of justice, bars of safety. 2003-03-27 Show
School Board candidate Cilenti visits all five of district's schools in order to improve her understanding of maintenance and curriculum needs. 2003-03-27 Show
School Board candidate Arthur calls for more involvement of public in mapping out master plan for school needs. 2003-03-27 Show
Candidates for seats on Board of Education give their views on question of full-day vs extended-day kindergarten. 2003-03-27 Show
Borough Council President Hayman asks voters to give him second term in office. 2003-03-27 Show
League will hold public forum with the five candidates for Madison Board of Education. 2003-03-27 Show
Morristown Airport will not seek FAA approval for change in departure routes - proposal would have lowered noise levels for Madison's residents but increased them for Chatham. 2003-03-27 Show
Madison resident Philip Mangiafridda and Madison native Richard Corea are serving in Iraq in "Operation Iraqui Freedom" 2003-03-27 Show
Library seeks donations for "Buy a Book for Madison" program. 2003-03-27 Show
For 17th year, Theatre will present Madison Young Playwrights Festival, featuring three comedies and three dramas by young writers.eception celebrates Theatre's award as Madison Educational Association's 2002-2003 "Friend to Education" 2003-03-27 Show
Steppers will welcome spring in first April walk while celebrating "National Public Health Week" and battle against obesity. 2003-03-27 Show
Obituary - Baird, Rita L. 2003-03-27 Show
Obituary - Schabacker, Joan Peters 2003-03-27 Show
University will hold cornerstone placement ceremony for its new Dorothy Young Center for the arts, the new home for studio arts and theater arts program. 2003-03-27 Show
Grace Community Music Series presents members of Drew Summer Music faculty, guest artists, and students in concert of Baroque music. 2003-03-27 Show
Drew Art Association welcomes spring with exhibit of fresh art at Public Library. 2003-03-27 Show
Shakespeare Festival changes its name to Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey to create clearer identity. 2003-03-27 Show
Certificate of Historic Preservation program will offer homeowners a chance to discover history of their houses in non-credit class on research and documentation. 2003-03-20 Show
Editorial - Bully for refugees, Roosevelt's legacy. 2003-03-20 Show
John Elias (Democrat) and Mary-Anna Holden (Republican) announce candidacies for Borough Council (illus) 2003-03-20 Show
Candidates for Board seats Rowe, Arthur, and Cilenti give their views on needs and problems of school district. (illus) 2003-03-20 Show
Board of Education is set to vote on proposed school budget calling for one-cent raise in school tax rate - class size and staffing plans are announced. 2003-03-20 Show
Students play to enthusiastic audiences in perfrmance of corporate sendup, "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying." (illus) 2003-03-20 Show
YMCA launches "Kick-Off Days" as start of campaign to raise $275,000 for Support Fund for people who could not otherwise participate in Y program. 2003-03-13 Show
Louis Romano, a former licensed securities broker with Seaboard Securities in Florham Park, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to mail fraud charges in connection with scheme to defraud clients of about $148,000. 2003-03-13 Show
Editorial - Resolve on Iraq for the long haul. 2003-03-13 Show
Diane Radwill, school district's supervisor of special services, resigns to accept similar post in grades K-8 Clinton Twp. district. 2003-03-13 Show
Running as a team for two seats on Board of Education, Lisa Ellis and George Martin point to their involvement in K-12 school district as qualification for office. (illus) 2003-03-13 Show
FMPL hosts Annual Gala as major fund-raising event for Madison Public Library. (illus) 2003-03-13 Show
Madison Eagle wins six awards, including two firsts, in NJ Press Association's annual Better Newspaper Contest. 2003-03-13 Show
Mayoral candidate Kerkeslager campaigns for office in sessions involving food, conversation, and politics (illus) 2003-03-13 Show
Borough Council agrees that 2003 municipal spending plan will be kept to a "zero percent increase" over $19.2 million 2002 budget. 2003-03-13 Show
George Gerald "Jerry" Stevenson announces he is running in REpublican primary as candidate for Borough Council. 2003-03-13 Show
Mayor Dunne withdraws his proposal for changes in downtown parking spaces, stating that it has become too "political" 2003-03-13 Show
Panel of Madison residents will share their memories of period 1940-1955 in interview session, "On the Home Front: From the War Years to Happier Times." 2003-03-13 Show
Bayley Ellard Catholic High School decides not to build 46,650 sq. ft. sports fieldhouse on eastern end of campus, off Danforth Road - instead, school has tentative plans to build sports facility into hillside near football stands and driveway. 2003-03-06 Show
American Legion awards its Valor Medal to Sgt. Darren Dachisen of Madison Police Department (illus) 2003-03-06 Show
Mayor Dunne announces that he will not seek a second term as Mayor. (illus) 2003-03-06 Show
Shade Tree Management Board hosts "Green Forum," bringing together all organizations interested in preserving andimproving Madison's "community forest." (illus) 2003-03-06 Show
American Legion honors Ambulance Corps and several Madison citizens for service to "Homeland Defense" - Mayor John J. Dunne receives "Blue Badge of Courage" medal, and Scott Dowton and Timothy Blair receive Valor medals (illus) 2003-03-06 Show
Theatre host "Lunatic Fringe," New Jersey's premiere improvisation comedy troupe. 2003-03-06 Show
Obituary - Kiernan, Ruth Virginia "Ginny" 2003-03-06 Show
Mother and daughter, both named Adele Randall, help Children's Room of Madison Public Library with special program for Spanish-speaking patrons. (illus) 2003-03-06 Show
Neither rain nor sleet nor snow deter club from its winter walks (illus) 2003-03-06 Show
Suburban Music Study Club presents violinist and pianist in concert to raise funds for scholarships (illus) 2003-03-06 Show
Prize-winning Estonian choir will present concert of scared music at Grace Episcopal Church 2003-03-06 Show
Recently retired Superintendent of Public Works John Blair receives letter of commendation from Shade Tree Management Board, in recognition of 44 years of service and work with Borough's street trees. (illus) 2003-03-06 Show
Society's members will hear reminiscences of World War II's home front from six long time residents. 2003-03-06 Show
Marries Justin Grimm of Sewickley, Pa. (illus) 2003-03-06 Show
Marries Alicia Moyer of Mechanicsberg, Pa. (illus) 2003-03-06 Show
Obituary - Russo, Mildred 2003-03-06 Show
Obituary - Clapp, Ellen Thomas 2003-03-06 Show
Obituary - Chang, Yen Ma 2003-03-06 Show
Editorial - A great institution evolves with times. 2003-03-06 Show
Honored by Summit Business and Professional Women (BFW) with organization's most prestigious honor, the Helen Dooley Edwards award. (illus) 2003-03-06 Show
Harding Township will pay 4.3% more to send students to Madison High as Harding expects increase of 12 new students more than last year. 2003-03-06 Show
Auditor's report on past school budgets fails to answer residents' questions about large, unanticipated annual surpluses. 2003-03-06 Show
Celebrates opening of Dorothy Young Center for the Arts, new 57,000 square foot complex. (Illus) 2003-02-27 Show
Five candidates file to run for two seats in Board of Education election - running are Sheryl Bernstein Cilenti, George Martin, Patrick Rowe, David Arthur and Lisa Ellis. 2003-02-27 Show
School superintendent presents Board of Education with proposed school budget for 2003-2004 spending is up but taxes are down, thanks to a healthy surplus. 2003-02-27 Show
Borough's total expense for snow removal this winter reaches $171,400 2003-02-27 Show
Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps donates funds to Public Library for purchase of emergency medical service books, to fill gap in this category for children and adults. (illus) 2003-02-27 Show
Editorial - More to District 21 than Union County 2003-02-27 Show
Annual Goose Damage Management Workshop offers advice on controlling flocks of Canadian geese and pollution they cause. (illus) 2003-02-27 Show
Chairman of Mdison Environmental Committee explains how rain and water run-off affects pollution and offers advice on reducing pollution. 2003-02-27 Show
50 years ago in Madison 2003-02-27 Show
YMCA holds reception for major contributors to Annual Support Fund for the needy (illus) 2003-02-27 Show
Police appeal for eyewitnesses to help explain cause of Madison Avenue car crash that claimed life of FDU student. 2003-02-27 Show
Obituary - Spinden, Ruth Helmbrecht 2003-02-27 Show
Obituary - Reilly, Catherine 2003-02-27 Show
Obituary - Chapman, Maud E. 2003-02-27 Show
Butler resident Marija Tisma displays tapestries and abstract paintings at Madison Public Library. 2003-02-27 Show
Madison pianist, composer and teacher Paul Ziegler presents 5 young piano students in recital (illus) 2003-02-27 Show
Madison native is in thick of presidential politics as he serves as chief of staff for White House aspirant Dick Gephardt of Missouri (illus) 2003-02-27 Show
Madison native Henry Klingeman is defense attorney representing former Essex County executive James Treffinger in high-profile political corruption trial (illus) 2003-02-27 Show
Obituary - Kay, Julius "Babe" 2003-02-27 Show
Volunteers for "Shoveling Aid For the Elderly" (SAFE) program help the elderly and the handicapped to clear driveways and walkways of winter's snow. 2003-02-27 Show
Students rehearse for musical, "How to Succeed in Busienss Without Really Trying." (illus) 2003-02-27 Show
Club sponsors "evening of fine dining" at L'Allegria restaurant as fund-raising event for a teaching playground at Community House 2003-02-27 Show
St. Hubert's hosts third annual "Canine Cotillion" for suporters and their dogs, a formal event to raise funds to feed, shelter and provide care for nearly 5,000 animals each year. 2003-02-27 Show
Editorial - Duct tape isn't homeland security. 2003-02-20 Show
Marries Timothy Martin Wild of Winfield, Md. (illus) 2003-02-20 Show
Marries Douglas Buchan of Hoboken (illus) 2003-02-20 Show
Obituary - Ciriello, Nell 2003-02-20 Show
Marries Mary Elizabeth Thomson of Bermuda (illus) 2003-02-20 Show
Marries Jason Le Bovidge of North Andover, Mass. (illus) 2003-02-20 Show
New officers take over at Counseling Center (illus) 2003-02-20 Show
Will recognize volunteers who work with young people in Madison, Florham Park and Chatham at annual recognition breakfast. 2003-02-20 Show
Presents talk on "The Women of China." 2003-02-20 Show
Red Cross offers information and advise on response to terror alert codes. 2003-02-20 Show
Drew library holds gala benefit for its book endowment fund. (illus) 2003-02-20 Show
Boro crews work 30 hours to battle blizzard, as bill for winter's snow reaches $50,000 and climbing. (illus) 2003-02-20 Show
Board of Education is ready to present taxpayers with proposed budget for 2003-04 school year - also, auditor will report on budget surplus (illus) 2003-02-20 Show
Madison police join with other officers in final salute to "a cop's cop," Detective Leonard George of Sayreville. 2003-02-20 Show
Garden Club dedicates a Memorial Garden at Niles Park to honor the late Mary McDaniel, longtime member and former president of Club (illus) 2003-02-20 Show
Reward is offered for information on vandalism spree that damaged homes on Garfield Avenue and Crossgates Road. 2003-02-20 Show
Borough Council is preparing to revise ordinance requiring cell phone companies to put antennas on municipal property whenever feasible after court rules Madison ordinance is improper. 2003-02-20 Show
Borough attorney files amended lawsuit on Florham Park's planned office district ordinances for former Exxon tract - argument on aquifer and traffic remain familiar. 2003-02-20 Show
Drew celebrates 75th anniversary of founding of Brothers College, university's liberal arts college - brothers Leonard and Arthur Baldwin donated $1.5 million in 1928 (illus) 2003-02-13 Show
Recent appointees David Arthur and Sheryl B. Cilenti say they will run for election to school board in April. (illus) 2003-02-13 Show
Borough Engineer orders building contractor to return 200 cubic yards of soil, removed without approval from lot at corner of Samson Avenue and Brannick Drive. (illus) 2003-02-13 Show
Council President George Hayman and Mayor John Dunne squabble in Council meeting over Mayor's plan to free more parking spaces for downtown shoppers. 2003-02-13 Show
Alumna of St. Vincent Martyr School, Anne Marie Gisoldi is honored by church for 25 years of teaching. (illus) 2003-02-13 Show
Awarded Medallion of Achievement from International Biographical Center of Cambridge, England, for work in air pollution control field (illus) 2003-02-13 Show
Australian artist and former Madison resident Krysia Woods (who paints under name Krysia D.) will have paintings exhibited at International Art expo in NYC. (illus) 2003-02-13 Show
Obituary - O'Donnell, Rosemary Grace 2003-02-13 Show
Obituary - Fabrizio, Amelia 2003-02-13 Show
Obituary - Skedel, Rose 2003-02-13 Show
Art Council wil fight cuts in state aid and proposes stable source of funding for arts, history amd tourism. 2003-02-13 Show
Drew University center for Holocaust/Genocide Study presents photo exhibit by Sharon Faulkner of "Holocaust Survivors in Former Soviet Union. 2003-02-13 Show
Showcase for local restaurants is great success at second annual "Taste of Madison," sponsored by Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Development Commission. (illus) 2003-02-13 Show
Boy Scouts "adopt" James Park and work to keep it free of debris and weeds. (illus) 2003-02-13 Show
Friends of Colonial Symphony sponsor jazz night featuring music of Madison Avenue Jazz Ensemble (illus) 2003-02-13 Show
Grace Counseling Center hosts more than 300 people in fund-raising benefit. (illus) 2003-02-13 Show
Friends of the Madison Library invite public to attend annual Gala held at Madison Library 2003-02-13 Show
Editorial - Elevator project: Get on with it. 2003-02-13 Show
First step in long series of Planning Board hearings on plans to develop 485 acre Exxon/Mobil tract in Florham Park is postponed till spring or later. 2003-02-06 Show
Teeni Yogini, New Jersey's first children's yoga studio, opens in Madison at 1 Waverly Place. 2003-02-06 Show
Board of Adjustment gives unanimous approval of site plan and variance for redevelopment plan for 90 Park Avenue - A & E International plans construction of three townhouses on .9 acre lot. 2003-02-06 Show
Madison Alliance Against Substance Abuse and other organizations sponsor program to help adolescents develop resiliency in face of peer pressure. (illus) 2003-02-06 Show
Obituary - Lyons, Mildred Farrell 2003-02-06 Show
Obituary - Moore, Johanna Louise 2003-02-06 Show
Obituary - McGrath, James B. 2003-02-06 Show
Superior Court judge approves borough plan to provide bigger municipal court facilities by 2004. 2003-02-06 Show
Rev. Monsignor Christopher Di Lella celebrates 24th year in priesthood and 10th year as pastor of St. Vincent's. (illus) 2003-02-06 Show
January's cold weather resulted in 56 calls for assistance from borough firefighters because of burst pipes. 2003-02-06 Show
Long neighborhood feud over proposed Dellwood Park South three-lot subdivision appears over as Morristown man obtains permit to build 7300 square-foot house at rear of property, with no variances required. 2003-02-06 Show
Shade tree Management Board will hold "Green Forum" with coalition of community groups involved in developing public green spaces in Madison. 2003-02-06 Show
Editorial - Honor "a high moral purpose" 2003-02-06 Show
Classical pianist Paul Ziegler and jazz pianist Jerry Vezza join public school music teacher in "Music Masters" concert to benefit Madison music students. (illus) 2003-02-06 Show
Board of Education elects Renee Joyce president and Melissa Elias vice president. (illus) 2003-02-06 Show
Chatham artist Raissa Radell exhibits portraits of children and homes at Madison Public Library (illus) 2003-01-30 Show
Local restaurants and other businesses will offer second "Taste of Madison" showcase of food and wine specialties in event co-sponsored by Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce and DDC (illus) 2003-01-30 Show
Thursday Morning Club joins in state-wide project, "Canine Companions for Independence," that trains dogs to provide both independence and companionship to the disabled (illus) 2003-01-30 Show
Madison school district's music faculty will present "Music Matters" a benefit concert for music students of Madison schools (illus) 2003-01-30 Show
Police file criminal charges against New York couple for theft by deception and related offenses in case involving sale of forged Hopper painting. 2003-01-30 Show
Obituary - Mainero, Gemma 2003-01-30 Show
Obituary - Hillery, Victor J. 2003-01-30 Show
Obituary - Farrell, Peter 2003-01-30 Show
Obituary - Gentile, Catherine R. 2003-01-30 Show
Airport representatives reject claims from area residents that airport is deliberately expanding to attract more jet traffic. 2003-01-30 Show
Marries Michael Albert Gomez of Aventura, Florida (illus) 2003-01-30 Show
Museum celelbrates Valentine's Day with workshop on art of molding and decorating chocolate. 2003-01-30 Show
Editorials - Bill would render the young faceless Get behind Barry 2003-01-30 Show
Group will hold annual recognition breakfast with awards to volunteers who aid troubled young people and their families. 2003-01-30 Show
Councilwoman loses narrowly in mini-convention to choose Republican candidate for Assembly vacancy. (illus) 2003-01-30 Show
Club invites new walkers to join in group walk - goal is to achieve group total of 65 million steps by December. 2003-01-30 Show
Deadline for filing nears for two seats on Board of Education 2003-01-30 Show
Downtown Development Commission elects Denis J. Kelly as its new Chairman (illus) 2003-01-30 Show
Woody Kerkeslager announces his candidacy for Republican nomination for Mayor (illus) 2003-01-30 Show
St. Hubert's Giralda explains policies and activities for helping local strayogs and cats (illus) 2003-01-30 Show
Members will hear Drew doctoral candidate speak on Carry Nation as a 19th century temperance leader. 2003-01-23 Show
Center will host its 7th annual Afternoon Tea for cat devotees. 2003-01-23 Show
Two professional actors present program to students about Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement. (illus) 2003-01-23 Show
Grace Counseling Center holds annual reception and dinner for benefit of its counseling services. 2003-01-23 Show
Corps Auxiliary presents check for $3,000 to Corp, raised by fund-raising activities in 2002. (illus) 2003-01-23 Show
Obituary-Carlone, Elizabeth Notte 2003-01-23 Show
Obituary-Brodin, Carl O. 2003-01-23 Show
Obituary - Juzwik, Helen 2003-01-23 Show
Obituary - Rauscher, Hannah 2003-01-23 Show
Board of Education chooses David Arthur and Sheyl Bernstein Cilenti to fill two vacancies on Board until April election (illus) 2003-01-23 Show
Kiwanis Club hears talk by Peggy Oakes, project coordinator of public library's "1-2-3 Read to Me" program on how to help children become capable readers. (illus) 2003-01-23 Show
Young musicians perform in Madison Music Association's annual "Dessert and Jazz" program. (illus) 2003-01-23 Show
Members of Rose City Seniors will hear police officer on "What Happens When You Call 911?" at regular meeting. 2003-01-23 Show
Borough Council reaffirms its 2002 decision to abolish left turns onto Lincoln Place and u-turns at intersection of Waverly Place at railroad overpass, despite criticisms by merchants and shoppers. 2003-01-23 Show
Madison Housing Authority considers architectural proposals for building 6 two-bedroom townhouses at 27 Elm Street. 2003-01-23 Show
Police make arrests in cases involving stolen motor vehicle and marijuana possession. 2003-01-23 Show
Y offers its annual pancake breakfast on Super Bowl Sunday. 2003-01-23 Show
High school students in Madison Avenue Jazz Ensemble will perform in jazz benefit for Colonial Symphony. (illus) 2003-01-23 Show
Editorial - A call to arms to defeat sprawl. 2003-01-23 Show
Mayor and other local officials will join NorCrown Bank in celebrating opening of its 14th branch at 12 Main Street. 2003-01-23 Show
Hosts a "new member coffee" to provide new residents of Madison and Florham Park with information about their community. (illus) 2003-01-16 Show
Historian John Cunningham speaks to Society on life of Shepard Kollock, editor and printer of "New Jersey Journal" in Chatham from 1779-1785. 2003-01-16 Show
Board of Education votes to install 444 meter rubber track around high school football field, if contractors' bids are acceptable - cost estimated at $440,000 to $580,000. 2003-01-16 Show
Borough Council holds up decision on proposal for rearrangement of downtown parking spaces, holding that action on more space for municipal court must come first. 2003-01-16 Show
Police make arrests in cases involving drug possession and underage purchase of alcohol. 2003-01-16 Show
Receives Rose Medallion from Mayor, recognizing 6 years service on Patriotic Events Committee. 2003-01-16 Show
Removal of snow, ice and fallen trees cost borough $16,837 after early January storm. 2003-01-16 Show
Editorial - Many years later, we miss his voice. It'll be job filling Bagger's big shoes. 2003-01-16 Show
Assuming role of soldier of 33rd New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, retired Madison High teacher will speak to Harding Township Historical Society on New Jersey in the Civil War. (illus) 2003-01-16 Show
Local organization and restaurants join forces to offer a community-wide celebration of food, wine and entertainment. 2003-01-16 Show
DDC and local colleges sponsor annual community sweater drive for the needy. 2003-01-16 Show
Red Cross will collect quality-of-life items (toothpaste, sun screen, candy, CDs, phone cards, etc.) for military personnel being deployed overseas. 2003-01-16 Show
Museum's Kids Club offers a chance to learn about crafts and American history. 2003-01-16 Show
Club's Women's Auxiliary sponsors beginning lessons in Italian language for children. 2003-01-16 Show
Obituary - Bacon, Robert L. 2003-01-16 Show
Obituary - Kay, Sandra Beth 2003-01-16 Show
Obituary - Varro, Anthony J. 2003-01-16 Show
Obituary - Varano, Jennie 2003-01-16 Show
Spring 2003 term of Drew's "mini-courses" at public library offers range of topics. 2003-01-16 Show
Club's Junior Service Department holds annual "Holiday Sherry" party (illus) 2003-01-16 Show
Council takes halting step on plan to upgrade municipal court, adopting resolution that it was "leaning" to moving court upstairs to large Planning Board/Board of Adjustment room in municipal building. 2003-01-16 Show
Offers a week's fine-free "amnesty" for patrons with overdue books. 2003-01-16 Show
Whole Foods Market offers "Rap with Wraps," a free book for children. 2003-01-16 Show
New members Mantone and Vitale join Borough Council after swearing in ceremony. (illus) 2003-01-09 Show
Mayor warns of challenges facing Council in 2003 2003-01-09 Show
Unanimously chosen as Borough Council President for 2003 (illus) 2003-01-09 Show
Board President Dorothy Meaney and member Paul Lozier resign from Board of Education (illus) 2003-01-09 Show
Mayor and Council announce appointment of volunteers to serve on Borough boards and committees. 2003-01-09 Show
Spirit of giving unites Madison as Madison Eagle Christmas Fund presents gifts to the needy (illus) 2003-01-09 Show
Editorial - Time to rally around schools 2003-01-09 Show
Fifty years ago 2003-01-09 Show
Nine students join performers at annual Tuba Christmas Concert at Rockefeller Center. 2003-01-09 Show
Announces plans to seek Republican nomination to State Assembly (illus) 2003-01-09 Show
Celebrate 50th wedding anniversary with renewal of vows (illus) 2003-01-09 Show
Legion post announces donations of more than $42,000 to veterans' causes and funds for the needy. (illus) 2003-01-09 Show
Obituary - Johnson, Shirley M. 2003-01-09 Show
Firefighters quickly quell blaze in apartment house at 255 Main Street (illus) 2003-01-09 Show
Mayor Dunne is cool to proposals to build new police headquarters. 2003-01-09 Show
Board of Adjustment gives partial approval to amended plan by A & E International to redevelop property at 90 Park Avenue 2003-01-09 Show
Police make arrests in cases invlving possession of stolen property, attempted theft, and disorderly conduct. 2003-01-09 Show
Arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and underage possession of alcohol. 2003-01-09 Show
Arrested and charged with underage possession of alcohol. 2003-01-09 Show
Friends of Drew University Library will hold their fifth "University Library Benefit Dinner" (illus) 2003-01-09 Show
Spring term of Drew "mini-courses" at public library will offer courses in drugs and behavior, how to read a great book, history of abstract painting, early 20th century music, and history of Zionism and birth of Israel. 2003-01-09 Show
Women's Auxiliary of North Star Club will again offer beginner's lessons in Italian for children. 2003-01-02 Show
Madison residents may dispose of Christmas trees and yard waste at Borough Garage recycling area. 2003-01-02 Show
Editorial - Defining 2002 is happily hard 2003-01-02 Show
Madison High Student Council donates $500 to Madison Eagle Christmas Fund (illus) 2003-01-02 Show
Councilman Hayman says he will postpone further discussion of proposal for multi-story parking garage at 10 Central Avenue until after Mayoral election. 2003-01-02 Show
Volunteers of Madison Christmas Committee receive donations to support downtown decorations, including lamppost lights in business district, "Santa House" and displays on Kings Road, and tree on Main Street at Waverly Place. 2003-01-02 Show
Project Community Pride seeks adult mentors to work with "at risk" children in Madison, Chatham and Florham Park. 2003-01-02 Show
Spring term of Drew "Minicourses" at public library will offer courses from books and drugs and behavior to 20th century music and history of Zionism. 2003-01-02 Show
John Cunningham, New Jersey historian, will speak to Madison Historical Society on life of Shepard Kollock, editor and printer of "New Jersey Journal in Chatham from 1779 to 1785." 2003-01-02 Show
Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce and DDC are laying plans for "Taste of Madison", a night of food, wine and entertainment that will showcase Madison's restaurants and raise money for local charities and business development. 2003-01-02 Show
Red Cross will hold disaster preparedness classes for those interested in volunteering as part of a disaster response team. 2003-01-02 Show
Chamber of Commerce announces names of winners in holiday Home Decorating Contest. (illus) 2003-01-02 Show
Obituary - Rocco, Virginia 2003-01-02 Show
Mayor Dunne calls for changes in downtown parking to give customers preference over business parkers. 2002-12-26 Show
Editorial - Turning the pages to the year ahead 2002-12-26 Show
Obituary - Neeld, Richard Hoadland 2002-12-26 Show
Obituary - Farr, Edward 2002-12-26 Show
Representative of Madison and other municipalities urge Florham Park council to require "no net increase" in stormwater runoff from developemnt of former Exxon tract, but with no success. 2002-12-26 Show
Agreeing to 6.5% cost increase, Florham Park Mayor and Council renew contract for health services with Borough of Madison. 2002-12-26 Show
Final public hearing ends with dissention as Florham Park Council adopts rezoning ordinance for Exxon tract. 2002-12-26 Show
Red Cross will hold 2 blood drives in January in response to blood shortages. 2002-12-26 Show
Celebrates 100th birthday (illus) 2002-12-26 Show
Steppers announce their walking plans for 2003 2002-12-26 Show
Obituary - Artiglere, Samuel 2002-12-26 Show
New members Vitlae and Mantone will join borough council on New Year's Day (illus) 2002-12-26 Show
Students donate toys, books and clothing to Madison Eagle Christmas Fund (illus) 2002-12-19 Show
Announces prize-winning entries in annual holiday Home Decorating Contest (illus) 2002-12-19 Show
Obituary - Montefusco, Nancy Emma 2002-12-19 Show
Obituary - Baduini, Dorothy Eisinger 2002-12-19 Show
Obituary - Ryan, John R., Monsignor 2002-12-19 Show
Obituary - Thompson, Margaret 2002-12-19 Show
Obituary - Garry, Marie M. 2002-12-19 Show
Obituary - Adams, Raymond Curtis 2002-12-19 Show
Firefighters quickly extinguish small fire in unoccupied apartment above Top Notch Restaurant (illus) 2002-12-19 Show
Museum seeks photos and stories for exhibit on ethnic groups that have contributed to history of New Jersey from colonial times to the present. 2002-12-19 Show
American Legion Post distributes $30,000 to public safety, youth and community groups in Madison and Florham Park (illus) 2002-12-19 Show
Editorial - Changing course on long-term debt. 2002-12-19 Show
Critics assert Exxon tract zoning revisions are insufficient, but lead developer says zoning plans are reasonable. 2002-12-19 Show
Members of Madison High School class of 1952 and former teachers celebrate class's 50th reunion (illus) 2002-12-19 Show
Thomas Kean, president of Drew University and former governor of New Jersey, is named to head independent commission investigating Sept. 11, 2001 terrroist attacks (illus) 2002-12-19 Show
Perennial question of whether to make Downtown Manager's position full-time is again debated by borough council. 2002-12-12 Show
Borough officials, consultants, and residents will have another chance to present views on Florham Park's proposed rezoning of Exxon tract 2002-12-12 Show
Drew kicks off its certificate in Historic Preservation program with course on famed landscape designer, Frederick Law Omsted 2002-12-12 Show
Obituary - Brown, Beverly Parker 2002-12-12 Show
Planning Board will continue hearings on application for 3-lot subdivision at Dellwood Parkway South that hinges on stormwater control 2002-12-12 Show
Borough rededicates two Honor Roll display cases in municipal building, paying tribute to all Madison veterans (illus) 2002-12-12 Show
Volunteers are hard at work shopping for gifts for Madison Eagle Christmas Fund (illus) 2002-12-12 Show
New public hearing will be held on Florham Park's controversial proposed rezoning of former Exxon tract. 2002-12-12 Show
Obituary - Picone, Mamie 2002-12-12 Show
Police arrest suspect in what is described as a harrowing buglary, robbery and assault on young Madison woman. 2002-12-12 Show
Borough Council hears forceful arguments from members of its Facilities Review Comm. for proposals to build new police headquarters and to provide municipal court with larger quarters in Hartley Dodge Memorial. 2002-12-12 Show
Chosen as new chairwoman of Board of Trustees of S/E Chapter of American Red Cross (illus) 2002-12-12 Show
75 people brave frigid weather to attend fourth annual Menorah Lighting (illus) 2002-12-12 Show
Winter's first major snow storm brings 4 to 6 inches accumulations across northern New Jersey (illus) 2002-12-12 Show
Board is tackling major questions; moving 6th grades of the three elementart schols to Madison Junior School; changing to full-day kindergarten; extended-year class for autistic children. 2002-12-12 Show
Editorial - The North Pole in New Jersey 2002-12-12 Show
Obituary - Goginsky, Antonette 2002-12-05 Show
New and tougher stormwater management regulations will affect development of former Exxon tract. 2002-12-05 Show
Madison Eagle Christms Fund receives many donations to provide help for town's disadvantaged residents. (illus) 2002-12-05 Show
Editorial - 'Tis the season to shop locally Stamp out 'recently' 2002-12-05 Show
Florham Park mayor and council amend and re-introduce reopening ordinance for development of former Exxon tract, after hearing concerns and suggestions from consultants and residents from neighboring towns (illus) 2002-12-05 Show
Obituary - Mullen, John "Chris" 2002-12-05 Show
Santa arrives in annual Christmas Parade (illus) 2002-12-05 Show
Will open new permanent exhibit, "The Essential Trade: Blacksmithing in America." 2002-12-05 Show
Salutes long-time environmental leader Franklin Parker of Mendham at annual benefit (illus) 2002-12-05 Show
Honors staff members for quality and years of service. 2002-12-05 Show
Florham Park mayor and council add new requirements on impervious coverage for development of former Exxon tract (illus) 2002-12-05 Show
A&E International of Morristown postpones presenting Board of Adjustment with amended plan for redeveloping property at 90 Park Avenue. 2002-12-05 Show
Board of Adjustment waives paving requirement for parking spaces for Drew's new performing arts center. 2002-12-05 Show
Obituary - Esposito, A. Robert 2002-12-05 Show
Obituary - Klein, Gilbert Fox, Sr. 2002-12-05 Show
Obituary - Price, Michael F., Jr. 2002-11-28 Show
Police Department will again recruit volunteers for wintertime "Shoveling Aid for the Elderly" (SAFE) program. 2002-11-28 Show
Club launches Christmas shopping season with annual "Bazar de Noel" (illus) 2002-11-28 Show
Ready to launch annual "Outdoor Home Decorating Contest" for holiday season. 2002-11-28 Show
Mayor Dunne will re-dedicate and unveil two Honor Roll display cases in Hartley Dodge Memorial as tribute to past and present veterans from Madison. 2002-11-28 Show
Borough Council introduces ordinance appropriating $28,000 for purchase of 18 flowering pear trees for Downtown Historic District. 2002-11-28 Show
Special task force gives borough council four options on providing municipal court and police department more space - cost of estimates making improvements at Hartley Dodge Memorial range from $4.9 million to $6.1 million (illus) 2002-11-28 Show
On eve of new public hearing on rezoning of former Exxon tract, Madison Matters presents 300-signature petittion to florham Park officials, urging reconsideration of traffic and environmental impacts of rezoning (illus) 2002-11-28 Show
Annual visit from Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus will be highlight of Christmas Parade (illus) 2002-11-28 Show
Preliminary approval of site plan is expected for Sterling Prperties' 56-townhouse development on property bordered by Green Village and Shunpike Roads, abutting on Rachael Avenue in Madison. 2002-11-28 Show
Planning Board will offer A&E International of Morristown a third chance to present proposal to build four townhouses and a 3000 square foot building to house Amici's Restaurant, two small retail shops and two apartments. 2002-11-28 Show
Police seek man who entered woman;s Main Street apartment, woke her, robbed her of money, and threatened to kill her. 2002-11-28 Show
Toby L. Crane marries Ana Lorena Wright of San Jose, Costa Rica. 2002-11-28 Show
Museum will offer children a chance to try old trades, such as leatherworking. 2002-11-28 Show
Fire fighters visit Madison Cooperative Nursery School to tell children about fire safety (illus) 2002-11-28 Show
Editorial - Saving the world, one life at a time. 2002-11-28 Show
Obituary - Dunleavy, Emma L. 2002-11-28 Show
Obituary - Schuessler, Veronica Wilson 2002-11-28 Show
Obituary - Hughes, Marilyn Lewis 2002-11-28 Show
Obituary -Wischke, Helga A. 2002-11-28 Show
Menorah again will be included in holiday display at Madison train station. 2002-11-28 Show
Sponsor trips to two Hudson Valley historic sites 2002-11-21 Show
Presents "Reviving and Reinventing the Past" exploring Colonial Revival movements impact on American art and architecture. 2002-11-21 Show
Takes time from summer vacation to volunteer for work in poor village in Thailand. 2002-11-21 Show
Madison Helath Department offers screening for men 18 and older. 2002-11-21 Show
Receives, for fourth time, Citation of Excellence from State Council on the Arts. 2002-11-21 Show
Mayor Dunne and members of Madison - Florham Park American Legion speak to students at St. Vincent Martyr School on meaning of Veteran's Day. 2002-11-21 Show
Menorah woll again be included in holiday display at railroad station. 2002-11-21 Show
Noise of gun-shots at police practice range will be muffled and deflected by specially designed, 8 inch thick wall. 2002-11-21 Show
Parade to usher in the magic of the Christmas season to be held Friday, Nov. 29 2002-11-21 Show
Officials urge big turnout for Exxon hearing. 2002-11-21 Show
Borough Council approves expediture of $40,000 for work at public library, including ceiling work, upgrading security and fire system, and work on front door. 2002-11-21 Show
Editorial - Show concern by attending hearing on Exxon Tract 2002-11-21 Show
Paintings by Ruth Lacroix Taaffe are exhibited at Madison Library (illus) 2002-11-21 Show
Obituary - Gang, Louis C. 2002-11-21 Show
Obituary - Parsons, Annabelle 2002-11-21 Show
Obituary - Fiske, Arthur 2002-11-21 Show
Obituary - Walker, Matilda O'Reilly 2002-11-21 Show
Obituary - Artiglere, Joseph William 2002-11-14 Show
Obituary - Picillo, Mary Alise 2002-11-14 Show
Obituary - Hait, Jane Merritt 2002-11-14 Show
Obituary - Roeder, Anne Connor 2002-11-14 Show
Obituary - Hagens, Margaret 2002-11-14 Show
Obituary - Scott, Hugh P. 2002-11-14 Show
Obituary - Brightly, Lee M. 2002-11-14 Show
Florham Park council reintroduces Planned Office District (POD) rezoning ordinance for former Exxon tract, without changes or comments. 2002-11-14 Show
Museum presents concert by Suzanne Buirgy folk rock pop singer(illus) 2002-11-14 Show
Madison Democrats come in out of the wilderness as Republicans yield council majority for first time in 29 years (illus). 2002-11-14 Show
Auditor tells Board of Education that schools are in good financial shape, making it possible to give taxpayers $497,000 relief in next budget cycle. 2002-11-14 Show
Planning Board schedules two more special meetings on revised plans for 3-lot subdivision on Dellwood Park South. 2002-11-14 Show
Six contestants offers chowders in competition at Museum (illus) 2002-11-14 Show
Children's Department will hold basketmaking workshop. 2002-11-14 Show
Before and After School Child Care (BASCC) offers on site child care at Madison's three elementary schools. 2002-11-14 Show
Hosts winners of 11th annual Fire Prevention Week poster contest (illus) 2002-11-14 Show
Drew University representatives ask planning board not for approval to build parking lot but to leave the land unpaved, declaring that there is ample parking for new performing arts center. 2002-11-14 Show
Editorial - Before building, explore joint court. 2002-11-14 Show
Red maple tree is planted and plaque is dedicated in James Park in emeory of Vincent S. Falcone, Madison's first superintendent of public works. (illus) 2002-11-14 Show
Marries Mary Beth Chaoussoglou of Hopewell Junction, New York (illus) 2002-11-14 Show
Marries Kevin Allen Drozdowski of Wayne (illus) 2002-11-14 Show
Marries Stephanie L. Fasold of Chatham Twp. (illus) 2002-11-14 Show
Voters' approval of additional funds for acquisition and restoration of historic sites in Morris County could give historic preservation an added boost. 2002-11-14 Show
Obituary - Pike, Donald 2002-11-14 Show
Obituary - Condurso, Genevieve M. 2002-11-14 Show
Nine young people win prizes from police department in drawing held on "Keeo Out of Mischief Night" (illus) 2002-11-14 Show
Mayor Dunne gives tribute to "citizen soldiers" in Veterans Day observance (illus) 2002-11-14 Show
Rose City Seniors hear talk by Mary McHugh author of "How not to become a little old lady" 2002-11-14 Show
Editorial - Before building, explore joint court. 2002-11-14 Show
Planning Board scrutinizes stormwater and drainage problems in 4-hour hearing on proposed 3-lot subdivision on Dellwood Park South. 2002-11-07 Show
Veterans' Day: a holiday's history. 2002-11-07 Show
Obituary - Rocco, Dominick 2002-11-07 Show
Obituary - Patton, Hilma Kronberg 2002-11-07 Show
Democrats sweep borough election, electing Samuel "Jiggs" Mantone and Carmela Vitale to borough council and giving Democrats a majority (illus) 2002-11-07 Show
Sponsors free movie, Spider Man," as department's inaugural "Keep Out of Criminal Mischief Night" for young people (illus) 2002-11-07 Show
Legion will hold Veteran's Day ceremony and salute "citizen soldiers" in wake of Sept. 11 terrorism. 2002-11-07 Show
Masonic Lodge 93 presents James Stricchiola, 4th grade teacher at Tory Sabatini School, with "Educator of the Year" award. 2002-11-07 Show
Nobel Laureate Eli Wiesel visits "Fourteen Stations/Hey Yud Dalet" exhibit, created by Madison artist Arie Galles as memorial to the dead of the Holocaust (illus) 2002-11-07 Show
Festival hosts its 17th biennial Shakespeare Colloquium, featuring lectures, performances and panel discussions of "The Tempest" 2002-11-07 Show
Police arrest William Clyde West and charge him with false imprisonment in domestic violence incident - also make arrests in cases of unlawful possession of a knife and contempt of court. 2002-11-07 Show
Museum explores Colonial Revival movement's impact on American art and architecture in exhibit "Reviving and Reinvesting the Past" (illus) 2002-11-07 Show
Obituary - Warbasse, Warren W. 2002-11-07 Show
Obituary - Dyer, Mary Agnes Patricia 2002-11-07 Show
Editorial - Veterans' Day: a holiday's history. Attack ads - have they no shame? 2002-11-07 Show
Borough dedicates memorial to the late Vincent S. Falcone, Madison Public Works Superintendent - parkland adjacent to Public Works facility on John Street to be named Vincent S. Falcone Memorial Park (illus) 2002-10-31 Show
Councilman George Hayman postpones presentation of detailed agreement for acquiring land to build multistory downtown parking garage - cites political atmosphere in election season as reason for delay. 2002-10-31 Show
Local taxes and how to keep them down top the list of issues presented to forum at Senior Center by candidates for borough council (illus) 2002-10-31 Show
Democratic council candidate Samuel "Jiggs" Mantone takes up issue of over-development and calls for regional planing. 2002-10-31 Show
Sponsors walkathon to benefit "Mustard Seeds" mission. 2002-10-31 Show
Combined choirs of Grace Episcopal Church will perform John Rutter's "Requiem" 2002-10-31 Show
Obituary - Sodano, Pasquale "Pat" 2002-10-31 Show
FMPL holds annual membership drive. 2002-10-31 Show
Police arrest 16 year-old from Madison and 15 year-old from Roselle on charges stemming from strong-arm robbery of 14 year-old. 2002-10-31 Show
Police arrest Willaim Derek Goins and charge him with burglary of Brittin Street residence. 2002-10-31 Show
Borough finance officer declares that borough will soon save an estimated $1 million per year when it signs 3-year wholesale contract for electricity with PSEG. 2002-10-31 Show
Editorial - Boom for public's 'right to attend' 2002-10-31 Show
Hosts a Chowder Contest in conjunction with current exhibition of scrimshaw. 2002-10-31 Show
Launches its fund raising event with citrus sales - proceeds will support all music programs in Madison public schools. 2002-10-31 Show
Renovation of Madison Train Station will pick up speed in November with asbestos removal as first stage of four phase project. 2002-10-31 Show
Fire destroys renovated 2-story garage on Morris Place, but firefighters contain blaze without damage to home and without injuries (illus) 2002-10-31 Show
Will compete for title of Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2003 (illus) 2002-10-31 Show
Obituary - Wallace, Larry 2002-10-31 Show
Obituary - Fasano, Michael 2002-10-31 Show
Obituary - Ellis, Dorothy O. Howard 2002-10-31 Show
Obituary - Russum, Elizabeth Ann 2002-10-31 Show
Piano quartet of Chatham high school students will perform at Club's invitational youth festival (illus) 2002-10-31 Show
JIS Photo Group presents photography exhibit of work of Terence Jones and Katrina Elliot at Madison Public Library. 2002-10-31 Show
Madison High boys' varsity soccer team sweps three games and qualifies for state tournament (illus) 2002-10-31 Show
Obituary - Romano, Edith 2002-10-24 Show
Candidates cast their gaze downtown (illus) 2002-10-24 Show
Budget review nixes firefighting seminar. 2002-10-24 Show
Weds Ann Marie Giordano of Randolph (illus) 2002-10-24 Show
Madison broker, Louis Romano, faces charges of investment fraud. 2002-10-24 Show
Council hopefuls face public (illus) 2002-10-17 Show
Obituary - Simons, John J. 2002-10-10 Show
Obituary - McConnor, Mildred Arlene 2002-10-10 Show
Obituary - O'Malley, Anne 2002-10-10 Show
Brainstorming eyes amenities for downtown. 2002-10-10 Show
Sun shines on Bottle Hill Day (illus) 2002-10-10 Show
Tickets will meet forum at the library. 2002-10-10 Show
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Leeney celebrate 50 years (illus) 2002-10-10 Show
School facility questions await Board and public. 2002-10-10 Show
Obituary - Kakalec, Robert 2002-10-03 Show
Weds Christopher Dow Taylor of Falmouth Maine (illus) 2002-10-03 Show
Obituary - Pfost, Richard 2002-10-03 Show
Panel describes threats posed by Exxon zoning (illus) 2002-10-03 Show
Mr. & Mrs. Beresford Russell celebrate 50 years (illus) 2002-10-03 Show
Weds Lisa-Mae Carter of Jacksonville, Fla. (illus) 2002-10-03 Show
Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Jadwin celebrate 50 years (illus) 2002-10-03 Show
Obituary - McLaughlin, Richard 2002-10-03 Show
Obituary - Drew, Wesley 2002-10-03 Show
Obituary - Robinson, Alfred R. 2002-09-26 Show
Obituary - Bella, Anna R. Kuhner 2002-09-26 Show
Museum will celebrate 5th anniversary of reopening after a major reconstruction. 2002-09-26 Show
Obituary - Femminella, Bernard Daniel 2002-09-26 Show
Obituary - Gilley, Howard 2002-09-26 Show
Obituary - Carnahan, A. Vernon 2002-09-26 Show
Borough Council directs further measurements of decibel-level from public address system at youth football games at Dodge Field. 2002-09-26 Show
Borough police will offer free child ID kits as aid to quick action in cases of child disappearance. 2002-09-26 Show
Republican candidates for borough council Victor Schumacher and Edward Rebholz report that informal survey shows taxes, rising utility rates, and development of former Exxon tract are most important issues on voter's minds. 2002-09-26 Show
Madison and Harding Township Boards of Education settle differences, and Harding Board withdraws threat to send its high school students to another district. 2002-09-26 Show
School district's supervisor of Dept. of Special Services outlines department's $5.2 million program for 295 classified students (14.2% of enrollment) 2002-09-26 Show
Richard DeBiasse clarifies his proposal to sell property at 10 Central Avenue to borough; wants $1.8 million plus former Health Center property across the street. 2002-09-26 Show
Police make arrests in cases of criminal damage to motor vehicle, juvenile possession of marijuana and contempt of court. 2002-09-26 Show
Patrolman Peter Iossa completes National Highway Safety Administration's child passenger safety training course (illus) 2002-09-26 Show
Young Madison resident volunteers to help save Prague buildings from flood. 2002-09-26 Show
Montessori School teachers publish multisensory, systematic language and reading program for young children. 2002-09-26 Show
60 "stakeholders" will brainstorm on traffic issues in joint borough/state Dept. of Transportation meeting. 2002-09-26 Show
Club receives second-place honors from General Federation of Women's Clubs national convention for its innovative "Before and After School Child Care" program (illus) 2002-09-26 Show
Holds "Community Picnic" with child safety theme, including free safety seat inspections and free child ID kits (illus) 2002-09-26 Show
Preparations continue for "Bottle Hill Day" street festival on Oct. 5. 2002-09-26 Show
10th annual "Drew/Madison Community Day" brings together university students and borough residents for afternoon of music, exhibitions, crafts, food and fun (illus) 2002-09-26 Show
Borough Council hires two consulting firms to help with legal challenge to Florham Park's zoning ordinance for former Exon tract. 2002-09-26 Show
8th annual T.J.Martell Foundation's Walk-a-thon for Leukemia, Cancer and Aids Research will feature 3-mile scenic walk through residential streets and Drew campus. 2002-09-26 Show
Borough Council decides that its meetings will continue to be shown on Cablevision channel, despite lackluster ratings. 2002-09-26 Show
Borough Council seeks tighter grip on budget finances; approves proposal to forbid expenditures of non-vital, unspent funds unless a department head can justify the spending. 2002-09-26 Show
Welcome Wagon of Madison and Florham Park present check for $500 to Madison Community House (illus) 2002-09-26 Show
Record-breaking umpkins and summer fruits and vegetables are available, now being held at the Community Pool parking lot (illus) 2002-09-26 Show
50 years ago in Madison 2002-09-26 Show
Editorial - O say can you see the Bill of Rights? 2002-09-26 Show
Memories of India, 1974, an exhibit of photographs by Elaine Martens, are on display at Fairleigh Dickinson library. 2002-09-26 Show
Auto Show of classic antique cars will again be a feature of Bottle Hill Day activities (illus) 2002-09-26 Show
Opera at Florham has new artistic director, Thomas Carlo Bo. 2002-09-26 Show
Unclassified a band made up of Madison High musicians, release its first CD. 2002-09-26 Show
Borough will hold Sept. 30 meeting for those interested in learning more about volunteering for Teen Center activities. 2002-09-26 Show
The Special Needs Parent Resource Group will meet Sept. 25 to explain rights of parents in special education. 2002-09-19 Show
An information "town meeting" is planned to discuss the proposed development of the former Exxon tract. Panel will discuss historical overview and traffic concerns (illus) 2002-09-19 Show
Samuel "Jiggs" Mantone, Democratic candidate for borough council wants to make borough government more accessible and 'user-friendly'. 2002-09-19 Show
Carmela Vitale, Democratic candidate for borough council said that the proposed development of the former Exxon tract poses traffic problems and residents must be involved in shaping "responsible" solutions. 2002-09-19 Show
The 10th annual "Drew/Madison Community Day" to be held Sept. 21 at Drew campus. 2002-09-19 Show
Harding Twp. representative resigns from Madison Board of Education because of displeasure in new changes in curriculum. 2002-09-19 Show
Density objections defeat plan for new commercial building at 90 Park Avenue. 2002-09-19 Show
The Madison Education Association welcomed new teachers and staff members at a Sept. 12 reception held in the Chase Room of the library (illus) 2002-09-19 Show
Before school opens Sept. 4, teachers not only got a tour of the communty but also receive training in several areas. 2002-09-19 Show
Borough Council members visit borough's electrical substation and the water department and its well-pumping and treatment facility as part of an immersion in municipal operations to seek savings. 2002-09-19 Show
Plans class in English as a second language. 2002-09-19 Show
PNC Bank to open its newest environmentally friendly "green" branch at 240 Main Street. 2002-09-19 Show
Editorial - Where we are, and where we're going. 2002-09-19 Show
Safety seats inspected free at Welcome Wagon picnic. 2002-09-19 Show
2002-09-19 Show
Arrested for aggravated assault. 2002-09-19 Show
Board rejects apartments at barn site on Walnut Street in a unanimous decision. 2002-09-19 Show
Obituary - Fuschetti, Joseph A. 2002-09-19 Show
Obituary - Shippey, Melda 2002-09-19 Show
Obituary - Aubin, Madelyn H. 2002-09-19 Show
Remembering Sept. 11 attacks was observed last week. Pictured are Florham Park police officers bowing their heads in prayer; and Monsignor Christopher DiLella lights a candle in memory of the victims (illus) 2002-09-19 Show
Applauded by Housing Authority for 25 years of service to the community. 2002-09-19 Show
Orchestra finds new home at Grace Episcopal Church this fall. 2002-09-19 Show
Uptown Flutes ensemble begins 2002 chamber music season at Drew (illus) 2002-09-19 Show
Members of the Behre family were reunited with Marilyn Mangione, who was adopted as a small child. She is the birth daughter of George Behre who died in 1989 (illus) 2002-09-19 Show
Theatre offers classes for young people, teens and adults. 2002-09-19 Show
Will exhibit 'Unity Quilt' Sunday to show caring in Sept. 11's wake. 2002-09-19 Show
Madison Fire Department respond to a fire in the exhaust duct of Verizon building at 175 Park Ave. (illus) 2002-09-12 Show
Obituary - Burns, Thomas 2002-09-12 Show
Thomas Donato, president of T&J Service Center, objects to plan to have impounded vehicles towed to John St. lot instead of his lot, claiming he would be deprived of storage fees. 2002-09-12 Show
New speakers to be tested at Dodge Field 2002-09-12 Show
Editorial - A time to atone; a time for hope. 2002-09-12 Show
Wives of the victims of Sept. 11 World Trade Center attack find strength in town support (illus) 2002-09-12 Show
Both Republican and Democratic counicl campaigns kick off with fall picnics (illus) 2002-09-12 Show
Republican delegates get primer on Exxon tract (illus) 2002-09-12 Show
Parish remembers Sept. 11 as 'family torn by sadness' (illus) 2002-09-12 Show
Adult social group of Welcome wagon to dine out at Amici's Restaurant at 90 Park Avenue (illus) 2002-09-12 Show
Confusion surrounds proposal for land deal, garage at 10 Central Ave. Richard DeBiasse felt his proposal had been "badly convoluted" 2002-09-12 Show
Gets OK to light parking lot. 2002-09-12 Show
Obituary - Grogan, Robert H. "Bep" 2002-09-12 Show
Interfaith conference at Drew draws over 1000 2002-09-12 Show
New pastor, REv. Charles H. Smith, relishes church role after years with Bible project (illus) 2002-09-12 Show
Advanced proficiency scores on rise. 2002-09-12 Show
Obituary - Carnahan, A. Vernon 2002-09-12 Show
Obituary - Contri, Robert 2002-09-12 Show
Barbeque at YMCA to bring food, music and demonstrations. 2002-09-05 Show
In a sure sign of fall's return, Drew eyes 'Community Day' to be held Sept. 21, 2002. 2002-09-05 Show
As AT&T pursues cell site on Edgewood Road, board wonders: Why? 2002-09-05 Show
Editorial - Remember, and 'highly resolve' 2002-09-05 Show
Host a community picnic and free child ID program at Memorial Park on Rosedale Ave, 2002-09-05 Show
Democrats set the table for a picnic this Sunday at the home of Melissa & John Elias 2002-09-05 Show
Republican team fires up grill for a Sept. 8 picnic at the home of Judy and Dennis Mullins. 2002-09-05 Show
Republican candidates for Borough Council focus on the Exxon tract in neighboring Florham Park. 2002-09-05 Show
Monument was dedicated in May to the memory of six Madisonians who lost their lives Sept. 11, 2002 2002-09-05 Show
Dick DeBiasse's proposal to build a parking garage on his two-lot property at 10 Central Avenue in turn he would buy the former Health Center building, to get a hearing by Borough Council. 2002-09-05 Show
Will host a "Rememberance Breakfast" to honor the volunteers who gave their time in the days following Sept. 11, 2001 2002-09-05 Show
Borough Council candidate, Samuel "Jiggs" Mantone, feels high taxes hurt residents of Madison. 2002-09-05 Show
Madison Board of Education and Harding Twp. Board of Education to meet to discuss the status of the sending/receiving relationaship with Madison High School. Harding Twp. was considering dropping out of the longtime arrangement. 2002-09-05 Show
To teach steps in ballroom dance class.Family Night' returns Sept. 7. 2002-09-05 Show
Welcome Wagon brews coffee for new members (illus) 2002-09-05 Show
Drew philosopher to speak on Holocaust, human rights. 2002-09-05 Show
Salon cut-a-thon to benefit scholarships, support group. 2002-09-05 Show
Madison is working hard to solve court space woes. '13 options' for Hartley Dodge. 2002-09-05 Show
Set to welcome new leader, Rev. Charles H. Smith (illus) 2002-09-05 Show
'Healthy Bones' exercise class offered free to seniors this fall. 2002-09-05 Show
Red Cross readies fall classes in responding to emergencies.iting drop in blood suplies, Red Cross schedules five drives. 2002-09-05 Show
Fun for young people ranges from magic to camping this fall.ffering training for lifeguards, swimmers. 2002-09-05 Show
Seeks mentors for 'at-risk' youth. 2002-09-05 Show
Chief Tim Ehrenburg reports to the Borough Council that the impound lot on John Avenue will return to working order. 2002-09-05 Show
Will host interfaith meeting Sept. 11 to mark the anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center. 2002-09-05 Show
Churches to honor lives lost in the Sept. 11 attack on the World Trade Center 2002-09-05 Show
Obituary - Kursino, Venus 2002-09-05 Show
Obituary - Bentz, Charles Christian 2002-09-05 Show
Obituary - Bronco, Joseph L., Jr. 2002-09-05 Show
Second annual walk-a-thon that supports women and girls to be held Sept. 21 2002-08-29 Show
Design commissioned to replace high school's track; final verdict on project to await report on surplus (illus) 2002-08-29 Show
Local water ban rescinded in favor of statewide rules. Concern over Exxon's impact on aquifer. 2002-08-29 Show
Schools to reopen with new faces and freshened facilities. 2002-08-29 Show
St. Vincent's greets new school year. 2002-08-29 Show
Obituary - Jordan, Michael Stephen 2002-08-29 Show
Obituary - Kirkland, Grady 2002-08-29 Show
Weds Diana Marie Eule of Chatham (illus) 2002-08-29 Show
Marries Alan Arthur Bratteson of Floral Park, N.Y. (illus) 2002-08-29 Show
YMCA to give formal notification to neighbors of plans to install lighting on the parking lot of the Kirby Center. 2002-08-29 Show
'Family Night' fun to return Sept. 7 2002-08-29 Show
Obituary - Mazzocchi, Pasquale "Patsy" 2002-08-29 Show
Democratic candidates, Samuel "Jiggs" Mantone and Carmela Vitale prepare for fall campaign with councilman George Hayman (illus) 2002-08-29 Show
Editorial - Pessimism, gloom? Ask nine miners. 2002-08-29 Show
Republican candidates fire up grill for Sept. 8 kickoff picnic. 2002-08-29 Show
The Thursday Morning Club's Madison Community House and Kids Club Inc. will offer youth enrichment programs beginning in Sept.nglish as a second language also offered. 2002-08-29 Show
Only one wireless carrier entered a bid to lease antenna space atop a monopole planned for borough property on Kings Road. 2002-08-29 Show
Editorial - Keep Newark in airport's name 2002-08-29 Show
YMCA's Senior Drop-in program holds its annual "Hawaiian Luau" (illus) 2002-08-22 Show
Party and auction in Madison to aid work of Covenant House (illus) 2002-08-22 Show
To introduce new line of classes, called 'Edventures' will revel in math, physics and creativity. 2002-08-22 Show
Drew University Mini-courses, held at the Madison Public Library, will delve into greed, opera and myths. 2002-08-22 Show
Drew studies in historic preservation begin new course year in September. 2002-08-22 Show
1931 Ford belonging to Louis Della Vecchia is often seen at the Farmers' Market (illus) 2002-08-22 Show
Fitness fans in Madison enjoy morning walks and evening strolls. 2002-08-22 Show
Incoming and outgoing members of the Welcome Wagon gather to install new oficers (illus). 2002-08-22 Show
A&E International of Morristown returns to Planning Board with dramatically revised plans for the development of 90 Park Avenue. 2002-08-22 Show
Nicky's on Central Avenue reopens after extensive renovations (illus) 2002-08-22 Show
Fall Barbeque Open House will bring food, music and demonstrations. 2002-08-22 Show
Celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary (illus) 2002-08-22 Show
50 years ago by Richard Holden 2002-08-22 Show
Editorial - Seeing the light and letting it in 2002-08-22 Show
To hold its fall campaign kickoff picnic 2002-08-22 Show
Students participate in a marathon to raise money for St. Jude's Childrens Hospital (illus) 2002-08-22 Show
Madison cat owners have to get licenses. 2002-08-22 Show
Madison school district is excited about new website. 2002-08-22 Show
Fire safety concerns spur ban on outdoor water use. 2002-08-22 Show
Parish to honor members lost in Sept. 11 attack. 2002-08-22 Show
Board mulls over price of saving historic barn on Walnut Street. 2002-08-22 Show
Obituary - Russo, Charles C. 2002-08-22 Show
Democratic candidates for borough council, Sam "Jiggs" Mantone and Carmela Vitale hope to keep the trend going (illus) 2002-08-22 Show
Activities at Saturday's Ice Cream Social include "Sam the Clown" and Robert Johnson master ice carver (illus) 2002-08-22 Show
Fires up the grill for Sept. 8 picnic 2002-08-15 Show
cut-a-thon at salon will aid scholarships, cancer support group. (illus) 2002-08-15 Show
Editorial - 25-year anniversary; Rock on, Elvis. 2002-08-15 Show
Swing, tap, jazz, Latin call to teens at YMCA 2002-08-15 Show
Adult School of the Chathams, Madison and Florham Park will tour Mackinac Island where cars are banned. 2002-08-15 Show
Art, candle-making, pottery on schedule for adult workshops. 2002-08-15 Show
Dancing, vidoes, bridge enlivening senior center. 2002-08-15 Show
Established its first comprehensive, technical water standards ever provided for the Great Swamp. 2002-08-15 Show
Precautions advised to counter West Nile virus threat. 2002-08-15 Show
Namibian Youth Choir will cap tour at church. 2002-08-15 Show
Salvatore Minardi presented Business Improvement Award by Chamber of Commerce President John Egan for the renovation of his new salon at 8 Park Avenue (illus) 2002-08-15 Show
Film crew gets green light from Borough Council for late-night shoot on Lincoln Place. 2002-08-15 Show
Police oficers visit several neighborhoods in Mzadison during "National Night Out" (illus) 2002-08-15 Show
Democratic candidates for Borough Council, Carmela Vitlae and Sam "Jiggs" Mantone, hold an informal dinner at Amici's Restaurant as the campaign's fund-raising kick-off (illus) 2002-08-15 Show
Rumble strips installed along the approach to intersection of Green Avenue and Kings Road. 2002-08-15 Show
Obituary - Flemming, John 2002-08-15 Show
N.J. Secretary of Agriculture, Charles Kuperus, visits Madison's Farmers'Market 2002-08-15 Show
New business administrator, Charles R. Milewski, is appointed to start in Sept. 2002-08-15 Show
Police arrest 20 year old woman, Jamie Johnson, and charge hew with robbing the Bank of New York with a B.B.pistol 2002-08-15 Show
Arrest Oscar Urrea-Londono and charge him with assault, endangering the welfare of a child and criminal mischief. 2002-08-15 Show
STOP & SHOP supermarkets honor veterans and defense workers by asking them to submit an essay describing their experiences in WWII. Prize will be a flight in a vintage bomber. 2002-08-15 Show
Borough Council and Chief Financial officer, Robert Kalafut, ponder ways to force a reduction in a perennial wave of delinquent electric and water bills. 2002-08-12 Show
President and publisher of the Madison Eagle and 16 other weekly newspapers, Cortlandt Parker, dies at age 80 (illus) 2002-08-08 Show
Editorial - Share the streets 2002-08-08 Show
Obituary - Romano, Carmine 2002-08-08 Show
Corporate greed, opera, myths subjects for Drew mini-courses held at public library. 2002-08-08 Show
Tohost inter-faith meeting to mark the anniversary of Sept. 11. 2002-08-08 Show
Earns highest rank of Eagle Scout (illus) 2002-08-08 Show
Three new lots formed from the properties at 25 Midwood Terrace and 158 Green Avenue were merged into a single lot on Shepherd Lane. 2002-08-08 Show
Farmers' Market blooms with bountiful 10th season (illus) 2002-08-08 Show
Editorial - Cortlandt Parker, publisher, friend 2002-08-08 Show
Children enjoy summer activities at the library (illus) 2002-08-08 Show
Arrested for assaulting two Madison police officers and resisting arrest. 2002-08-08 Show
Charged with simple assault and criminal trespass. 2002-08-08 Show
Secretary of Agriculture, Charles Kuperus, to visit Farmers' Market 2002-08-08 Show
AT&T tries to persuade Planning Board to approve a proposal to place 12 antennas atop a pole on the property of Carmine Toto on Edgewood Road. 2002-08-08 Show
Minor fall turns into major rescue (illus) 2002-08-01 Show
Governor McGreevey drops by downtown Madison (illus) 2002-08-01 Show
Obituary - Mullen, E. Wallace (illus) 2002-08-01 Show
Planner argues for multi-family at old barn on Walnut Street. 2002-08-01 Show
Obituary - Sodano, Joseph P. III 2002-08-01 Show
Obituary - Mince, Richard 2002-08-01 Show
Belladonna Productions is recruiting 130 teens for feature film to begin filming on Bayley Ellard campus Aug. 5. 2002-08-01 Show
Kenneth Greene named interim provost after university's Peter Falley retires. 2002-07-25 Show
Borough Council decides to pass on Richard "Dick" DeBiasse's vision of a four-level parking building at 10 Central Avenue. 2002-07-25 Show
Obituary - Sargie, Sonia K. 2002-07-25 Show
Educational Programs of Children Handicapped (EPOCH) recognized its volunteer counselors at a celebration on April 18 (illus) 2002-07-25 Show
Junior School ensembles earn applause at 'Trills and Thrills' Music Festival in allentown, Pa. (illus) 2002-07-25 Show
Obituary - Allocca, Anthony D. 2002-07-25 Show
Sponsors a boating trip on the Long Island Sound followed by a New England dinner Aug.4 2002-07-25 Show
Interfaith dialogue set for Sept. 11 at Drew. 2002-07-25 Show
Marries Charles Patrick Casey of Bayonne (illus) 2002-07-25 Show
Madison Senior Center provides volunteers to place telephone calls daily to check on the well-being of older adults. 2002-07-25 Show
Judge Reginald Stanton warns Madison that it must upgrade its courtroom. 2002-07-25 Show
Exxon developers, Rock-GW, allowed to intervene in zoning suit. 2002-07-25 Show
Morris County Distinguished Service Medals are presented to veterans of the Korean War. (illus) 2002-07-25 Show
Park fun for youngsters exploring natural world. 2002-07-25 Show
Police arrest Neil Ryan for simple assault at Community Pool. 2002-07-25 Show
Madison businesses to offer collegiate discounts 2002-07-25 Show
Madison Public Library is in the thick of a summer of reading pleasure for the entire family 2002-07-25 Show
Sunrise sends revision of plans to boards, seeks conference. 2002-07-25 Show
Editorial - The price of doing land use business 2002-07-25 Show
Rarely seen 'Pericles' returns to festival stage. 2002-07-25 Show
Two Laurel & Hardy films to be shown outdoors Aug. 1 2002-07-25 Show
Ice Cream Socail will bring food, crafts to museum.Postmodern lounge' duo will play museum July 26. 2002-07-25 Show
Comedy, travel, music next up in library summer seminar series (illus) 2002-07-25 Show
Obituary - Sicalowski, Rose Auriemma 2002-07-25 Show
Obituary - Locket, Jake, Jr. 2002-07-18 Show
William "Bill" Pepe, former Republican county committeeman charged with running a prostitution business in Chatham, pleads to a lesser charge. 2002-07-18 Show
Richard DeBiasse, owner of 10 Central Avenue has offered to sell his building to be used as a parking aera; and he would purchase the building that was the former Health Center located on the opposite corner.(illus) 2002-07-18 Show
Patrolman John LaBarbera, the community policing officer assigned to Madison's schools, visits Tory J. School (illus) 2002-07-18 Show
National Night Out the annual demonstration against crime will be held Aug. 6 2002-07-18 Show
Summer reading pleasure for the entire family is under way at the library. 2002-07-18 Show
Drought restrictions eased, but not lifted. 2002-07-18 Show
Korena War veterans presented Distinguished Service Medals at Borough Hall ceremony (illus) 2002-07-18 Show
Post Commander Bruce Bergmann, assisted by Borough Council President, Mary-Anna Holden, present nine members of the Madison-Florham Park Legion Post 43 with the American Legion Service Medal (illus) 2002-07-18 Show
Editorial - Governor's actions limits your rights 2002-07-18 Show
50 years ago in Madison 2002-07-18 Show
Family Fun Day at the pool finds the new slide a big hit. And Nicole Duffy wins a goldfish. (illus) 2002-07-18 Show
Obituary - Pickel, Leuetta E. 2002-07-18 Show
Environmental Commission opposes apartments plan at 34 Walnut Street next to the Civic Center. 2002-07-18 Show
Developers, Rock-GW, file to fight lawsuit on Exxon Tract. 2002-07-18 Show
Rarely seen 'Pericles' returns to festival stage. 2002-07-18 Show
'Postmodern lounge' duo will play museum July 26 2002-07-18 Show
Obituary - Sohl, Robert 2002-07-18 Show
Ice Cream Social set for Aug. 17. 2002-07-11 Show
Obituary - Cooper, Edwin H. 2002-07-11 Show
Top police officers are promoted 2002-07-11 Show
Honored for 42 years service on Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps (illus) 2002-07-11 Show
Obituary - O'Brien, Terence 2002-07-11 Show
Obituary - Towey, John J. 2002-07-11 Show
Graduates 37 students on June 14 (illus) 2002-07-11 Show
Editorial - Bidding Ted adieu. Teen smoking down. Beat the heat. 2002-07-11 Show
The Borough Environmental Commission (MEC) has notified the zoning Board of Adjustment of its strong opposition to the multi-family construction to the barn at 34 Walnut Street. 2002-07-11 Show
Obituary - LoSapio, Louis "Cubby" 2002-07-11 Show
Borough Council tabs Ed Rebholz to serve balance of Mark Peck's term. 2002-07-11 Show
Bayley Ellard fieldhouse may be written off. The school is considering a new gymnasium next to the parking lot. 2002-07-11 Show
The Children's Department of the library lists summer craft, reading and music programs. 2002-07-11 Show
YMCA operates full-day kindergarten at the Kirby Center 2002-07-11 Show
Sunrise must appear before the zoning board to get approval of a revised landscaping plan if they still intend to build. 2002-07-11 Show
F.M. Kirby Children's Center's "Young 5" program offers socialization and enrichment. 2002-07-11 Show
Project asks adults to mentor "at risk" kids. 2002-07-11 Show
Drought emergency still exists 2002-07-11 Show
Madison merchants offer local college students discounts. 2002-07-11 Show
American Legion Post #43 sweeps top honors at state convention (illus) 2002-07-04 Show
Golf Classic realizes $50,000 for YMCA fund (illus) 2002-07-04 Show
Summer Seminar Series planned for July 15 2002-07-04 Show
$10.5 federal grant pledged for Highlands and Great Swamp. 2002-07-04 Show
School surplus is split to cover 2002/03 outlays. 2002-07-04 Show
Drought restrictions eased, but not lifted. 2002-07-04 Show
Madison Senior Center located in the Civic Center will sponsor crafts, dancing, videos and bridge 2002-07-04 Show
Park program for youngsters to explore natural world begins its 24th year. 2002-07-04 Show
Children's Department of the Madison Library begins summer fun reading 2002-07-04 Show
Rose City Seniors, formerly Community House Seniors are celebrating their 40th year (illus) 2002-07-04 Show
Madison Board of Education and Harding Board of Education President, Joel Harris, trade harsh words over possible pullout of Harding students from Madison High School. 2002-07-04 Show
To hold another scenic lighthouse cruise Aug. 4. 2002-07-04 Show
Obituary - Piccolo, Nicholas 2002-07-04 Show
Madison on the Move walk July 13 at Summerhill Park 2002-07-04 Show
Congratulates longtime members of 25 years and 50 years in club (illus) 2002-07-04 Show
Volunteers telephone daily to check homebound elderly. 2002-07-04 Show
Offering prizes to adults in its summer reading program to Madison eateries. 2002-07-04 Show
Farmers' Market back for 10th season July 11. 2002-07-04 Show
Young library crafters to create pet scrapbooks. 2002-07-04 Show
Editorial - From the darkness, a light of freedom 2002-07-04 Show
Madison Red Cross chapter seeks volunteers to teach first aid. 2002-07-04 Show
Police bike, raise $25,000 for ailing comrade, Leonard George 2002-07-04 Show
Health Center moves to new Civic Center at 28 Walnut St. 2002-07-04 Show
Madison to take case to the public on Exxon lawsuit. 2002-07-04 Show
Perfect school attendance from first grade to high school graduation (illus) 2002-07-04 Show
New web site offers exercise and nutrition advice. 2002-07-04 Show
History of how Madison became illuminated (illus) 2002-07-04 Show
Project Community Pride seeks local adults to mentor "at risk" children. 2002-07-04 Show
Business people invited to "Morris After Hours" to be held at the Parsippany Hilton. 2002-07-04 Show
Madison neighbors to show solidarity in battle against crime at "National Night Out" to be held on Aug. 6. 2002-07-04 Show
Students celebrate after commencement exercises at high school (illus) 2002-06-27 Show
Obituary - Hendrick, William 2002-06-27 Show
Obituary - Kookas, Carmela Piccola 2002-06-27 Show
Downtown Development Commission gets its first peek at the concept in creating new parking spaces. It would require the Board of Education to grant an easement at the Central Avenue School 2002-06-27 Show
National Night Out will be observed on Aug. 6 2002-06-27 Show
Rumble strips could return U-turn to Waverly Place. 2002-06-27 Show
The library and the Senior Center will hold 18th annual Summer Seminars. The focus will be nature and ethics. 2002-06-27 Show
Offers prizes at local eateries to boost summer reading 2002-06-27 Show
Editorial - Political winds shift on poluttion. 2002-06-27 Show
Will return July 11 at the high school parking lot. 2002-06-27 Show
Drought restrictions eased but not lifted. 2002-06-27 Show
Senior Center trippers will enjoy luncheon at Main Streets Cafe 2002-06-27 Show
Summer reading fun gets under way at the Children's Department 2002-06-27 Show
Looking for adult to work as mentors with young people in the community. 2002-06-27 Show
Obituary - Caporaso, Margaret Bielaski 2002-06-27 Show
Drew Summer Music, a chamber music workshop, will present a free Gala Concert at Grace Episcopal Church. 2002-06-27 Show
To teach techniques for life-threatening emergencies. 2002-06-27 Show
Drew Art Association's exhibit "Summer Visions" opens Jume 30 with reception 2002-06-27 Show
New "Kids Central" keeps members' children busy. 2002-06-27 Show
The 19th annual "Giralda Concert on the Lawn" to feature American music and picnic 2002-06-27 Show
Board president, Dorothy Meaney, went before the Harding Twp. school board concerning their threat to sever the sending/recieving relationship of students from Harding to Madison High School 2002-06-27 Show
Invited by Morris County Chamber of Commerce to a casual get-together for business people in Madison. "Morris After Hours" 2002-06-27 Show
Fellow officers organize "Ride for Lenny" to help raise funds for officer in his fight against cancer. 2002-06-27 Show
Charged with stealing prescription medication and resisting arrest. 2002-06-27 Show
Residents of John Avenue and Station Road complain about noise from the police shooting range located behind the water and light plant. 2002-06-27 Show
Plans "Open House" for freshmen 2002-06-20 Show
New Jersey Jazz Society will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a two-day festival on Fairleigh Dickinson campus. 2002-06-20 Show
Obituary - Whittle, Thurma J. 2002-06-20 Show
Obituary - McGovern, John F. 2002-06-20 Show
Obituary - Webb, Lucille Goods 2002-06-20 Show
Recipient of Drew University's Alumni Achievement Award in recognition of outstanding accomplishment 2002-06-20 Show
Grand opening reception of new Family Center (illus)ites donors at grand opening (illus) 2002-06-20 Show
Ten towns in Watershed Management Committee are seeking more control over regulations for future housing developments, including more comprehensive rules for stormwater management. 2002-06-20 Show
Summer Seminars at the library probe nature, music and ethics. 2002-06-20 Show
Hosts blood drive to replenish supplies 2002-06-20 Show
Offers summer swim instructions. 2002-06-20 Show
Moonlight swim kicks off summer season. 2002-06-20 Show
50 Years Ago by Richard Holden 2002-06-20 Show
Editorial - Scorecard needed to track GOP 2002-06-20 Show
Elect new officers and make appointments to fill remaining vacancies (illus) 2002-06-20 Show
Robert and Beth Upham attend gala reception to open the 40th anniversary season of the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival in the F.M. Kirby Shakespeare Theatre on Drew University campus (illus) 2002-06-20 Show
Memorial Park to offer Summer Nature Program for Madison children sponsored by the Parks Committee and the Recreation Department 2002-06-20 Show
Will celebrate its seventh anniversary in Mead Hall at Drew University. 2002-06-20 Show
Proposed construction of apartments at 34 Walnut Street next to Civic Center upset neighbors. 2002-06-20 Show
Board Business Administrator/Secretary, Sarah Beachea will be leaving the district. 2002-06-20 Show
Harding Twp. considering pulling out of Madison School District. Cite changes in programs, curriculum and staffing as the reasons. 2002-06-20 Show
A & E International makes new proposal for property at 90 Park Avenue. Raze Amici's Restaurant building and construct new building for the restaurant plus commercial space and apartments. 2002-06-20 Show
Petition signed by 1,045 people asks borough council to change recently established traffic pattern at Waverly Place and Kings Road - signers oppose no u-turn on Waverly Place and no left turn off Kings Road on to Waverly Place 2002-06-13 Show
Mayor and council concede that borough's lawsuit bills will increase, but see no choice in this, given pending cases in land development and planning. 2002-06-13 Show
Obituary - Ientile, Marjorie Duts 2002-06-13 Show
Announces he will resign as borough council president and is moving to Hunterdon County (illus) 2002-06-13 Show
Post receives county's first "All Americanism Award" at Morris County American Legion convention 2002-06-13 Show
Obituary - Fondaco, Lucy 2002-06-13 Show
N.J. Jazz Society celebrates 30th anniversary at Atlantic Mutual Jazzfest 2002, held at Fairleigh Dickinson campus. 2002-06-13 Show
Obituary - Errico, Mary 2002-06-13 Show
Obituary - Carr, George, Jr. 2002-06-13 Show
Obituary - Coffey, Catherine Ann 2002-06-13 Show
Obituary - Wight, John Welles 2002-06-13 Show
Obituary - Cooke, John D., Sr. 2002-06-13 Show
Editorial - We all feel better when you disclose 2002-06-13 Show
Guest columnist Harriet Ritter explains work of MAASA. 2002-06-13 Show
Madison Public Schools' music department is named one of "best 100 communities for music education" in recent nationawide survey (illus) 2002-06-13 Show
Holds annual picnic and awards ceremony, honoring local businessmen (illus) 2002-06-13 Show
Hendricks-Conant major subdivision at end of Shepard Lane is sold to neighbors, Michael and Christine Gilfillen, contingent to approval from Planning Board. 2002-06-13 Show
19th annual "Giralda Concert on the Lawn" features N.J. Symphony Orchestra and a picnic contest - concert will benefit Arts Council of the Morris Area 2002-06-13 Show
Editorial - To Grads, a virtual commencement 2002-06-06 Show
Faced with numerous law suits on planning and zoning issues, Borough Council allocates additional $305,000 for anticipated extraordinary legal fees. 2002-06-06 Show
Museum names State Senator Richard H. Bagger the 2002 "Craftsman of the Year" recognizing his efforts to promote historic preservation. 2002-06-06 Show
Celebrate 50th wedding anniversary with family trip to Disney World (illus) 2002-06-06 Show
Uptown Flutes, professional ensemble-in-residence at Drew, makes Carnegie Hall debut (illus) 2002-06-06 Show
Four young Madison High musicians have produced first CD, "Halfway Through the Door," by their band, "Unclassified." 2002-06-06 Show
Obituary - Mottola, Joseph 2002-06-06 Show
Obituary - Daley, John P. 2002-06-06 Show
Booster Clubs lead drive to raise money for a fitness center at high school. 2002-06-06 Show
Borough Council ready for final reading of ordinance to regulate commercial filming in Madison. 2002-06-06 Show
Friends of MacMaster family establish "Katie MacMaster Fund" at Oak Knoll School in Summit, in memory of student who died at age 12. 2002-06-06 Show
Chamber of Commerce sponsors its 18th annual Art Show and Sale on Waverly Place (illus) 2002-06-06 Show
Residents complain to Borough Council about noise of firing at police practice range - council will seek solution to problem. 2002-06-06 Show
Borough Council approves ordinance increasing electric rates 9% - hike will bring in about $950,000 per year. 2002-06-06 Show
Madison firefighters kept busy after house on Woodland Road is hit by lightning and catches fire - no one is injured (illus) 2002-06-06 Show
By 3-2 vote, borough council approves revised job description for Downtown Manager. 2002-05-30 Show
Police handle cases involving stolen motorcycle and teen drinking 2002-05-30 Show
Madison Eagle wins third-place award for Best Editorial Writing from Suburban Newspapers of America Editorial Contest 2002-05-30 Show
Editorial - Spring celebration of a sense of place. 2002-05-30 Show
Collects repairable bicycles and donates them to Peaceworks, to be given to the needy in Central America and Africa (illus) 2002-05-30 Show
White crosses and red roses honor Madison's war dead (illus) 2002-05-30 Show
Offers women savings on mammography screening. 2002-05-30 Show
Celebrate 40th anniversary of club at luncheon and installation of officers. 2002-05-30 Show
Kicks off its summer reading program with visit by special therapy dog from St. Hubert's. 2002-05-30 Show
80 Madison veterans or surviving relatives of Korean War receive Morris County Distinguished Service medals (illus) 2002-05-30 Show
7th and 8th graders learn about occupations and careers through visits and talks by professionals. 2002-05-30 Show
N.J. Transit authorizes $2.3 million contract for renovation and historic restoration of Madison Train Station. 2002-05-30 Show
Comedian Bill Cosby gives commencement address, advising graduates to acknowledge love of family. 2002-05-30 Show
Obituary - Sabella, Benjamin 2002-05-30 Show
Obituary - Morano, Mary Dawson 2002-05-30 Show
Obituary - Thomas, Islyn (illus) 2002-05-30 Show
Opens its 40th anniversary season with musical, "Carnival." 2002-05-30 Show
Parent-Teacher-Student Organization will sponsor drug and alcohol free gala for graduating students 2002-05-23 Show
Editorial - A sensible plan for Newark Arena Day to remember 2002-05-23 Show
Obituary - Lofstrom, James R. 2002-05-23 Show
Obituary - LaRoche, Barbara A. 2002-05-23 Show
Director of NJ Historical Commissions speak on famous New Jersey crimes, including Lindburgh kidnapping. 2002-05-23 Show
Annual parade will step off on May 27. 2002-05-23 Show
After heated discussions, borough council approves revised job description for Downtown Manager by 3-2 vote. 2002-05-23 Show
Bayley Ellard's Parent Guild holds buffet supper, entertainment and fashion show as fundraiser for school. 2002-05-23 Show
Arrested and charged with unlawful taking of means of conveyance; "borrowing" relative's car without permission. 2002-05-23 Show
Emotions are high as mayor leads dedication ceremony for James Park monument of honor of six Madisonians who lost their lives on Sept. 11, 2001 in the World Trade Center (illus) 2002-05-23 Show
Cub Scouts from Kings Road School receive "Arrow of Light" awards and "cross over" to Boy Scout Troop (illus) 2002-05-23 Show
Madison tests civil defense facilities in midst of Korean War - borough council is busy with electric rates and garbage collections - Richard Holden gives summary of "50 Years Ago" in Madison. 2002-05-23 Show
Group of high school 12th graders hold yard sale, raising more than $750 for "Doctors Without Borders" (illus) 2002-05-23 Show
Board of Education is considering what to do with budget surplus of $4.1 million and how much to save for major capital expenditures. 2002-05-23 Show
Two Madison High grads, Andres Felipe Martinez and Carolyn Ward, receive scholarship awards from Chamber of Commerce to help in pursuit of business studies (illus) 2002-05-23 Show
Borough Council finishes 6 months of on-and-off discussion of ordinance to regulate commercial filming and is ready to approve final draft. 2002-05-23 Show
Madison Health District offers cancer screening for men 18 and older. 2002-05-23 Show
Will sponsor 18th annual Art Show and Sale in downtown district. 2002-05-23 Show
Holds one-day symposium on "Democracy and Excellence" honoring late Drew professor, Neal Riemer.Hosts exhibit of rare Holocaust artifacts and documents. 2002-05-23 Show
Children's charities will be recipients of art exhibit and fund-raiser at Atelier Gallery (illus) 2002-05-23 Show
Charged by police with shoplifting at CVS store on Main Street. 2002-05-16 Show
Editorial - Steel will speak for Madison hearts 2002-05-16 Show
Borough Council approves $50,000 for major renovations to Civic Center, including provision of new rooms and making steel ramp accessible to senior citizens. 2002-05-16 Show
Provides almost $20,000 to survivors of slain police officers, bringing year's total to about $40,000. 2002-05-16 Show
School tops all its records by raising $100,000 at annual fud-raising event, the Fantasy Raffle 2002-05-16 Show
Red Cross luncheon honors volunteers and celebrates retirement of longtime volunteer, Marie Graham of Madison (illus)lso pictured are: Marie Young and Patricia Engler from Madison. 2002-05-16 Show
FMPL elects officers at annual meeting (illus) 2002-05-16 Show
20 applicants, including 15 teachers, accept Board of Education's offer of early retirement. 2002-05-16 Show
Charged by police with drug possession (marijuana) 2002-05-16 Show
Charged by police with obstructing the administration of the law. 2002-05-16 Show
Firefighters extinguish serious house fire on East Street (illus) 2002-05-16 Show
Obituary - Preston, Bernard 2002-05-16 Show
Borough Council chooses Victor Schumacher to fill unexpired term of Councilwoman Attonito (illus) 2002-05-16 Show
Residents tell Board of Adjustment that they are concerned about traffic congestion if Board approves proposal to build apartment/retail building behind Amici's Restaurant on Park Ave. 2002-05-16 Show
Planning Board grants Reckson Operating Partnership a one-year extension of preliminary site plan approval for 400,000 sq. ft. building in Giralda Farms office campus. 2002-05-16 Show
Borough Council approves first reading of ordinance increasing electric rates for all types of service by 9%, effective June 1. 2002-05-16 Show
Offers summer program for students aged 12 through 17, enabling young people to gain performance skills. 2002-05-16 Show
David Squibb named "Grand Marshal" for Memorial Day parade. 2002-05-16 Show
Borough Council files three-count suit in state Superior Court to nullify Florham Park's ordinance on development of former Exxon tract - Chatham Borough and Township join in suit. 2002-05-09 Show
Relocates to new offices at Madison Civic Center - move marks first time that all of department's health services are under one roof. 2002-05-09 Show
Obituary - Koenig, Margaret Webb 2002-05-09 Show
Obituary - Wehner, William G. 2002-05-09 Show
Obituary - Cawthra, Mary 2002-05-09 Show
Monument to honor those from Madison who lost lives in Sept. 11 terrorist attack will be dedicated at memorial service in James Park. 2002-05-09 Show
Editorial - The hungry need our response again 2002-05-09 Show
Students acting as "correspondents" pepper Marine lieutenant with questions about his tour of duty n Afghanistan (illus) 2002-05-09 Show
PTSO will again sponsor drug-free and alcohol-free all-night graduation party for seniors. 2002-05-09 Show
Obituary - Mucci, Mary 2002-05-09 Show
Volunteers make Madison shine as they complete 17 beautification projects in 5th annual "May Day" townwide clean-up (illus) 2002-05-09 Show
PeaceWork, a non-profit charitable and educational organization based in Madison, sends 41st cargo container shipment of humanitarian aid to Nicaragua. 2002-05-09 Show
Family, friends and classmates remember a brief full life for girl who died in her sleep at age 12 (illus) 2002-05-09 Show
Launches "Extra Mile Award" to recognize outstanding service given to shoppers in Madison.ponsors 18th annual Art Show and sale on Waverly Place - for first time, this will be a juried entry show. 2002-05-09 Show
Students plan a community blood drive (illus) 2002-05-09 Show
Application for subdivision of lot on Dellwood Parkway South, denied approval by Planning Board, are suing Madison for monitary damages. 2002-05-09 Show
Board of Education hears that school district will have $4 million surplus by end of fiscal year - members seek explanation for sharp unexpected increase of nearly $3 million. 2002-05-09 Show
Historic Preservation Commission continues efforts to have Ridgedale Avenue, which originated as Native American trail, listed on state and federal historic registers (illus) 2002-05-09 Show
Comedian, Bill cosby, will deliver commencement address at Drew University graduation. 2002-05-09 Show
President of Malta will speak on world affairs at the mansion on university's Madison campus. 2002-05-09 Show
Madison celebrates 17th year as a "Tree City USA" in ceremonies at Hartley Dodge Memorial - designation by National Arbor Day Foundation recognizes municipal program of tree planting and care (illus) 2002-05-09 Show
Pianist, Anita Gordon of Hanover Twp.., will be among featured performers at "Music of Yesterday" concert of Suburban Music Study Club (illus) 2002-05-02 Show
Obituary - Ritter, Paul W. 2002-05-02 Show
Councilwoman Attonito submits seathing letter of resignation from council to Mayor Dunne (illus) 2002-05-02 Show
Chatham Borough Council and Chatham Twp. Committee back Madison Borough Council in court challenge to Florham Park's rezoning ordinance for former Exxon Tract. 2002-05-02 Show
Some 19 teachers in Madison public schools expected to accept Board of Education's early retirement offer. 2002-05-02 Show
Chairs Spring Ball of Family Service of Morris County which raises more than $116,000 to support agency's social programs (illus) 2002-05-02 Show
Drew president, Thomas Kean receives "role model" award for contributions to education from St. Philip's Aademy in Newark (illus) 2002-05-02 Show
Obituary - Fiddler, Hannah 2002-05-02 Show
Shade Tree Managemnet Board will hold annual Arbor Day celebration, with tree plantings in memory of Vincent Falcone and Mary McDaniel. 2002-05-02 Show
State appellate court will have to decide between two prospective purchasers for early 19th century house at 23 Greenwood Ave. (illus) 2002-05-02 Show
Korean War veterans will receive Morris County Distinguished Service Medals in commemoration of 50th anniversary of the war. 2002-05-02 Show
Dedication of monument to honor those from Madison who lost their lives in Sept. 11 terrorist attack will be held at James Park. 2002-05-02 Show
Theatre to offer world premiere of an unlikely love story, "How His Bride Came to Abraham." 2002-05-02 Show
Completes its fourth annual "Statewide Pet Food Drive" to help feed New Jersey's homeless pets 2002-05-02 Show
Congregation's children learn about worship service by participating in it (illus) 2002-05-02 Show
Madison Health District will offer cancer screenings for women aged 18 and over from Madison and neighboring towns. 2002-05-02 Show
Editorial - Lack of support stunts initiatives 2002-05-02 Show
Obituary - Pico, Carmella 2002-05-02 Show
Obituary - Spera, Philomena "Dolly" 2002-05-02 Show
Obituary - Thonebe, Frederick, Jr. "Slim" 2002-05-02 Show
Photograph-Monument 2002-05-01 Show
Goals and issues for 2003 will resemble those of 2002. 2002-01-02 Show
With one dissent, Council votes to completely reconsider architectural/engineering plan to renovate Hartley Dodge Memorial building for up to 2.3 million 2001-05-17 Show
Councilman Kerkeslager proposes complete reconsideration of $2.3 million plan to make Hartley Dodge Memorial compliant with Federal Americans with Disabilities Act.Illustration) 2001-04-26 Show
Municipal employees will move to civic center for 10 months as renovations of Harltey Dodge Memorial gets under way 2001-04-12 Show
Workers reset marble slabs in front of Hartley Dodge Memorial (illus) 2001-04-05 Show
Major renovation work at town hall, designed to make building handicapped accessible, will not begin till spring, making it necessary to relocate some municipal employees 2001-01-11 Show
Council tables plans to implement a $2 million to $2.3 million renovations to make Hartley Dodge Memorial building accessible to severely handicapped people 2000-11-16 Show
Unexpected contract costs may cause delay in making Hartley Dodge Memorial building accessible to severely handicapped people (illus) 2000-11-09 Show
DDC installs bronze plaque marking Solu Building (former James Building) as site of Madison's first children's library (illus) 2000-10-12 Show
Photograph-Florham Park 2000-08-30 Show
Photograph-Florham Park 2000-08-30 Show
101 year-old griffin moved from atop James Building to garden of Museum of Early Trades and Crafts (illus) 2000-06-08 Show
Photograph - Dunne, Jack 2000-05-01 Show
Photograph-Webb, Jeff 2000-01-01 Show
Photograph-Automobile Accident 1999-11-14 Show
Madison-Chatham area prepared for George Washington's troops. 1999-08-13 Show
Demolished to make room for new St. Vincent Martyr parish center (illus) 1999-03-04 Show
Photograph-Automobile Accident 1999-03-04 Show
Photograph-Memorial Day 1997-05-26 Show
Plans and maps of Rosedale Apartments 1996-10-20 Show
Borough Council to consider funds for renovation (illus) 1996-09-05 Show
Conference held to discuss impact historic preservation has on community 1996-03-28 Show
Highlights of conference 1996-03-28 Show
C-SPAN cable television to show building and its treasures on TV program 1995-12-21 Show
Brass bell from Dodge Estate mounted on Prospect St. for public to enjoy (illus) 1995-12-07 Show
Madison Housing Authority to celebrate 25th anniversary 1995-12-07 Show
Stores will be open following parade - all invited to browse. 1995-11-30 Show
Estimated 12,000 people view holiday parade. 1995-11-30 Show
Preparation underway for holiday - decorations up. Parade to honor DelGiudice family. 1995-11-23 Show
Vacca proceeding with building for apartment house at Wilmer Street and Green Village Road - old house to be razed (illus) 1995-11-09 Show
Renovations planned by trustees and town 1995-11-02 Show
Housing Authority changes residency requirements for apartments at Chateau Thierry and 44 Cook Avenue - allows residents who have lived in town at least two years to put parents' names on waiting list 1995-11-02 Show
Annual parade held (illus) 1995-11-02 Show
Recreation Dept and Chamber of Commerce co-sponsor annual parade 1995-10-19 Show
Office renovations planned 1995-09-07 Show
Federal approval received to construct 8 units of low income housing at 80 Park Avenue 1995-08-24 Show
Housing Authority receives $100,000 grant from Morris County Community Development Commission 1995-07-20 Show
Parade focuses on "Homefront" in World War II as well as sacrifice of soldiers (illus) 1995-06-01 Show
Theme of parade to be "Welcome Back, World War II Veterans". Army-Navy "E" awarded to Madison Iron Works in 1944 to be presented to town (illus) 1995-05-25 Show
1995's parade to salute war's veterans (illus) 1995-04-27 Show
Plan for combined health center/public housing defeated by Borough Council 1995-03-02 Show
Leader hopes for stronger voice for Commission 1995-02-09 Show
Housing Authority receives "Best of Senior Housing" award for fourth time 1994-12-29 Show
Residents question use of health center for low cost housing 1994-12-15 Show
Housing Authority pays $27,934 to borough in lieu of taxes 1994-12-08 Show
Santa Claus in residence on Kings Road 1994-12-08 Show
Associated stories and photos-Holiday parade 1994-12-01 Show
Biggest holiday parade draws more than 10,000 spectators. 1994-12-01 Show
A Sonnet of Harvest 1946ditorial: Our Festive Bird 1994-11-28 Show
Parade biggest yet. 1994-11-24 Show
Veterans Day services conducted at World War I Monument 1994-11-17 Show
Christmas tree put into place on Waverly Place. 1994-11-17 Show
Good weather brings out 250 paraders (illus)ssociated pictures 1994-11-03 Show
Parade schedule for Sat., Oct. 29, 1994 1994-10-27 Show
Housing Authority receives award for enterprising coalition to find money for housing project 1994-10-13 Show
Parade focusing on remembering World War II veterans is scheduled 1994-05-26 Show
Latest public housing project on Cook Avenue is opened (illus) 1994-05-26 Show
Senior housing at 44 Cook Avenue to be dedicated 1994-05-19 Show
Madison wins title "Tree City" 9th year in a row - residents Joyce and John Jackson tell of family legacy 1994-05-12 Show
Parade to remember all who served in World War II 1994-04-28 Show
Housing Authority revises plans for public housing at 80 Park Avenue, eight units instead of ten 1994-02-10 Show
Vacca, building developer, to sue Planning board because of denial to build apartments on Wilmer Street 1994-02-03 Show
Authority presents updated plan for public housing at 80 Park Avenue 1994-01-27 Show
Plans of proposed low-income housing at 80 Park Avenue (illus) 1994-01-20 Show
Proposes building ten low income housing units at 80 Park Avenue 1994-01-13 Show
Housing Authority awaiting approval of funds for additional public housing 1993-12-23 Show
Hours of Santa Claus "house" on Kings Road. 1993-12-09 Show
Chilly weather fails to deter parade or spectators (illus)dditional pictures 1993-12-02 Show
Historian describes Vacca home's uniqueness (illus) 1993-12-02 Show
List of parade donors 1993-12-02 Show
Parade to kick off holidays (illus) 1993-11-25 Show
Photo of watchers at Veteran's Day ceremony 1993-11-18 Show
Preparations underway for Christmas parade (illus) 1993-11-18 Show
Editorial: 11th hour mediation in historical dispute 1993-11-11 Show
First task to evaluate historic significance of house proposed to be razed for new apartments at corner of Green Village Rd and Wilmer St (illus) 1993-11-11 Show
Day to be observed with ceremonies in James Park. 1993-11-11 Show
Housing Authority reviews history, details successes (illus) 1993-10-28 Show
Neighborhood Watch promotes Project Safe Halloween 1993-10-28 Show
Halloween parade to be held in downtown Madison 1993-10-21 Show
History of house summarized (illus) 1993-10-14 Show
Beverly Road residents protest plans to build seven houses on Beverly Road 1993-10-14 Show
Tenants of apartments run by Madison Housing Authority request seat on the Housing Authority 1993-06-17 Show
Meaningful parade, remembering war dead, is well-received (illus) 1993-06-03 Show
Parade focuses on war sacrifices (illus) 1993-05-27 Show
Planning Board to recommend cluster plan at Loantaka moraine 1993-05-27 Show
Arbor Day celebrated (illus) 1993-05-13 Show
Plans to build apartments on Wilmer Street and Green Village Road sparks debate between Planning Board and Zoning Board over role of each board 1993-05-06 Show
Plans made to celebrate recent planting on Kings Road (illus) 1993-05-06 Show
Prudential presents new plan for cluster housing on Loantaka moraine 1993-04-29 Show
Planning Board rejects Prudential plan to build 20 homes on "Moraine" property 1993-04-01 Show
Borough Council may ask state to certify low-moderate income housing in Borough 1993-03-25 Show
Compromise plan for development of "moraine" being discussed 1993-03-18 Show
Borough Council votes to introduce ordinance limiting development of Loantaka Moraine 1993-03-11 Show
Parade theme "to remember is to honor"is being well received by community (illus) 1993-03-11 Show
Prudential plans to move ahead with plans to build homes at moraine 1993-03-04 Show
Prudential planners face hurdle to build 20 homes on Loantaka tract 1993-02-25 Show
State lowers low income housing quota 1993-02-11 Show
Prudential witnesses testify on home plan for "moraine" 1993-02-04 Show
Prudential proceeds with plans to build 20 single family homes near Loantaka moraine 1993-01-28 Show
Borough Council approves plans for 12 units of senior housing on Cook Avenue 1992-12-17 Show
Housing Authority receives grant for senior housing on Cook Avenue 1992-12-10 Show
Ed: Conscientious effort gives quality parade 1992-12-03 Show
Parade draws estimated 15, 000 viewers (illus) 1992-12-03 Show
Christmas Parade to present Santa (illus) 1992-11-26 Show
Christmas Parade to present Santa (illus) 1992-11-26 Show
Santa's House posts visiting hours 1992-11-26 Show
Christmas tree put in place on Waverly Pl. (illus) 1992-11-19 Show
Santa's House posts visiting hours 1992-11-16 Show
Waiting for response from HUD on plans for twenty low income housing units 1992-11-12 Show
Party held at Madison Junior School (illus) 1992-11-05 Show
Housing Authority shows plans for senior citizen housing on Cook Avenue to Council (illus) 1992-10-01 Show
Permit refused for apartment house at Brittin St. and Alexander Ave. 1992-09-23 Show
Photograph-Fires 1992-08-18 Show
Prudential plans to build homes on Moraine tract (map) 1992-08-06 Show
Madison Housing Authority awarded $90,000 Community Development Grant 1992-07-16 Show
Editorial: Housing award reviews issue of need in town 1992-06-18 Show
Madison Housing Authority honored by Federal Agency 1992-06-18 Show
HUD grants Housing Authority extension before they must submit plans for use of grant money 1992-06-04 Show
War dead remembered (illus) 1992-05-28 Show
Council candidates spar over handling of low income housing issue 1992-05-21 Show
Celebration includes planting of 15 trees on Kings Road (illus) 1992-05-07 Show
Low income quota may be reduced 1992-04-30 Show
Low income housing site search targets Belleau Ave. 1992-04-09 Show
Results of citizen poll on low income housing rejects Housing Authority's plans on where to build 1992-04-09 Show
Council to discuss how to handle state mandated low income housing obligation 1992-04-02 Show
Madison resident to hold own referendum to allow public to vote on public housing question 1992-04-02 Show
Riccio presents program to "demystify" plans for affordable housing 1992-04-02 Show
Borough residents continue campaign against low income housing at public forum 1992-04-02 Show
Madison Eagle editorial "Madison needs affordable housing" 1992-04-02 Show
Public meeting to discuss issue of low-income housing 1992-03-26 Show
Low income housing meetings scheduled 1992-03-19 Show
Council to hold public forum on issue of low-income housing 1992-03-19 Show
Plans to build apartments at corner of Wilmer Street and Green Village Road withdrawn 1992-03-12 Show
Federal government gives 3 month extension to develop plan for low and moderate income housing sites 1992-03-12 Show
Editorial: Use extension wisely 1992-03-12 Show
May qualify for renovation funds 1992-02-27 Show
Boro hall must meet law mandating access 1992-02-20 Show
Borough seeks grant for roofing (illus) 1992-02-20 Show
Board of Education votes to keep Green Village Road School site 1992-02-15 Show
Celebrates 100th Anniversary 1992-02-06 Show
LLE: Integrating the past with the present creats healthy town 1992-01-30 Show
Former Green Village Road School fields eyed for housing site (illus) 1992-01-09 Show
Breezeway constructed connecting corner building to next (illustration) 1992-01-02 Show
Wound Care Center opens 1991-12-19 Show
Frank Thiel enjoys his life behind the beard (illus) 1991-12-12 Show
Ed: A Wonderful Parade (illus) 1991-12-05 Show
Gazebo annual lighting; Santa arrives 1991-12-05 Show
Parade photos 1991-12-05 Show
Carmen Yanuzzi creates model; donates to borough (illus) 1991-11-28 Show
Santa's house hours (illus);arade notes 1991-11-28 Show
Parade details 1991-11-21 Show
Apartment plan asks for razing of home at Wilmer Street and Green Village Road 1991-11-21 Show
Tree needed for Waverly Place 1991-11-14 Show
Ed: Spend money locally for holidays 1991-11-14 Show
Parade photos/winners 1991-10-31 Show
Council hears complaints from Ward Place tenants 1991-10-17 Show
Parade details 1991-10-17 Show
Shown being painted by artist Violet LaMont. 1991-09-19 Show
1916 photo with historic notes 1991-08-29 Show
Barbara Valk begins 4th term on MHA; housing notes 1991-07-25 Show
Fair weather shines for parade (illus); Some residents miss beer garden 1991-07-11 Show
MHA awarded $90,000 HUD grant 1991-07-04 Show
July 4 parade plans 1991-06-27 Show
Biggest boro parade planned 1991-06-13 Show
New oncology unit dedicated 1991-06-06 Show
Lt. Farrell gives autographs (illus) 1991-06-06 Show
Beer garden tradition yielding; Fund drive for celebration begins 1991-06-06 Show
Veterans of different eras lead parade (illus) 1991-05-30 Show
Notes of Louis Riccio's tour to Hungary 1991-05-23 Show
Parade interest up in war's aftermath 1991-05-23 Show
Celebration, "Welcome Home", needs funding by boro residents 1991-05-16 Show
Wilmer St. house ready to be razed 1991-05-09 Show
Louis Riccio travels to Hungary to provide technical assistance to housing programs 1991-05-02 Show
HUD awards housing grant money to build low-income units; People still trying to save, move Wilmer Street house (illus) 1991-04-25 Show
Cost stymies attempts to save house; zoning approves apartment building 1991-04-18 Show
Parade will honor Desert Storm (Gulf War) personnel 1991-04-11 Show
Apartment plan for Wilmer Street granted; 100 year old house up for grabs 1991-04-04 Show
Builder DeMarzo asked to save old house on Wilmer Street on property he plans to build eight unit apartment building 1991-03-31 Show
To gain place on State Register of Historic Places; historic notes 1991-03-14 Show
Residents asked to help finance parade 1991-03-14 Show
Wisteria Lodge is bulldozed (illus) 1991-02-28 Show
Letter from Preservation Society 1991-02-28 Show
Last-gasp rally making attempt to save doomed Wisteria Lodge (illus) 1991-02-21 Show
Trustees asked to help renovate police locker rooms 1991-02-21 Show
Editorial: Rally to save the Lodge 1991-02-21 Show
Renovations debated 1991-02-07 Show
Wartime (Gulf War) remembrance: yellow ribbons decorate pillars to honor American service personnel in Middle East (illus) 1991-01-24 Show
Developer's agreement paves way for Lewis housing construction 1991-01-20 Show
Fire rips through roof of historic home 1991-01-02 Show
Spirit of seaason is giving. 1990-12-20 Show
Shoppers can find that special holiday gift and stay close to home and hearth. 1990-12-13 Show
Letter from Preservation Society: Lodge demolition no surprise (lengthy article) 1990-12-13 Show
Chanukah: a tradition of small miracles 1990-12-13 Show
Holiday spirit lights up Gazebo 1990-12-06 Show
Planners approve Wisteria demolition 1990-12-06 Show
Listing of all participants in annual parade 1990-11-29 Show
Development being discussed again 1990-11-29 Show
Santa arrives on Friday; schedulearade will honor troops in Persian Gulf 1990-11-21 Show
Madison Garden Club donates shrubs to beautify ground (illus) 1990-11-15 Show
Conference examining new housing bill 1990-11-15 Show
MHA undertakes new effort: private funds for housing 1990-11-15 Show
500 march in parade 1990-11-01 Show
Recreation Dept. and Chamber of Commerce co-sponsor annual Halloween Parade; details 1990-10-18 Show
Brickwork paint removed; history 1990-10-11 Show
MHA turns over $27,864 "in lieu" of taxes to boro; Rose Dodds gets Housing post 1990-09-20 Show
Little hope for young homebuyers; lack of interest disappoints committee; condo owners lead in record tax appeals 1990-08-23 Show
Condo services under scrutiny 1990-08-16 Show
Housing Authority receives NAHRO's Merit Award for program innovation for the Loantaka program 1990-08-09 Show
Steven Fuschetti named to Housing Authority 1990-08-02 Show
Housing impresses HUD officials 1990-07-26 Show
Florham's Fourth, Festooned in Fun (illus) 1990-07-12 Show
Photograph - Shesler, Christine 1990-07-04 Show
Photograph-Polhemus, William 1990-07-04 Show
Fireworks are illegal. 1990-06-28 Show
Parade route; celebration plans 1990-06-28 Show
Ed: Tackle real problems (Supreme Court decision voiding a law prohibiting American flag burning) 1990-06-14 Show
Fabulous Fifties return as parade theme 1990-06-14 Show
Photograph-Woodside, Bill 1990-06-01 Show
Mazzocchi plan for Orchard Street approved 1990-05-31 Show
Veterans invited to march in parade 1990-05-24 Show
Plans underway 1990-05-24 Show
Radiation Oncology Center dedicated in memory of Richard Moss Somers Jr. 1990-05-03 Show
Radiation Oncology Center dedicated in memory of Richard M. Somers Jr. 1990-05-03 Show
Housing merit raises still irksome to Commissioner Rose Dodds 1990-03-15 Show
1990-03-08 Show
Orchard Street (Mazzocchi) housing plans filed; continued controversy over state mandated low income housing element 1990-03-08 Show
Theme for 1990 parade: "The Fabulous Fifties" 1990-03-01 Show
Authority reacts to housing comments by Councilman Mullins 1990-03-01 Show
Mazzocchi to ignore ultimatum re: filing redevelopment plans for Orchard Street 1990-02-22 Show
Notes of development plans for barn on Park Avenue 1990-02-22 Show
Council files low income housing proposal with COAH: FDU, Belleau Ave. targeted 1990-02-15 Show
State law mandates Boro to provide, in 1991, condominium services: garbage collection, street lighting, snow removal 1990-01-18 Show
Robert Guter criticizes lack of Wisteria action; Real estate developer receives Planning approval for 23 homes; house offered to anyone who will move it 1990-01-18 Show
Residents recall past Christmases 1989-12-21 Show
A child is born...(Louise Easton) 1989-12-21 Show
Housing Authority staff salary increases provokes anger 1989-12-21 Show
Cardiac Surgery Program meets first year goals under guidance of Dr. Grant V. Parr 1989-12-14 Show
Loantaka Way housing dedicated (illus) 1989-11-30 Show
Public uninterested in COAH housing plan 1989-11-30 Show
Santa's schedule 1989-11-30 Show
Thanksgiving in the comfort of home...any best 1989-11-30 Show
Chilly arrival for Santa (illus)hristmas shopping in Madison offers surprises 1989-11-30 Show
Editorial: Strong will prevails 1989-11-22 Show
Santa arrives Friday 1989-11-22 Show
Madison Civic Commercial District historic status gains step when added toNJ Register of Historic Places 1989-11-02 Show
Parade winners 1989-11-02 Show
Preservation Society of Madison statement 1989-10-26 Show
Steps to become a boro begin to unfold 1989-10-19 Show
Parade set regardless of weather. 1989-10-19 Show
Mazzocchi agrees on eight units; application for $3.3 million funds denied 1989-10-12 Show
General Wayne parking application still not right 1989-10-05 Show
Endowment fund left by Mrs. Dodge no longer producing enough money to maintain and renovate building 1989-10-05 Show
Three options given for station renovation 1989-10-05 Show
Housing plan for 40 units remaining should be filed with COAH; Flash flood damages senior housing 1989-09-28 Show
Disasters struck in 1889 1989-09-21 Show
Apologies to Chatham Boro 1989-09-07 Show
Restoration begins 1989-09-07 Show
Community thanked 1989-08-31 Show
Ravaged by fire. Drew optimistic Mead Hall can be rebuilt. Photos 1989-08-31 Show
Editorial: Armchair firefighters 1989-08-31 Show
Ed: Electrify clock 1989-08-24 Show
Irv Valkeys appointed to Housing Authority; sewer tax on Housing Authority ruled illegal 1989-08-18 Show
The bell that doesn't toll and the historic clock (illus) 1989-08-17 Show
Eagle Feathers, a potpourri of local happenings in 1889 1989-08-17 Show
State rejects rehab application; Council, Housing Authority rift brewing (Doughty will not be reappointed) 1989-07-27 Show
The long hot summer of 1889 in Madison 1989-07-27 Show
Drew University gives Loantaka housing project $30,000 donation in addition to paying for installation of sewers and construction of an entrance drive for the two housing projects to share 1989-07-20 Show
50 years ago 1989-07-20 Show
General Wayne Assn. apartment parking protested 1989-07-13 Show
Tapestries from Council chamber sold 1989-07-13 Show
Fighter pilot comes to Rocco's rescue 1989-07-13 Show
Parade is a winner! 1989-07-06 Show
Fun on Florham's 4th (photos) 1989-07-06 Show
Parade route (illus) 1989-06-29 Show
Sewer charges irk Housing Authority 1989-06-22 Show
Housing Authority applying for land acquisition funds; gives council check in lieu of 1988 taxes 1989-06-15 Show
Council approves Housing Authority Director's request to apply for $400,000 in peer grouping funds 1989-06-08 Show
Parade highlights (photos) 1989-06-01 Show
We are creating a generation of poor; 300 residents wait for public housing; no credit yet for Drew faculty housing 1989-06-01 Show
Memorable parade (illus) 1989-06-01 Show
Thank you to involved individuals 1989-06-01 Show
Parade to honor "old timers" 1989-05-25 Show
Dumping was an issue in 1889 1989-05-25 Show
Plans underway 1989-05-25 Show
Floyd Street to stay on Green Acres inventory 1989-05-18 Show
Old timers can be in parade; Dr. Frank Esposito to deliver memorial address. 1989-05-18 Show
Mt. Laurel units (by Mazzocchi Assoc.) strike out with zoners 1989-05-11 Show
Parade organizer -- Carmine Toto Jr.; residents here 50 years will be honored. 1989-05-04 Show
New ruling could give credit for Drew housing 1989-05-04 Show
Madison Housing Authority receives award from Morris 2000 (illus) 1989-05-04 Show
46 units of Drew housing might be credited by Boro towards COAH requirement 1989-04-27 Show
Developer Harvey Caplan presents conceptual designs to Planning Board 1989-04-27 Show
Residents living in Madison for more than 50 years sought for special honors. 1989-04-27 Show
Editorial: Open space vs housing (Eagle opinion) 1989-04-20 Show
Boro needed water in 1889 to expand 1989-04-20 Show
Joseph A. Whittaker House 1989-04-20 Show
New vote fails to negate Floyd Street land swap; Higgs calls for the elimination of Energy Adjustment Charge, thus raising money to send 20 mandated units out of town 1989-04-06 Show
Editorial notes: Nominees for Housing Authority discussed: Frances Groves and Stephen Fuschetti 1989-04-06 Show
Editorial: Agitating a distrust (Housing Authority candidates) 1989-03-30 Show
Residents would pay more to keep open spaces; survey questions: "would you pay, too?" planner's reaction 1989-03-30 Show
Mt. Laurel units offered by Mazzochi Assoc.; Environmental study concludes: Floyd Street least significant 1989-03-23 Show
Editorial: Sending Signals (halt housing development, preserve local environment) 1989-03-23 Show
The importance of St. Patrick 1989-03-16 Show
Snags in land swap; Floyd Street hearing set for March 27 1989-03-16 Show
Council OKs Floyd Street swap; Boro seeks funds to rehabilitate 65 housing units 1989-03-09 Show
Planners want Floyd Street removed as open space 1989-03-02 Show
Saying "goodbye" to a doomed landmark; historic notes (illus) 1989-03-02 Show
Saga Chronicles Florham Park history in newsreel style 1989-03-02 Show
There's no easy solution to mandated housing "package plan" discussed 1989-02-09 Show
Newspapers battle over politics in 1889 1989-02-09 Show
FDU's rezone proposal includes housing and offices 1989-02-02 Show
Looking back 100 years 1989-01-26 Show
Senior housing addition studied 1989-01-19 Show
Council okays sending housing out of town 1989-01-12 Show
Decisions approaching on moving housing out-of-town 1989-01-05 Show
Boro's application for historic district designation of downtown area ready for review 1988-12-29 Show
Boro planner defends added work expense ($5,000) 1988-12-29 Show
Saga of a Crossroads has arrived 1988-12-29 Show
Christmas stirs visions of sugar plums...? 1988-12-22 Show
Santa arriving to town (illus) 1988-12-22 Show
Limited edition tree ornaments for sale 1988-12-15 Show
Holiday season taxing to peoples' emotions 1988-12-15 Show
Holiday celebrations take all forms in Vermont 1988-12-15 Show
Planner's cost overrun of $5,000 irks Council members 1988-12-15 Show
Rudy and Frosty to stroll downtown 1988-12-08 Show
Channel 3 to air Christmas Parade and Walk 1988-12-08 Show
Community Christmas tree is gift of Grace Church 1988-12-08 Show
Carmine Toto Jr: he makes Christmas happen 1988-12-08 Show
Musical treats make holiday season special 1988-12-08 Show
Planners agree to move 20 of the required 40 housing units out of town; Council involvement in PIC housing negotiations accepted 1988-12-01 Show
Santa arrives! (illus) 1988-12-01 Show
Early property and store owners on Lecture Rm property noted 1988-11-28 Show
HUD honors Madison Housing Authority in Washington as one of the nation's "outstanding" public housing agencies 1988-11-23 Show
Santa arrives Friday in Holiday parade 1988-11-23 Show
Editorial: Unifying Holiday 1988-11-23 Show
Grant approval spurs Loantaka housing start 1988-11-17 Show
Gibbons Place deal to be explored 1988-11-10 Show
Sammis Company (land developers) to restore century old two-story brick barn on Park Avenue that will be converted into a gourmet restaurant 1988-11-10 Show
Photos 1988-11-03 Show
Bids for 12 units of housing on Loantaka Way come in higher than budgeted; Housing Authority attorney warns of litigation; private sector should build housing 1988-10-27 Show
Editorial: The housing goal: renting or buying 1988-10-13 Show
Virginia Kiernan reminisces 1988-10-13 Show
Council candidates differ on housing; Boro pushes to meet state housing mandate; state housing official to speak; Planning Board and Environmental Commission members tour sites (illus) 1988-10-13 Show
American Legion will no longer sponsor Memorial Day Parade but will continue with services honoring past war dead. 1988-10-06 Show
Board of Education refuses to give Green Village Road property 1988-10-06 Show
Editorial: Give a Reason 1988-10-06 Show
Republican candidates seek housing reduction (illus) 1988-09-29 Show
Mayor asks school board for Green Village Road housing site 1988-09-29 Show
Dems: Take Green Village Road property for housing 1988-09-22 Show
Editorial: Housing plan needs work 1988-09-15 Show
Mt. Laurel housing presented to Council 1988-09-15 Show
Letter re: Madison 21 Study Group findings vs 40 new units 1988-09-08 Show
Note of Thomas Holton's greenhouses 1988-09-07 Show
Gibbons, Floyd, Belleau chosen for housing units 1988-09-01 Show
Planning Board reviews cluster homes 1988-08-18 Show
Housing plan almost complete; 40 low income units now needed 1988-08-18 Show
Without the editor (Bardon) of the Eagle, would there be a Centennial (of the incorporation of Madison)? 1988-08-11 Show
Housing development with two access roads approved by Planning Board 1988-08-04 Show
Planning Board, developer hammer at Lewis housing changes 1988-07-28 Show
Feature: The house that grew up with America (c1785) (illus) 122 Southern Boulevard 1988-07-28 Show
Sun Valley Housing project: Board says, mix units; Anderson reports signing of consent order bringing Florham Park into compliance with a Mt. Laurel Housing judgement 1988-07-28 Show
New planters dedicated at Rexford S. Tucker apartments (illus) 1988-07-21 Show
New developers sought for station; restaurant proposal in limbo 1988-07-07 Show
Photos of celebration 1988-07-07 Show
Countdown to the 4th continues (illus) 1988-06-30 Show
Prudential faces Wetlands Act re: building 125 units off Loantaka Way 1988-06-23 Show
Plans underway 1988-06-23 Show
Letter: Save the Lewis Estate 1988-06-23 Show
Lewis verdict due July 5 1988-06-16 Show
Council will not reserve Lewis estate as parkland; says sewer ban will give time 1988-06-09 Show
Housing Authority delivers its $21,203 in lieu of taxes (illus) 1988-06-09 Show
Letters 1988-06-02 Show
Honoring the dead (illus) 1988-06-01 Show
Society asks for $1.5 million commitment: new Lewis plan focuses on boro buying land 1988-05-26 Show
Planning Board: affordable housing needed 1988-05-26 Show
HUD praises Housing Authority 1988-05-12 Show
Planners look for Council for decision on Lewis Estate park 1988-05-05 Show
Mansion in May; indoors and out. 1988-05-05 Show
Low income renters get aid 1988-04-28 Show
Boro has protection plan for vacant Wisteria Lodge 1988-04-21 Show
Developer offers a lot for historic Wisteria 1988-04-07 Show
Mayor criticizes Rosemary Dodds' appointment to Housing Authority 1988-04-07 Show
Letter: Environmental Impact Statement: The Lewis Estate 1988-04-07 Show
Feature: photos and description of house; family notes 1988-04-07 Show
Lewis "cluster" housing may re-emerge;aretakers evicted by heirs 1988-03-31 Show
Developer plans senior housing;isteria Lodge was connected to slave smuggling 1988-03-24 Show
Council approves Lewis (Green Acres) applicatioin 1988-03-17 Show
Affordable housing policy: topic of panel 1988-03-10 Show
Letter from Democratic Committee: Unwise Spending (Green Acres grant/loan) 1988-03-10 Show
Housing moving from Green Village Road to Shunpike Road (illus) 1988-03-10 Show
Boro seeks $3 million Green Acres loan; vows taxpayers won't pay for Lewis estate 1988-02-25 Show
Housing Authority reputation stirs special federal exemption 1988-02-25 Show
Housing Authority cites fire safety 1988-02-18 Show
Assistance supports more than 200 boro families 1988-01-28 Show
Letters from LWV; Robert Zuck 1988-01-21 Show
Board of Adjustment denies for conversion to 6 apartments; house set for demolition 1988-01-21 Show
Letter for Rev. Msgr. Vincent E. Puma: Must Venerable Lady Die; letter opposing demolition from Historical Society 1988-01-21 Show
Preservation movement underway 1988-01-14 Show
Born again home looks ahe